The Pioneer of the Rebirth Era - v2 Chapter 1117 The presence of peers gnashing their teeth

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Looking at this year's financial report, Yang Dongxu nodded with great satisfaction. He nodded not because of how much money Hurricane Construction made this year, and how many percentage points more than last year, it is still the leader in the country.

He is satisfied that the income of Hurricane Construction is no longer ranked first in real estate. To be precise, even land acquisition is still the bulk of Hurricane Construction's expenditure, but the bulk of Hurricane Construction's income is no longer simply buying a house.

After these years of continuous layout and optimization, Hurricane Square currently accounts for the highest proportion of Hurricane construction revenue, the second highest is Hurricane Finance, the third is the income from house sales, the fourth is Sanwan Travel Agency, and the fifth is Expressway construction, and the sixth is miscellaneous.

That is to say, starting from this year, Hurricane Construction can confidently say that it has gone through the stage of simple and superficial profit model of simply buying land to build a house and then buying a house, and has reached a new height.

"It would be great if Hurricane Finance can be ranked third or later, and Sanwan Travel Agency, Expressway Construction, etc. can be ranked second and third." Although Yang Dongxu is very satisfied with this year's financial report, he is still a little egg I am picky inside and want to be more perfect.

Because in his concept, finance and real estate simply buying land and houses are almost too vain. Making money belongs to making money, but the timeliness is too strong.

Among other things, domestic real estate sales in big cities seem to be booming now, but major real estate companies have begun to march towards second- and third-tier cities, and even began to penetrate into small counties, which has already begun to explain the problem.

Real estate development in big cities must be the one that makes the real money. It can easily be tens of billions or even tens of billions of big projects. One project is worth several or even dozens of projects in a small county.

But these real estate companies still go to small counties, which shows that real estate in big cities is getting worse and worse.

According to this development model, real estate business in second- and third-tier cities will gradually become difficult to do in a few years. After a few years, the real estate business in small counties began to be difficult to do. In the end, the era of China's real estate dividends was completely over. Even though housing prices were still at a high level, it was basically impossible to still want the previous high returns.

The same is true for finance. At present, the laws and regulations related to finance in China are not perfect, so a little manipulation of some contacts can make a lot of money.

But laws and regulations will always be improved with the development. At that time, if you are not careful, you may spit out all the food you have eaten before, not to mention people will have to go to prison for reform.

So after Hurricane Construction involved the financial industry, Yang Dongxu was strict and strict, and Wu Aibing almost half of his energy was focused on Hurricane Finance.

In fact, it is not impossible to do finance all the time, and it is not that Yang Dongxu does not want to make a lot of money in finance. It's just that from his current perspective, it seems that the time of making big money in the barbaric era is actually the time when the risk is the greatest.

He doesn't care about others, he will never dig a hole for himself, because there are too many people staring at him, there is nothing wrong with a group of people looking for flaws in him with a magnifying glass, trying their best to catch him. Take a bite out of him.

How could he make mistakes in the financial industry in order to make quick money, picking sesame seeds and losing watermelons.

Yang Dongxu agrees that Hurricane Construction should be involved in the financial industry. In fact, the bigger appeal is to display the signboard of Hurricane Finance when the finance is still at the end of the barbaric era.

Not to mention the insurance industry, there is a lot to be done, but various domestic residents who buy insurance complain that insurance companies only pay two, 'no compensation for this, and no compensation for that. ’ When all kinds of financial management staff enter the bank lobby and start selling financial products to the elderly.

Let Chinese people know that there are still reliable insurance companies and financial products in China, and these reliable financial products have a common name—Hurricane Finance.

When the reputation of other insurance companies and financial companies is extremely bad, and Hurricane Finance has become a reliable sign, that is the time to really make a lot of money, and the money is very stable, it can be said that you can make money while standing up.

But no matter how idealistic Yang Dongxu was, he felt that Hurricane Finance was developing too fast and the benefits were too high. But his ideas obviously cannot resist the trend of the times.

Even if Hurricane Finance strictly follows his requirements and does not do anything tricky, it does not sell any wealth management products. But at the end of this era of financial barbarism, Hurricane Finance, the giant Hurricane Building behind it, can make money at a speed that is simply equipped with boosters.

"The year-end bonus should be increased by 10% according to last year's standard. This year's performance is so good, it makes no sense that the year-end bonus is less than last year." Yang Dongxu put down the financial statement in his hand and said to Yu Yi.

Not far away, Zhang Jing was playing with Tangtang in the reception area, and saw Yu Yi coming to talk to Yang Dongxu about work, and Zhang Jing temporarily took over as a nanny.

Although she is Wenwu's godmother, when Wenwu called her godmother before, Tangtang, who had just learned to talk, also called her along. It's the same way now, although it's not officially stated that Tangtang should be recognized as a goddaughter.

But her status as civil and military godmother of Tangtang is already real. Yang Dongxu and Li Fuzhen have no objections here, and of course Zhang Jing herself has no objections.

Compared with Wenwu's formal godson, she actually prefers Tangtang as a goddaughter. After all, Tangtang is so cute compared to the mischievous little boy. .

"Okay." Yu Yi nodded. Although the boss opened his mouth and broke his leg, although there are so many employees in Hurricane Construction, although the bonus bonus ratio is the same, the finance department still needs to work overtime. After all, it is almost the end of the year. .

But Yu Yi won't have any complaints. It is estimated that even if the finance department complains, the boss likes to slap his head and make impromptu decisions. The year-end bonus that has already been calculated will have to be redone, but he must be very happy in his heart. After all, the increase in this bonus is also due to their salary. Who wouldn't want to make their pockets thicker after the Chinese New Year?

After confirming that Yang Dongxu would have no other opinions on the year-end bonus, Yu Yi said, "The other is the year-end settlement expenditure and the first quarter temporary expenditure budget statement after the beginning of next year, and you need to sign it.

Especially for the nucleic acid expenditure at the end of the year, the financial department will figure out the amount of the year-end bonus before you sign it, and other expenditures need to be signed and allocated quickly. "

Yang Dongxu opened another folder, glanced at the expense report, "Hey, this is a lot of money and a lot of money. By the way, there is no problem with the wages of migrant workers, right? Don't come to block the company at that time." Asking for salary at the gate or something. UU reading"

"The wages of front-line workers have a separate accounting team, and compared to the migrant workers under other real estate companies, there are various annual flows, and there are large and small contractors.

It is not uncommon for you to know that the migrant workers in our company sign contracts. There will be no mistakes in getting a bank card and paying wages on time every month. "

"That's good. It's not easy for Hurricane Architecture to come to the present. I don't want to discredit the brand that has been established with great difficulty because of such things. You must pay close attention to this."

"Don't worry, I have been watching this personally, but our company is fine, but many colleagues are scolding mothers because of this."

"They don't scold mothers, how do they highlight the difference of Hurricane Architecture? How do they highlight the extraordinary appearance of Hurricane Architecture as the boss?" Yang Dongxu couldn't help laughing and teasing.

It is no longer a day or two to be scolded by peers. After all, everyone used to pay migrant workers annual wages, which can reduce the pressure on the capital chain.

Many real estate companies are even able to delay the wages of migrant workers this year until next year, and even did not play rogues several years ago.

In the past, it was okay for everyone to play like this. After all, as a migrant worker, you always have to work and eat.

But since the benchmark of hurricane construction, migrant workers have better choices and it is not so easy to be fooled.

Especially after Hurricane Construction opened up the international market, the labor force that cannot be digested in China can still be shipped abroad. Other construction wages can only follow up in order to avoid the embarrassing situation of no workers starting work. It is no wonder that the capital chain is tight in an instant.

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