Rebirth of the World’s Richest Man - Chapter 2786 improve food

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  Chapter 2786 Improve food

  Jiang Xiaobai came to inspect a construction site, which was also notified in advance. When Jiang Xiaobai arrived, a bunch of people wearing white hats were already welcoming him.

  This is how things work on the construction site. Some people work, and some people supervise the work.

  Everyone is like this. For the projects contracted by the construction team, they have their own safety supervision system, their own safety officers, and their own construction procedures.

   No matter how many people watch one person work, Jiang Xiaobai cannot change the status quo alone. After all, safe production is a major issue, and rash intervention can only be a bad thing in the end.

  So a bunch of people watched a few people with yellow hats working for a while, and then Jiang Xiaobai turned and left.

   "Jiang Dong, go to the project department to see." The manager of the engineering department invited.

   "I'm not going to the project department anymore, I'm going to see the materials shipped in today." Jiang Xiaobai said.

  After arriving at the warehouse, Jiang Xiaobai probably took the warehouse receipt and compared it with the materials on site. They were all consistent, and there were no materials that did not meet the label.

   "We must pay attention to this aspect and establish a follow-up inspection system." Jiang Xiaobai reminded, and finally went to the canteen on the construction site.

   The meals of migrant workers are really unappreciable. The construction site of Changxingju Real Estate Company is not bad, but it is not much better, unless it is the construction site of Changxingju Real Estate Company's own construction company.

   Those contracted to other construction companies are all hired migrant workers. Under this construction company are a bunch of foremen, and the migrant workers hired by the foreman. Some of the meals are Chinese cabbage and the like. Anyway, in a word, it saves costs.

   "So, can we send a few pigs here and improve the food for the workers?" Jiang Xiaobai asked, looking at the project manager.

   "Of course there is no problem. Thank you, Mr. Jiang, for caring about the workers. If the workers knew, they would definitely..." The project manager spoke with flattery.

  It’s just a few pigs, Jiang Xiaobai said, how dare the project manager not give this face, yes, the food and treatment for migrant workers in project construction sites across the country are similar.

  Changxingju Real Estate Company has projects all over the country, but there is only one construction company, so it must not be able to handle so many projects, and other construction companies must be used.

   But it is not necessary to use which construction company.

  Offended Wang Meng, and if he died, he would not be able to take over the work of Changxingju Real Estate Company in the future. But he offended Jiang Xiaobai, and with Jiang Xiaobai's reputation, he greeted other real estate companies, and the whole industry was banned with one word.

  This is not a joke, so needless to say a few pigs to improve food, even a few cows should be killed.

  Of course, this amount of money is actually not much for a project. It doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to go out in style one night for this project.

   It’s just that no one above speaks up and won’t spend this money on migrant workers.

  Jiang Xiaobai also understands this matter. People have the risk of losing money when they do projects. If they make money, they are extravagant.

   "Okay, then it's settled, don't let me go, the workers behind said that I came empty-handed, and it would be bad to cause trouble for them." Jiang Xiaobai joked with a smile.

  The project manager didn't dare to take it as a joke, obviously Jiang Xiaobai wanted to keep his word.

  He nodded quickly and promised to do it.

  Jiang Xiaobai just got up to leave. In fact, Jiang Xiaobai is also clear about the inspection by the superior. If the superior comes, it will delay the work and not do it.

   Not necessarily the case, of course, you can’t say no, if no one checks, then many things will simply not be done.

  So every time I come to check, it's no wonder that the people below don't complain in private.

  Here, Jiang Xiaobai hadn't left the construction site yet. The news of the food improvement at night spread all over the construction site, and there was a burst of congratulations on the construction site.

  For migrant workers working in big cities, their requirements are not high. It is enough for them to be happy if they can improve their food and eat two better meals.

  The project manager sent Jiang Xiaobai to the door, and invited Jiang Xiaobai to dinner as usual, but unexpectedly Jiang Xiaobai refused.

  In the car going back, Jiang Xiaobai looked at Wang Meng and said: "Today the company's annual meeting will be held earlier, and then the whole group will be on vacation earlier.

The project should also stop here. Then you will make a statistics to see if these migrant workers have any difficulties returning to their hometowns during the Spring Festival travel. If there is any need for help, we will also provide help, although they are construction companies people, but after all, they are also paying for our project. "

  Wang Meng nodded: "Don't worry, Chairman Jiang, we will take care of you."

"The other thing is to see if the wages have been paid on time. The workers have worked hard for a year. Before the end of the year, all the projects of our Changxingju Real Estate Company, such as the allocation of funds according to the progress, cannot delay the construction company's money. .

  After the money is in place, we also need to check whether the construction company has distributed the money to migrant workers. For our Changxingju Real Estate Company.

  The construction company we cooperate with has a principle, the first is the principle of project quality, if any construction company has a problem, it will not be used in the future, and it will be pulled into our blacklist.

  The other thing is the wage arrears to migrant workers, this has to be implemented from the bottom up, which construction site or project, if there is a wage arrears to migrant workers, we will no longer cooperate..."

  Jiang Xiaobai put forward two requirements, one was previously known to all construction companies, and the other was about migrant workers.

   It may seem like a thankless task to everyone. After all, these migrant workers are not employees of Changxingju Real Estate Company. They are recruited by the foreman, who is recruited by the construction company.

  They just need to pay the construction company, and the rest has nothing to do with Changxingju Real Estate Company.

  But Jiang Xiaobai is stubborn to do this. Other real estate companies can't manage it by themselves, but Changxingju Real Estate Company can still manage it.

   If you can give these migrant workers an extra guarantee, you will give them a guarantee.

  Wang Meng agreed without even thinking about it. He and Jiang Xiaobai worked hard from the bottom, and he can understand the hard work of the bottom people and the difficulty of life.

  The other high-level executives have no right to speak, and no one dares to have an opinion on the matters arranged by Jiang Xiaobai himself. After all, Jiang Xiaobai of Huaqing Holding Group is absolutely controlling. And Changxingju Real Estate Company is a subsidiary company.

  (end of this chapter)

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