The Great Genetic Era - Chapter 1379 Xu back action

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Whether it's Heiyang, Chuling, or Yuan, while besieging Dizun, the three of them are constantly carrying out the same tactic.

It was two of them who attacked the Earth Elder with all their strength, and the other took the opportunity to rush in the direction of the Samsara Division. But every time, he would be trapped by the Earth Venerable with a space ban.

I've tried seven or eight times and failed every time.

This continuous attempt caused the strength of the alien giants to be greatly consumed again, but the strength of the earth venerable was not consumed at all.

Because the power of reincarnation in the eye of Styx in the distant reincarnation department fell directly from the sky and continuously injected into the body of the earthly deity, restoring the power of the earthly deity.

This is the huge advantage of the super home field. This is also the key to this decisive battle. The Eye of the Styx of the Department of Reincarnation.

It can be foreseen that if the earth venerable has been replenished and consumed by the power of reincarnation in the eye of samsara Siming River, then the earth lord will be invincible.

The strength of the three alien giants was greatly consumed under the trump card of the earth **** before, and now they are being continuously consumed. More importantly, the special circumstances of the small universe of reincarnation make it impossible for the alien three giants to be here. restore strength.

Under the ebb and flow, the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

The balance of victory will only continue to tilt towards the earthly deity.

The longer the time, the greater the probability that the alien trio will fail.

The failure of the three alien giants means that the attack on the reincarnation small universe by the three alien races has completely failed. A complete failure of the attack means that the real purpose of the attack will also fail.

What is the real purpose?

The real purpose is to break the underworld's control over the reincarnation channel and end the occurrence of ailments of all races. This is the real purpose of the three races attacking the reincarnation universe.

If it fails, then...

Xu Tui couldn't help shivering.

That result, first of all, Blue Star couldn't accept it, or it would be more appropriate to say that it couldn't bear it. Presumably, after this battle, the underworld's control over the six channels of reincarnation will be strengthened again.

At that time, in the new growth of Blue Star, the babies with apathy will not be 20%, but may be 50%, 80%, or even 100%.

How long can Blue Star last without completely losing the newborn population? Anyway, it must be much less than the support time of the three alien races.

And the alien giants will progress to the reincarnation small universe again, maybe in a year or even a few years.

Not to mention a few years later, even one year is good, the Earth Lord will completely refine the will of the Houtu in the underworld, the control of the small universe of reincarnation will be greatly improved, and the strength will be improved again.

disaster! Devastating disaster.

Suddenly, Xu Tui figured it out. At this moment, he had to change his position.

Previously, Xu Tui actually had the idea that the alien Big Three would win, after all, three against one.

Since they are sure to win, then in the process of three-on-one, Xu Tui interferes and consumes as much power as possible from the alien triumvirate, that is a good thing, and this is what Xu Tui strives for.

But now, let alone the victory of the alien giants, there is no hope of victory in sight. Xu Tui's position must be changed. You have to stand on the side of the Alien Big Three and attack Earth Zun together with the Alien Big Three.

Solving the aura is the most important goal. The plan to get millet out of the fire has been temporarily postponed.

But the problem is that it is extremely difficult for Xu Tui to intervene in the battle between the top small universe powerhouses. Xu Tui looked in the direction of the Samsara Division.

Since the alien giants have been breaking through in this direction, it is easy to judge. Cut off the power source of the ground respect.

Suddenly, Xu Tui had some thoughts about the alien trio. With the current fighting intensity, it is definitely impossible to defeat the Earth Lord.

But just like the outbreak of Heiyang before, Chu Ling, Heiyang, and Yuan must have their trump cards. It should be the ultimate move that the three of them can defeat the earth venerable when they burst out with all their strength.

But now I dare not use it.

There should be two reasons: first, the strength of the three of them has been consumed too much, and after the explosion, there may not be much energy left.

Second, after they broke out, they didn't have much energy to spare, and they couldn't break out again, but the earth lords have always been replenished with a large amount of reincarnation power. When everyone is weak, they can't recover, but the earth lords can use the power of reincarnation. Fast recovery with support.

Then their eruption would be meaningless, it would be like setting off fireworks.

This should be the reason why they have been breaking through in the direction of the Samsara Division before.

I just want to cut off the replenishment of the power of reincarnation of the Earth Lord first, and then explode, so that the probability of winning is greater. Thinking of this, Xu Tui looked in the direction of the Department of Reincarnation, he knew how to intervene in this war.

But at the same time, Xu Tui turned his head to look at the 200,000 elite ghost army who had been silent at the exit of Zhanxiantai. The battle situation is so tight, and the 200,000 ghost troops have not moved, so what kind of ultimate move is the earth lord preparing, waiting for him? After only thinking for a few breaths, Xu Tui suddenly smiled.

So what if the Earth Lord prepared a killer move for him? Could it be that he is less prepared to retreat?

The next moment, Xu Tui's mental power suddenly penetrated into the Tianhe chessboard: "Everyone, be ready to fight at any time." "Understood!"

"Take command!"

There were endless echoes, especially the members of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force staying inside, all of them were extremely excited. After coming in for so long, I can finally join the battle.

In the next moment, the seal of Taishan Mansion Lord suddenly appeared on top of Xu Tui's head. In an instant, the power of the rules of Zhanxiantai completely dissipated, and Xu Tui's power could be fully used.

Afterwards, Xu Tui rushed directly towards the exit of Zhanxiantai. Only by rushing out of Zhanxiantai can teleportation be performed.

But the moment Xu Tui rushed close to the exit of Zhanxiantai, he triggered the warning of the ghost army, and in an instant, the unique scream of the ghost army resounded.

The 200,000 ghost army guarding here suddenly moved like a sleeping beast. But it moved very strangely.

The 200,000 ghost army got up and waved the ghost banners in their hands at the same time. In an instant, strange fluctuations rose from the ground, the space fluctuated rapidly, and an invisible large space net appeared in an instant.

This should be the special arrangement made by the Earth Lord for Xu Tui! At this moment, Xu Tui just teleported out.

This teleportation hit the top of this big net, and the teleportation was interrupted.

Seeing that he was about to be engulfed by this big net, Xu Tui's Taishan Mansion Lord Seal brilliance flashed, "This mansion is here, who dares to make mistakes."

In an instant, under the majesty of the Emperor of Taishan Mansion, many ghost troops who were close were shocked on the spot, and many holes appeared in this invisible space network immediately.

Xu Tui broke free from the large space net close to him, and was about to teleport out again, when suddenly, Yin Tianzi Yinxi flew up from the Samsara Department and landed in the sky.

The brilliance and majesty of Yin Tianzi's seal projected down, "The place of reincarnation, the underworld is respected, and Mount Tai retreats!"

Accompanied by this decree, and illuminated by the majestic power of Emperor Yin's Guanghua, the ghost army, who had been intimidated by the seal of the Emperor of Mount Tai, once again raised the ghost banner in their hands, and the formation was completed again.

Seeing this, Xu Tui let out a cold snort in his heart, and the Antarctic Changsheng Great Emperor's seal flew out directly, and the divine power and brilliance shrouded under the Yin Tianzi's seal without hesitation.

There is no need to withdraw any edicts, but as soon as the emperor's seal shrouded in divine power, Yin Tianzi's seal trembled, put away the divine power and brilliance, and made a gesture of prostration.

In the distance, Yin Tianzi, who had just died in a battle and recuperated in the Reincarnation Division, had a bitter look on his face. There is no way, this is the suppression of the natural grade.

Yin Tianzi Yinxi, in front of Emperor Xi, has no other choice but to surrender.

After all, Yin Tian Zi Yin Xi was also authorized by the Six Imperial Emperor Seals in order to be in charge of the underworld. In an instant, Yin Tianzi Yinxi was suppressed to the side.

At this moment, Xu Tui had such a momentary thought.

If his two emperor seals come out together, and if he spends a little more time, he might be able to forcibly confine the seal of Emperor Yin. At this moment, Tianzi Yin is at his weakest.

But this thought only existed for a moment before Xu Tui put it to the back of his mind. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to confine the seal of Emperor Yin.

But if you don't take advantage of today to solve the insanity, it will be difficult in the future.

The emperor's seal retreated, Xu Tui's emperor's seal and Taishan government's seal were radiant, and under the power of the gods, many low-level ghost commanders, ghost generals, and ghost school ghost soldiers fell to the ground on the spot.

In fact, this is also the shortcoming of the small universe of reincarnation.

The suppression of the small universe of the heavenly court on the small universe of reincarnation is too powerful.

With so many handsome ghosts paralyzed on the ground, they naturally couldn't maintain the large space formation that trapped Xu Tui. With just a teleportation, Xu Tui rushed out of the large space formation arranged by the 200,000 ghost army.

And at this moment, UU Reading Heiyang, Yuan, Chuling, and Dizun who were in the middle of the battle looked at the direction of Zhanxiantai at the same time.

Not because of Xu Tui, but because they sensed and saw the breath of the seal of the Antarctic Longevity Emperor. Hei Yang has seen it before, and knows that Xu Tui has the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor, and has even started plotting. So the moment I saw this scene, I was depressed.

Originally, he could secretly plot against Xu Tui's seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor one by one, but now, everyone knows about it.

Hei Yang can guarantee that Chu Ling and Yuan will definitely try their best to plot Xu Tui in the future, and try their best to get this imperial seal.

It will be more difficult for him to calculate Xu Tui in the future, and there are not many opportunities. After the reincarnation small universe battle is over, do it as soon as possible.

In fact, it wasn't the first time that Chuling saw him, he had seen it before, and he knew it before, but now, it was the first time that he had clearly figured out Xu Tui's strength, only Nine Guards Dai Feng.

In just a split second, several plans flashed through Chu Ling's mind.

After this battle is over, we must find a way as soon as possible to get this imperial seal. The role of the emperor's seal is very, very great.

Especially for them, it is very, very important.

Yuan's expression was a little more shocked than that of Heiyang and Chu Ling, but he immediately had a similar thought. The most shocking and depressing one is the earth venerable.

He didn't expect that the big formation that he had set up to trap the Blue Star elite was broken by an imperial seal. Then, his crisis came.

The next moment, the Earth Venerable watched Xu Tui teleport in the direction of the Samsara Division at high speed!


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