The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3514 Chapter 3514

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While Hei Xinjiu was spinning around anxiously, the demonic bird at the front had already arrived in front of the Flying Spirit Tool. With a flap of its huge wings, the flying spirit tool was like a small boat in a storm, it fell towards the ground.

If it was an ordinary person at this time, they would probably have to wait for death!

However, the more dangerous the situation was, the Calmer Hei Xinjiu became. She quickly went through all her unreliable trump cards in her mind..

The demonic bird in the sky revealed a trace of greed in its eyes. As long as the flying spirit tool landed on the ground, they would have a way to open the flying spirit tool. At that time, the people inside would be their snacks.

As expected, the flying spirit tool landed on the ground like a kite with a broken string.

Several demon birds swarmed up and began to tear at the flying spirit tool with their sharp claws and beaks.

Although the material used for the flying spirit tool was very hard, some parts were still very fragile. In less than fifteen minutes, a hole was torn in the flying spirit tool.

The demon birds cried out excitedly. It was almost time to eat!

The demon birds sped up, but after tearing for a long time, they did not find anyone. Where was the person?

The demon birds were dumbfounded. They used their claws and beaks to pull at the Flying Spirit Tool’s wreckage, and finally found a big eight shell.

They were sure that someone was hiding inside, so they began to use their claws and beaks to attack the big eight shell. However, the Big Eight shell was unusually hard. No matter how they pecked and tore, they still could not open a crack.

The demonic birds could not help but become angry out of humiliation. A few demonic birds worked together to grab the Big Eight shell and fly it into the air. Then, they fell hard to the ground.

They were also dizzy with anger. There was sand below. Not to mention that the big eight shell was very hard, even if it was not very hard, it would not be broken,please visit panda(-)

when the demonic birds saw that the big eight shell was still intact, they were so angry that they screeched.

In order to vent their anger, the bastard’s shell was continuously grabbed and thrown into the air, before it was violently thrown to the ground.

Hei xinjiu, who was inside the bastard’s shell, was really unlucky!

It was as if she was on a roller coaster. She was completely disoriented after being thrown. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Damn it, she just couldn’t beat those B * stards. Otherwise, she would have plucked all their feathers and roasted them.

Seeing that they could not break the shell despite falling so many times, the demon birds could not help but feel a little discouraged. Most of the demon birds flew away in disappointment, but a few still did not give up, they worked together to catch the B * stards and flew towards their nest.

When they reached the nest, the demon birds threw the b * stards to a corner. Their idea was very simple. The people inside would come out sooner or later, and then they could enjoy it to their heart’s content.

Hei Xinjiu felt that it was no longer bumpy, so she looked out carefully through the crack in the bastard’s shell.

As this fellow did not dare to make the crack too big, she could only vaguely see a part of the scene. The ground was covered with some dry seabuckthorn grass, and some of the Demonic Beasts’bones and fur. The air was filled with a fishy smell.

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 Hei Xinjiu was so disgusted that she almost vomited. Could this be the nest of those demonic birds? They were really unhygienic!

Did they capture her and use her as a reserve food?

She didn’t know if there were any demonic bird eggs in the nest. If there were, they could be used to blackmail those B * stards.

Although this fellow thought so in his heart, he didn’t dare to act Rashly. If there were demonic birds guarding by the side, it would be bad.

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