Steel Steam and Flame - Chapter 2252 The resurrected undead in the forest (31)

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"Well, it seems to be the case." Cicia thought for a while before answering, but she didn't get an answer.

The Mushroom Plain was once again filled with light, and the air was also filled with a substantial thing called light. Sisia immediately packed up her emotions, and divided her attention into several parts—spiritual world mushrooms, subtle changes in the body, battles in the external world, and receiving the torrent of information transferred to Cassia's spiritual body as simultaneously as possible.

They all need to be carefully observed. Usually, according to Cassia's requirements, several spirits are deliberately divided, and several things are thought about at the same time. But compared to the current requirements, Sisia felt strenuous at the beginning—the amount of information generated per unit of time was much higher than usual.

She tried her best to maintain the state. In a short time, with the help of the perception of the passage of time in the spiritual world, several simultaneous things began to converge, and she immediately had a general understanding of the situation at the moment.

It is definitely a brand-new experience, and the reception and analysis of information has not reached all, only about 70%. But just at the current level, I seem to know what will happen next and what I should do in an instant.

In addition, the route of thinking suddenly appeared in the fog of the past, as clear as super-powerful lamps in the dark night, appearing densely next to each other on both sides of the route. Even if you close your eyes, the strong light can penetrate through the closed eyes to a terrifying degree!

Uncertainty and hesitation in judgment no longer appear, and measurement full of contradictions and closed-loop considerations like an endless loop disappear directly.

Need to think now? Cicia suddenly realized this philosophical question. From the beginning of knowing the text of the Flame Alliance until now, although she has not read many books, she still found a suitable adjective to describe her current state—

Omniscient,,, will it be too exaggerated? This seems to be the language used in books to describe gods. Cicia felt that such a description was inappropriate, but the real experience was indeed like this.

Maybe it can be lowered to a lower level, she thought in this way, like a competition to identify mushrooms, she doesn't need any preparation at all, she doesn't even need to open her eyes, just need to smell the smell, and she can tell The name, value, cultivation method, living environment, etc. of the mushroom in front of me,,,

This is what it feels like to be in control of information. Sisia was sure, but immediately felt disappointed.

In this small place at this moment, and in a short period of time, he is indeed a temporary god, possessing the terrifying ability of omniscience and omnipotence. This is absolutely true, but she also understands very well that among the reasons why this experience can come, her only role is to provide a body, and the rest are all from Cassia.

In the perception of Sisia as a bystander, the body was indeed corroded by the compound biological poison of Sociniar of the snake wolf tribe. The biological agent is not immediately removed, but suppressed and diffused throughout the body in the artificially faster-flowing blood circulation.

This is the result Cassia wanted. Cicia remembered that Cassia said that if you want to deceive the enemy with lies, the best way is to be 99% truthful, plus 1% lies. Moreover, if that one percent lie can't injure or even kill the enemy, there is no need to deceive at all. …

The biological agent spread throughout the body, and it did have an effect under Cassia's control. Sisia even noticed that the legs and waist, etc., were damaged by forcibly twisting and pulling back the body just now. Their self-healing was also artificially stopped, and they became the best signs after poisoning.

It's a lie - I'm really poisoned, but not totally poisoned. As for acting, it’s not about making yourself look like something, it’s about being what you are. The me just now seems to be an illusion—I’m in a bad state, because I’m poisoned, that’s why I’m like this.

At this time, she noticed that Cassia suddenly accelerated the blood circulation, and the blood was close to boiling.

The scales emerged rapidly, and they became extremely dense just now. At the same time, facing Sociniar and Soskta, she saw that Cassia chose to attack directly at this time. The combination of defense and offense shown afterwards can be recorded in textbooks every moment. But Sisia just felt strange and didn't explain it. She didn't know the reason why Cassia did this-confronting each other, and then expressing that she wanted to delay more time to deal with the biological agent. Would it be a better choice?

Omniscience seems to have disappeared, Sisia thought to himself, there is information that he has not grasped! What will it be? When thinking about it, but the battle lasted less than a breath, Sociniar and Soskta took the initiative to distance themselves. In the short fight just now, Sisia was sure that the two were completely at a disadvantage, and they didn't seize any opportunities with their joint efforts.

Cassia would continue to chase, she knew this, and Cassia did. But this time the fight was shorter, and it was Sosiniar who took the initiative to pull apart. Then came the third time, the time was shortened a bit, and the two of them still took the initiative to pull apart,,,

Cassia's fourth active attack started again, but on the way, Sisia caught that the artificially accelerated blood circulation began to slow down by a level, and there was even a stagnation like a mechanical structure in the middle.

"That's the reason?" Cicia knew he had grasped the point. The received information continued to be summarized, and the next moment, when she felt the feeling of omniscience and omnipotence returned, she made an uncontrollable voice, which was an order to her body, and it was also like a prediction of the future—

The blood flow rate is reduced again, and the feeling of stuttering is aggravated; the body temperature is artificially raised to maintain the illusion that the blood flow rate has not changed; the strength of the attack cannot be changed, it is the same as the previous three times,,,

Just now, express your willingness to take the initiative to pull away, but you need to wait for the other party to take the initiative. The distance when I opened it showed that I would retreat a few meters subconsciously; the blood flow slowed down again, the feeling of stuttering was frequent, and the body temperature rose again, followed by the fifth active attack,,,

Keep the distance with the enemy, the blood flow rate still slows down, the body temperature fluctuates, and the initiative to attack decreases,,,

In the sixth attack, one step ahead of the enemy, take the initiative to open the distance, but there is no need to retreat a few meters unconsciously, and it must be perfectly balanced. Blood flow is forcibly stopped for a second or two, then returns to normal. There is no need to raise the body temperature, but it must be kept stable. This time, the enemy will take the initiative to attack and chase after him, and it will definitely not be pulled away again. …

And this kind of situation,,, is exactly what "I" want,,,

It's such a gap that makes people happy, but also makes people despair to the point of fear... The sigh was kept in my heart. When Sisia let out a breath, the expression of Sociniar, who took the initiative to approach him, froze, and his violent aura suddenly increased to almost one degree. times the size, but it still couldn't stop the hard hand knife completely covered by scales and keratin from cutting off the neck. UU Reading Even if the price is that three fingers of his right hand are directly broken, and white bones are exposed on the side of the palm. But compared to the life of an alliance monster, the cost is almost nothing.

"Why is this happening?" Cassia was retreating, and Sostak chased after him first, and stopped immediately after seeing Sociniar's death. He just glanced at it and ran towards the direction of the dragon knight.

"Why..." Cassia finally spoke, "Because there was a little accident. I tested the mechanism of action of the compound biological agent with a part of the body alone, and I still can't control the actual poisoning performance. So directly from the poisoning performance Starting from shallow to heavy, there is half the chance of being seen through. Just to be on the safe side, and of course I don’t want to waste this teaching opportunity, so I used the most suitable method—because my fine control will never cause problems, and neither do the enemies. With strong perception and detection capabilities, it will be more in line with the enemy's thinking to do it from the process of "detoxification, detoxification is effective, the effect does not seem to be good, detoxification seems to fail, and detoxification really fails."

"The front side seems to be a student who answered wrongly, but the reverse side is a good questioning teacher? Suddenly, the enemy becomes a student who answered wrongly. But they are not good questioning teachers, so the punishment is honored immediately."



"Isn't Sostak going after him?"

"How do you think I got here?"

",,, Cassie Black?"

"Well, Senior Cassie's name might be more appropriate. It's much better than you,,,"

",,, I'm just a three-stage strange person,,," Cicia whispered, making a weak protest.


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