Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 1065 Encounter Aimee

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Chapter 1055 encounters Aimee

However, a man next to Zhao Yuefeng heard the words, but he was uncomfortable. He said with a cold face: "You know what a little girl! What do you think is what you say!"

Zhao Yuefeng heard the words, but he was not happy. He immediately said this face: "Wu Dong, Miss Gu is my friend, and Miss Gu has not interfered with you!"

"You······" Wu Dongwen said that he did not feel the realization of the loss, but also blamed Zhao Yuefeng for coming: "Hey! It’s really kind to be a liver and lungs, listen to a little girl, then listen. !"

Wu Dong said that he got up and left.

Zhao Yuefeng, regardless of Wu Dong, but quickly apologized and Gu Ning said: "Miss Gu, don't care, he is such a person."

"It doesn't matter," Gu Ning smiled and said nothing, a person who has nothing to do with it, can't affect her!

Gu Ning glanced at the wool in front of the stall, then whispered and Zhao Yuefeng said: "Zhao Shu, F-1003 that wool looks good."

There is a jade in the middle of the wool, and I can tell him about the fact that he and Zhao Yuefeng have a chance to meet each other.

Gu Ning said that euphemism, but Zhao Yuefeng did understand the meaning, but also believe that Gu Ning, happy in the heart, and then thanked: "Thank you Miss Gu"

"You're welcome, then I will pass first." Gu Ning said.

"Good" Zhao Yuefeng should be convinced that there is no entanglement of Gu Ning.

When Gu Ningyi left, Zhao Yuefeng immediately wrote down the number of the wool material. Because it believed that there was jade in the wool, Zhao Yuefeng’s bid price has increased a lot, in order to avoid someone surpassing him and let him with this piece. The wool is missing the arm.

This Myanmar state official, Gu Ning is destined to meet many acquaintances.

This is not, but after a while, I met an acquaintance, but this acquaintance, but not friendly, but the enemy, is the Hill family's Aimee Hill.

And her brother, Adam Hill.

Adam Hill has no hatred with Gu Ning, but Aimee Hill and Gu Ning's hatred is big.

Once, Aimee Hill was sent to Gu Ning's life. For those who want to kill their own lives, Gu Ning will naturally not let go.

When she saw Gu Ning, Aimee Hill was shocked by the subconscious, because she did not forget Gu Ning said, to pay for her disobedience!

She is the Miss of the Hill family, her status is honorable, but her brother said that if she provoked Gu Ning and was retaliated, the Hill family could not help.

Because who is called Gu Ning and Situye is so good, and Situ Ye is also maintaining Gu Ning!

But Aimee is a narrow-minded person. Although she is now jealous of Gu Ning, her heart is still unwilling, unconvinced, and hateful, because Situye likes her, and because she has hurt herself.

Thinking of this, Aimee turned into a resentment and unwillingness when she saw the jealousy that Gu Ning produced. She felt that she couldn’t just count it, and she couldn’t be so cheap.

Watching Aimee see his expression change, Gu Ning always looks cold and has no change.

She has never forgotten what Aimee has done for her, but she does not want to go to her for revenge. But since she met her, it can only be considered a bad luck for Aimee. If this life has not happened, revenge this thing, it will be fine.

There is, if Aimee sees her, like a grandson, she may also be kind and round her, but Aimee sees that she has more than no detour, but she is still hateful and unwilling.

Therefore, Gu Ning knows that Aimee will shoot her again. For such an enemy, she has a reason to let go of it!

When I saw Aimee's look, I knew that she and Gu Ning had a grudge. She saw hatred and unwillingness from her look. Her face was cold and she looked at her coldly.

This eye, let Aimee feel the oppression, scared her to immediately look away, the heart: this man, handsome, but also cold.

Adam saw Aimee look at Gu Ning's look, and his face sank. After the cold and aunt, she gave her a warning look, for fear that she would offend Gu Ning.

However, Adam did not know that Aimee was looking for someone to do something about Gu Ning. If he knew it, he would not feel that the sense of crisis was so small.

"Miss Gu, hello." Adam friendly and Gu Ning greeted.

"Mr. Adam, hello." And Gu Ning has Aimee, so for Adam, Gu Ning is still very polite, even though she knows that once she retaliates against Aimee, they will be enemies, but not yet, isn't it?

Adam didn't know the cold and the young, so he just nodded to him and expressed his greetings. Cold and low also nodded to him and said that he responded.

Gu Ning is going to retaliate against Aimee, but not now, she is not as important as her own bidding for the wool!

"Mr. Adam, look at it first, we will pass first." Gu Ning said.

"Well, Miss Gu please," Adam said, and then Gu Ning and Leng Shaoyu walked past them.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoluo left, Adam’s face instantly cooled down. He watched Aimee and warned: “Aimee, you give me a little bit, or else something goes wrong, I won’t care about you, and If Arthur is caught by the handle, it will hurt our family."

Arthur is the son of the second house of the Hill family, Arthur Hill, the cousin of Adam, the cousin of Aimee.

Although the Hill family seems to be fairly harmonious on the surface, it is consistent with the outside world, but the secret battle is quite a lot, just to compete for the inheritance rights of the Hill family.

In the big family, the struggle for inheritance is almost inevitable, that is, the cold family, and this is the case, that is, the cold home. They regard cold and low as their opponents, and they are nailed in the eye. They are just cold and low, but they have never had the idea of ​​fighting with them.

The Tang family in the maritime market is a clear stream, and there has never been a struggle.

Of course, there will be families that don’t fight, but it’s really rare.

"Yes," Aimee replied, but in my heart, I didn't hear how much I went in. I still counted how to deal with Gu Ning.

Adam didn't have time to take care of Aimee's mind. After warning, he continued to look at his own wool.

The Hill family is also involved in the jewelry business. It is the second-line brand of the Y country. The Hill family who came to participate in the public market this time are not Adam and Aimee, but also Arthur Hill, and Yake Hill.

Adam Hill and Aimee Hill are children of the Hill family, Arthur Hill is the child of the Hill family, and Yake Hill is the child of the Hill family.

They all came, because this time, it is also the test of the Hill family.

Although it has always been Adam's best, but before he has chosen the heirs, he still needs to continue the test and continue the competition.

(End of this chapter)

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