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"Get away from me." Gulermo Francis was very fierce, and his attacks became stronger and stronger each time. The evil **** of Montenegro was beaten and retreated.

The King of Spiders was also caught up by the first mason. He was seriously injured and was dragged by the first mason. After Gulermo Francis repelled the evil **** of Montenegro, he rushed over and wanted to cut off the spider. king.

The Spider King tried his best to block, but he couldn't stop Gulermo Francis at all, not to mention that the first mason was covering.

"Save me." The Spider King desperately called.

The Evil God of Montenegro threw the battle axe with all his might, but the first mason slid away with two battle axes and gave them the next step. Gulermo Francis slashed at the King of Spiders with all his strength, and continuously cut through the defenses of the King of Spiders.

The dazzling golden light shines on Gulermo Francis, a golden eye of truth emerges from the golden light, and the eye of truth releases a stronger golden light. Under this golden light, Gulermo Francis is on his body. The magic energy of the scorching sun disappeared quickly like winter snow scorched by the scorching sun.

Gulermo Francis frowned, but instead of stepping back, he cut off the Eye of Truth with a sword, and the Pope of Truth also arrived, and the golden knight sword slashed over, Gulermo Francis quickly defended, and then slashed with the sword in his left hand, and the Pope of Truth responded quickly, condensing a golden shield in his left hand to resist.

The golden shield cracked, and the Pope of Truth kicked out, carrying the golden energy and directly kicking Gulermo Francis back.

Guillermo Franzese was uninjured, he immediately started to defend and dropped back when he was kicked.

The Pope of Truth had an ugly expression, and his eyes became more and more dazzling, and he was extremely solemn.

At this time, the super knight king who was chasing after the Pope of Truth came quickly, and the spider king even stepped forward to intercept, but he was not the opponent's opponent who was seriously injured.

The King of Spiders was feeling aggrieved at this time. He had mastered the imprint of the rules, and his body was also integrated into the divine nature. He worked hard for many years, and Simon and the others gave him a little guidance. His strength has grown rapidly, but now anyone can bully him.

Simon was immediately relieved when he saw that the Pope of Truth saved the Spider King at the last minute, but his condition at this time was still extremely bad.

The King of Spiders was seriously injured. Although there were two strong men, the Evil God of Montenegro and the Pope of Truth, there were five super knight kings from the human camp who came to besiege them, especially Gulermo Francis and the first The masons are enough to block the evil **** of Montenegro and the Pope of Truth. Plus three super knight king-level assists.

The Evil God of Montenegro and the three of them are simply no match for them. If they continue to fight, the King of Spiders will definitely fall, and even the Evil God of Montenegro will be exposed.

"The Pope of the Religion of Truth is among them, and the God of the Religion of Truth will never sit back and watch him fall. Now I just hope that Ergo and the Ghost Spider King can hold out until the God of the Religion of Truth takes action." Simon's expression was extremely serious, staring at the situation on the battlefield.

The Evil God of Montenegro might be able to hold on, but the King of Spiders was too reluctant. And the reality is also the case. The Pope of Truth and the evil **** of Montenegro were blocked by three people and could not support the spider king at all.

The spider king was beaten by two super knight kings, which was quite miserable.

Simon's heart is in his throat now, for fear that the King of Spiders can't help revealing him.

"If you want to kill me, don't take it easy." The spider king's eyes were full of ferocity, and his body was exposed instantly, and his only two spider legs broke through the air in an instant, carrying unparalleled power to attack the two super knight kings.

"How can there be such a strong power." The two super knight king-level expressions were horrified, they felt the terrifying edge on the spider legs, and immediately resisted with all their strength.

The collision of the bang, one of the super knight king-level weapons directly broke, the armor and stomach on the body were torn apart, all the defenses were shattered, and the spider legs were directly inserted into his body, penetrating his body.

The other super knight king was not feeling well either, his weapon didn't block it, and it finally shattered. The spider legs were inserted into the body, but only a little bit, blocked by the secret technique, and the injury was not very serious.

The spider king roared, and the two spider legs swayed, and the super knight king-level body that penetrated the body was directly torn to shreds.

Another super knight king was ready to retreat, but the spider king’s blow was unusual. The spider legs flashed with sharp edges, the super knight king.

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The defense of the level was torn apart again, he resisted it with all his strength, and finally was cut off by the spider leg.

The super knight king-level sword split the spider legs apart, and the spider legs also lost their strength and fell. He hurriedly stopped the bleeding and looked at the spider king. At this time, the spider king's body was shriveled, and his flesh and blood seemed to have disappeared.

The king of spiders burned his body, burned the flesh and blood of his whole body, and even burned his divinity in exchange for the terrifying power just now, killed a super knight king rank, and seriously injured a super knight King class.

But the price is that the body of the spider king also died, his soul got out, and then turned into a streamer and fled wildly.

The broken arm human super knight king gritted his teeth and immediately pursued.

The first mason wanted to hold the king of spiders, but the evil **** of Montenegro broke out and stopped the first mason, but Gulermo Francis took the opportunity to attack, and the evil **** of Montenegro hurriedly resisted, but unfortunately he failed to stop it and was cut off up an arm.

In order to escape, the spider king used all means, burned his soul, and fled at full speed. The evil **** of Montenegro also bought him time with an arm and let him escape.

The severed arm of the evil **** of Montenegro burst into flames, and the terrifying black fire rushed towards Gulermo Francis, forcing him to retreat. At the same time, he threw out an axe to repel the first mason, and then turned around regardless. Escape at full speed.

Since the Spider King has escaped, there is no need for him to continue fighting recklessly.

The evil **** of Montenegro used a secret technique to escape, and finally escaped, and Gulermo Francis did not continue to pursue, because there was still a Pope of Truth, and killing him was more valuable than killing a demon king.

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At first, he was led to the east by the king of spiders, and then he extended a helping hand and got into trouble. Now the king of spiders and the evil **** of Montenegro have escaped, and he is the only one left. He was besieged by three super knight kings, the super knight with a broken arm. Wang level even rushed over to help.

Two words are really sad.

Three words are big injustice.

The Pope of Truth is indeed very strong, especially the secret technique is quite powerful and strange, but the four super knight kings he faces, let's say three and a half.

The key is that the cooperation between Gulermo Francis and the first mason can kill the peak super knight king-level truth pope. The disadvantage is very obvious, and he is injured after a few fights.

Finally had to use the door of truth.

The door of truth stood in the air, blocking both sides, and then he fled directly.

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