Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 3499 【3499】Is there any in the treasury

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  Chapter 3499【3499】Is there any in the treasure house

  The above method is called transpulmonary thermodilution.

   "Its principle is similar to that of the pulmonary artery floating catheter." Xie Wanying gave an example to a teacher who had never heard of it.

  Experienced doctors like Dr. Liu and Director Wang understood it immediately: "It can measure cardiac output."

right. More than that, it can measure cardiac output index CITD global end-diastolic volume index GEDI cardiac function index CFI global ejection fraction GEF extravascular lung water index ELWI pulmonary vascular permeability index PVPI.

  Listening to "Mr. Xie"'s countless treasures, the audience's ears are overwhelmed.

Just listen to classmate Xie and continue to say: the transpulmonary thermodilution method is to provide calibration factors for another important technology of the PICCO technology, the pulse contour analysis method. The reference value that the pulse contour analysis method can provide doctors is the pulse contour cardiac output index. PCCI Stroke Volume Index SVI Heart Rate HR Mean Arterial MAP Stroke Volume Variation SVV Pulse Pressure Variation PPV System Vascular Resistance SVRI Left Ventricular Contractility Index dPmx Cardiac Work Index CPI.

  After listening to this string of nouns, the teachers should say that Mr. Xie’s example is so simple and easy to understand, and people can instantly understand: this method is far more comprehensive than the things measured by CVP.

  The measured reference value is more comprehensive, which is nothing more than a more comprehensive reflection of the patient's physical condition. It is very useful for clinicians to help with fluid management.

  Dr. Liu turned around and asked Mr. Zhang: "Director Zhang, does our hospital have this?"

  Since Mr. Zhang can conjure up an ECMO, it is not difficult for everyone to imagine that there may be other treasures hidden in Mr. Zhang’s treasure house that have not been told to the outside world.

  Zhang Huayao's facial muscles twitched, his throat suddenly got stuck, and he couldn't say the words to tease "Mr. Xie".

   How can I tell him to say yes?

  He doesn't have this thing. It’s true that someone may have heard about it before, but I didn’t feel how important it was for the time being, so I didn’t let the hospital buy it.

   After a while, everyone read all this from the expression of Mr. Zhang.

  Xie Wanying felt a little regretful, she thought that Mr. Zhang might be able to conjure it up, after all Mr. Zhang gave her a lot of surprises tonight.

  Standing on the side, Li Chengyuan, who was in charge of being an intelligence officer, kept making phone calls, broadcasting the situation to the opposite person all the way, saying: "She really understands, she understands too much, Zhang Huayao doesn't understand like her."

  Those people on the opposite side thought for a moment that their ears had heard wrong: who knows technology better than Mr. Zhang?

  Fu Xinheng couldn't bear it any longer. He turned his head and wanted to tell the leaders that he would go and have a look.

  Otherwise, if you just listen to it on the phone, you won’t know if it’s true or not. What you can hear is that Li Chengyuan is talking nonsense like a hype.

   Director Yang, who was present, suddenly received a call and picked up the phone: "Hello, Doctor Jin, what's the matter?"

   "Director Yang, I'm going to Guozhi to find my classmates, Cao Yong and the others." Jin Tianyu made a report to the leader first.

   "What did you do in the past?" When Director Yang asked, he knew that he probably asked nonsense.

   "I heard that they put patients on ECMO. Dr. Xia sat in my car and went to see how they are doing." Jin Tianyu said that he could not be the only one traveling with him.

  As an ICU doctor, Xia Dongxian must have been impatient to go over to see what happened. If the hospital is willing to buy and use such a machine, it should be a life-saving artifact managed by their ICU. Of course, it is not ruled out that departments such as the Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery will rush to use it.

  Hearing that someone rushed to go, Bi Yongqing stood up and announced: "Okay, Dr. Fu and I will go there."

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