The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3573 Chapter 3573, I Won’t die

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Yun Chujiu, who was sleeping, felt the movement. She raised her head and saw that di beiming had woken up. She was overjoyed, “Prince Charming, you’re awake? Are you better?”

Di beiming hummed, “If I forcefully use my secret technique, I’m afraid I Won’t be able to recover for a while. However, due to the restrictions of the Tian Dao, the spiritual power of the people from the northern continent will be greatly reduced when they reach the southern continent. So, as long as we hurry back to the southern continent, we will be able to get out of this crisis.”

Yun chujiu nodded. As long as the gigolo was well, it was better than anything else.

Di beiming suddenly remembered something, his face changed, “Those people should still have the thousand-mile tracking butterfly. In order to prevent them from catching up, you should quickly take a bath with the hot water added with seven-leaf rosemary. “Then, burn all the shoes and clothes we were wearing before. Let’s change to another flying spirit tool.”

Yun chujiu did not dare to be negligent. She immediately followed di Beiming’s instructions and took a shower. Then, she changed to another flying spirit tool and changed the direction, taking a detour to the Southern Continent.

After she was done with all of this, Hei Xinjiu’s stomach began to growl. She had been worried about di beiming’s injuries for the past few days. Now that Di beiming had finally woken up, she felt a little hungry. To be exact, she was very hungry.

It was only then that she remembered that she had not eaten anything for the past three days. She first ate a bun as a cushion, then took out a bowl of porridge and fed it to di beiming with a spoon.

She did not like the fact that her wide sleeves were in the way, so she rolled up her sleeves.

When di beiming opened his mouth to drink the porridge, he saw that Yun Chujiu’s arms were filled with wounds of all sizes. Some were deep while others were shallow. He also saw that Yun Chujiu’s face was clearly pale. He immediately understood the reason for the matter.

The pain that overflowed from the bottom of his heart made him ignore the chill that came from his limbs and bones. He used his hand to gently caress the wounds of various sizes and said hoarsely, “Don’t be so stupid next time. I Won’t die.”

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Yun chujiu quickly put down her sleeves and said casually, “These were all cut by the wind blades during the battle. Hurry up and drink the porridge!”please visit panda(-)

Di beiming reached out and held Yun Chujiu’s left hand. He looked straight at her and said word by word, “I won’t die. Remember this sentence.”

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes and did not take it to heart. She said perfunctorily, “Okay, okay, I understand. You Won’t Die! Just look at your hair and you’ll know that you’re Immortal! You’ve practically become an immortal!”

Di beiming saw that Yun Chujiu did not believe him, so he wanted to say more, yun chujiu suddenly smiled and said, “However, your silver hair looks pretty good! I have to say that my husband’s taste is really good! Prince Charming, why are you so good-looking?”

Di Beiming’s ears were slightly red, and he said unnaturally, “Aren’t you hungry? Why aren’t you eating?”

Yun chujiu giggled and knew that he was shy. She picked up the bowl of porridge and was about to continue feeding him.

Unexpectedly, di beiming’s body started to emit a cold aura and a thin layer of ice appeared. It was obvious that the seal had loosened and the cold poison was acting up again.

Yun chujiu sighed speechlessly. The heavens did not want her and the gigolo to love each other!

Initially, it was already bad enough that they could not have sex because of Guai Cao. But now, once they had feelings for each other, the gigolo would have to suffer from the cold and poison. He could only seal the seven emotions and six desires. What the F * ck!

Hei Xinjiu still helped di beiming sit up and took out supreme-grade spirit stones to help di beiming seal the seven emotions and six desires again.

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