Sage of Humanity - Chapter 1061 deja vu

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The blood lines were connected to each other, and with Lu Ye's big hand, they suddenly tightened, like a rope, tying Zhang Song firmly.

Blood Binding!

A kind of blood secret technique.

It has to be said that many secret techniques of the blood clan are extremely strange and mysterious, which stems from their blood inheritance, and non-blood clan cannot perform them at all.

Lu Ye refined a drop of holy blood and was promoted to Divine Sea. The power of the talent tree burned the strange power in the holy blood that was enough to transform Lu Ye into a blood family, allowing him to obtain a bloodline inheritance that was not complete.

With many techniques, he lowered his eyelids, raised his knife and came to Zhang Song, his eyes were lowered, and Tantan asked, "Why?"

I don't understand why this person is obviously from the Haotian League, why he attacked himself.

And he has only returned to Kyushu for two days. Coincidence?

Not quite, this person seems to be here specially for himself.

But he obviously didn't know that he had been promoted to Divine Sea, so he was surprised when they met.

Since there is no enmity or enmity with each other, there must be someone behind the scenes.

One of the ten Tian Lou daughters, on the Qiantian League side, there is only one Liu Yuemei who wants to kill herself on the bright side.

But she was taught a hard lesson by the headmaster last time, so she may not have the courage now.

Zhou Kui reluctantly counted half, and Shang Shiban 2 had instructed a Divine Sea 3-layer cultivation base to kill him

It's not that Lu Ye looks down on him, it's just a matter of fact.

Besides the two of them, who else could have a grudge against him?

What makes Lu Ye more concerned is whether the bad feeling he feels has something to do with this Zhang Song?

He has to figure it out.

In fact, he could mobilize a bit of the Spiritual Rhinoceros Divine Rune to find out the reason, but since he activated this Spirit Rune once in the blood refining world, Lu Ye decided that he would never use it if he had to, because of that feeling. It was so uncomfortable.

Zhang Song is still struggling, but he is bound by the blood spirit, and his soul is wounded, how can he still get rid of it?

There was a secret in my heart, knowing that this trip not only failed the mission, but also worried about the fate.

He really didn't expect that this Lu Yiye's ability was so great. He thought that it would be effortless to win Lu Ye with his cultivation of the third-layer of the Divine Sea.

As a result, now he was captured alive.

Fighting, defeating, beheading, and capturing alive are three completely different concepts. One step is more difficult. Lu Yiye can easily capture himself alive, which means that he has the strength far beyond the third-layer of the Divine Sea. It was hard for him to accept that he didn't even know where the limits of this person were.

Feeling the sharp breath of the long knife resting on his neck, Zhang Song hehe laughed: "Want to know why? Come and ask Huang Quanli."

Lu Ye's face changed, and he hurriedly activated his spiritual sense, turning it into an invisible shock, and blasting towards Zhang Song.

However, it was still too late. A soft sound came out, as if something exploded in Zhang Song's mind, and then his neck crooked, he lost his breath, and fell limply.

Lu Ye hurried forward, checked Zhang Song's situation, and found that he had indeed lost his vitality.

This scene... seems familiar.

It reminded him of his experience in the Chen family in Mishan more than two years ago.

At that time, Chen Tianchui, the head of the Chen family, died in front of him in such a strange way.

Later, he was captured by Yu Daiwei and taken to an unnamed little secret realm. When chatting with Taishan, he used words to test it and confirmed that the Chen family was from Taishan.

It is clear who is behind the scenes. Back in the Chen family, their group was attacked inexplicably, and in the end, he sacrificed the dragon seat to kill the Quartet and relieved the crisis.

Now that he has only returned to Kyushu for two days, someone has come to trouble him for no reason.

In this way, Taishan already knew that he had returned to Kyushu.

Yes, he had exchanged the imprint of the battlefield imprint with Yu Daiwei at the time. At that time, he was thinking of using this to locate Yu Daiwei's position, because he wanted to make trouble in that unknown little secret realm. If Yu Daiwei's imprint could be contacted, it meant that she was there. In the small secret realm, it is natural to stop a little.

If Yu Daiwei's mark can't be contacted, it means that she has left the small secret realm, and Lu Ye can let go of his scruples and do whatever he wants.

But he didn't expect to be used by the other party today.

Yu Daiwei obviously found that his battlefield imprint was in a contactable state, so he was sure that he had returned to Kyushu, but maybe she couldn't get there in time, so she sent Zhang Song to intercept it.

It's just that both she and Zhang Song underestimated their own strength, causing Zhang Song to die here.

This is also human nature. Two years ago, Lu Ye's cultivation was only the fifth-layer real lake. Even if Zhang Song confirmed that he had been promoted to Divine Sea when he saw him, he would definitely not treat him as a newcomer. Seriously, as soon as they confronted each other, Lu Ye was beaten into a dead dog.

The situation was generally clear, but there was one more thing that Lu Ye couldn't understand.

What means did Taishan use to control Zhang Song, so that he would rather die than say a word.

The same thing happened to the Chen family that day. Dao soldiers may be loyal enough to Taishan, but neither the Chen family nor Zhang Song are obviously Dao soldiers.

This kind of method that can make the people under his command look like death is too incredible.

The root cause should be in his mind, because no matter Chen Tianchui or Zhang Song, before he died, Lu Ye heard a slight abnormal sound coming from his mind.

He hurriedly lowered his body and put his hand on Zhang Song's forehead, his spiritual sense surging to investigate.

But nothing was found.

Zhang Song died, but the feeling of being stared at by someone in the dark did not disappear, but became stronger and stronger.

It seems that the source of this feeling is not Zhang Song, neither Zhang Song, but Taishan, or Yu Daiwei.

It is most likely the latter. Taishan, as the mastermind behind the scenes, has many capable people under his command, and it is impossible for him to do everything himself.

This is the use of the tracking disk? Lu Ye Xin was enlightened.

Although he had been tracked with the i comprehensive disk before, but at that time his cultivation base was still low, unlike today.

, Divine Sea Realm's cultivation base, and the powerful bottom temperature made his perception extremely sharp, so he felt the trace of tracking in the crater.

The induction is getting stronger and stronger, which means that the other party is getting closer and closer.

Lu Ye burst into battle for a while.

To be honest, the battle with Zhang Song just now was not very enjoyable.

After he was promoted to Divine Sea, although he went through battles every day, it was only one-sided by the seniors. The seniors in the blood refining world all know the truth that jade can't be made into a weapon, so it is not at all meaningful when he starts. Hu, within the range that Lu Ye can bear, how fierce is it.

No matter who he fought against, Lu Ye was beaten and confused, but the seniors were very measured and would not damage his fundamentals. No matter how serious the injury was, it would not affect his beating the next day.

"Fairy Wood"

In such a big environment, Lu Ye didn't know where his limits were at all, because every match was a defeat.

Return to Kyushu and kill two Divine Sea Realm

Zerg is a one-hit thing, and there is no room for play.

The battle with Zhang Song was also a quick cut. He now desperately needs a suitable whetstone to try his hand at.

A cultivator who does not know his own limits is not a qualified cultivator. In the rest of his life, he will eventually encounter various crises. If he cannot clearly judge his own strength, he will easily fall into some dangerous situations.

So if Yu Daiwei really came to him, it would be a perfect opportunity.

As for whether or not they can beat it, this is no longer within Lu Ye's consideration. If you can't beat it, you can't beat it. There's nothing shameful. The gap between their cultivations is here. He is still young. Knowing how many years older than him, he always had a time when the latecomers came out on top.

And if he can't beat him, he can run. Among the many secret techniques of the blood clan, the blood escape technique is unparalleled in the world. When the blood escape technique is displayed, Yu Daiwei can only follow his **** and eat ashes.

With his mind set, Lu Ye simply did not leave. Gather the relics on Zhang Song's body and put the body in the storage bag.

A Divine Sea Realm of the Haotian Alliance was actually a subordinate of Taishan. This is not a small matter. It needs to be brought back to Haotian City to inform the headmaster.

There is a Zhang Song, is there a second, a third?

There is no communication to teach or act inappropriately. Now that the Kyushu is in chaos, these two must also be involved in various things. There is no need to tiring them to run before they are not fully sure that they will be captured.

When Lu Ye was in danger in the real lake realm, he would ask his elders to help him with peace of mind. After all, he was not strong enough, so it was impossible, but he is now a sea of ​​gods. If he had to ask his elders to help him in everything, what would happen?

In less than half an hour, a streamer flashed from afar.

Yu Daiwei's expression was a little suspicious, because she was puzzled by the development of the situation.

Although she is the eighth-layer cultivation base of Shenhai, it took a lot of time to fly all the way from Leizhou to this place. During this period, through the direction of the tracking disk, she found that Lu Ye was moving, and the direction of movement was exactly Haotian City is located.

This made her have to dispatch Zhang Song to intercept him halfway, otherwise Lu Ye would enter Haotian City, then she would have no chance to attack.

Logically speaking, there is no problem with Zhang Song's shot. If Shenhai 3-layer takes a real lake, what else can happen?

But it happened unexpectedly. Zhang Song's battlefield imprint suddenly disintegrated, which undoubtedly means that Zhang Song is dead.

Subconsciously, he felt that there must be some strong man hiding beside Lu Yiye, otherwise Zhang Song would have no reason to die so unprovoked.

A Divine Sea 3-layer is not so easy to kill.

In the distance, I saw a figure standing on the top of a barren peak, watching with all my Who is it not Lu Yiye?

Yu Daiwei immediately became vigilant in her heart, looking around, her spiritual sense spread out suddenly.

She is looking for a strong man lurking in the dark. Lu Yiye's posture clearly knew that someone was tracking his whereabouts with a tracking disk, but he knew it but didn't leave, instead he was waiting in the wilderness.

This in itself is highly unusual.

Yu Daiwei felt that a net of heaven and earth had been laid here.

Immediately stopped, he stopped ten miles away from Lu Yezu.

No wonder she was so careful, it was just an accurate inference based on the existing information.

On the barren peak, Lu Ye raised his eyes to look at Yu Daiwei who was rushing over, his eyes were calm.

Everything was as expected, it was this woman who was tracking her whereabouts with the tracking disk, and Zhang Song must have been sent by her.


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