The Green Gourd Sword Fairy - Chapter 1535 secret room

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The four catastrophes of the demon clan are: the four catastrophes of soul, blood, bone, and spirit!

Among them, the second calamity is the blood calamity, which is generally related to blood.

Ling Zi left behind a magical book "Ziwei Heavenly Slaughter Truth" in the Star Demon Palace. Although this technique is extremely powerful and fast, it has a fatal flaw, that is, it will generate vortex black holes in the body. , constantly eating away at the original power of the host.

This phenomenon is very strange. Even Shen Nongtuo did not fully understand the reason, but he guessed that it might have something to do with blood, because Ling Zi forcibly transformed the power of stars into magic skills, and then used magic energy to evolve stars, two completely different powers After the fusion, the resulting black hole exists in the blood.

Shen Nongtuo, as a "Medical Sage", has endless methods. He took Ling Zi to travel the world, collected various treasures from heaven and earth, and continuously tempered the blood in her body, and finally evolved into a kind of magic blood.

This devil blood seems to be alive, and can cultivate independently. Even if the master loses consciousness, his cultivation is slowly increasing.

For Ling Zi, the biggest function of this magic blood is to solve the disadvantages of "Ziwei Tiankilling Secret Art". A kind of black hole that cannibalize the original power.

However, this is only for Ling Zi.

Anyone other than Ling Zi practicing "Ziwei Heaven's Killing Truth" will have symptoms of madness, because others don't have a "medical saint" who is always by their side.

Moreover, in order to cure Ling Zi, Shen Nongtuo traveled all over the world and collected a large number of natural materials and earth treasures, including many precious medicinal materials. Even if the two saints joined forces, it took hundreds of years to obtain such one or two plants.

Therefore, no one can reproduce Ling Zi's cultivation method, which is why she did not pass "Ziwei Tianshao Zhenjue" to her apprentices, but divided this practice into three parts, and turned it into "Skyslaughter Zhengfa", The reason why "Star Soul Record" and "Ziwei Cave Chapter" were passed on to three apprentices respectively.

Ling Zi also knew this.

So when she left the "Ziwei Heaven's Killing Technique", she also sealed a part of her original essence and blood in the Xuan Mi Bead. No matter who gets her inheritance, if they want to practice this skill, they must first "exchange blood" , and this "exchanging blood" process just became an unintentional "blood robbery".

It can be said that there is a destiny in the dark. Once a monk steps into the catastrophe realm, it is as if he has stepped into the trajectory of destiny and is fighting against an invisible hand. At this moment, although Wuxin was not moving with her knees crossed, her body was burning like a raging fire, with thousands of arrows piercing through her heart.

The unbearable pain destroyed the witch's will.

Ling Zi's blood poured into her body and merged with her own blood. There are too many uncertain factors in it. The whole "exchanging blood" process is tantamount to the process of suicide. You must kill yourself first, and then go to the fire Rebirth!

The surging devil blood kept surging in the blood vessels, like hot magma, trying to melt everything in the body.

The majesty of the saint contained in the devil's blood is mighty, making Wuxin feel like a flat boat in the waves, unable to resist the overwhelming tide around him, he can only drift with the current, sinking and floating...

In this crazy devastation, Wuxin's face turned pale, her breath became weaker and weaker, and her consciousness gradually became blurred.

But she still held on to her own immortality, and in a daze, only one voice sounded repeatedly in her heart:

"Wuxin, you must hold on! Outside... there are still people waiting for you!"

This is the unintentional bottom line.

It's not just blood and deep feud that keeps her going until now, but also a person she cares about.

Although she couldn't open her eyes, Wuxin knew that Liang Yan was always by her side, no matter what, she couldn't leave him alone!

Thinking of this, Wuxin bit her lips tightly, despite all kinds of pain to destroy her physical body, she always kept a little bit of her spiritual clarity

At the same time, in the Star Demon Palace.

Liang Yan looked at Wu Xin who was sitting cross-legged in the river of blood, his face was extremely serious. He knew that the demons had four catastrophes, and probably guessed that Wuxin was going through the "blood catastrophe". It's just that he didn't expect that this was a process of "exchanging blood".

The heart is a demon, and cannot be fused with the blood of the human race. Forcibly exchanging blood, there is a high probability of death.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Wuxin managed to save her life by chance, she might lose her cultivation base. If this is the ending, for her who bears the blood and deep hatred, it is no different from death.

"Wuxin, you are too hasty, choosing such a dangerous path, misfortune and fortune are unpredictable..."

Liang Yan secretly sighed in his heart.

He can't help in the catastrophe, he can only rely on Wuxin to get through it by himself.

He is guarding here now just in case, if Wuxin cannot survive the "blood catastrophe" in the end, he will not hesitate to take action, at least to save Wuxin's life.

Liang Yan didn't care if this move would anger Heavenly Dao and bring about his own death.

Anyway, he has the body of the living dead and the blood essence of the undead dragon, the law of heaven will not tolerate him, so what if there is one more?

Thinking of this, Liang Yan gradually calmed down, suspended in mid-air, and quietly waited for the unintentional result.

Just like that, in the Star Demon Palace, one person crossed the catastrophe and the other protected the Dharma. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

During these two hours, although the Star Demon Palace was calm, the unintentional crossing of the catastrophe has actually reached the most critical moment. Any mistake in any place may cause backlash and eventually fall short.

At this moment, the blood in the word "magic" has almost been sucked dry by Wuxin. And she also flew out of the ravine, still maintaining the posture of sitting cross-legged, with three thousand black hair scattered behind her head, and a powerful aura emanated, faintly showing signs of breaking through the realm.

"Just a little bit..."

A look of excitement appeared on Liang Yan's face.

He didn't expect Wuxin to be able to survive until now. You must know that the process of "exchanging blood" is very painful and dangerous, and you must be careful at all times. No matter if any details go wrong, or if you don't bear the pain, you will die in the disaster.

Kill yourself first, and then be reborn from the ashes!

Today's Wuxin has completely cut off his ego, leaving only a little bit of true spirit.

But "Blood Tribulation" is not over, because there is the last and most difficult level.

That is "rebirth from the ashes"!

The current Wuxin doesn't have a drop of blood in her body that belongs to her. She needs to use a strong will to fuse this new blood with her, so that her soul can be completely awakened.

If this step is successful, you can survive the "Blood Tribulation"!

And Wuxin, who is reborn and returned, will break through the bottleneck of the realm, and have the same realm as the human monk who survived the second disaster!

Liang Yan was excited, but also worried. He stared in the direction where Wuxin was, with a trace of nervousness on his face.

This kind of look, I am afraid that even he himself will not have it.

At this moment, Wuxin in mid-air suddenly let out a muffled snort, and the originally stable breath became extremely chaotic at this moment.

"what happened?"

Liang Yan looked intently, and saw that Wuxin's face was pale, and there was a line of blood at the corner of his mouth. Under the crystal-clear jade skin, bright red blood vessels could be faintly seen. These blood vessels seemed to be alive, swelling and shrinking under the skin. .

At the same time, a huge amount of real devil energy swarmed out from Wu Xin's body, forming a vortex of devil energy of different sizes around her, which seemed to have gotten out of control and was not restrained by the master.

"not good!"

Liang Yan knew that this was a sign of madness! Those vortices of devilish energy were the most original true devil's qi in Wuxin's body, and the leakage of the real devil's qi at this time proved that Wuxin was no longer able to control his body.

And the blood vessels under the skin seemed to be full of qi and blood, but in fact, the brand new blood could not be perfectly integrated with this body, and they repelled each other. If this continues, Wuxin will explode and die!

"Is it still impossible to pass this level?"

Liang Yan's face was solemn. He knew that the four calamities of the demon race were comparable to the three disasters of the human race. The degree of danger of this "blood calamity" was unimaginable. Wu Xin was able to achieve this step, and he had already surpassed 90% of Tianjiao.

But this is probably her limit.

It is difficult to achieve the perfect fusion of demonic blood and physical body until the final rebirth from the ashes. Although Wuxin persisted until the last step, she is already at the end of her strength and it is impossible to continue...

The huge Star Demon Palace trembled.

As if sensing that Wuxin had reached her limit, the originally dim starry sky lit up again, and countless starlights sprinkled down on Wuxin's body, helping her to condense the last bit of her soul.

Liang Yan's expression changed again and again, and finally he gritted his teeth, ready to intervene and save Wuxin from the "blood robbery".

At this moment, the storage ring in his hand suddenly vibrated, and a strange feeling came to his heart, as if something was eagerly longing for it.


Liang Yan let out a little surprise, and then pinched the magic formula in his hand, a magic weapon flew out from the storage ring, it was the "Ziwei Star Magic Disk" he got from the underground palace!

This magic weapon is made up of nine nested rings of different sizes, and each ring is engraved with strange runes. At this moment, these runes all emit a strange light, as if attracted by something, He was eager to get out of Liang Yan's control.

Liang Yan looked down at the disc in his hand, then looked up at the direction where Wuxin was, and suddenly understood something.

The next moment, he raised his hand and typed out a magic formula, which untied the restriction he had left in the magic weapon.

The "Ziwei Star Magic Disk" made a roar, seemed to be cheering, and then turned into a ray of light, and flew straight to Wuxin's direction.

The disk finally stopped on top of Wuxin's head, and the nine rings slowly rotated in different directions, and the runes on the rings lit up one after another.


There was a loud noise, and the sky at the top of the Star Demon Palace seemed to be summoned, and the stars of various colors lit up one by one, and finally turned into bright starlight and fell from the sky to Wuxin's head.

The nine rings of the Ziwei star magic disk kept rotating, absorbing the starlight, and quickly turned it into a pure force, which flowed into the Baihui acupoint on the top of Wuxin's head, and then flowed along her meridians to the limbs and bones. .

With the help of this force, Wuxin gradually calmed down the chaotic atmosphere. Although her face was still a little pale, the blood vessels under her skin no longer swelled, and the scattered real devil energy around her turned into devil clouds one by one, and finally penetrated into her body again.

A layer of jade-like rays of light enveloped Wuxin's whole body, adding a sense of mystery to this witch.

Seeing this scene, Liang Yan's hanging heart was finally relieved.

Because at this time, Wuxin has stabilized his mind and is slowly merging the demon blood in his body. Although this process is slow, there is no great danger. The rest is left to time. As long as there is enough time, Wuxin can completely fuse The devil blood in the body has successfully survived this "blood catastrophe"!

"I didn't expect that... this "Ziwei Star Magic Disk", is actually the key to solving this catastrophe!"

Liang Yan sighed secretly. He guessed that Wuxin had obtained the inheritance of the Lord of the Star Demon Palace, and the "Ziwei Star Demon Disk" should also be a part of the inheritance, which is equivalent to a key that helped her open the restriction of the Star Demon Palace. Use the power of the stars stored here for your own use.

With curiosity, Liang Yan carefully observed the "Ziwei Star Magic Disk" above Wuxin's head.

He found a strange thing, that is, every time the nine rings of this magic weapon rotate, it will cause changes in the Star Demon Palace. Sometimes the stars shift, and sometimes the wind howls. Controlled by this little disc.

Just as he was concentrating on observing, a group of silver runes suddenly lit up in midair.

Liang Yan took a closer look and found that the rune was exactly the same as the rune on the ninth ring on the "Ziwei Star Magic Disk", as if the rune on the ring was projected into the starry sky.


Surprised expression appeared on Liang Yan's face. Looking carefully, he found that the eighth ring was also slowly turning. As a ray of light sank into the void, a group of runes appeared above the starry sky, and the eighth ring The runes on the ring are exactly the same!

"Could it be that this Star Demon Palace still has

Mystery? "

Liang Yan was terrified in his heart, he couldn't help but hold his breath, practiced his exercises, and was ready to strike at any time.

Soon, as the nine rings of the "Ziwei Star Magic Disk" kept turning, nine clusters of runes of different sizes appeared one after another in the starry sky. On a wall of the magic hall.

Click! Click! Click!

In the wall, there was the sound of the machine turning.

Immediately afterwards, the walls opened to both sides, revealing a dark secret room. Seeing this scene from a distance, Liang Yan couldn't help but change his face.

"It turns out that there is actually a secret room in the Star Demon Palace!"

He looked at the location of the secret room, and found that it was just behind the statue of Shen Nongtuo, but it was very dark inside, and his consciousness could not enter, so he didn't know what was inside.

Driven by curiosity, Liang Yan slowly walked towards the entrance of the secret room.

Near the entrance, he glanced back at Wuxin, knowing that Wuxin had passed the difficulty and was currently merging the devil's blood. If there were no accidents, it would only take half a day to break through this bottleneck.

Seeing that Wuxin was fine, Liang Yan felt relieved, and after pondering for a moment, he still walked into the secret room...


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