Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1638 return

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After Guan Meiyi's departure, those who watched the crowd also dispersed. Aida gave Lu Lin a cold look, without saying a word, turned and left.

"Sister Aida!" Lu Lin caught up and grabbed Aida. "Sister Aida, listen to me ..."

"Nothing to say!" Ada looked cold. "Since the day I picked you up, I have told you that I don't like people who have no self-knowledge, have no cover, and like to play with right and wrong. However, you have committed all the crimes today. Hit my bottom line. "

Lu Lin panicked. "Sister Aida, no! Sister Mei Yi has wronged me ... I ..."

"Shut up!" Aida stood still and looked at Lu Lin coldly. "Guan Meiyi wronged you? Guan Meiyi said something from beginning to end, didn't she?"

Lu Lin froze for a moment and thought about it. It seems that Guan Meiyi did not say anything about her. Even Gu Zhiqian asked her lover about it, Guan Meiyi covered it.

Thinking about this, Lu Lin's complexion changed and became complicated.

Ada ’s eyes were cold, “Some words do n’t need to be said, just read them to understand. I ’ve been with Guan Meiyi for so long. What kind of person would she not know? An artist like you who does n’t know respect I ca n’t bring it, simply because we have n’t signed a formal agent contract yet. I ’ll tell the company right now to dissolve my relationship with you. ”

Upon hearing this, Lu Lin was completely stunned, and quickly seized Aida, "Sister Aida, don't do this! I will change, I will change!"

"Then wait for you to change it before I say it! I originally wanted to train you well and train you into the next Guan Meiyi. After all, you are very good in all aspects now. But your character is not good enough, I This temple is small and I ca n’t afford to wait for your great Buddha! ”Ada shook off Lu Lin ’s hand.“ Also, do n’t even think about the next play with Gu Yingdi. In the case just now, even I can see everything. Do you think Gu Yingdi can't see it? Guan Meiyi already gives you face, please take care of yourself! "

After speaking, Ada walked angrily towards the senior leadership's office.

"Sister Aida ..." Lu Lin stood there helplessly, knowing that everything was ruined, all in her mouth ...

Lu Lin's assistant watched her entertainer become obsolete, and hurried over to catch up with Ada to help Lu Lin speak well. However, no matter what she said, Ada's mind was determined and there was no room for turning back.

Aida is not a fool. It is impossible to say that her relationship with Guan Meiyi is as good as that of her sisters and sisters. She is an agent. Of course, she hopes to bring in a few artists like Guan Meiyi in her hand, and even surpass Guan Meiyi. artist.

At the beginning, she chose Lu Lin because Lu Lin was excellent in all aspects. If she trains well, Lu Lin is likely to become the next Guan Meiyi.

However, this Lu Lin is too easy to swell. Before now, I haven't talked about it, and I will have it in the future? Such an inadequate mind would have no great achievements at all, and would only bring her endless trouble.

The fact that Lu Lin was returned to the original agent by Ada quickly spread to Zhiya Entertainment, but these were also not related to Guan Meiyi. Her due date is getting closer, and now she can only raise her baby at home with peace of mind, and Zhao Huimin is inseparable from her every day.

In an instant, it was Monday, the day when Gu's meeting.

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