All Aspects Are Kneeling and Begging the Villain Heroine To Be a Person - Chapter 2588 This white-eyed wolf disciple is no more (51)

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   Chapter 2588 This white-eyed wolf disciple is gone (51)

   "Nephew, this is the seed you gave earlier, the elixir you planted." Qianyan waved his hand, and a piece of soil appeared in front of him, with thirty lush elixir plants growing on it.

   Zhou Hengyu originally wanted to say that it was just to send elixir, why did the little uncle come in person, just arrange for a disciple to come here.

   When he saw the elixir in front of him, he quickly swallowed the words in his mouth.

   To **** such a rare elixir, it is better for the little uncle to come in person.

"Little Martial Uncle, thirty plants are really alive." Zhou Hengyu jumped up excitedly, his eyes glowing around the elixir, "Then I'll have ten plants, how did Little Martial Uncle get the roots all at once? ."

   "Of course it's transplanted to your site. You shouldn't need it right now, so let them grow. Find a suitable place, it's not suitable outside."

   Zhou Hengyu heard something in Qianyan's words, rolled up the elixir on the ground, and took Qianyan to the restricted area in the beginning.

   There are also three Taishang elders in retreat here. They are the only three people in Taichumen who are one generation higher than Qianyan, but under normal circumstances, they will not appear.

   "Where to transplant?" Qianyan asked.

  Since it was in the forbidden area, Zhou Hengyu pointed to a random place, Qianyan pinched the magic trick, the soil in that place tumbled, and she transplanted the elixir.

  It was transplanted by herself, so there is no need to worry about the growth.

   At this time, Zhou Hengyu said, "Little Martial Uncle, don't you keep a single one?"

   "Stay, I have a copy of the elixir you have here."

   Speaking of which, Zhou Hengyu did not ask any more questions even though he was curious. Since the little uncle said there is, it must be there. As for how there is, that is the personal secret of the little uncle, and should not be asked or asked.

   "Little Martial Uncle, you're not just here to deliver elixir today, are you?"

   Speaking of which, Lian Shuifeng is becoming more and more mysterious now. Occasionally, his consciousness swept through all the sites of Taichumen, and he could not see any movement of Lian Shuifeng.

   There are profound formations in the entire Lian Shui Peak. Was it arranged by the little master?

   I only know that Little Master is very powerful in combat, but I never knew that her formation skills were so profound?

   "I counted something."

   Although this matter cannot be announced to the entire cultivation world, Qianyan didn’t plan to hide it from the top of the sect from the very beginning. Now that Lian Shui Peak is stable, it is time to explain it to the top of the sect. Other sects will not work, I don't know who is a traitor.

  With them horizontally and vertically, the cultivation world will not be as miserable as it used to be. Those who are willing to resist the demons desperately at that time will have to protect them from the beginning.

   Zhou Hengyu looked serious, the cultivator counted some things, and he said that, it was not an easy thing.

   "Fifty years from now, foreign races will invade the cultivation world."

   Zhou Hengyu's eyes widened, this is incredible, he asked anxiously: "Little Master, what is it?"

"There are a large number of demons, and they are used to disguise. Now there should be many hidden in the cultivation world. There are many traitors in the cultivation world, so I can't speak out. It's not that I'm afraid of them, but I want to minimize the loss and give They dealt the fatal blow. Likewise, they can also take advantage of this to purge those traitors."

   Zhou Hengyu gradually calmed down, the little uncle said so confidently, and there is a plan, then the matter is half.

   "Then what shall I do?"

   "You, I will order a few elder peak masters that the sect can trust, and let them come to the forbidden area to retreat and practice."

   "I will arrange a time acceleration formation for the sect gate, thirty to one time."

   Zhou Hengyu was once again surprised, so the formation for practicing Shuifeng was created by the little uncle?

   Little Master Uncle, what else do you know that your nephew does not know? So mysterious.

   (end of this chapter)

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