The Emperor’s Angel of Death - v2 Chapter 1490 rain father

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Soshyan looked at the Nightmare Lord, feeling a little strange, but he didn't bother to entangle with that person. Now taking Veronica away is the first priority.

So he grabbed Veronica's arm and walked into the portal.

"Soshyan Alexei."

Suddenly, De Lazare's voice sounded in his mind, and he stopped subconsciously.


"I want to make a deal with you."


Veronica found that Soshyan stopped suddenly, and then found that he was looking straight at Delazare in the distance.


"Yes, you promise me one thing, and I will tell you a secret."

"We were still enemies before."

"It does not matter."

"What are you talking about first?"

"Don't kill Victor."

"I'm not in the mood to hunt him down right now."

"No, he will come to find you."

"Oh? If he wants to die, then I won't refuse."

"That's why I asked you to promise me, at least here, don't kill Victor. Comoros has many darker secrets. If this place falls into complete chaos, believe me, no one wants to see it."

Soshyan thought for a moment and shook his head.

"What if your secret isn't worth the price?"

"Haha, it will be worth it, don't you wonder why the Ada gods were either swallowed or destroyed, but the blood-handed Kane was smashed? Don't you wonder, what exactly is the gray easy-going and immortal starfall? What is it?"


Suddenly, Derazal threw something, Soshyan reached out to catch it, and found that it was a polygonal flat stone. I don’t know what material it was, but it was engraved with complicated patterns as thin as hair, which seemed to be some kind of star. running track.

"It will help you unravel these secrets."

"You handed it over to me so early, are you not afraid that I will regret it?"

"I understand you, but you won't. Well, you should go, or—"

Before the other party finished speaking, Soshyan suddenly heard some kind of terrifying roar.

No, it wasn't a roar, but the sound of some kind of behemoth approaching. He raised his head subconsciously, but saw something in the sky falling toward here at a high speed.

It is the corrupted ether fortress!

Because the Comoros does not have a thick atmosphere, it was almost silent when it first fell, and when Soshyan saw it, it was already in sight.

However, the next scene shocked Soshyan even more. I saw Delaza suddenly raised his head, and then the white helmet opened his mouth wide. He actually put his hand in his mouth and slowly dragged out a A long sword surrounded by blood and flame.

Veronica also widened her eyes, and then said softly:

"Wail of Doom, Kane's Divine Sword..."


Suoshyang, who felt the top of Mount Tarzan, didn't care what tricks the other party was going to do, grabbed Veronica and got into the portal, and turned his head and said loudly:

"Kayan, hurry up!"

Just when his attention was completely attracted by the fortress that fell from the sky, he didn't realize that Candurak, who should have been killed by him before, turned into a shadow and quickly escaped from here.

But Kayang didn't respond. In response to Soshyan, there was just a huge roar, and then after a dazzle, Soshyan landed on both feet.

It was only then that Kayang's voice drifted into his ears.

"You go back to the boat first, and I'll find someone. If I don't come back in five hours, you and Talos will leave first. Don't worry, Comoros can't hold me back."

Soshyan looked around, but found that this was not the location of the teleportation in the plan. Kayang's scheduled teleportation location should be in the central city near the city of darkness. Then take a shortcut to escape back to the dock, sail or grab a boat to escape.

But now the two of them are located in an unfamiliar area in the central city, with towering towers and parapets on both sides.

But Veronica is no stranger.

"Ah, how did we get to Marathi's territory? This is... that's her bedroom over there."

The sky of Comoros was weeping at this time, pouring the unearthly sea on the ground, and a large number of green raindrops fell from the sky, but there seemed to be an invisible barrier around the two, and those raindrops evaporated into the air before they touched, but elsewhere No, not only is the vegetation twisted into a corrupted form, but even the buildings are beginning to grow poisonous moss and fungi.

"It may be that there are too many forces over there, and the transmission is disturbed—"

Saying that, Soshyan looked in the direction of Kane Arena, and then his eyes widened.

A 100-meter-tall, bloated green figure was beating the ground with dead branches on its hands. It was similar to the Nurgle Demon that Soshyan had seen before, but it was much more exaggerated, with antlers on its head. Dead branches, the skin on the body is also pierced by dead branches and vines, there is a terrifyingly large mouth on the abdomen, and the huge body is full of random tooth-like holes, cracked and retched with infectious sepsis liquid.

Veronica saw the thing and exclaimed:

"Father Yu, the gardener of Nurgle! Who summoned it!"

The demon Soshyan had never heard of it, so he asked curiously.

"Is it great?"

"It's called Rotigues, also known as 'Rainbender', 'Rainfather' and 'Generous One', and was a very powerful great unclean one, and the epitome of Nurgle's generosity and prolificacy, but It rarely leaves the realm of Nurgle, and generally it only pays attention to the desperation of the land for abundance, the rain in the dry season, or the voice of the hungry for food. Cruel alms to those willing to give everything in exchange for their lives...usually a terrible flood of Nurgle, in which livestock give birth to deformed young and plants grow strangely The fecundity swells and distorts, which often leads directly to the extinction of a Fortunately, Rotigues tend to be more willing to assume the role of gardeners, so they rarely show up on earth."

"Where did it go! Where did it go! The treasure of the loving father! Where did you thieves hide her!!!"

The huge Great Unclean One angrily beat the ground, and on the opposite side of it was an equally mighty being. When the gust of wind from the roar of the Great Demon blew past, the fiery red hair on the back of its head scattered like a waterfall, and its skin was like flowing water. A deity with an angry, roaring face solidified in a bone-white helmet.

On both sides of it are the etheric fortresses that have been cut in half. It is hard to imagine any force capable of splitting a huge fortress in two, but it did.

Facing the anger of the Great Unclean One, the avatar of Bloody Kane raised his head and released a burst of psionic screams. The filthy clouds above his head were blown away like feathers in the wind, and even the Great Demon felt fear.

And its appearance boosted the morale of all the Eldar who were tormented by the power of Nurgle, and they shouted the name of their own **** of war until it resounded in the night sky.

Kayla! Mansa! Kane!

Afterwards, the God of War turned into a fierce sword and slashed at the Great Demon who was scared and flinched a little.

The Doomsday Cry hummed as if it had life, expressing the desire to donate blood, sending out a harsh soul roar. When it collided with the dead wood branch in Rotigues's hand, the collision sounded in two dimensions at the same time.

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