A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 - Chapter 3014 final battle

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Before the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor could finish his words, he raised his hand and slapped Jiang Chen in the air, and the terrifying avenue of destruction suddenly shattered the world, and once again overwhelmingly oppressed Jiang Chen.

Looking at the devastating blow from the Inextinguishable Devil Emperor again, Jiang Chen's eyes were calm, and there was no panic on his face.

next moment.

The Fengtian catalogue appeared on top of Jiang Chen's head, and then kept flipping under Jiang Chen's urging.

I saw that every time the Fengtian catalogue was opened, an ancient vicious beast burst out.

Just the blink of an eye.

Ten immemorial beasts of different shapes charged into the heavens and the earth, directly smashing the avenue of destruction that was oppressed by the Indestructible Devil Emperor.

"Fengtian catalogue?"

The Inextinguishable Demon Emperor looked at the scene in front of him, and couldn't help but squinted slightly: "But this Emperor underestimated you, but I didn't expect this Emperor Treasure to be in your hands."

Naturally, the Indestructible Devil Emperor is no stranger to the Fengtian catalogue.

In ancient times, when they first entered the immortal world and fought against the emperors in the immortal world, they were caught off guard by the owner of Fengtian Catalogue, and there was even a demon emperor who was killed by that one and the ancient beasts in Fengtian Catalogue. Join forces to suppress.

Unexpectedly, born today, this black-clothed youth actually sacrificed the Fengtian catalogue again.

Fengtian Catalogue, the top emperor treasure in fairy tales, has ten ancient beasts sealed inside. The combat power of each immemorial beast is even more terrifying than the top immortal king in the immortal world.

Ten ancient beasts gathered together, enough to shake the Immortal Emperor!

At this moment, Jiang Chen finally brought out the power of Emperor Treasure Fengtian Catalogue.

"As expected of the legendary seal of heaven that can shake the Immortal Emperor!"

Below, Immortal King Ziqiong and others looked at the terrifying confrontation in the chaotic void, and couldn't help but have a look of excitement in their eyes.

The birth of the top ten ancient beasts in the Fengtian catalogue easily shattered the blow of the Indestructible Devil Emperor.

With the existence of the top ten beasts in the Fengtian Catalogue, they will have the hope of resisting the Indestructible Devil Emperor in the Immortal Realm.

"Kid, do you think that you can stop the pace of my ancient magic palace by controlling the Fengtian catalogue?"

The Inextinguishable Demon Emperor smiled coldly, and looked directly at the Black Dragon Demon King below.

"Heilong, immediately lead the ancient magic palace to level the fairyland for this emperor!"

The ten ancient beasts in the Fengtian catalogue are extremely powerful. Although the Indestructible Demon Emperor is not afraid, it may not be easy to defeat.


The many immortal kings of the Immortal Realm headed by the Immortal King Ziqiong have been severely injured by him just now, and they have not blocked the power of the Black Dragon Demon King at all.

As long as the Immortal King Ziqiong and the others swept through the Immortal Realm, even if this kid can restrain him by virtue of the Fengtian Catalogue, he will never stop them from dominating the Immortal Realm!


Hearing the order of the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor, the Black Dragon Demon King did not hesitate at all. He gave the order directly, and took the people from the Ancient Demon Palace to kill the Immortal King Ziqiong and others.


Immortal King Ziqiong changed abruptly, and hurriedly greeted everyone to form the formation again.


They had already suffered heavy losses in the previous battle with the Indestructible Devil Emperor. Although they formed a formation again, their formidable power was less than three cities.

Soon, the formation was in jeopardy under the offensive of the Black Dragon Demon King and others.

Seeing that Immortal King Ziqiong and the others could not stop the attack of the Ancient Demon Palace, Jiang Chen couldn't help but frown slightly.


With a thought, he directly ordered the ten great ancient beasts to kill the Black Dragon Demon King and others.

Each of the ten ancient beasts is almost as powerful as the Black Dragon Demon King. They show their magical powers, and each of them almost instantly kills a demon king.

In just a few breaths, ten demon kings fell into the hands of the ten ancient beasts.

The Ziqiong Immortal King and others, who had been losing ground, quickly stabilized the situation.

Seeing that Jiang Chen actually sent the ten great ancient beasts to help Immortal King Ziqiong and others, the Indestructible Devil Emperor was also stunned for a moment.

He looked up at Jiang Chen, and said slowly, "Boy, you surprised me a little, don't you want to fight against this emperor by yourself?"

Jiang Chen glanced at the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor indifferently: "Is there any problem?"

"Boy, don't you think too highly of yourself? Even if you are a descendant of the Qing Emperor, and you want to fight this Emperor with the Immortal King Realm, that is absolutely impossible!"

When the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor spoke, endless demonic energy burst out from his body, filling the entire chaotic void, and the vast destructive fluctuations enveloped the ten directions, making the entire world dim at this moment.

"Kid, die for me!"

The Inextinguishable Demon Emperor roared, and the demonic energy around him instantly turned into a demonic shadow in the sky.

"Indestructible Shadow!"

Following the stern shout of the Indestructible Demon Emperor, thousands of demonic shadows rushed towards Jiang Chen like a tide, and the entire chaotic void seemed to have thousands of black waves.

Ten thousand demons move in unison, and almost every ghost image has some power that is not inferior to the power of the fairy king. That terrifying demonic energy caused the entire chaotic void to collapse continuously.

Jiang Chen stood quietly in the chaotic void, seeing the raging demons attack, his palms slammed into his chest.

next moment.

I saw a black square seal that covered up the sun in the Suppressing Demon and Immortal Realm, facing the surging thousands of ghosts.

Heavenly Emperor Seal, one seal immortal soul annihilates!

Jiang Chen printed this seal, and the inextinguishable shadows that roared turned out to have lost their voices like ghosts. The black square seal, like a bottomless black hole, swallowed up the thousands of ghosts in an instant.

"This move of yours should also be inherited from a certain supreme immortal emperor in the immortal world. I didn't expect you to have more than one immortal emperor's inheritance on your body!"

Seeing that Jiang Chen Yiyin had resolved his offensive, the Indestructible Devil Emperor stared at Jiang Chen, and the killing intent in his eyes became more and more intense.

The boy in front of him was chosen by countless immortal emperors in the immortal world. Nine times out of ten, he existed in this world to deal with the ancient magic palace.

Now that this kid has not broken through the Immortal Emperor Realm, he already has the ability to compete with him. Once he is allowed to break through the Immortal Emperor Realm, I am afraid that even he will not be his opponent at all.

The Inextinguishable Demon Emperor did not hesitate at all. The inextinguishable claws stretched out and grabbed towards Jiang Chen. As the giant claws approached, the void around Jiang Chen was not shattering, but dissolving, and the space seemed to be shrinking. Jiang Chen's whole body seemed to be quickly approaching the huge claws.

The seal of the Emperor of Heaven, a seal collapses the mountains and rivers.

Heavenly Emperor Seal, a seal of Heavenly Emperor Silentness!

Facing the terrifying blow of the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor, Jiang Chen's whole body exploded with immortal power, and the two seals behind the seal of the Heavenly Emperor were also displayed one after another.

boom! boom!

The two Heavenly Emperor Seals collided with the inextinguishable demon grasp, instantly smashing the chaos, and Jiang Chen's figure also flew out of the chaos...

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