The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3570 Chapter 3570, don’t mention that ingrate

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Yun Chujiu’s eyes were filled with boiling hot tears. Although these puppets were separated from her soul consciousness, they already had a preliminary intelligence. In a sense, they were already a new life.

Yun Chujiu’s chest was filled with hatred. She hated Lan Luochen’s ruthlessness and her own weakness. However, she did not hate fate. She firmly believed that as long as she had a strong heart, as long as she worked hard enough.., she would be able to overcome all difficulties, including the trials of fate.

Hei Xinjiu wiped her tears. She would not let puppet No. 1, Puppet No. 2, and Puppet No. 3 die in vain. She would definitely take revenge!

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Puppet No. 4 and Puppet No. 5 were very fast. They carried Yun chujiu and di beiming and ran into the depths of the valley. The people from the nine-layered pavilion did not catch up. As puppet No. 1, Puppet No. 2, and Puppet No. 3 were caused by thousand-year-old black iron, the power of the self-explosion was extremely great. More than half of the people from the nine-layered pavilion were killed and injured. Even deputy hall master Meng suffered serious internal injuries.

Tower Master Luochen had already returned to the nine pavilions. After receiving the voice transmission talisman from Deputy Hall master Meng, he was certain that the young man and woman were di beiming and Yun Chujiu.

His expression was extremely gloomy. Only Little Jiu could create puppets with intelligence. Those two must be di beiming and little jiu. However, why did they suddenly become smaller?

If it was not because he could not get away, he would definitely go personally. It was not a big deal if he did not bring little jiu over. After all, he was still young. Rashly bringing little jiu back to the nine pavilions might not be good for her.

However, that di beiming must die!

Whether it was because of little jiu or other reasons, this person couldn’t live. He was already so powerful now. In time, he would definitely become a thorn in his side.

Thinking of this, Tower Master Luochen gathered thousands of people around and gave them their lives. They must kill di beiming.please visit panda(-)

Although the two puppets had some intelligence, it was limited after all. They ran aimlessly and only knew to keep running forward. Hei Xinjiu let the puppets put her down after a while and added some supreme-grade spirit stones into their puppet plates. Just when she was about to discuss the next step with di beiming, she suddenly realized that di Beiming’s face was as pale as a sheet, only then did she realize that di Beiming’s back was full of blood.

“You, this, this is…”

Yun Chujiu’s words stopped abruptly because she remembered that during the fight, di beiming had once pulled her back. At that time, she did not pay too much attention to it. It was probably that time that di beiming blocked the spiritual attack for her, this idiot!

Yun chujiu cursed while feeding di beiming the pill to stop the bleeding. She cursed in her heart. The pretty boy had vomited blood and was injured these days. He was really unlucky!

Although he had taken the pill, di Beiming’s face was still very pale. Yun Chujiu’s heart tightened. “Did the cold poison attack you, or was it the aftereffects of using the secret art?”

Di beiming said casually, “The latter.”

Hei Xinjiu was so angry that she was twitching. “You know the consequences of using the secret technique are so severe, yet you still use it? ! If you tell me the consequences are so severe, I will think of another way to leave Chaotian sect!”

Di beiming glanced at her. “Another way? What other way can you think of? Do you still expect Lan Luochen to save you?”

Yun chujiu heard di beiming mention Lan Luochen and hatred appeared on her face, “Don’t mention that ingrate. I thought he was a good friend. I didn’t expect him to be such a heartless person!”

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