The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1519 - playing hard to get  

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Chapter 1519: Chapter 1519: playing hard to get

The giant aquatic dragon buried its head in its food and paid no attention to Yun Chujiu. This dragon was almost as hungry as an earthworm, and it could finally eat its fill! I’ll Eat! I’ll Eat! I’ll eat, eat, Eat!

Yun chujiu thought to herself. Since the giant aquatic dragon was so hungry, why didn’t it go out to look for food? With the level of the giant aquatic dragon’s spiritual power, destroying this cave was a piece of cake. Why would it rather starve than go out?

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes. Could it be that the owner of the cave forced the giant aquatic dragon to make some kind of oath? It was probably so. If it was the owner’s spiritual pet, how could the owner of the cave be willing to let his spiritual pet stay here half-dead?

After eating hundreds of cabbages, hundreds of white radishes, and a large pile of spiritual potatoes, the giant aquatic dragon burped a few times and laid down lazily again.

“Lord Giant Aquatic Dragon, I am very puzzled. With your great ability, why don’t you go out and look for food? There are many medicinal herbs outside, you will definitely be full.”

The giant aquatic dragon snorted coldly from its nostrils, and a trace of resentment flashed through its vertical pupils. Yun chujiu immediately caught it, and this fellow’s heart was filled with joy. There’s a way! See How I will continue to fool this stupid loach!

“Lord Giant Aquatic Dragon, let me guess what happened. There’s something wrong with what I said. Don’t be angry. I’m just concerned about you,”Yun Chujiu said carefully.

The Giant Aquatic Dragon didn’t say anything, and Yun chujiu took it as acquiescence, so she continued to say, “Lord Giant Aquatic Dragon, could it be that the owner of this place forced you to swear an inner demon oath? So you had no choice but to guard this cave?”

The giant aquatic dragon suddenly straightened its head. Nangong Luoyue and the others were startled and wanted to run out of the cave, but only Yun chujiu stood there calmly, she asked with a smile, “Giant Aquatic Dragon, was I right? “I am the kindest person. I Can’t stand this kind of thing that uses the kindness of demon beasts and neglects to frame them. I will definitely think of a way to help you remove the Inner Demon Oath. The colorful world outside is still waiting for you to explore! “Besides, you’ve been single for a long time. It’s time for you to find a partner!”

A hint of excitement flashed in the giant aquatic dragon’s vertical pupils, followed by a hint of contempt, and it returned to its lazy state.

“Giant Aquatic Dragon, I know you may think that I’m bragging, but this is the best opportunity for you to remove your inner demon oath. It’s rare to find a kind and smart person like me.”

Giant Aquatic Dragon still didn’t have any reaction and lay there lazily.

“Alright, Giant Aquatic Dragon, since you don’t need my help, then we’ll leave!”Yun Chujiu said and waved her claws, signaling Nangong Luoyue and the others to leave with her.

Nangong Luoyue and the others thought that Yun chujiu really wanted to leave, so they followed behind Yun Chujiu and prepared to leave as well.

However, Little Jiu, are you sure that you are walking forward? What the hell are you doing?

Yun chujiu counted in her heart, ten, nine, eight..

When Yun Chujiu counted to three, the giant aquatic dragon made a hissing sound, and Yun Chujiu secretly made a victory sign, then, she turned her head and said, “Lord Giant Aquatic Dragon, are you afraid that others will discover this place? “Don’t worry. After we go out, we will definitely use rocks to completely block this place. I guarantee that no one will discover this place. You can just stay here and guard this place with Peace of mind!”

Giant Aquatic Dragon’s voice became even more urgent, yun chujiu said in confusion, “Giant Aquatic Dragon, do you have other matters? Ah, I know. Do you still want cabbage? Alright, I will leave a few hundred cabbages for you!”

After saying that, Yun chujiu placed a few hundred cabbage on the ground and continued to walk out of the cave.

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