ABO Cadets - Chapter 144 Fanwai Mausoleum Brothers -08

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Fanwai Mausoleum Brothers-08

When Lingyuan went home, Ling Yu was studying the game sent by Nishizawa in the study room. He was obviously interested in Go. The expression of www.novelbuddy.com~ was particularly serious. Lingyuan was embarrassed to disturb him and stood at the door. The head sneaked in and looked inside.

Ling Yu looked up: "What?"

When Lingyuan was discovered, he had to smack into the house and walked behind his father to please pinch his shoulders. "Dad, Nishizawa went to Ryan Planet to pick up both her mother and her sister. I saw them today, my sister. I opened a cake shop in the central square of the capital star..."

Ling Yu calmly said: "Size is talking, can actually say Mrs. Lin. And you, must be touched by him to be broken?"

Lingyuan: "..."

Ling Yu looked back at his son. "Looking for me is to say this?"

Ling Yuan touched his nose with a sigh of relief: "Dad, do you hate Nishizawa with your father?"

Ling Yu said: "If so? Will you be separated from him?"

Lingyuan clenched his fist: "No..."

Ling Yu smiled and continued to look down at the book.

Ling Yuan blushes and says: "Dad, I love him very much. Besides him, I can't think of who I can be with." Lingyuan's expression is very serious. "Xize is actually a very good person, to me. It is also very good, I hope that Dad can accept him... I know what you said, he is a prince, and he may become a sire in the future. I am willing to stand by his side and face him with everything..."

Rosen just passed the study and heard the words of Xiao Yuan, and could not help but stop.

Lingyuan continued: "Dad, I want to be with Nishi, I am serious. Before he marked me, I already liked him. When he was at school, he confessed to me very early, that mark. It was also an accident caused by an inhibitor, and he did not force me to do anything."

Ling Yu looked up and looked at Rosen, squinting at Rosen.

Maybe he is wrong? If Nishizawa really confessed to Xiaoyuan, Xiaoyuan also has a good impression on Nishizawa. Then, they are not because of the influence of pheromones, they have to be together, and because...do you love each other?

As a result, it seems to be much more acceptable.

Ling Yu was silent for a moment and nodded: "It is the most important thing for you to think clearly. Dad will not oppose your decision."

Lingyuan immediately said with pleasure: "Dad is not against it!"

Rosen smiled and walked in, wrapped around the shoulders of the rain, said softly: "Go to the night snack, I let the kitchen make your favorite dessert."

Ling Yu stood up, Ling Yuan immediately followed his father, looking forward to the authentic: "Dad, when can I get married with Nishizawa..."

Ling Yu reluctantly said: "So can't wait? Not at all like an omega."

Ling Yuan scratched his head and smiled. Rosen couldn’t help but smile: "No way, we are like his father."

The rain fell to his face. "What do you mean, I can't wait to marry you?"

Rosen took the stone and licked his foot: busy clarifying: "No, I don't mean this..."

Ling Yu looked back at him: "What do you mean?"

Rosen explained: "I mean, in the ‘not like an omega’, Xiaoyuan inherited his father.”

Ling Yu frowned: "Do you mean that I am not like an omega?"

Rosen: "..."

The Marshal is more and more black, the general is angry to eat late at night, the Marshal has no choice but to spread his hand. "Son, you know what I mean."

Lingyuan Ledao: "I understand."

The best empire of the two empire generals took off their uniforms, removed the serious masks of the soldiers, wore loose and casual pajamas at home, and quarreled for a little thing. This feeling is like a family.


Perhaps the confession of Lingyuan has had an effect. The attitude of Lingyu to Nishizawa has obviously improved. When I visited it again in Nishizawa, it was a rare smile. "Xize, I heard that you took Mrs. Lin. This is a good thing. I told Rosen that she couldn’t move her. I didn’t expect her to listen to your advice.”

Mrs. Lin seems to be weak, but she is very strong in her bones. She did not want to accept the marshal's favor, the son is her willingness to raise, and the compensation given by the marshal will make her feel uncomfortable. But this thing is not the same for Nishizawa. As a younger generation, Nishizawa and Lingyuan together are the filial piety for the foster mother. In addition, Nishizawa helped Lin Yao buy a cake shop to investors. The identity of the company has a 25% share with Xiaoyuan. This kind of treatment is acceptable to everyone.

In terms of interpersonal communication, Nishizawa was obviously influenced by His Majesty, and all aspects were considered very thoughtful.

This is the first time that Ling Yu praised him. Nishizawa was so excited that his face was strong and calm, and he said modestly: "Uncle, this is what I should do..."

Ling Yu smiled slightly, feeling that the big tail behind Nishi was shaking again.

The little prince is calm and calm in front of outsiders. He has quite the style of the heir to the throne. But every time he arrives at the Marshal Villa, he will put on this uneasiness and seriously please the expression of his father-in-law. Hey, today he brought a gift and brought it to his hands. In front of Ling Yu, "This set of Go, I hope my uncle likes it."

There are very few old things like Go, and there are very few manufacturers who produce Go. Xize has checked a lot of information and bought a group of precious jade, which is specially made for General Ling Yu. A set of chessboards and chess pieces.

The pieces are warm and smooth, and the pieces made of natural jade are flawless. Apparently a set of Go, the expert knows its value. Every piece is worth the price. The board is made of fine white jade carvings. The lines are clear, so people can't put it down when they look at it.

Ling Yu praised: "Yes, it took a lot of effort?"

Nishizawa smiled and said, "It's okay."

Ling Yu picked up the white pieces and handed the black one to Nishizawa. "Come, accompany me to the next set."

Nishizawa: "..."

Ling Yu looked up at him. "No?"

"...no." Nize grabbed the sweat of his hand and tried to change his voice: "I will go back to school, will I accompany you next time?"

Ling Yu was satisfied and nodded: "Well, come to my house next weekend."

Nishizawa: "...good."

The little prince ran back to the palace, letting Bai Yu bring up the "Basic Beginner Textbook" from the network database and began to learn it seriously.

A week later, Nishizawa came to the Marshal's house to eat. After the meal, Yulin called Nishizawa to the study to go to Go, and Rosen and Xiaoyuan were watching. In the first game, Ling Yu ate the Xizi's sunspot in three minutes; the second game forced Nishizawa into a dead end in four minutes; the third game killed Nishizawa's film in five minutes...

In the rain, the hand holds the white chess piece, and the expression is calm and strategizing. Nishizawa's forehead was sweating coldly. He only learned for a week. Under the hands of General Rainy General, he couldn't take advantage of it. He was beaten and drowned.

After winning five games in a row, Ling Yu smiled and took back the chess piece and said, "No more."

Nishizawa stood up. "You are too powerful, I am not an opponent at all."

Ling Yu faintly said: "Playing chess is not as simple as you think. Go back and study again. If you can't calm down, how can you win?"

Ling Yu packed up the board and turned to the building. Nishizawa smashed and held the chess piece in his hand.


From that day, Nishizawa took time out every day to study the skills of playing chess. He suddenly discovered that playing Go is not a simple entertainment game. It not only tests the control of the pieces but also the skills of the formations. Patience and perseverance.

As General Ling Yu said, if the heart is still unable to calm down, how can it win? Self-confidence will only give the enemy a chance.

Seeing that his son studied Go all day, Anna Queen was very worried: "Czeze went to play with the generals of the rain every weekend, but the marriage with Xiaoyuan has not been settled. Should we officially mention the relatives?"

Trande said with a deep smile: "The rain is doing this, it is actually teaching something in Nishizawa."

Anna wondered: "He is teaching Nishizawa?"

Trander nodded. "The Nishizawa will experience it. He should be honored to be a pro-intimate disciple of the rain."

The next day, His Majesty’s Majesty sent an invitation to Rosen and Ling Yu to ask the Marshal’s family to eat at the Imperial Palace. At the dinner, they officially proposed to Rosen the marriage of Prince Nishizawa, hoping to set a marriage as soon as possible.

Ling Yu smiled and said: "Your Majesty, you have long seen the gene of my family Xiaoyuan right?"

Trande pretends to be innocent: "In any case, Xiaoyuan is the best candidate for the prince. More importantly, he and Xize are both happy, and at the age of marriage, as an elder, two Are children not very good?"

Ling Yu calmly said: "I don't care what status I am, I only hope that my son can be happy."

Trande smiled and nodded. "Yes, I know that the identity of the prince is not attractive to you. However, Xiaoyuan likes that Nishizawa has nothing to do with the background of Nishizawa. When Nishizawa likes your home, it is not Know that he is the son of the marshal and the general..."

The rain has a profound meaning: "It’s not a political marriage."

Trand: "..."

Because there was a predecessor who sent the cousin Berg to the political marriage, Trande was speechless and coughed, and smiled: "This is definitely not a marriage, Xiaoyuan and Nishize love each other, we just act as The elders have fulfilled two children. How is the character of Nishizawa, have you observed him for so long, is it not enough?"

Ling Yu looked at the two people who were holding hands in the palace in the distance. After a long silence, they said, "I have a condition."

Trande is so daring: "Let's talk, you're welcome."

Ling Yu said: "Xizeg will win if I win."

Trand: "..."

Rosen: "..."

Ling Yu smiled and said: "When can I win, I will agree to give my son to him."

There was a cold sweat in the heart of Trande’s hand.

If the empire has a Go game, Ling Yu is definitely a well-deserved champion. He has always liked to study these strange things since he was a child. The level of Go is not available in the entire empire. I have been studying for a few days, how can I win him?

Regarding the calm eyes of Shangling Yu, Trand had to promise: "Well... in addition to the dowry? Is there any requirement?"

Ling Yu said: "It doesn't matter, my family is far from nothing."

Trand: "..."

This is definitely the most wonderful marriage condition in the history of the empire.

Don't want anything for a dowry. You can win a father-in-law by playing chess... But this is the hardest thing? !

When Nishizawa heard the news, he almost shed tears on the spot.


From that day onwards, Nishizawa will come to the Marshal’s home every weekend to find the generals of the rain.

At the beginning of the game, playing chess with the rain was to hold the attitude of the father-in-law. Later, Nishizawa gradually discovered that he was able to hone the will of the people when he played chess with the rain. So he concentrated on it and carefully studied the game and carefully considered each How to deal with it in one step.

Lingyuan was not interested in playing chess. He only knew that the black chess of Nishizawa was forced to death by his father's white chess. There were few black chess pieces on the whole board. It looked very pitiful. Rosen was happily standing next to the show, watching Nishizawa crying out of the rain and crying, Marshal Rosen was in a very good mood.

Nishizawa repeatedly defeated and was defeated by the generals of the rain, and went back to make up a lot of knowledge, and then ran and laughed and continued to be abused by the rain.

This is the case for one month in a row.

Even Xiaobai Yu learned to play Go under the master's coercion.

Every time Lingyue saw that Nishizawa took the initiative to run chess, he felt that this guy was like a big tail to find him to eat sugar.

Unfortunately, Ling Yu did not give him sugar, and a slap in the face, Xize bitterly left, and ran again the next day.

- It is a little prince who is not lost.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, the weather in the capital star turns cold, and people start to put on thick coats when they go out.

Nishizawa still plays chess with the rain every week, and his chess skills are leaping forward under the tone of the rain. The patience and perseverance have leapt to a level, and under the attack of the generals of the rain Can stand still and calmly deal with every step of change.

The two players play chess longer and longer, and often after playing a game of chess, they have a hard battle, and brain cells can die a lot.

A weekend in December, rainy days. The study was so quiet that I could hear the sound of the rain outside the window. The two people who played the chess did not speak, and the sound of the pieces falling on the board was crisp and sweet. The tea in the house, I don’t know how long it took, Nishizawa finally won the Lingyu with a small advantage.

Ling Yu appreciated: "Yes, you are progressing very quickly."

Nishizawa said: "I am learning from you."

Ling Yu smiled slightly: "Without modesty, your ability to learn is quite strong."

Nishizawa was exaggerated to be embarrassed.

Ling Yu put away the chessboard and got up and said: "It’s already at the end of the year. Go back and prepare for it. When Xiaoyuan finishes this birthday, you will get married."

"...Great! Thank you uncle!" Nishizawa was happy, like a million-dollar prize, excitedly ran back to the palace to report the good news with his father.

Trand laughed and said nothing.

In the bedroom, Ling Yu had just showered and was sitting on the bed and rubbing his hair. Rosen suddenly hugged him from behind and whispered in his ear and asked, "Why should I deliberately let Nishizawa?"

Ling Yu was surprised: "You see it?"

Rosen came over and kissed his ear: "In order to have more common language with you, I also studied a lot of Go."

Ling Yu turned his head to avoid his kiss, faintly said: "Xize is very persevering, people are smart, and progress is very fast. After so long, his patience is also almost done, it is time to give him some sweetness. And... let’s say, we are not in a hurry, and the son is in a hurry."

Rosen reluctantly said: "Xiaoyuan was really eaten by Nishizawa. Every time he saw you abused Nishizawa, he was secretly distressed."

Ling Yu also said helplessly: "So, we should let go."

Rosen gently tightened his arms and held the rain tightly into his arms and whispered: "My son feels happy."

After the rain, the rain fell awkwardly. After a while, the lips were slightly raised. "Yes... my son is happy."


On December 24th, Christmas Eve was the birthday of Lingyuan.

Rosen received Mrs. Lin and Lin Yao from home. The family sang a birthday song around Lin Yao’s birthday cake. Ling Yuan blew out twenty-six candles in one breath and closed his eyes. A wish.

——I hope that the people I love are safe, healthy and happy.

In the evening, Ling Yu called his son to the room, let him sit next to him and watch him carefully.

Many years ago on Christmas Eve, the rain gave birth to this child in the process of fleeing, and later had to send the young children to the barren Ryan planet... The rain was separated from the son’s flesh and blood. Sen did not even know the existence of this son.

For more than ten years, they are not with their sons. Today, perhaps the last birthday they had with their son.

Later, people around Xiaoyuan will be replaced by Nishizawa.

Ling Yu reached out and gently touched his son's soft black hair. His eyes were tender and gentle. "Your Majesty sent a message today. Your marriage with Nishizawa is scheduled for January 1, and there is still a week, the royal family. The wedding process is complicated, you are prepared in advance, and take a closer look at the process to avoid mistakes."

Lingyuan nodded: "Well, I know."

Rosen asked: "Is it long-awaited for a long time?"

Lingyuan was embarrassed to scratch his head, but his face was reddish. "No!"

Ling Yu smiled and said: "If Xize bullies you later, you will come home. If you have a father, don't be afraid of anything."

Lingyuan smiled and said: "Know! Dad is so powerful, Nishizawa certainly can't bully me."

- I am afraid that you are being bullied and don't know. After being sold, I am very happy to help Nishize to count the money.

Ling Yu had some helplessly licking his son's head. "Well, go to sleep."

Lingyuan was happy to turn and went to sleep.

After the son left, Ling Yu sat on the edge of the bed, and thoughtfully lowered his head, the expression on his face seemed to be somewhat lost.

Rosen sat next to him and gently wrapped his shoulders: "I can't bear it, isn't it?"

Ling Yu thought about it and said: "It seems to be a little bit."

Rosen whispered comfortably: "I can't bear it. However, when my son grows up, this day is a matter of time. Nishizawa is a good person, and after so many tests, we should believe in the son's vision, you said What?"

Ling Yu nodded, "Yeah."

Rosen suddenly lifted the chin of the rain, looked at his eyes and said seriously: "The rain, you still have me."

Ling Yu: "..."

Rosen’s eyes are deep and tender. “I will never leave you, I will stay with you until you are old.”

If he says this, is he not too nauseating?

Ling Yu couldn't help but smile, relax, and rest assuredly into the warm embrace of men.

- Yes, you still have me. I will never leave you until we are old.

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