You Are My Rare Passion - Chapter 8096 Black hair hanging down the waist, pure and elegant

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  Yin Wu is still the same sentence, "It's just fur."

A marrow washing song was blown to the fifth floor, and the long notes were like a vast ocean slowly advancing in the blood vessels of Cangyingzhou. There was a sharp pain in the left chest, and the locked meridian was broken by the notes. His limbs and skeletons roamed freely without hindrance, and his whole body was comfortable.

  After Yinwu finished playing, Cang Yingzhou looked at her with different eyes.

  The head of his family is like a heaven and man, looking around the world, how can there be a girl who is worthy of being the head of his house?

  And Ruan Yinwu in front of him...

  If his patriarch gets such a good match, there will be a little more chance of winning the world!

  Yin Wuruo knew what Cang Yingzhou was thinking at this time, and she had to vomit blood.

  She rescued him with good intentions, but he planned to take her back to his family's king as his wife. How unreasonable!

   Cang Yingzhou exercised his muscles and bones, and was released from the lock, so that the Sixth Prince's Prince Gong's Mansion would never be able to trap his Patriarch again!

  He looked at Yinwu and said softly: "The girl can just wait here. After an hour, I will definitely rescue the Patriarch and meet the girl here!"

   "No!" How could she miss such a fun and exciting thing, she looked at Cang Yingzhou and blinked, "What if you ran away after you rescued your Patriarch?

  But it was agreed that he would sell himself as a slave to her!

  Cang Yingzhou was taken aback, "Miss, do you think I'm someone who doesn't keep my word?"

  The voice is charming and murmuring, "That's not necessarily the case, don't people say that people can't judge by their appearance?"

  Cang Yingzhou looked up at the moonlight, "Girl, Prince Gong's Mansion is a dragon's pond and a tiger's den, I don't want you to take risks."

   "I'm not afraid." Yinwu turned the jade flute in her hand, "Cang Yingzhou, I forgot to inform you, please keep the matter of my spiritual music technique secret."

Hearing his name spit out from her mouth, his heart moved, a strange feeling swept him over, and his tone became softer, "Girl, please rest assured, Ying Zhou swears by his reputation, up to two hours, Ying Zhou The state will return to this place with the head of the family."

  Yin Wu heard that although his tone was slow, his will was firm, and there was absolutely no room for change in this matter.

  She sat on a boulder with a groan of anger, resting her chin on one hand, and looking up at the sky.

  This is her future slave?

  Why is he not as obedient as Yan?

   Seeing her angry look, Cang Yingzhou unconsciously hooked the corners of his lips, bowed slightly and gave a salute, his tall and straight figure disappeared into the vast night in an instant.

Yinwu sat bored, put the flute horizontally to her lips, one piece Dongfeng Breaks, one piece Hair Like Snow, one piece Red Dust Rest, another piece Drunk Jiangnan, blowing those modern Chinese style pieces she likes from the beginning to the end, and then When playing from the end to the back, suddenly someone behind me slammed and praised: "Good song!"

  Yinwu stopped the song and looked back, the moonlight was shining through the treetops, covering the person behind him.

  The man was dressed in white, with black hair hanging down his waist, clean and elegant, with picturesque facial features, flawless muscles and bones, clean and holy, like a snow lotus blooming on the top of Tianshan Mountain.

  Yin Wu was stunned for a while, with her small mouth half-opened, it took a long time to spit out two words: "Immortal?"

  The man in white smiled, his lips were as red as cherry blossoms, "Yu Wuwu!"

   Not a fairy!

   is the Patriarch of Cangyingzhou!

  Yin Wu saw Cang Yingzhou behind him, "Congratulations!"

  Cang Yingzhou gave a slight salute, "Thank you, Hongfu!"

  Yinwu stood up, brushed off the dust on her body, "Since the person has been rescued, shouldn't you go with me?"

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