Red Dead Redemption Dawn - Chapter 426 Bronte's means

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John came to the address Paul was talking about, and two sloppy cowboys at the door were chatting about smoking cigarettes.

The two of them looked at each other when they saw John and Nick in suits parked in front of the door.

Then one person stepped forward, "Are you lost?"

"No, the address is correct." John responded with a smile.

"John Wicker is nice to meet you. I asked Jon and said his friend John was visiting him. Could you please come in and let me know, sir?"

Looking at the polite John, the two looked at each other again, and then the person who asked the question turned around and walked in.

In the room, classical music was playing on the radio. Jon was lying comfortably on the bench in his pajamas. There were two pretty good-looking women beside him who were giving him a massage. One pressed his shoulders and the other pressed his feet. His eyes were half-closed. He looked quite enjoy, and he also held a glass of red wine in his hand, so that he could take a sip at any time.

At this time, the men at the door just came in, and the movements were slightly rough and did not knock on the door.



! The man was about to speak when Jon interrupted him. "Can you knock on the door when you come in?" Also, call me Mr."

The reprimanded guard looked stunned

"Go out, knock on the door and come in." Jon waved his subordinates to go out and come to the side.

The subordinate's expression was helpless, but he did it anyway.

"Mr. Dong Dongdong, can I come in?" his subordinate asked politely at the door.

"Come in" Jon pretended to take a sip of red wine, but it was the kind of whisky that gulps down, stuffing his entire mouth.

Then he swallowed it in three mouthfuls with difficulty, and after drinking it, he exclaimed with a painful expression that he was drinking whiskey-like spirits, "Tsk, what a fine wine."

"What's the matter?" Jon asked his subordinates, shaking his dizzy head.

"Two people outside the door said they were your friends, and one of them introduced himself as John Wicker." The guard said his name.

"John?" Jon circled the name in his head, then remembered who he was.

"Oh, let him in." Jon waved his hand to invite him in, then looked at the people around him, and then said to the two women, "Go into the room and rest."

The two women obediently got up and walked into the room.

Jon also had the broadcaster turned off.

Then he saw John and Nick in formal suits.

"Oh John, how are you." Jon stood up and walked over to him and gave him a hug to show their friendship.

"How about you?" John hugged him and responded politely.

"It's also very good. I've been thinking about things on my site recently." Jon is in his fifties and looks like a big brother.

"Some trivia."

After he finished speaking, he motioned for the two to sit down.

"What's the matter, John, this time to see me dressed so grandly? I'm really flattered, what's the matter?" Jon said jokingly.

Seeing Jon asking, John simply stated his purpose without any hesitation.

"I'm here to promote my product, but Paul told me you have rules in these places?"

"Products? Rules? En booze?" Jon thought for a while and then came up with the answer.

John nodded approvingly. "Yes, Jon can tell me what rules prevent such a good product from entering the market?" John asked very puzzled.

"Ah that's a long-standing question. It's the same for all bootleggers. We all follow the one-man rule," Jon said.

"One person's rules? Who?" Nick couldn't help asking after hearing it.

"This is my assistant, Nick." John introduced casually.

"Well, yes, I don't know if you know that, Mr. Bronte?" Jon said of the people they had just met today.

"Bronte? The guy who likes to speak Italian among others?" Nick responded frivolously.

Jon glanced at Nick, but said nothing.

"Yes, it's him."

"You listen to him alone? Is he so strong?" Nick asked in disbelief.

Today, I followed John to Bronte's address to meet him. I didn't see that guy had the temperament of the underground king of Saint Denis.

"Although I don't like him either, but that's it." Jon was also helpless.

"Jon, what's the situation? I don't think you seem to be afraid of him." John asked.

He doesn't have any good feelings for the guy who doesn't provide any help, but charges 30% of the protection fee.

But the rules in Jon's mouth made him feel that Brontë's confidence seemed well founded.

"Ah, it's not just that I don't like him, all the gangs in the Eastside don't like him, but no one dares to disobey him." Jon replaced the red wine on his table and took out a bottle of whiskey from under the table.

"This guy is from Italy, we all know it. He has very close ties with officials at all levels of the government, and he doesn't ask for a lot of rules, bootlegging and some filial piety. As far as I know, this money will also be taken by him. Corrupt those government officials, and the police station in Saint Denis, to maintain his position and relationship. He controls most of the secrets of government officials, but he uses money to maintain their relationship, so their relationship is very close."

Jon pulled out whiskey for himself and both of them.

"We don't want to listen to him, but once there are people who don't comply, the relevant government personnel will find you the next day, and the more polite ones will give you a verbal warning. You're welcome, and you will be blocked directly, and you must continue to maintain your site. If you want to do business, go and talk to the guy yourself until he is satisfied. Otherwise, your site will be in endless trouble, and they will make things difficult for you. You will be checked three times a day, and we are not able to see the light. No one wants to make such trouble."

Jon speaks of Bronte's methods.

"Aren't you going to take refuge with the government?" John asked curiously.

"That group of vampires will **** harder than him. That guy only smokes 5 to 10, and that group of vampires say 30%." Jon said helplessly.

"So, it's not difficult to choose between 10% and 30%. Anyway, it's not us gangs who are the most ruthless, but you bootleggers. So everyone starts to abide by this guy's rules, and whoever doesn't, will have consequences. Very bad. In recent years he has more and more power, more and more money, and his relationship with those politicians is getting better and better, I even doubt that this guy can influence the election now. The rules are still the same, but they violated The consequences of his rules are getting worse."

"In the past few years, some guys who made him unhappy have been driven out of Saint Denis by him, but he doesn't need those sites. We can grab the vacated sites, so we all know that we have to hang out in Saint Denis. Then follow the rules, or live in a different place."

After Jon finished speaking, he raised his glass and touched the two of them.

"That's really cool," Nick said, rubbing his chin after finishing a glass of wine.

"It's true that there are ways to control any piece of territory but make everyone follow his rules. No exceptions?" John didn't believe he controlled so well.

"Of course there is, but it doesn't count. Some gangs do hook up with the big guys on the Upper West Side, but those big guys are just as good as him, and their share of offerings will be 5 less than the others, but they need to do the dirty work for the big guys. But the big guys are people with weird personalities, it’s nice to meet a good one, but some big guys’ dirty work is dangerous and disgusting, and it’s hard enough to have a person on his head, let alone two.”

Jon said what most of the gang leaders in the Eastside think So you know now, it's not much use to tell me, you need to tell Brontë. Well, you seem to have seen him today, have you agreed? ' Jon finished the Bronte thing and recalled what Nick had said earlier.

After listening to Jon's description, Nick and John finally understood why this guy was so confident in saying that he wanted to split 30%.

"What a greedy guy, what do the other bootleggers say?" John asked casually, leaning back on the sofa tactically.

"No one sells bootleg wine in private without permission, what can you say?" Jon said and spread his hands.

"By the way, have you guys settled yet?" Jon continued his question.

"Well, it's settled, but the asking price is too high, so I plan to slow down and wait for the time when the asking price becomes lower." John can only respond to Jon's question like this.

"Just negotiate. From now on, you can send a batch of your bootleg wine every month, just 500 liters." After Jon got the answer, he decided to cooperate with him.

"Jon, you said if I didn't get permission, but said my product was allowed, how would they know?" John was a little curious about this question.

Jon said, "We will only pay you 20% of the beverage bill for the first batch of each month, and if you send the first month's rake to his house, he will give you a statement of cooperation, we want to see You won't get the money for the first drinks until this partnership statement. Do you understand?"

"Well, I understand. But I still have to wait. My products will not enter the bootleg market in Saint Denis within two months." John nodded and said to Jon after listening.

"As you like, just give it to me when you remember it." Jon didn't have much thought about it, and he didn't do bootleg alcohol anyway.

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