Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4633 prepare for the sermon

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God's illusory world.

A figure sat cross-legged on the sky, breathing like a dragon, and countless chaotic essences poured into this figure's body like a tornado.

In just a few breaths, the concentration of spiritual energy in the tens of thousands of miles in the sky has become thinner.

If it continues, perhaps this tens of thousands of miles area is likely to form a vacuum of spiritual energy, and it will take at least tens of millions of years to recover.

This is the huge impact caused by the cultivation of top powerhouses.

But at this moment, countless strong people are not in the mood to care about the changes in the concentration of spiritual energy, and everyone's eyes are all on Lu Bu.

"No, it's impossible!"

"The Supreme Being of the Headmaster actually lost, at the hands of a creature under the Heavenly Venerate realm."

"It's over, everything's over, the Shenxu Gate is over."

The powerhouses of the Shenxu Sect were like a concubine, and their faces were extremely pale.

They never thought that Tianzun Shenxu would actually fall into the hands of Lu Bu.

This is the Void Immortal Heavenly Venerate standing on the top of the five realms!

No matter how weak the foundation of Shenxu Tianzun is and how weak the combat power is, Shenxu Tianzun is a true Xuxian Tianzun after all.

It stands to reason that the creatures under Heavenly Venerate cannot threaten Void Immortal Heavenly Venerate at all.

But the facts are in front of them, and they can't help but keep the first-class people unbelieving!

Moreover, the deity of the gods fell, the deity was beheaded, and fell into the imaginary fairyland, which means that there is no immortality in the gate of the gods, and then it falls to the level of the holy land of the ages.

Moreover, without the repressive foundation of the Heavenly Venerate Tool, Shenxu Sect is not even as good as the first-class top forces, and at most can only be compared with the first-class forces.

In this case, the Shenxu Gate has only one way to collapse.

After all, before the fall of Shenxu Tianzun, the opponents of Shenxu Sect were all the forces at the level of the gods of the gods and the holy land of the ages, and naturally offended a lot of forces at this level.

Now that Shenxu Tianzun has fallen, Shenxu Gate has lost its greatest heritage, and there is no Xuxian Tianzun in charge, these original hostile forces will inevitably take action.

At that time, Shenxu Sect will be destroyed!

For a time, the hearts of the gods and the powerhouses were floating, and they all had the idea of ​​leaving.

It's just that because of Lu Bu's existence, the first class of Gan Shou did not dare to leave easily.

"What a good Lu Wenhou, he actually killed that guy Shenxu."

If it is said that the people of Shenxu Sect are afraid, then all the immortals of the Northern Wilderness Realm are also shocked by Lu Bu's record.

After all, this is the cultivation level under the Heavenly Venerate, and it is the Heavenly Venerate who reverses the immortality.

It can be said that it is a unique example of the five realms for countless years.

Even if Lu Bu falls in the future, his prestige will probably be passed down through the ages and will be admired by countless living beings in future generations.

However, the group of Heavenly Venerates were not too horrified that Shenxu Tianzun fell in the hands of Lu Bu, or the result was reasonable.

Because Lu Bu had already touched the threshold of the virtual fairyland, it was only because of the restrictions of the Great Way of the Heavens that he could not break through the virtual fairyland.

In a sense, Lu Bu is a Tianzun reserve.

However, Shenxu Tianzun has an unstable foundation, and his combat power is not strong, which is weaker than those of the same realm.

Under this circumstance, in the face of the powerful Lu Bu, Shenxu Tianzun naturally has only one way to fall.

"Shen Xu, this guy is the shame of Tianzun, it's better to fall sooner."

Some Xuxian Tianzun is even more concerned about the fall of Shenxian Tianzun.

On the contrary, they care more about Lu Bu.

As Void Immortals, their eyes are so vicious, they can see Lu Bu's plan at a glance.

That is to take advantage of the current momentum, knock on the gate of Tianzun, and then prove the Taoism of the immortal Tianzun.

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