The Rise of Dark Pokemons - ~ Seek advancement

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   As everyone can see, our Dark Rise is almost over. Although it hasn’t been there yet, it’s coming soon.

   Jinmu is a master who can’t be idle. Since it's almost over, my new book is almost ready to go. 78 Chinese debut https://https://

   In fact, people who know me should know that I originally had three or four outlines, all of which were written down by inspiration that flashed in my mind when I was not free. Although it is not complete, it is almost the same.

   I finally chose "Kinoha Cat Keeper" because of the entry point of such a subject.

   Friends who have risen from the early days of chasing darkness should know that Jinmu was plagiarized by some sprays in the early stage and almost stopped writing. In the end, Dad at the starting point sealed the book review for a month before insisting on it.

   That’s why I chose this theme, just to write my own unique feeling.

The new book "Konoha Cat Keeper" is a timeline cut from the World War II period in Naruto World. The protagonist Sheren (not Datong Musheren!) before waking up became the second-tailed man Zhuli, and at the same time, it was the root of Konoha. The members of, have the seal of utter destruction!ァ78中文ヤ~⑧~1~ωωω.7~8z~w.còм

   The dungeon of **** difficulty is on mode, you can look forward to how to develop later.

  The new book still follows Jinmu's usual writing method, as realistic as possible, and then interspersed with some small humor, which should be slightly more humorous than the humor in the rise of darkness.

   I hope everyone can support me!

   "Kinoha Cat Keeper" new book for collection! Seeking recommendation!

   By the way, the last point is, because it has been internally invested and the signing process has already begun, so if you want to invest, I hope that it is early, after all, something that is not lost, right?

   last! Jinmu's update is guaranteed, and the writing of books is never stopped. Everyday is a daily life, and the quality is guaranteed. I hope everyone can support it!

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