The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3559 Chapter 3559

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Chaotian sect had searched for two whole days, but they didn’t find the bead. It was because this search had solved many old and unsolved cases.

Which female disciple had lost her undergarment? Which Elder had lost her elixir? For a moment, Chaotian sect was very noisy.

Even the Jimo sect master had a big head!

How did this bead disappear into thin air? !

Logically speaking, since the sect protection formation had been activated, it was impossible for that bead to leave Chaotian sect, so why couldn’t it be found?

Tower Master Luochen was also very frustrated. The purpose of his visit this time was for that bead, but now, not only did he fail to get it, he even made that bead disappear without a trace. It was really unlucky!

Although he was a little worried that the entire sect’s search would bring trouble to Yun Chujiu, he weighed the pros and cons and still proposed to search the entire sect. Who would have thought that they would still find nothing? where exactly was that bead hidden?

At this point, it was unlikely that there would be any results if he stayed any longer. However, leaving now would inevitably arouse suspicion, so he could only bear with it for a few more days.

Tower Master Luochen’s eyes flickered a few times, and then he ordered, “Ask Lin Chuchu to come here.”

Xing Yu hesitated for a moment, but she still said, “Tower Master, Chaotian sect is in chaos now. I’m afraid it’s not a good time to go sightseeing, right?”

“A few days ago, I thought highly of Lin Chuchu. If I ignored her rashly, it would inevitably arouse suspicion. “Send someone to call her over and ask her to accompany me to talk about the interesting things in Chaotian sect. It can also prove that I have a clear conscience,”tower master Luochen said lightly.

Xing Yu suddenly came to a realization and said, “Tower Master is wise. This servant will personally find Lin Chuchu to chat with you.”


Although Hei Xinjiu was reluctant, she had no choice but to follow Xing Yu to the guest house.please visit panda(-)

Tea sets, pastries, dried fruits, and other things had been set up on the stone table in the courtyard. Seeing Yun Chujiu come in, Tower Master Luochen had a complicated expression in his eyes. There was guilt, love, and some faint probing.

After thinking about it for a while, Tower Master Luochen finally felt that Yun Chujiu was suspicious.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om The people of Chaotian sect naturally wouldn’t be greedy for the pearl. Only he and Yun Chujiu were outsiders. Although he didn’t know the secret of Yun Chujiu, he knew that she had a special constitution, could it be that the Pearl had fallen into her hands?

Tower Master Luochen’s complicated eyes flashed, and soon he returned to his usual gloomy and cold appearance.

“Make tea!”Tower Master Luochen said lightly.

Hei Xinjiu could only start to make tea step by step. Tower Master Luochen looked at the rising water vapor and recalled the days when she was in the Tianyuan Institute.

Those days that were as light as tea could never be returned. She could only continue to move forward and remove all obstacles. The person in front of her would eventually be hers.

Tower Master Luochen held the Teacup and didn’t drink it. He said coldly, “Chaotian sect has been a bit chaotic these days, so it’s not convenient for me to go out and visit. Pick some interesting things about Chaotian sect and tell me about them.”

Hei Xinjiu felt as if she had a dog in her heart. How would she know what interesting things there were in Chaotian sect? !

However, it was a good thing that the search for the beads had led to a few old incidents. This could be considered a topic of conversation.

Therefore, Yun chujiu reworked the gossip she had heard and began to narrate it vividly.

Tower Master Luochen was very engrossed in listening, but his eyes were a little vacant. He recalled many memories. These bright colors were the only motivation that supported him until now.

However, he could not recognize the person he had been longing for in front of him. He could only spend more time with her in this way..

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