Super God Extraction - Chapter 469 【Frightened Pei Donglai】(2 in 1)

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   Chapter 469 [Frightened Pei Donglai] (two in one)

   A spiritual stage is the strongest in the world?

   Then how low is the force of this world?

  The Three Realm Demons will not believe it.

   The force of the world where Su Jingxing Yuanshen lives is really that low.

   Where did the power of Su Jingxing's primordial spirit to defeat him come from?

   The highest force in a world, representing the upper limit of the world's power.

   Some worlds have the highest level of eight, while others have only three.

  The world of the three realms is the strongest, and there is no power in the four realms at all.

   The power of Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit just now definitely reached the Three Realms.

   In the world, the strongest is the spiritual platform comparable to the second realm?

  The Three Realm Demon General doesn't believe a word.


"Do not believe?"

  Su Jingxing's primordial spirit raised his eyebrows, "It doesn't matter if you don't believe it. Anyway, I didn't ask you to believe me."

"What do you want to do?" The three-level demon general jumped in his heart, "Although you are very strong, our king will come soon. Our army is in the city not far away. Human boy, if you want to survive, It's better to run away now, as far as possible..."


   White light flashed, Su Jingxing Yuanshen condensed his consciousness, got into the mind of the Three Realm Demon General, and formed an avatar.

   At the same time, he released the nine spirit rings, trapping the stunned three-level demon general.

   "How dare you enter this general's soul sea?"

The   Three Realm Demon General's face was full of disbelief, and his soul couldn't help being excited. He laughed out loud, "How dare you enter this general's soul sea? You dare to enter this general's soul sea!"


  The spirit of the Three Realm Demon General suddenly swelled, releasing terrifying power.


   The nine spirit rings expanded, trapping the three-level demon general.

   At the same time, raging flames bloom, burning the spirits of the three-level demon generals.


The   Three Realm Demon General roared his soul and blew the flames released by the Nine Soul Rings. All the flames tilted outwards, as if they were going to be extinguished in the next second.


   But he didn't want to, Su Jingxing's primordial spirit was already prepared, he pointed it out, and turned it into the soul of a sharp blade that hit the three-level demon general.

   "Daxuan Tianyin Finger", the strongest finger at the peak, on the spot, the spirit of the three-level demon general was shaken and turned transparent, and he was severely injured.

   In the howls of the spirits of the three-level demon generals, the flames of the nine-soul ring suddenly intensified, and the madness swept through, burning the spirits of the three-level demon generals who roared in pain.

   "You are courting death, courting death, ah ah ah!"

   "Tell me, how do you destroy the magic weapon that opens the channel?" Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit incarnation said indifferently, "Say, I'll give you a treat."


The   Three Realm Demon General's spirit roared, squinting his facial features, "So you want to destroy the magic weapon, do you think I will tell you? Ah!"

  Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit incarnation did not answer, but only increased the flames.

   The three-level demon general roared in pain, struggling and trying to get rid of it.

  However, the more it struggled, the more intense the scorching it suffered.

   For a while, angry roars continued to sound.

   The incarnation of Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit Consciousness was astonished that this guy howled in pain, but his mouth was not so hard.

   In the end, driven by the spirit power, the flames of the Nine Spirit Rings burned it into nothingness, and the spirit of the Three Realm Demon General did not speak.



   The incarnation of divine consciousness exited the collapsed soul sea, Su Jingxing Yuanshen frowned and looked at the body of the Three Realm Demon General.

   Destroying the magic weapon is one of the tasks, but how to destroy the magic weapon, how to destroy it as quickly as possible, Su Jingxing Yuanshen did not know, so he wanted to torture the three-level magic general and try to get the answer.

   Unexpectedly, the Three Realm Demon General just carried it down.

   At this moment, Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit had no target for torture, so he had to try to destroy the magic weapon by himself.

   While walking towards the magic weapon, he subconsciously took out the card he picked up and read the information.


Memory card!

   What I picked up from the Three Realm Demon General turned out to be a memory card.

This guy……

   Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit almost couldn't hold back, and laughed out loud.

   I thought that if I killed it, I could only pick up the Xuanshen card or other cards, so I didn't kill it immediately, and got the answer through torture.

  I didn’t expect that the last thing I picked up would be the memory card.

   Knowing this earlier, Su Jingxing Yuanshen would not have to spend so much effort.

   secretly sighed, unlocked this memory card, and read the half-life memory of the three-level demon general.

  Other memory fragments, Su Jingxing Yuanshen quickly skipped over, only the part about magic tools, read carefully.

   The feedback I got was not very ideal.

   That is the content of the information about the magic weapon. The three-level magic will only know half of it. The core structure, energy source, and function are not known.

   Fortunately, there is some understanding on how to destroy, and finally there is a little gain.

  According to this information, after Su Jingxing Yuanshen came to the edge of the magic tool, he circled around the magic tool and patted it under the four feet.

  Click~! click ~ click ~


   After a series of abnormal noises, the huge volume of the magic tool sank down, revealing the inner core area.

   is equivalent to Su Jingxing Yuanshen's shot, taking off the "coat" and "protective layer" of the magic weapon.

   The magic weapon at this time has the shape of a thick cylindrical column in the upper half, and there are pipes at the front and rear ends, which are connected to the structure below.


  Su Jingxing Yuanshen released four Dao soldier flying knives, divided them into two, flew back and forth to the exit positions at both ends of the cylinder, and then launched frantically cutting to attack the connected pipes.

   "Bang bang bang~"

   The Dao Soldier's throwing knife collided with the pipe, shooting a series of energetic sparks.

   Although these two pipes are exposed to the air, the outer casing also has a protective layer.

  Through the memory of the three-level demon general, Su Jingxing Yuanshen wanted to destroy the magic weapon, and he had to disconnect these two pipes first.

  The attack at the consciousness level cannot cause harm to these two pipes.

  Because the metal used to make the two pipes is extremely special, it is immune to the power of the soul and spirit.

   Therefore, only two pipes can be destroyed at the physical level.

   But the cylindrical structure above cannot be destroyed.

   Once this thing is broken, it will cause a terrifying power of annihilation, and the Demon King of the Five Realms can't bear it.

The    spread is still very wide, and it is useless to hide in the nearby void.

   The specific reason, the Three Realm Demon General is not clear, only that this cylindrical structure cannot be broken, and the distance between Su Jingxing's primordial spirit is too far to guarantee that it can accurately destroy the pipeline, so it can only be done close.

The   cylindrical structure cannot be broken, which also proves that the information that Su Jingxing's Yuanshen had put out from the mouth of the Second Realm Demon General Divine Soul was true.

  The explosive power of this thing is so terrifying that it can annihilate both reality and reality.

  If you want to destroy the two pipes that are connected together, it is no wonder that you can't disturb it, you have to concentrate on it.

   Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit started to act now, calling out Zeng Busi, Zeng Busan, Bai Zhankong and the others, making them vigilant around them and guarding against the arrival of other Saijin demons.

   "Don't worry, Sheng Kong Wu, we won't let the demons disturb you."

   Zeng Busan stood a little further away and responded loudly.

   "You lower your voice." Zeng Busi scolded in a low voice, "Kong Wusheng is already destroying the magic weapon. You are so loud that you are not afraid of attracting the nearby demons?"

   "I know, I know, didn't I forget." Zeng Bu rolled his eyes three times.

   "It turns out that when you destroy the magic weapon, you can't be disturbed." Bai Zhankong pondered.

   "It is estimated that the structure of the magic weapon is not simple." Xiahou Chuanwu said.

   Pei Donglai was silent.

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen asked them to come together, daring is to cooperate with the action and fight.

   To really destroy the magic weapon, Su Jingxing Yuanshen alone is enough.

   The key is that Su Jingxing Yuanshen seems to know how to destroy the magic weapon!

   Pei Donglai's eyes flickered.

   Bai Zhankong also quickly glanced at him.

   The number one Sword Saint Pei in the world is a little hostile to "Kong Wusheng", and Bai Zhankong has long noticed it.

   Right now, "Kong Wusheng" is at a critical moment. If Pei Donglai suddenly attacks, the consequences will be disastrous.

   Bai Zhankong thought of this, half of his mind was used to guard against Pei Donglai.

   Fortunately, Pei Donglai never showed murderousness, and the other Saijin demons did not come.

  On the scene, there was only the sound of Dao soldiers flying knives accurately cutting two pipes.

   bang bang bang~


  Su Jingxing's primordial spirit stood still, concentrated his mind, released his soul power, and controlled the Taoist flying knife without stopping.

   Most of the mind was placed on the magic weapon, and the lesser half was vigilant around him.

   Not only guard against Saijin Demon Race, but also guard against Pei Donglai!

   This guy is hostile to himself, how could Su Jingxing Yuanshen not know that as the party involved.

   However, considering that Pei Donglai's strength might be used, Su Jingxing Yuanshencai kept holding back.

   But that doesn't mean that Su Jingxing's Yuanshen can't guard against him.

   Pei Donglai really wanted to make a sneak attack at this time, Su Jingxing Yuanshen didn't mind sending him to see his ancestors.

   "Bang bang bang~"

   The sound of the Taoist soldiers cutting the pipe with flying knives echoes at the foot of the mountain.


   In the distance, the ground shook, and there seemed to be the sound of thousands of troops running, and it suddenly sounded at this moment, quickly approaching the area where Su Jingxing Yuanshen and several others were from far and near.

   "No, the demons are here!"

   Zeng Busan's expression changed, looking at the smoke-filled sky in the distance, he said nervously, "They are here, they are here!"

   "I see." Zeng Bu four sighed, "Isn't that what we've been waiting for this moment?"


   Bai Zhankong unsheathed his long sword without saying a word.


   Pei Donglai's sword energy swirled around his body, and his momentum kept accumulating.


   Strong sword gang surrounded Xiahou Chuanwu, and his momentum was also high.

   The three of them were ready to fight.

   Zeng Busi and Zeng Busan saw this and took a deep breath to stabilize.

   Su Jingxing's primordial spirit sensed the tension in the atmosphere and was about to speed up when two abnormal "bang bang" sounds suddenly sounded.

   But the two pipes were repeatedly cut by the Taoist flying knives, and finally the protective layer was broken.

   The next moment, the abnormal sound of "puchi, puchi, puchi" came out quickly.

  The two pipes fell piece by piece under the frantic cutting of the Dao soldiers flying knives.


   The Saijin Demon Clan team that arrived, roaring at the right time, had reached the front and charged towards Su Jingxing Primordial Spirit.


   Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai all set off at the same time to intercept a large number of Saijin demons rushing over.

   These reinforcements, the Saijin Demons were densely populated, exceeding a thousand.

   Right now, all the Saijin demons launched a charge, and the terrifying momentum formed by condensing them took the lead in attacking the minds of Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai, causing the former two to agitate their minds and almost collapse their souls.

  Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai were all fine, but their faces were pale, and the attacks they unleashed fell exactly into the front of the enemy demon clan.



   The three of them either used knives or swords, one after another of sword energy and sword energy, and they were also densely packed, swept into one piece, overwhelmingly attacked the army of the Shangsaijin Demons.

   "Boom~!" "Boom~" "Boom!"

   A violent explosion sounded, echoing the sky and the ground in an instant.

The Saijin Demon Soldiers in one realm, facing the realm of Yuanshen with all their strength, although the Saijin Demons have a hard body, at this moment, they have also been severely injured. Feet, the striker quickly cluttered into a mess, affecting the following teams, and then collided into a pile.

  The roar, the howl, the roar, resounded non-stop.

The terrifying momentum of the    charge was relieved and most of it dissipated.

  Returned to God, Zeng Busan, Zeng Buquan, followed by an inexplicable roar and released the attack.


   In the chaotic Saijin Demon clan team, but at this moment, three tall figures flew into the air.

  The powerful aura and the swept demonic energy make the three of them show different identities.

  Three Realms Demon General!

   Three demon generals of the Three Realms appeared at one time, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai, all with ugly faces.

   Zeng Busan and Zeng Busi even screamed like crazy, ready to die.


   A ray of light suddenly came from behind and landed in the center of the two sides, exposing a group of light.

  When the light dissipated, Zeng Busi, Zeng Busan, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, Pei Donglai, all five people were startled.

   "This... what's going on?" Zeng Busan was surprised.

   Looking at the fog-like wall that appeared in front of him, the entire foggy wall, I don't know how thick, stretched left and right, including the sky, covering the five of them, and even the rear.

   And the Saijin Demons before, and even the three Three Realm Demon Generals flying in the air disappeared!

   "These fogs are not simple." Xiahou Chuanwu said solemnly, "God consciousness enters it and is assimilated."

   "Mist?" Bai Zhankong frowned, "Isn't this fog caused by the demons, who want to trap us here directly?"

   "You don't have to thank me."

   Su Jingxing Yuanshen's voice sounded, "This is the mist of illusion I set up, which can temporarily stop the Saijin Demons."


   Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, even Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai who heard the voice, turned around and looked at Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

   As a result, Su Jingxing Yuanshen disappeared.

   There was no figure of Su Jingxing Yuanshen next to the magic weapon.

   "Don't look for me."

   Su Jingxing's Yuanshen voice sounded again, "You just need to pay attention to the fog in the illusion. With this fog blocking, even if the Saijin demons pass through, there are not many."


   Zeng nodded subconsciously and responded.

   looked around, trying to find out where Su Jingxing's primordial spirit was.

   Bai Zhankong and Xiahou Chuanwu were also surprised.

   But Pei Donglai's back was suddenly soaked.

   Su Jingxing Yuanshen waved his hand to create an illusion, disappeared strangely, and no one could be found.

   If he attacked just now, he would definitely be killed by Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

   Because of Su Jingxing's primordial spirit, he did not devote himself to the magic weapon.

   Thinking of this, Pei Donglai was extremely frightened.

so far so good……

   Pei Donglai was frightened, Su Jingxing Yuanshen did not know.

   At this moment, after using a special invisible card, his primordial spirit was in a hidden state, and his primordial spirit quickly searched for a hinge around the magic weapon.

  This pivot device is the second step in destroying the magic weapon!

   (end of this chapter)

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