The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3575 Chapter 3575: enemies who won’t rest until one of them is dead

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“Of course it’s true, more true than a pearl! I only hate that I don’t know people well. Back then, I even had an argument with Prince Charming because of you. I’m simply dumber than a pig!”

Yun chujiu thought of di Beiming’s miserable state and the self-destruction of puppets No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. Her eyes were filled with hatred.

“Little Jiu, you, you don’t understand. I, I…”Tower Master Luochen swallowed the rest of his words. He looked at di beiming and sneered:

“Di beiming, you have dragged little jiu down many times. A good-for-nothing like you doesn’t deserve to have little jiu. Since we have known each other for a while, you should kill yourself! I’ll leave you with a whole corpse.”

“F * ck you! You Don’t deserve to be a Prince Charming? ! How dare you teach my Prince Charming a lesson? ! Shameless!”Yun chujiu pointed at Tower Master Luochen’s nose and scolded.

The gloomy look on Tower Master Luochen’s face became even more serious. As expected, as long as DI beiming was still alive, Little Jiu would never see his good side. Today was the best time to kill this di beiming. No matter what, they couldn’t let him go.

Thinking of this, Tower Master Luochen gave a signal to the people behind him. As a result, more than ten people pounced on Yun Chujiu.

Yun chujiu subconsciously released da Hua to fight with them. However, she immediately realized that she had been tricked!

Tower Master Luochen’s real target was di beiming. At this moment, the two of them had already exchanged blows.

However, di beiming did not have much spiritual power left. How could he be a match for Lan Luochen? !

In just the blink of an eye, Tower Master Luochen slammed his palm heavily on di Beiming’s body. Di beiming fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.please visit panda(-)

Tower Master Luochen stared at him with a vicious gaze as he approached di beiming step by step. Finally, he was going to kill this nightmare with his own hands. It was because of him that he had become the ghost he was today!

If it wasn’t for di beiming, he would have already been together with little nine. He wouldn’t have to endure so many things that he wasn’t willing to do. Hence, he had to die!

Yun chujiu watched as di beiming was sent flying. She watched as DI beiming spat out blood. She watched as Tower Master Luochen approached di beiming step by step.

Her eyes were red and her heart was filled with monstrous hatred. Suddenly, her eyes were filled with purple lightning. Those lightning bolts shot out from her eyes and instantly, there were several screams.

Tower Master Luochen was shocked, and he subconsciously stopped and looked in the direction of Yun Chujiu. He saw Yun Chujiu’s long hair flying in all directions, her face expressionless, and the small lightning bolts in her eyes crackling, it was like a shura that had walked out of hell.

The dozen or so people who had surrounded her had all died. Her figure was like a ghost, and she had already arrived in front of him.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 She looked at him with a chilling gaze. Suddenly, the small lightning in her eyes shot toward him. Tower Master Luochen hurriedly dodged while raising his spiritual energy shield.

Even so, a purple lightning broke through the spiritual energy shield and hit his front heart. Tower Master Luochen staggered a few steps, and the people of the nine pavilions immediately surrounded him, protecting tower master Luochen in the middle.

Tower Master Luochen looked at Yun Chujiu, who was completely different from before, and said with pain and unwillingness, “You, you really want to kill me? Don’t you know how I Feel About You?”

Yun Chujiu threw her head back and laughed, “How you feel about me? You are not worthy! I Don’t care! If we were still friends in the past, then now we can only be, and will only be enemies, enemies that won’t rest until one of us dies!”

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