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Time may not be urgent for a big guy like Nikolai Mi Liuting, but it is completely different for a little shrimp like Li Xiao.

If the internal problems of the third hall in St. Petersburg are not resolved while Nikolai Milyutin is putting pressure on Konditantin Pobedonostsev, then think about it once Nikolai Milyutin's side is over. To solve those ghosts is not impossible, but the cost is definitely very high, and the complexity is even more overwhelming.

Like Li Xiao, it is the easiest way to simply cut the past with open arms and teach them to be obedient. At least for the time being, Konstantin Pobedonostsev has no time to think about the impossibility of intervening, which reduces the amount of trouble.

Therefore, Nicholas Milyuting agreed with Li Xiao's opinion, although he still believed that there might be problems in doing so, and it might also make some dishonest guys madly resist. But it is indeed the most reasonable to do so.

"Well, if you encounter a problem, you can come to me, and I will try to help you solve it," Nikolai Milyuting replied sincerely: "Of course, the premise is a small problem, if you cause a big trouble, you I also know that I may not be able to take care of it..."

This time it was Li Xiao's turn to be surprised, because he had already heard from old Igor what Nicholas Milyuting thought of him. Generally speaking, the reformist boss didn't like him, and instead talked to Kang Archduke Standin was a friendly person, so he never expected to get help from him in the near future.

To tell the truth, as long as Nikolai Milyutin doesn't make trouble with Archduke Constantine, he will be thankful.

But now this guy actually told him that he could help, even if he added a qualification at the end, but no matter how he looked at it, it was very unusual and not easy.

In Li Xiao's heart, it suddenly dawned on him that it was no wonder that Nikolai Milyuting could become a representative figure in the early days of Alexander II's reform, and it was clear to see his mind. This guy may have problems with the overall situation and sensitivity, and often has a bad control of the rhythm, but it is undeniable that he has a unique personality and is able to combine the reformers whose internal opinions are actually very inconsistent into one. overall.

To be honest, it's not easy.

Judging from what Li Xiao has seen and heard in the past few months, it is not reasonable for the conservative faction to be greatly reduced due to the infighting between the old-fashioned faction headed by Count Uvarov and the young strong faction headed by Baryatinsky.

In fact, the reformists were actually a bucket of mush when it sounded bad. Why? Because even the reformists are divided into degrees. Put it this way, Russian supporters of reform are broadly divided into these categories. ..

A class of enlightened people headed by Duke Alexander Gorchakov. Although they also recognized the importance of reform, they did not advocate a thorough reform. They were unwilling to touch the main body of the Russian political structure, and were only willing to carry out limited reforms. improvement.

It is more appropriate to call them reformists.

The second category is the real reformers represented by Nicholas Milutin and Archduke Constantine, who hope to abolish some old and bad habits in Russia, such as serfdom, and hope to carry out large-scale reforms in Russia. However, at the same time, they are unwilling to completely draw a line from the conservatives, and truly eradicate all the ancestral rules that are unreasonable and inconsistent with the trend of the times in Russia.

They should be called limited reformers.

The third category is actually the radical reformists represented by the exiled Russian advanced intellectual Herzen. They demand a large-scale or even radical reform in Russia, and solve all historical legacy in one step like the French Revolution. problem, leading Russia to modernization.

This category is called radical reformers.

The last category is the most special, mainly reformed terrorists represented by college students and progressive young aristocrats. They hated all the old Russian institutions, vowed to make a complete break with these old things, and hoped to eliminate all the old institutions, including the Romanov family and the monarchy.

This type of people has a radical style, and does not consider any consequences at all, and once they make up their minds, they become outlaws. They were the ones who later assassinated Alexander II.

Look at how complicated the opinions within the reformists are, the voices are extremely inconsistent, and the pursuits are also completely different. Wanting to integrate all these people and thinking together can be said to be a fantasy.


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It can be said that no one can complete this kind of integration, not the Count Rostovtsev who is hidden behind the scenes, nor the open-minded Nikolai Milyutin, and the "reputable" Archduke Konstantin has no such ability.

Under such circumstances, it was quite commendable that Nikolai Milyutin could generally lead the reformists to move slowly in the direction he wanted.

If it were someone else, such as Archduke Constantine, then the reformists would have to fight infighting before the reform really started.

And this is also the reason why Li Xiao admires him. Anyone with a strong mouth can do it, but how many people actually do it?

Even if Nikolai Milyutin could not carry out a thorough reform, it is undeniable that his attempt was great enough.

Li Xiao always has respect for people who can do things, which is why Nicholas Milyuting doesn't like him but he likes each other. What he despised was Archduke Constantine, who was holding him back.

"Thank you for your kindness. If I really encounter the little trouble you mentioned, I will definitely ask you for help," Li Xiao replied with a slight bow, "Your Excellency, I heard that Count Shuvanov is back?"

Nikolai Mi Liuting was stunned, UU reading www.uukanshu. com Because the topic of someone is too jumpy, why did he suddenly care about Count Shuvanov?

Li Xiao answered frankly: "I have had some dealings with Count Shuvanov before. This person is very difficult to deal with and needs special attention!"

Nikolai Milyutin was stunned again, because Count Rostovtsev had said the same warning, but the count was more straightforward, almost directly saying that Count Shuvanov was a sinister, despicable, and cunning. A nasty child, who can do anything, must be very careful.

"Is that count really that bad?" he asked in a low voice.

"It's too polite to describe him as unbearable. He is a pure villain, and he is not ashamed but proud. He has no lower limit. As long as it is beneficial to him, he will do it by any means. "

After a little pause, he continued: "What's more terrifying is that he is only interested in high-ranking officials and wealth, and has no concern for the future of the country. If betraying the country can satisfy all his despicable desires, he will not hesitate to betray his motherland and even his own country. Sell ​​your soul!"

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