The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3592 Chapter 3592: I Will Tear Wu Yun apart with my bare hands

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Xue Wuji and the others had a few flying spirit tools behind them. It was prime minister Sima and the others.

Prime Minister Sima had guessed that this was another strike from the heavenly lightning the moment he saw it. Speaking of which, the physique of their emperor’s lightning strike was truly a little troublesome!

He hurriedly let the flying spirit tool land and stared into the distance with a perturbed heart. He hoped that their emperor would not be struck to another place this time!

Otherwise, he would not be able to handle this spirit stone convention! Not to mention the Li Hen Palace, which was eyeing him like a tiger eyeing its prey!

Just as prime minister Sima was thinking this, he saw a flying spirit tool quickly rush into the sky from the ground! Several bolts of lightning struck the flying spirit tool, illuminating the night sky as if it was daytime.

Prime Minister Sima was very puzzled. Could it be that his majesty could not even pilot a flying spirit tool? ! You should hurry up and run. Only then can you walk the Thunder. Why are you still rushing towards Wu Yun? Aren’t you looking for a split? !

Just as prime minister Sima was feeling puzzled in his heart, he heard his majesty fiercely shout, “Damn it, damned Wang Ba Yun! I told you to ruin my good deed. I told you not to come early or late, but you had to come now. Today, I will tear you into pieces!”

Prime Minister Sima staggered and fell to the ground with a thud!

It was over, their Emperor had gone mad!

He wanted to tear Wu Yun into pieces? This was simply the words of a madman!

Not only him, almost everyone present thought that Yun Chujiu had gone mad!

Since ancient times, Heavenly Thunder had always been supreme. When it was mentioned, everyone’s expression changed when they heard it? Their Majesty actually wanted to tear Wu Yun apart with his bare hands? This was really courting death!

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What did this smelly girl say? She wanted to tear it apart with her bare hands? Was she crazy?

The higher the altitude, the greater the power of the heavenly lightning. Not to mention whether she could withstand it or not, even this flying spirit tool was unable to withstand it. She had no way of touching it, let alone tearing it apart!

As expected, after Wu Yun struck the flying spiritual device with several heavenly lightning bolts, the flying spiritual device fell to the ground with black smoke rising from it.

Hei Xinjiu was so angry that she was twitching. She had forgotten about this!

After the flying spiritual device landed on the ground, it blinked its eyes, patted its nearest chest, and said with a face full of fear,

“Damn, I was really out of my mind just now! The heavenly lightning bolts are getting more and more powerful. If I go up there, wouldn’t I be courting death? ! Fortunately, Wu Yun is also stupid. Otherwise, my life would be in danger.”

Hearing Hei Xinjiu’s mutterings, Wu Yun was so frustrated that he wanted to cry out loud. Yes, why was it so stupid? ! It should not have hacked at her flying spiritual artifact just now. Wouldn’t it be easier to kill her when she flew up? ! !

Just as Wu Yun was feeling frustrated, the little girl said to herself again, “Humph! I am really putting on airs for others to destroy my own spirit. What can a broken cloud do? ! No matter how close I get to it, it won’t dare to do anything to me!”

Immediately after, Wu Yun saw the little girl summon another flying spirit tool and fly towards it.

Wu Yun’s heart was filled with joy. This stinky girl really overestimated herself. This was a heaven-sent opportunity. This time, it would definitely strike her with all the power of lightning. It would definitely be able to kill her!

Wu Yun nervously and excitedly stared at the flying spirit tool that was continuously approaching it. Closer, closer, closer. It had to hit it with one strike. Only this way could it ensure that it would kill that damn stinky girl!

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