Star of Civilization - v2 Chapter 187

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Joyner tried to adjust her breathing. Her heart was full of doubts and her mind was chaotic, but she was still sorting out the context of the whole thing and thinking about the answer.

Morgana's death was already doomed, and the cause and effect of the whole incident determined her ending.

Because, it is impossible for people to rely on their own strength to overcome crazy will.

"But... what happened next?"

Joyner looked around, the dust and smoke of the past turned into decayed memories, and all the truth was buried under the thick yellow sand of history.

She soon came to a realization and was convinced that this was where the events of that year took place, and what impressed her the most was not the meaning contained in the images, but the fearlessness and perseverance Morgana showed at the last moment and awe!

Morgana died a long time ago, so who would leave these records?

And that clone, Nova... where did she go?

In her opinion, this kind of thing is probably beyond imagination, right?

Joyner stood up slowly, with a serious expression on her face. Looking at the equipment that is now only a pile of empty shells, while sighing endlessly, there is also an inexplicable shadow in my heart. Among the ruined walls, everything buried here has existed for an unknown number of years, and only scattered materials remain.

"It doesn't make looks like it's been hundreds of years...?"

Joyner shook her head. The Morgana who talked to her in the prison and asked herself to come here to find believers was not the Morgana in the "past".

Because, the real Dr. Morgana died long ago.

So who is she?

Joyner frowned and thought about the reason, and suddenly a flash of light appeared in her mind, and she suddenly realized—maybe Morgana in "this world" is actually her clone, Nova.

Nova has the exact same genes as Morgana, and is not a simple clone, she also has t

38 viral genes, the power to control plants is proof.

Then she let herself find here, there must be some reason.

After understanding this level, Joyner became even more restless.

She left the room with heavy steps, walked outside aimlessly, and unconsciously came to the place where the hall and corridor were originally.

Here she walks, the scene in front of her is the same as when she came in, but her heart has become suspicious, complicated and full of anxiety.

In order to sort out the messy thoughts, Joyner kept breathing evenly, looked around, and looked around every remnant of the collapsed building with the utmost rationality, trying to find some clues to restore the scene at that time.

But she quickly gave up searching, because Joyner understood that there were too many things that could not be discerned in front of her eyes, and it was futile to only rely on speculation and conjecture, and she could not get any answers.

This place is like a huge abandoned "palace", silent and lifeless, and the self in it is like a speck of dust.

Maybe those believers know the secrets of this place, so they guard the door so piously, not daring to cross the thunder pond?

Perhaps that Nova who "pretended" Morgana was the one who collected scattered memory fragments?

But why did she trust herself so much that she insisted on guiding herself to come here to have a look?

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

Thinking of this level, Joyner quickly turned back to that room.

After she arrived, the light was shining again, Joyner frowned slightly, and quickly retrieved every piece of information, but there were only so many image data stored by artificial intelligence, except for a small part of data that could not be restored, only some messy text data.

She started searching those materials, hoping to get something of value.

These written materials are filed in the depths of the system directory, which is even more disorganized. So Joyner hadn't noticed them before, but now that she knew most of the events, she watched them one by one.

Most of the records in it are about Ross Medicine's business operations, including incomprehensible data, business information, original research materials, miscellaneous research plans, some social news at the time, and military materials of unknown origin.

An unsigned article piqued Joyner's interest.

It seems that Morgana not only focused on her own research, but also collected a lot of secret information from the military, especially information about the "Project Titan" incident.

According to speculation, the news came from several decades before Morgana carried out the experiment, which recorded several major projects announced by the Planetary Council that year, such as the "Mars Exploration Program", "Artificial Space City Construction Program", "Military Super Intelligence Program" ” and “Project Titan” among others.

Joyner directly searched for "Project Titan", and several key words popped up in front of her eyes: "Excavation progress report...Scholars believe that there may be traces of domestication...The wrong direction of life evolution...Supernatural miracle...What does this mean?"

After seeing these strange messages, Joyner's pupils shrank suddenly, and her heart seemed to be tightly clenched by a hand.

As far as she knows, the "Titan Project" is the first step for human beings to enter deep space. It was originally proposed to improve human body functions and resist extreme environments, but it didn't explain that the beginning of the project was related to the excavation of ancient creatures?

Joyner stood still for a moment, held her breath, and continued to look down.

The article pointed out that due to the improvement of human science and technology, the detection methods of the planet itself have advanced by leaps and bounds, and it has been able to perform fine operations at a depth of 20 kilometers underground.

In the next ten years or so, humans have successively discovered some primitive biological samples that only exist in the depths of shale-type biota.

Many scholars believe that the emergence of life on the earth is like an accidental coincidence. On the originally empty rocky planet, UU reading www.uukanshu. The com is full of poisonous gas, and the first creature with reproduction consciousness suddenly appeared overnight, and then began to divide itself and reproduce itself, so it is called the explosion of life. This is somewhat similar to the explosion of life in the Cambrian Period, one of the "Top Ten Scientific Problems".

However, the article hints that the excavated organisms are completely different from people's cognition. It comes from an era earlier than single-celled algae, but has a complete multi-cellular biological structure, complex and advanced, and looks like some kind of supernatural miracle.

At the end of the article, it is also specially noted that the Planetary Council has received relevant research reports decades ago, but immediately stopped spreading information from the social side.

These materials have been sealed away with so little attention that, decades later, the Planetary Council is even less interested in them.

But I don't know why, after decades, related research will suddenly be carried out again, and the research will quickly speed up. The only conclusion in the notes is that there is a reason for the Planetary Council to do this.

Joyner is not a researcher, and she was confused when she saw difficult words. She bit the bullet and looked back, and saw several reports on the construction of the space city.

The information shocked her even more.

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