The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 775: None Shall Pass

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Chapter 775: None Shall Pass

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Frowning, Zhuo Fan turned his head back as he felt his heart sinking.

Not far from him, a thin middle-aged man in white clothes came out from the trees. Seeing his mild smile but sharp eyes, Zhuo Fan knew this guy was anything but nice.

What was more, he was also a Soul Harmony expert.

Squinting, Zhuo Fan thought to himself.

[It seems Universal Righteous Sect’s expert they got is ready to strike.]

Following his thought seven lights flashed as more Soul Harmony Stage cultivators showed up beside him, including the silver haired old man he saw in the town.

Such a display of force left Zhuo Fan sighing. 

[I could scare off five hundred Ethereal Stage experts, but I have no chance against eight Soul Harmony experts.]

Glancing at the eight, he began to calculate how to block them from going after Chu Qingcheng.

At this time, Zhuo Fan had no care for his life at all. All he wanted now was to stall for as much as possible…

“Zhao Dezhu greets the elders!”

Seeing the eight people, the pissed and stuck Zhao Dezhu finally found his thick leg to hug. The other Ethereal Stage experts calmed down as well. 

Ignoring them, the silver haired old man frowned, staring at Zhuo Fan and at the powerful dragon soul. “There’s so many of you yet you couldn’t even get rid of a brat after so long? I thought that when I’d come everything would be settled by now. But look at this mess! You have shamed the Universal Righteous Sect!”

Everyone’s heart chilled and they lowered their heads.

“But weren’t there four of them? Why is there only one? Where are the girls? At least show me their bodies.”

The silver haired old man asked.

Zhao Dezhu beamed with a deep bow, “Elder, the three girls had run away. This brat blocked us here. We were about to take him down and then follow after them.”

“What?! One man holding back five hundred?”

The silver haired old man was outraged, “Humph, good, very good. You really are pathetic. There are hundreds of you yet you can’t even handle four people, ending up stuck dealing with just one. Do you want me to step in, is that it? To pick on the weak? If word gets out, the Universal Righteous Sect will have no name left, ha-ha-ha…”

“Zhao Dezhu, you petitioned the sect for so many people to help you. I thought you were dependable but now I see you’re nothing. You can’t even take four people down with so many on your side? Would you like five hundred more to get the job done?”

Zhao Dezhu jerked back after being harangued. He went red from shame and unwillingness. 

[Elder, this isn’t about numbers, but how devious this brat is. Using his devil’s tongue to incite chaos, turning all these people into a rabble.]

[It doesn’t matter even if they were a thousand, they’d still end up the same. The more they are, the more chaos it’ll be.]

[Moreover, it’s not exactly all our fault. Didn’t I ask you to cut their escape, now…]

Zhao Dezhu gave the contended elder in white a careful look, but did not dare to speak up.

The silver haired old man followed his gaze and asked in a dark tone, “Elder Bai He, we’ve discussed this before, that we would work together in cutting off every chance of escape. Why didn’t you step in when the girls fled?”

“Ha-ha-ha, how’s it my fault?”

The elder chuckled and mocked, “Elder Yin Chui, you were waiting together with me, yet always wanted to make a move and get them. So I figured that with a Soul Harmony expert and five hundred Ethereal Stage experts, getting four brats still in the Radiant Stage would be a piece of cake. That’s why my intervention would be pointless, just wandering around here on a leisure stroll. But who ever thought you’d let them freaking escape.

“Humph, and after I came back, I found it even more ridiculous how five hundred experts were being stopped by one brat. Ha-ha-ha, that’s the biggest joke I’ve heard. Elder Yin Chui, that happened with your help even. Does that mean that all these disciples would be wiped out if it weren’t for you? I now have a new understanding of your strength. From elder to executive, to disciple, not one is worth anything.”

Elder Yin Chui’s face twitched and went red then he glared at Zhao Dezhu, wishing he could pulverize him.

Seeing how the four ran away and Zhao Dezhu led the five hundred experts after them, he figured winning was in the bag. That was why he took his sweet time coming here rather than getting it over with fast, scared they would talk behind his back that he picked on someone weaker than him. Even if it was for the sect, it still hurt to hear it.

But who knew that Zhao Dezhu would be such a moron to not even complete this simple task, even getting the elders involved and shaming them with this shameless act. If not for this brat being Sect Leader’s disciple and the future pillar of the sect, he would’ve died on the spot. 

Gasping, Elder Yin Chui’s eyes flashed. Zhao Dezhu did not dare to look at him, lowering his head. He cursed Zhuo Fan to high heavens.

[If not for this punk, I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself before the elders.]

The other could see Elder Yin Chui was furious and smiled, giving him a way out, “Elder Yin Chui, the girls shouldn’t have gone far. It should be easy to catch up to them. Zhao Dezhu has his faults, but it won’t matter. You’re an important man and should be letting him remember this mistake. After we settle this, we’ll handle it back at the sect.”

With his rear kissed, Elder Yin Chui nodded.

The eight looked at each other then passed Zhuo Fan together, totally ignoring him.

“Zhao Dezhu, we’ll leave this to you. If you still can’t do it with so many men, humph…” Elder Yin Chui warned.

Zhao Dezhu bobbed his head, Elder Bai He smiled, “Children, don’t let his words confuse you. If you manage to kill him, you’ll all earn merit. If you let him escape, you’ll all die.”

“Yes, sir!” Everyone shouted.

An elder’s order was different from Zhao Dezhu’s, a disciple. He easily stirred these Ethereal Stage experts’ fighting spirit.

The elders nodded then passed Zhuo Fan without minding him.

They didn’t feel quite right by killing him themselves. They still had their name as righteous cultivators to keep. It was better to let them settle it.

As for the girls, they had good use for them. Those constitutions should not go to waste…


However, they did not get far, as an incoming explosion of power sent their clothes fluttering from Almighty Scarlet Dragon King’s tail.  

“I told you, as long as I’m here, none shall pass me!” Zhuo Fan spoke coldly. 

The eight elders looked at him with anger and shock because they did not care about an Ethereal Stage expert at all.

Zhao Dezhu mocked, “Ha-ha-ha, Zhuo Fan, you ignorant fool, you actually want to try and stop the eight elders? Do you know the difference between Soul Harmony Stage and Ethereal Stage?”

“Yeah, we don’t want to waste time on a pup, we have our status to maintain. So don’t push it!” Elder Bai He sneered, “And besides, you’re not worthy.”

Zhuo Fan had a sinister grin, “Oh? Since you don’t want to attack, then just sit there, alright?”

The eight elders’ faces fell.

Elder Yin Chui gave Zhuo Fan a long look and took a deep breath, “Fine, since this evil spawn wants to die at Soul Harmony experts’ hand, then I’ll oblige you.”

Elder Yin Chui suddenly shook and an incredible power came from him. The sudden surge forced the Ethereal Stage experts to falter back from the hundred meter huge hammer forming behind the elder.

“Humph, my soul is a tool soul, Heaven-smashing Hammer; its might is unprecedented!”


The huge hammer then combined with his body, making his body swell and releasing silver light. The mere clasping of his fists sent powerful ripples.

“After achieving harmony, my body is like a diamond, my punch crushes mountains. Even your heaven dragon soul will be turned to dust.”

With a creepy glint in his eyes, Elder Yin Chui grinned, “If you had fought these Ethereal Stage experts, you might have lived longer. But since you want to die, humph, then be my guest!”

Elder Yin Chui shot straight for Zhuo Fan, the relentless fists smashed into his chest, brutal and savage…

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