Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1109 - Chapter 1109 The End of the Fake God Emperor

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Chapter 1109 The End of the Fake God Emperor

Ding Honglei was not angry because of the Fake God Emperor’s provocation. She just quietly looked at the culprit with hatred in her eyes, but there was more pity in them.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Ding Honglei asked softly.

The Fake God Emperor stared at Ding Honglei for a while. There were more and more dark blue flames on his body, which were like fire snakes that had penetrated him. Almost all the parts below his head were covered with flames. His aura was getting weaker and weaker, but he didn’t look in any pain.

The Fake God Emperor seemed to have thought of something. He sighed softly, turned his eyes to Ding Hao, and said, “Is this the child from that year? I didn’t expect that he would survive till now. It seems that everything destined by heaven can’t be reversed. You and Big Brother did have some amazing means. I have tried my best, yet I found no trace of you all these years. Even that person at that time tried to divine your whereabouts, but he failed to tell it.”

Ding Honglei listened and didn’t speak.

The Fake God Emperor’s eyes fell on Ding Hao, and his expression was complicated. He suddenly smiled and said, “You really look like Big Brother from back then. In fact, when I first saw you, I suspected it. I didn’t kill you at that time. Do you know the reason?”

Ding Hao did not know how to describe his current mood.

He had never expected that Ding Honglei was actually an entity of his mother.

Over the years, he had been guessing Ding Honglei’s identity and had made all kinds of speculations, but he had never expected that she was his mother, who had been silently observing him during his growth. The reason why he had always been treated so well by the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region was because of her mother.

It turned out that his mother had never been away from him. Instead, she was secretly paying attention to and protecting him.

Hearing the Fake God Emperor’s words, Ding Hao walked out step by step and stood beside Ding Honglei. He looked at the Fake God Emperor and frowned. “You said at that time that you would leave me to your omnipotent son, Ding Tong, to deal with.”

The Fake God Emperor shook his head and said, “Tong’er did say that we must keep you and he wanted to personally avenge the shame of the battle in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. But for me, if I felt that you were a threat, I would not hesitate to get rid of you… Hah, I would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go. Who doesn’t know my style of doing things over the years?”

Ding Hao said, “In that case, why didn’t you take action back then? If you did, I would have died.”

The Fake God Emperor gently shook his head and didn’t say anything else.

He turned to look at Ding Honglei and said in a strange tone, “This war has been a dream. Now it’s time to wake up from the dream. I know that Tong’er has been defeated. I’m the adopted son of the Ding family. Although I don’t have the family blood in me, Tong’er’s mother is the only daughter of the late emperor, and Tong’er has her blood in him. Can you spare his life?”

“Do you also have kindness in you?” Ding Honglei sneered.

The Fake God Emperor said indifferently, “A bird would let out a sad cry when it is about to die, and a man would say kind words when he is about to perish. I believe that you are also aware of how Qingluan treated you and your husband back then. She has passed away, and her only son is Tong’er.”

Ding Hao was greatly astonished when he heard that.

Some of the past events he knew were only that the Fake God Emperor was the adopted son of the old God Emperor instead of a bloodline descendant. However, he didn’t know that in addition to being an adopted son, the Fake God Emperor was also the son-in-law of the old God Emperor. “There is actually such a relationship between them. No wonder when I faced Ding Tong, I could feel the blood connection in him. It is because of this reason.”

However, Ding Hao had never heard of Aunt Qingluan.

He did not know what role she played in the great change back then.

At this moment, Ding Honglei nodded and said, “Well, for the sake of Qingluan, Ding Tong can be spared.”

At this point, even if Ding Hao was a fool, he could tell the clues within. It seemed that Aunt Qingluan had done his parents a favor. Otherwise, his mother would not have agreed to the request of the Fake God Emperor. After all, Ding Tong was also one of the culprits of the great change of that year.

“Thank you very much, Sister-in-law.” The Fake God Emperor’s face showed a trace of relief.

It could be seen that he really cared about Ding Tong.

“It’s just that he may not die.” Ding Honglei repeated it. Her meaning was very clear. She just wanted to spare Ding Tong’s life, but she would not give him another chance to take revenge. Once Ding Tong was defeated and captured again, all his cultivation would be abolished. He would live like an ordinary person for the rest of his life and would not be allowed to practice martial arts again.

The Fake God Emperor nodded in agreement.

At this point, he began to have some doubts about the dominator who had ruled everything in the dark over the years. Although the outcome had not been decided yet, it was obvious that Ding Shengtan and the others had a great opportunity. The future was unpredictable, but the Fake God Emperor could only go this far. He did this just to lay a good foundation for Ding Tong as early as possible.

Just like in the past, for the sake of Ding Tong, he did not hesitate to fall out with the Ding family, seize Ding Hao’s holy blood, and become Ding Shengtan’s enemy.

Everyone had their own weaknesses.

His weakness was his only son.

Otherwise, he would not have been caught by the person in the dark.

While they were talking, the dark blue flames had completely devoured and burned the Fake God Emperor’s body, leaving only his head floating in the void. With a calm expression, he said, “In the past, I heard that you and Big Brother each had a mysterious entity after you got the blessing from the Immortal Period. The entities are no different from ordinary people and can exert the same combat capability as the main body. But they also have the same thoughts and carry the same feelings as the real body. In the battle in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Big Brother’s entity had been consumed. I can see that your entity seems to have little energy left. This time, in order to kill me, you even gave the Fire of the Origin to Huo Jun. I believe that you have consumed a lot of your energy. You won’t live long.”

“That’s my own business,” Ding Honglei said coldly.

She didn’t have a good impression of this enemy who destroyed her family back then. She couldn’t just smile and let go of this feud or talk to her enemy. Even though she was a peerless fairy, she was still a woman with hatred in her heart.

She would pay any price to kill her enemy.

It was not only for revenge but also to protect her husband and children.

Seeing Ding Honglei’s cold and hateful attitude, the Fake God Emperor, who only had one head left, did not take it seriously.

Ding Hao was greatly shocked when he heard that.

“The energy of the mysterious entity has been exhausted, which means…”

He looked at Ding Honglei. Before he could speak, Ding Honglei had turned her head and glanced at him with a doting smile on her face. She said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a mysterious entity. The real body isn’t hurt.”

She suddenly asked, “Is the old God Emperor dead or alive?”

Ding Hao’s attention was caught by this question.

To be honest, he had never figured out why the old God Emperor had attacked his own son and what mystery was behind it. If the old God Emperor had not defeated Ding Shengtan that year, the 13th prince, Ding Tong, and the others might have failed.

Over the years, the old God Emperor had been living in seclusion after the Fake God Emperor had succeeded to the throne.

From then on, no one in the outside world or in God’s Palace had heard of him, nor had anyone seen him fight. This hero of a generation who had once ruled the entire Eastern Continent of the Land of Divine Grace seemed to have completely disappeared like bubbles in the sea.

The Fake God Emperor glanced at Ding Hao and Ding Honglei before he said meaningfully, “So what if he’s alive? So what if he’s dead? He would rather be dead now!”

Ding Hao still wanted to ask something, but the dark blue flames had already swallowed the lower half of the Fake God Emperor’s face. However, the Fake God Emperor’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at Huo Jun and said, “I trusted you wrong once, so I lost today. I’ll ask you again. Can you honestly tell me if things have changed in God’s Palace?”

Huo Jun nodded in response.

After all these years of operation, he had completely killed the Fake God Emperor today. The people of the Western Expedition Army had paid a heavy price for this day. Feng Xingli did not hesitate to kill himself in order to win the trust of the Fake God Emperor. This was not only to kill the Fake God Emperor but also to revive God’s Palace.

Moreover, in addition to the Western Expedition Army, there were also the Divine Sons in the past who were against the Fake God Emperor. No matter how powerful the Fake God Emperor was, they could not fight against him head-on, so they could only deal with him perfunctorily. But after all, the Fake God Emperor didn’t have the blood of the Ding family in him. Except for a few people, the other Divine Sons all bore grudges against him.

Over the years, with that person backing the Fake God Emperor and Ding Tong, everyone was indecisive. This time, those Divine Sons had already taken action before the Fake God Emperor died. In any case, even if God’s Palace was eventually destroyed by that person, it would revive first.

Although Huo Jun had betrayed the Fake God Emperor, he had to admit that the emperor could be regarded as a hero of his generation in the Land of Divine Grace during these years.

However, it was strange that the Fake God Emperor had not killed all the other Divine Sons in recent years despite knowing this. Even those Divine Sons who had clearly opposed him had been put under house arrest or idle. They had not been deprived of their martial arts and status. This was completely different from the Fake God Emperor’s ruthless style when he killed the Eldest Divine Prince, Ding Shengtan.

It was precisely because of this thought of benevolence that he was instantly and utterly defeated.

“Hahaha.” After getting the confirmed answer from Huo Jun, the Fake God Emperor suddenly burst into laughter. His laughter was loud like thunder. “I have returned what I owe your Ding family today… I won’t take back what others owe me… Qingluan, I’m coming to you!”

After gently calling his wife’s name, the Fake God Emperor finally disappeared completely from the void.

He turned into green smoke and ashes, leaving no trace in this world.

He had stirred trouble in God’s Palace of the Land of Divine Grace for more than 20 years, and he had been a fierce and ambitious man for an era. Finally, at the time when he was most proud and was closest to the peak, he ended his life in such a way that no one could have imagined. Maybe no one knew how to evaluate him, because many things he had done in his life were contradictory. When it was time to be ruthless, he was soft-hearted. When it was time to be merciful, he was merciless. In the eyes of others, these strange choices could only be regarded as mysteries.

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