The Beautiful Time With You - Chapter 1129-END

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Chapter 1129: Small Theatre 7

Translator: DaoistLUbAbJ

In order to prevent Shi Yao from finding out about his scheme, Lin Jiage found a time when Shi Yao had a class and went to the kindergarten.

Lin Shi, who was taking a nap, was woken up by the teacher, and his face was filled with displeasure. However, upon seeing Lin jiage, he still called out, “Daddy!”And with a lecturing tone.., saying to Lin jiage, “Dad, don’t you know that it’s immoral to disturb people’s Sleep?”

Lin Jiage:”…”

This mouth on the character of people, in the end inherited who?

Lin jiage remembered that he had a request from little light bulb, so he suppressed his desire to slap him. Then, he said, “I’m here to discuss a business deal with you.”

Business Deal?

Lin Shi’s interest was piqued. “What business deal?”

“I want to go home. If you help me, I’ll fulfill your conditions and buy you all the toys you want.”

A contemplative expression surfaced on Lin Shi’s young face. After a moment, he said, “It’s not like we can’t discuss this business deal.”

Lin Jiage:”…”what should I do? I really want to slap him!

“But, dad, I have conditions.”

You even learned how to bargain? Lin Jiage raised his eyebrows. “Tell me about it.”

Lin Shi: “Firstly, Dad, from now on, you can’t ask me to wash your socks anymore. Furthermore, you have to help me wash my socks.”

Lin jiage gritted his teeth and endured it. “Alright.”

Lin Shi: “Secondly, Dad, MOM will sleep with you on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from now on. However, you have to sleep with me on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.”

Lin Jiage was furious. “Why do you have one more day than me?”

“Then you’ll have to ask who set the rule that there are only seven days in a week. If there are eight days, then I’ll reluctantly give you another day!”Lin Shi said, then, he put on an impatient expression and said, “Daddy, do you agree or not? If you don’t agree, then forget it. I’ll go back to sleep now…”

“Agree, agree, agree… are there any other conditions?”

“There are…”Lin Shi began to twiddle his fingers. “Thirdly, Dad, you have to take me to play games.”

“Fourthly, Dad, you have to help me with my homework. I know that you have to say that homework is my business and I have to finish it by myself, but those questions are really too brainless. I really don’t want to write them, it’ll Lower My IQ.”

Looking at his son’s smug expression, Lin jiage nodded with a look of disdain and said, “Alright, Alright, Alright. Can We reach an agreement now?”

“Sure, but first, take a pen and paper and write down what I just said and sign it.”

? ? ? ? ?

You still want to sign the contract?

Lin Jiage felt that his son had too many things to do, but he swiftly took out a pen and paper and wrote down everything that little snack had said.

Lin Shi took the paper and read through Lin Jiage’s words from start to finish. After which, he grabbed two typos and forcefully forced Lin Jiage to correct them. Only then did he take the pen and write down his own name, after which, he beckoned Lin jiage with his finger and said, “Daddy, I wish us a happy future together!”

And so —

On the night that Lin Shi received the robot, he lured Shi Yao to the restaurant and whispered to Lin jiage, “Daddy, Mommy will accompany you to dinner.”

On the night that Lin Shi received the Ultraman, he lured Shi Yao to the swimming pool and whispered to Lin jiage, “Daddy, Mommy will accompany you to swim.”

On the night that Lin Shi received the little train, he lured Shi Yao to the hotel suite and gave Lin Jiage a condom. Then, he whispered into Lin Jiage’s ear, “Daddy, Mommy Will Sleep for you.”

Did you think that the story was that simple?

No, no, no..

There was something wrong with the condom that Lin Shi gave Lin Jiage.

It was because Old Mister Lin told Lin Shi that he had come to this world because of him. Little snack curiously asked her great-grandfather why he had come to this world because of him, and in a moment of pride, old Mister Lin told her the truth.

Even though little snack didn’t know why he had come to this world just by sticking a needle into a colorful bag, he still remembered it..

Thus, he had always wanted to have a younger sister. So, when he stole those condoms from the bedside table at home, he didn’t forget to stick a needle into every single one of them.

That night, Lin Jiage and Shi Yao spent the night in a hotel while Lin Shi went to the old mansion. When he fell asleep, he looked at Auntie Sun, who was passing him milk, with a mysterious expression, he said, “Grandma Sun, do you believe that I’m going to have a younger sister soon?”

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