Apocalyptic Women with the Ball To Fight the GroupChapter 296 heavy snow

Tang Qin, the eldest of the Tang family, caught a traitor with her girlfriend and caught her in an accident, making her unable to even beat a scumbag. Inexplicably, I came to a room similar to my own room. Before I could breathe my breath, I found that my body was seven points similar to her. marriage! Up! Damn, Miss Tang, although she had a boyfriend, she never thought about getting married, but she ended up here. Not only was she married, she was also pregnant. Fuck, the damn familiarity is clearly the eschatological book she read in the car today, and her body is the female partner who has not survived two chapters in the eschatological essay, and she is still a golden finger to the heroine. The original male lead. Bah, whoever loves to be this female matchmaker, Miss Tang is a free-fighting champion in the two worlds. Even if the end of the world is coming, she is not afraid. Since there is a gold finger, she will get this gold finger to herself. On the body, it is dead or alive with the heroine, if a man is too dog, then don’t. Look at Miss Tang, dribbling the ball and fighting in groups in the last days! - Description from MTLNovel

A Man Living in the Countryside Would Fly Up to Heaven at DaytimeChapter 155 Taikoyama Shiroya
Urban Life

Tired of the urban feasting life. Su Yu quit his job and returned to the countryside. Bind the country live broadcast system. Live the leisurely life in the country every day. Plant flowers, walk dogs, and raise a big white snake. Happy life. But gradually, the audience in the live broadcast room realized that the anchor was unusual. Fight the tiger with your bare hands. Pull down the lightning and strike the wood. Even the live broadcast turned over a bunch of robbers with a fire show. The audience in the live broadcast room: “Anchor, to be honest, are you cultivating immortals behind our back?” Su Yu: “How is it possible? How can the illusory things like Xiuxian really exist? Everyone must believe in science!” Audience: “Then please explain, what happened to your rhubarb and Xiaobai?” Su Yu looked back and found that the big yellow dog raised at home didn’t know when he had learned the art of flying into the sky, and he was riding the clouds in the yard. As for the white snake, it has already begun to lose its skin and grow its dragon horns and limbs. Su Yu: “Ah, trust me, I can definitely explain it with scientific methods!” Audience: “Don’t explain, let’s take a look at the thunderclouds above your head. Du Jie simply said Du Jie, what kind of leather said it is a thunderstorm? The lightning of your thunderstorm is golden?” Su Yu was embarrassed, but you didn’t expect it to be discovered by you. Now that it was seen through, Su Yu didn’t pretend either. Yes, I am a cultivator and I have a showdown! Then, Su Yu, in front of the people all over the world, broke the thunder and ascended in daylight! - Description from MTLNovel

A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a VillainessChapter 63 In your hands, in my heart (text...

On the day Wen Yu found out her celebrity boyfriend had cheated on her and her family was also in danger of going bankrupt. That scummy ex of hers didn’t even feel any guilt. First, he cheated, then he mocked Wen Yu, declaring that he’s no longer the poor man he used to be. And thus, her status fell from a phoenix to a pheasant. Wen Yu couldn’t take this insult. After her break up, she was accidentally hit by a car. When she woke up, in front of her stood a man feared by everyone in the entertainment industry: Jiang Yuhe. He was the capital magnate who could essentially control the fate of all celebrities. He asked her nonchalantly, “How do you want to be compensated?” Seeing this as the golden finger sent by God, bold ideas suddenly sprang in Wen Yu’s head. – Wen Yu had claimed to have forgotten everything, firmly calling Jiang Yuhe “Older Brother”. And thus, the doctor had diagnosed her with psychogenic amnesia, so her memories were distorted. Helpless, Jiang Yuhe was forced to temporarily take care of this “Little Sister”. “Brother, are you coming home for dinner tonight?” “Sorry Brother, a sister just called you. She seems to have misunderstood.” “Brother, if you are well, then today will be a good day.” Pretending to be an innocent little green tea*, Wen Yu was sweet, plain, and gentle and had a peaceful and beautiful temperament in front of other people. Behind that facade was a woman who would strike scummy men with a knife heavy-handedly. On the day she humiliated her scummy ex and forced him to leave the entertainment industry, Wen Yu felt vindicated. Overly excited for a moment, she mistakenly texted her “brother” instead of her scummy ex. The man squinted as he read the words on the screen out loud. “‘I tolerated and endured humiliation for three months’?” He sneered, adjusting his position. “Well, aren’t you quite capable?” “…” Eventually, Wen Yu would finally learn on the true meaning of tolerating and enduring humiliation T_T * ‘Green Tea’ is Chinese slang to describe a girl pretending to be innocent and pure. - Description from Novelupdates

After I Wear the Book, I Bend the Heroine OChapter 30

The boss He Lingxing received a task and asked to enter a harem book as a vicious female partner to match the male and female protagonists who are about to be BE. In the original text, the female protagonist O will be marked by the male protagonist A accidentally and she will give up on him and become one of the male protagonist’s harem. System: The female protagonist is framed to enter the male protagonist’s room, please lock the door with due diligence, and encourage the male protagonist to mark the female protagonist! He Lingxing: “No, I can replace him as the ‘male protagonist’.” He Lingxing of the tenth dan of judo hits the male protagonist hard. System: Missing the plot due to being hospitalized for three months, the male protagonist failed to confess to the female protagonist, and the female protagonist has not yet awakened. Please stalk the male protagonist and arouse the jealousy of the female protagonist! At the same time, it is detected that you have embezzled the male protagonist’s company, and the male protagonist’s business line is 0. Warning, the mission officer will be obliterated in the final BE! BE index 80, 90, 99… Obliteration is imminent! President He Lingxing, the top alpha in Shengjiang City, turned a deaf ear to the call of the system, and stroked the heroine’s tempting collarbone with his slender fingertips: “I heard you want to be with him?” The sweet and elegant fragrance of cherry blossom jelly wafted in the office, the woman in her arms buckled her waist, and the end of her reddish eyes was full of charm: “Don’t mark when I’m going to wait, girlfriend?” * When Shu Minglan woke up, she realized that she was actually the heroine of the harem. Everything was arranged step by step, leading to an ending she didn’t want to see. She could not bear it, and secretly waited for an attack. The first step in the counterattack is to leave this entertainment company that is about to go bankrupt and walk out of its own new world. On the day of the termination of the contract, she discovered that the CEO of a small company with an unknown name was extremely beautiful, especially the indescribable pheromone on his body, which was fragrant, pleasant and clean. ——Then her legs softened and she accidentally fell into the woman’s arms. ※CP: The female president of Mei Sa X the black lotus artist, Yujie A, who thinks she is straight, cold on the outside and hot on the inside, super sticky wife, protects the short and crazy devil, and the temptation O 【Reading Instructions】 1. Double first love, HE, the original male protagonist did not mark Shu Minglan. 2. The world view is all privately set without prototypes and no new organs. Content tags: urban love entertainment circle sweet text through books Search keywords: protagonists: He Lingxing, Shu Minglan One sentence introduction: You are my orientation sniper Purpose: Be strict with yourself, be lenient with others - Description from MTLNovel

After wearing the book, I became the villain’s little fan girlChapter 178 : Just protect him like that?

she wrote 3000 words bad review on the book full of complains. Then she wore the book gorgeously! Become the proud eldest lady who doesn’t deserve to have a name in the book! Still studies in the same class as the villain! The villain Yan Zhi is tall, handsome, and academic, the eldest lady instantly turns into a rainbow fart little fan. ** the first time. Yan Zhi: Don’t be nosy. Jiang Yao: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my brother’s voice is so good!! the second time. Yan Zhi: Don’t make any extra effort. Jiang Yao: This angle of my brother’s face is amazing! Beauty sends me to death! the third time. Yan Zhi: Stay away from me. Jiang Yao: My God! Brother’s expression is too handsome! The look in your eyes kills me! ** Later, later. He buried his head in the little girl’s neck: slender, I only have you. He swears with a cold face: I am fit, your standard for choosing a mate can only be me. Yan Zhi always believed that in this fishy and rotten world, only Jiang Yao was shining. Illuminate his entire world. - Description from Novelupdates

Apocalypse: Xiaoye’s Strength and Dote on His WifeChapter 4 british sweet saigao

“Ding Dong – congratulations to the host for binding the red envelope system!” Fan Qianhan was persecuted by a white-eyed wolf father, a vicious stepmother, and a hypocritical sister and a family of three. She struggled and survived for ten years in the end times. In this life, she will definitely not miss the time, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, and she will spit it all out. It shouldn’t be her, hehe–you still have to pay tribute to her. In her own words, the face of a tragic heroine, Xiao Baihua, has the character of a royal sister and a queen. In this apocalypse, fight zombies and accept younger brothers. With a dog-legged queen meow, a clever little cousin, and a zombie brother, he will traverse the apocalypse and be unrestrained and unrestrained. There is a group of red envelopes behind it, who can help her! 【First appearance】 “Meow meow-” This handsome brother, you look so good! A fat big yellow cat turned around the man’s legs for a while, its eyes narrowed and its head rubbed, like a courtship. The man’s indifferent face twitched, and he kicked him in disgust. “Meow—” A tragic cat meow sounded. But it was pulled back from the air by a plain white hand, and the woman’s soft but meaningful voice sounded. “You dog-legged meow, it’s useless for me to take your name as the queen, you have to be worthy of this name, you have to be reserved and arrogant. It is not good-looking but arrogant and self-righteous people should be flattered. Late narcissists No one can be cured!” 【Affection】 The male host narrowed his eyes and rolled deeply: “You are seducing me.” The woman rolled her eyes, “…What the hell did I seduce you? Didn’t I just hand you a bottle of rose sauce? Are you stupid! Do you know that your mother is so narcissistic! If you don’t eat it, return it.” As he said that, he was about to take things into his arms. But it was intercepted by a big hand out of thin air. “Hmm—” He stumbled and fell into the warm embrace, and a low, magnetic voice came from his chest, “I said you seduced, but seduced—” 【Old husband and wife】 The man walked into the door and saw the one big and one small on the sofa, full of warmth. The narrow eyes narrowed, and a stern look flashed in them, “Boy, get off your mother and go play with zombies.” The little boy pouted his ass and drilled into his arms, “I don’t, there are girls in other homes to play with, but my mother is the only girl in our family. I want to play with my mother.” The man’s domineering and handsome face couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of his mouth. Damn, who taught this kid badly. “You go to play by yourself first, and your mother and I will make you a girl.” “Really?” The little boy blinked, very suspicious, this unscrupulous father has lied to him many times, just to rob him of the girls at home, hum. “Really.” The man was righteous and serious. She looked at the beautiful face on the sofa in her phoenix eyes, her eyes filled with warmth. Note: This article is one-to-one, if there is any inaccuracies, it is purely fictional by the author~~~~( ̄▽ ̄)~ - Description from MTLNovel

Apocalypse: I Have a Super FarmChapter 274 Nightmare

The doomsday strikes, and all the plants and water sources on the earth are exhausted and decayed. The world fell into panic, and order and humanity fell apart. Food and survival have once again become the most concerned topics of people after the new century. Rice noodles have become a luxury item, and only the rich can enjoy them. Vegetables and vegetables have skyrocketed in value, and there is no market! However, at this moment, someone found a mobile phone. After accidentally opening it, the video in the mobile phone shocked the world. The sweet vegetables are rolled into the hot pot, exuding attractive green! The roasted golden leg of lamb is oily and dipped in cumin like sesame seeds! The delicious fish soup is as pure as milk, sprinkled with green onions! At the dinner table, a little girl who was carved and jade bitten off half a strawberry and begged: Brother, I really can’t eat it! ! - Description from MTLNovel

Amnesiac QueenChapter 294 Old lady looking for life

Once again, Ye Zhen Zhen had lost her memories. When she opened her eyes once more, arranged in front of her were—— 1. A Maternal Grandfather, the Murdered Victim 2. A Large Inheritance 3. A Deeply in Love Fiancé 4. An Overbearing Maternal Uncle and his Wife 5. A Docile Servant 6. The Aloof, Cold, Abstinent Doctor in Charge of the Case 7. A Seemingly Difficult Police Officer Reincarnated as a detective, Ye Zhen Zhen stared dubiously at them all. Who was the murderer? Was it her? It…? Only one was the real murderer, but there was far more than just one culprit. - Description from Novelupdates

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite PamperingChapter 2612 - The Grand Finale  

On the night of her coming-of-age ceremony, Nan Zhi is lured into a trap by the people closest to her and falls pregnant. Four years later, she returns with her son. A respected and domineering man suddenly barges into her world. "Speak! Who is the child's father?" An adorable child holding a water gun appears out of nowhere, shouting, "Who is this wild man? How dare he snatch Brother Jie's goddess?!" From then on, two small domineering brats and a manchild are added to her world. In the middle of the night, he sneaks into her room, pressing a heated kiss onto her lips. "Woman, do you know what's the result of stealing my seed?" "What?" "From now on, you have to let me kiss and pamper you everyday." Erm… How was her inability to walk the next day, the result of his pampering?

A Magician with Super PowersChapter 239 Can't run away
Urban Life

“How to use magic unscrupulously in front of a group of Muggles without being seen through?” “Tell them this is called magic.” There is no skill in the back of the traversal. In order to get a good meal, Li Lekang decided to be a super magician! - Description from MTLNovel

After the Failure of Xiuye ​​to Cross the Robbery [Interstellar]Chapter 158 Extra 2 Hideaki

Yuan Xi is a very unlucky Xiuye. Three thousand years of hard practice is only one step away from the completion of merits, However, he failed to cross the robbery. Then he became a beautiful man…fish? ? CP: Yuan Xi X Lance, Xiu Ye, who has a powerful force value, attacks X and thinks he is attacking. Precautions: 1. Main article, 1V1, HE! 2. The background of the interstellar future, set fictitious, test the party cautiously! 3. The male protagonist Xiuye ​​has his own golden finger, and his strength is the best in all interstellar. - Description from MTLNovel

After the Group Pet, the Ancestor’s Vest Went CrazyChapter 657 save humanity plan
Gender BenderRomance

[Female strong + group pet + cultivating fairy + campus + genius + vest + female dressing up as a man] The Qin family, who is rich and powerful, received a ‘boy’ from the countryside one day, and relied that he was the descendant of the Qin’s life-saving benefactor, and he was lawless in the Qin family. At first, all the seven young masters of the Qin family disliked’him.’ Elder Qin ordered his seven sons: I want to give half of the family property to Yun Ling and spoil me to death! After getting along for a long time, one day Qin Dashao exclaimed: Yun Ling is actually a girl? Second Younger: Fuck! I found out that Yunling is a genius doctor! Fourth Young Master: What is this? There are 100 properties in her name! 1,000 luxury cars! No. 5 & No. 6: She is the world’s No. 1 hacker god, can’t you think of it? Qi Shao: What is this? This company was opened 200 years ago, and she was the founder! Everyone does not know that Yun Ling has lived for 3018 years and is a proper ancestor of the Yun family! Later, the young masters learned that Yun Ling was being chased by other boys, and they rallied to attack him: In the world, no one is worthy of my family’s Lingling! Until one day, Yun Ling’s boyfriend was exposed, and when Qin Sanshao’s photos were posted on the Internet, people all over the country were bombed. “It turns out that Qin Sanshao is the one who eats soft rice!” - Description from MTLNovel

After the Devil Became a Little PitifulChapter 80

Forced to cross and kill the evil devil, He Qingyu said: “This devil, is she delicious?” Facing the pitiful beauty who was shivering in her arms, He Qingyu yelled “I can!” Where is the devil, she is clearly He Qingyu’s little wife! He Qingyu: “Don’t cry, those people deserve to die, I will kill for you.” The big devil, blindfolded by tears, put away his violence, nodded fragilely, and said, “Sister, hold me…” As it happened, He Qingyu never expected that the little wife he was thinking of would become a little madman, and the eyes of “Little Wife” were full of pathological paranoia. She blindfolded He Qingyu’s eyes and relied on: “Sister, come here to hurt me.” He Qingyu: My body hurts… [Ex-girlfriend who was domestically abused] She was shut out in the rain in late autumn, as wet as a homeless cat, “I don’t care how many lovers my sister has. I just ask my sister to think of me in her free time…” He Qingyu is desperate: Yes, don’t spread my ashes in the future, find a good-looking can for it:) [Poverty student who has been bullied] Dilapidated school, dirty school uniforms, and a strong sense of hunger. In her world, only the head teacher is the only light. “Can I become like you in the future?” He Qingyu: “Don’t, don’t…you are the one who wants to do big things.” Don’t harm me. [The little puppet of the helper] After regaining his self-awareness, he returned to his master, knelt under the bed and held up his slightly pale face. I really miss the scene of the sword dance with you… No matter what your identity is, I love you the same. Edible guide: 1. Mengsao Tucao is overwhelmed by sympathy and is attacked by the paranoid gloomy little lunatic devil. 2. Sweet text, absolute sweet text, rest assured to eat. 3. The author is entertained by himself, and he doesn’t like a little cross. Content Tag: Face Slap System Quick Wear Shuangwen Search keyword: Protagonist: He Qingyu Supporting role: Others: One sentence introduction: what to do if the big boss is too clingy Purpose: face up to the gloom of the heart and create a better future. - Description from MTLNovel

Absolute Great TeacherChapter 1341 (END) - Final Chapter: Part Four!

After the gold medal teacher, Sun Mo of the city’s No. 2 Middle School, fell into the water, he transmigrated to Tang Guo, Zhongzhou Academy and became a newly graduated intern teacher. Sun Mo bound the Peerless Master System, turning waste into little geniuses. Under Sun Mo’s guidance, the little children became masters after one year, passed emperor level after three years, and attempted god level after five years.An emperor-level boss! How dare you say that this master and apprentice are fakes? Swordsman, spear saint, sword demon, Wushuang Guoshi, a generation of devil emperor, two great saints, three saint supremes, all are taught by me. Are you afraid?He had a pretty, white and rich fiancée who was the principal, but the prestigious school was declining. Any lower and it would be delisted and deposed. Sun Mo’s task is to help his fiancée sit firmly in the position of principal and help Zhangzhou return to the rich list.I will turn tr*sh into gold, quoth Sun Mo.

A Nest of Snakes Inside an Old Tomb~ Extra: Male snake
ComedyRomanceShounen AiSlice of Life

As a human reborn as a viper, all aspects of Yin Xiaoxiao’s life were beautiful except for when it came to food. As a silver snake meeting an ink snake, Yin Xiaoxiao could accept whatever his husband’s clan was. As a viper with no inherited memories, Yin Xiaoxiao found that the ancient tomb and all the different snake clans could really stress a snake out. In summary, Yin Xiaoxiao’s life is nothing but this: Different viper clans marry. The old tomb is ruled by his next-door neighbor’s clan. My spouse, Heitan, this naughty precious snake, worries me. Actually, this is the story of an evil little black snake doting on a confused foolish little silver snake. Boss Mo: Yin Xiaoxiao, you’ve stolen honey again! Yin Xiaoxiao: It was definitely your sons who ate it! Baby snakes: Dad’s a lying snake! - Description from Novelupdates

A Weird Theater That Started In Londonv13 Chapter 144 Divine conception
MysterySupernaturalUrban Life

In despair, Lu Li received an admission notice. Since then, a door to a strange world has opened… - Description from MTLNovel

Ace Sniper: Husband is Going To Fall DownChapter 1005 finally

She is crazy, she is arrogant, she is a thorn in trouble. deserter? Useless? She was originally a top killer! “One shot will kill you! There is no second shot in my eyes!” In the face of doubt, she spoke with strength to see who would dare to look down upon her! “Dare to spank me? I will definitely hit me back!” In the face of him, she proved with her actions that she holds a grudge against him! He is powerful, he is mysterious, and he is the only opponent who can overcome her. Ruthless? Black-bellied male god? He turned out to be… She slept with him and announced to him, “From now on, you are mine!” He smiled indulgently, “If you want to occupy me, you have to rely on real skills.” “Husband, lie down! Let you taste my true ability!” - Description from MTLNovel

After The Breakup, I Became The Marshal’s WifeChapter 3

Lu Bo Ting was facing a mental collapse crisis because of his high mental strength, and only one person’s quantum beast could help him. So he spent money to hire them just to prolong his life. Transmigrating to the scene of a breakup, the little phoenix Shi Nian kicked the scumbag and, without saying a word, turned around and got into Marshal Lu’s flying vehicle. The two sides soon agreed that the quantum beast was indeed very effective, and Shi Nian was quite professional, although a little arrogant. He dutifully said “boss,” but he dared to make the boss eat his leftovers. By this point, Marshal Lu’s heart was moved. He looked at the clause on the contract saying the employer must not have feelings for the employee, and wished to travel back in time, to wake himself up at that time. Looking at what Shi Nian was doing at the time, he just sent the scumbag and the vicious stepmother to prison. He went on Star Network and he opened a vest saying that he was a fan. Black fans: You only know how to study hair lengthening and beauty potions all day long. Why not make some potions for social use? Look at your fan. He is obviously also a guide, but he can beat up sentinels. At that time, he immediately came out and praised the black powder, and also praised his vest number, as if he was not praising himself at all. Until later, the vest fell off, and the black fans were dumbfounded. Fans were happy: What is this? A fan of yourself? Shi Nian is still Shi Nian. He plays too much. - Description from Novelupdates

After Transmigrating Into a Villain Cannon Fodder Male ZergChapter 71

After Lu Mo transmigrated into a Zerg novel, he was asked to play a cannon fodder male zerg and to never act OOC. The original owner was ruthless, had a low IQ, and was very lazy! Lu Mo executed each request ruthlessly, and after looking at the female’s increasingly numb face, his heart was full of guilt and pain. I’m really sorry that you met a scum like me!!! Previously, he had thought the female zerg already had a broken heart and had woken up from his dream; that from then on, he would give up his illusions, face reality, and become a calm and rational zerg. Although Lu Mo’s heart ached, he was still very dedicated to his work and would never be soft hearted. But when the female zerg rolled around the room while holding a quilt and calling for him, red-faced—Lu Mo couldn’t help but feel a thud in his heart. What the hell! How could this be! __ Ling had never seen such a strange male zerg. The male said that he hated him, but gave him an egg. The male cursed him for being weak and useless, but gave him freedom. The male never said that he loved him, but he never glanced at other females. Ling was confused and at loss. His friend slammed the table: Wasn’t this just being tsundere?! Ling had a sudden realization! That’s it! The male master was indeed a very good zerg. Three years later. Lu Mo looked at Ling with a despairing expression : “Whatever. Just destroy it, hurry up. ” So weird! How did his scum setting collapse!!! Gong who is mistaken for a tsundere X Shou who is really a yandere but doesn’t know it. - Description from Novelupdates

A Will EternalChapter 1315 (END) - Epilogue

One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields. One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals. Only my will… is eternal. Translator: Deathblade

Abused Alpha QuitsChapter 152 happiness

This article is also called “If you don’t want to go to the plot, you must brush up to three O’s. How to break the favorability?” 》 “President~ Do you really want Sister Ye Ci to donate her kidney to me? Didn’t you have her baby?” “Huh, she’s just a stand-in, little fairy, but you are what I like~” Ye Ci rolled his eyes madly when he read this book about school uniforms to wedding dresses. But now she is walking into this book, becoming a body tormentor, and in the end she has to attack the same name as the president Xu Hanyan He… Alpha? Ye Ci: Bye bye you! – Before the plot line started, the 17-year-old Ye Ci transferred school spontaneously, intending to indulge in high school life! After graduating, stay here and don’t go anywhere! I don’t believe that this way I can still run into Xu Hanyan’s scumbag! – One day, on the campus, I met a pretty poor O who was bullied. I saw the uneven road, and the bricks helped me. Not to mention that I saved people easily, and from then on, there has been a well-behaved and caring fan girl. Either sister is long, or sister is short every day. – As a result, some difficult exercises were written, fights, some people covered up, backaches, and some people pinched. Ye Ci grunted comfortably: Ah, this is life! – Later, the pretty little pitiful was recognized by the rich and transformed into a wealthy daughter and changed her name. Ye Ci looked at the three characters Dou Da on the temporary ID: Xu, Han, and Yan. Poor Mimei: Sister, my new name, does it sound good? Ye Ci wiped his face: scumbag, hello, scumbag, goodbye. – It was the night when Ye Ci packed up his baggage and prepared to flee across the country. Xu Hanyan, wearing a thin silk skirt, blocked her in the room, hugged her tightly, and hot tears fell: If my sister is dissatisfied with me, I will change it, even if I am no longer me… It doesn’t matter, as long as you are willing to stay. – Ye Ci×Xu Hanyan (before name change: Song Qiyan) 1v1 He ■ Female A has no Dingding. ■Interspersed with entertainment content, all characters have no prototypes. ■The mode of variety shows refers to some variety shows, and there are also elements privately set by the author. ■The base tone is sour and sweet, maybe… more bloody. ■This article has a lot of foreshadowing, please don’t rush to guess the plot, the follow-up will start slowly and little by little. ■■The anti-theft is turned on, and the anti-theft ratio is 80% Content Tag: Entertainment Circle Sweet Articles Wearing Books Campus Search keywords: Protagonist: Ye Ci, Xu Hanyan (before renamed: Song Yeyan) Supporting role: ◆Pre-collection for collection◆ Others: abo, counterattack, reality show, from school uniform to wedding dress One-sentence introduction: ~The scumbag becomes a loyal dog~ - Description from MTLNovel

After Inheriting the Barren Star, I Was DefeatedChapter 119

The stable day is updated, the pre-accepted copy of “Where is my house [unlimited]” is at the bottom. Chu Qiyu, who failed to cross the catastrophe, traveled to the interstellar age and became a “trash” who had just been expelled from the house and killed by his family. There is a wild star with thin aura and no weeds under his name, and he has a large debt; Fortunately, she is bound to a Taoyuan system, which can transform a barren star into a Taoyuan and increase aura. When the Zerg came later, everyone thought Chu Qiyu was finished. A few minutes later: The incoming Zerg is completely wiped out. Chu Qiyu: Zhengchou has no materials, so the materials will be delivered to the door. Seeing the waste turned into a powerful mecha, the Patriarch of the Chu family regretted it. Trying to enter the wild star, but was told: [You are already on the blacklist, and entry is prohibited. ] After many setbacks, the Patriarch of the Chu family finally got in touch with someone—— Patriarch Chu: “I asked you to leave home to make you grow better. Now you can come back.” Chu Qiyu: “Isn’t it because I think I’m a trash, and covet the huge inheritance left by my parents and drive me out of the family?” Patriarch of the Chu Family: “This is all a misunderstanding.” [You are already on the other party’s blacklist and cannot communicate with the other party. ] Pre-acceptance of “Where’s My Home [Unlimited]” Game of Gods, a real infinite survival game, Chu Yi, whose home fragments were lost, once again entered the game where she used to kill the Quartet. Other players cried and called their mother to survive and pass the level, and Chu Yi Youzai searched for the fragments of his homeland. Other players are chased by the instance boss, Chu Yi grabs the instance boss, and reminisces with him. The dungeon BOSS shivered, and didn’t want to talk to Chu Yi, shouting in his heart: Yeah, who put this perverted guy into the game again. In the eyes of the players, Chu Yi looked at just a newcomer who could not help but die at any time. Only the instance boss knows that Chu Yi once turned the game upside down, chasing after the instance boss to chop, and now he wants to demolish their home! Idea: From nothing to something - Description from MTLNovel

After Becoming the Hero’s Ex-fiancéeChapter 178 , Extra (5)

Zheng Wan, the foremost beauty in the capital, has a powerful father who served in court as the Senior Grand Secretary and an aristocratic mother from the royal Langya Wang clan; she is the pampered noble lady who has proudly lived for sixteen years. The story of a book,《Sword Sovereign》, unfolded in her dream—when she awoke, she realized that she was actually a character in that book. The young beggar she slapped and rejected his marriage proposal was the hero of the book, he was destined to soar to immortality and become the peerless swordsman of both heaven and earth. While she, Zheng Wan, was just a minor character—the abandoned fiancée whose family was about to be torn apart and eventually dies a miserable death. Zheng Wan: …What else can I do? Of course, that is to: praise him, flatter him, sweet-talk him, and become his admiring lapdog. ———– Cui Wang believed that in this life, there was only the way of the sword. Until one day, he met a leisure-loving, labor-hating, vain and arrogant woman. ———— - Description from Novelupdates

Ask This SpringChapter 92 Extra six

Zhuo Lian, a brewmaster in the People’s Republic of China, crosses over into the storybook. According to the original plot, she will do all the evil things and end up with a miserable death. In order to survive, she takes great pains and cares for the future Duke of Zhen. Oh but, why does he look at her more and more strangely? - Description from Novelupdates

An Expert Is actually By My SideChapter 448 Short video is on fire

The richest man in the world: “I’m really not the richest man, and I don’t know how to do business. The reason I became the richest man is purely because my good brother is too low-key. A certain song king: “I’m really not a big star, and I don’t know how to sing at all. The reason why I became the king is purely because my good buddy wrote well.” Hao Yun: “I don’t know anything, don’t ask me—” Everyone: “I believe you a ghost!” Hao Yun: “…” Hao Yun, who got the advanced system, thought that from now on he would be able to live a happy life with thick legs hugging the big guys, lying at home and eating and waiting to die, but he didn’t expect these “future big guys” to be the same. This is more salty than myself. Got it! I thought that after eighteen years, I finally got a plug-in, and it took a long time for you to be your plug-in. In short, this is a story about an expert. It is also a story about dreams. - Description from Unknown

After Marrying an Evil Godv2 Chapter 105 envy
FantasyShounen Ai

Qi Baicha is the last god in the world. After living in the modern age, he found an ordinary person to fall in love and marry because he was too boring. Then he really fell in love with him. Every day, he worried about what he would do when he got old and died. It seems that he is also a god, and he worries about the same thing every day. After Qi Baicha made sufficient mental preparations, she decided to tell her lover the fact that she is a god: “My dear, I want to tell you a piece of news.” Fu Mingye nervously said: “My dear, I also have one thing to tell you. Actually, I am not a mortal, I am an evil god. Don’t be afraid when you hear evil words. Those gods who claim to be righteous are all moral things… By the way, what are you going to say?” Qi Baicha: “Actually I am not a mortal.” Fu Mingye: “…what are you?” Qi Baicha: “A decent thing.” Listening to all the resentments, curses, greed, and arrogance of the world, the dark evil god fell in love with the gentlest and cleanest snow in the world. “I will love you against my divinity.” The cold and gentle snow god is dragged by his wife to control the evil spirit 1. Modern overhead, defend world peace, daily life after marriage 2. Plot Su Shuang has sweet feelings, HE 3. The cover is set by the Snow God, see Weibo for the big picture 4. Brain hole products, multi-element mixing, everything may appear Content tags: strong, supernatural and strange, sweet text, cool text Search keywords: Protagonist: Qi Baicha, Fu Mingye (Qi Ye) Supporting role: Series of articles “After Encountering the Lord God” Others: One sentence brief: I will love you against my divinity Purpose: to maintain world peace - Description from MTLNovel

Awakening With An Expert Identification SkillChapter 578 surrender
Urban Life

Lin Fan traveled to an era belonging to the ‘Awakened’. Here, at the age of 18, every human being can awaken with nine talents. Some people have awakened the melee talent, their strength has increased sharply, and they are invincible in melee combat. Someone has awakened long-range talents, long-range attacks, and thousands of miles to kill. Some people are talented in the awakening control system, remotely controlled, just like a puppet. However, Lin Fan awakened the healing talent at the start, this is a typical auxiliary treatment, a talent for fighting incompetence, and ridicule of enemies in the past. Lin Fan: “This pregnant gaze is a healing talent???” Slap everyone on the spot, get pregnant with a stare, and leave a great psychological shadow on everyone at the beginning… - Description from MTLNovel

A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to YouChapter 1075 - Epilogue

Time stopped at eighteen for Ji Yi, and now all she wants to do is pick up from where she left off. Her career depends on it, and on top of that, she has to survive a fake marriage turned real! Some missed opportunities are irreplaceable, and some misunderstandings between them have proven near-fatal, but for He Jichen, he isn’t just a pretty face—he’s an opportunist. They may have lost their prime years together, but He Jichen is more than willing to spend his remaining years with her. If only she would just trust him… Will Ji Yi be able to find true love in this life? Can she outmaneuver all the snakes plotting her downfall? Only time will tell…

After Marrying the Shadow QueenChapter 78
DramaRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural

Eighteenth-line actress Ji Yuchuan and actress Sheng Qingru have collaborated in a film to play her implied marriage partner. But on the day the movie was released, Sheng Qingru suddenly fell to his death. Then Ji Yuchuan found Sheng Qingru’s soul in his home. Started my daily routine of hitting ghosts (being slapped by ghosts). Atypical entertainment circle, urban demon spirit. Sweet text, not scary, more private, and cannot be completely equated with myths. - Description from MTLNovel

After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School AdonisChapter 84 Extra four
FantasyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life

If life were likened to god rolling the dice, then Lù YúnFēi is a 6. He’s handsome and smart, save for his abysmal proficiency in English. That is until he met Biān JìnYuán — Bian JinYuan is tall and cool, top of his grade in every exam, and his English results definitely destroy Lu YunFei’s twice over. If he’s a 6, then this guy is simply 666! Since YunFei is already here, why would there be a need for JinYuan? It’s hard for a mountain to accommodate two tigers, unless one is a male while the other is female. Lu YunFei looked at the other party’s gender, and silently crossed that thought out. However, not long after he started to treat Bian JinYuan as a rival, he found that after 9pm, he would mysteriously possess Bian JinYuan’s Tmall Genie. After possessing the Tmall Genie, Lu YunFei realised that his rival is actually a pauper prince. Lu YunFei who possessed looks, height, and wealth looked at his cards which were almost overflowing with money, and decided to establish his friendship relations. Therefore, since Bian JinYuan lacked money, Lu YunFei hired him to be his English tutor. Bian JinYuan bought a cake and couldn’t bear to eat it so that he could bring it home for his family. Lu YunFei bought him a large slice of cake the next day. Having done good deeds everyday, Lu YunFei felt that the invisible red scarf on his chest had gotten brighter. Until there was a hot post on the school forum: 《Exposé on Lu YunFei – getting the top student to be your lackey, do you really think that it’s all that to have money! 》 The original poster listed down various instances: bag-carrying, bringing water, peeling chestnuts; the school genius was ordered about as if he were a servant. Everyone was enjoying the gossip, when Bian JinYuan who had never posted in the forum before, posted for the first time with his real name. Bian JinYuan: I don’t need the money, I’m willing, why do you care? Everyone was scared dumb. Lu YunFei worried about whether he should bother Bian JinYuan less. “That’s not necessary, I like being bothered by you.” “Forget it,” Lu YunFei rejected. Bian JinYuan thought for a bit: “Then let me rephrase — that’s not necessary, I like you.” Lu YunFei: ???!!! Lu YunFei never expected that the mountain is wide and holds many types of tigers. Together, two male tigers can not only run fast, but also fall in love! - Description from Novelupdates

After Being Dedicated To the Tyrant By My BrotherChapter 120 season finale

Once crossing, she resigned to her fate and worked hard to play the most annoying coquettish bastard in the book. She only hoped that she could finish the plot earlier and belch, but she didn’t expect… Before putting on the book—— Tyrant: The lonely Bai Yueguang is crying again, what kind of thing is Ji Ruoqing? Kill. Brother: I must return to the country, what’s the use of my sister? Give away. After wearing the book- Tyrant & Brother: It’s so fragrant! 【Reading Guide】 1. The etiquette of costume construction comes from search, the dynasties are overhead, and the author freely mixes and plays. 2. Pseudo coquettish idiot heroine vs brutal bloodthirsty hero vs sick sister-in-law control brother. 4.1v1 is sweet and refreshing Su Su Su! Content label: A soft spot A match made in heaven Across time and space Search keyword: Protagonist: Ji Ruoqing Supporting role: Ye Qianchen; Ji Ruoyu - Description from MTLNovel

After Crossing the Zerg, I Became a Forum BossChapter 133

Nolan wanted a brother very much, and one day he found an egg in the grass. Nolan picked the eggs home, hatched them, and said to the father and mother who had gone home from a business trip: “Brother broke the shell~” Father and father: “!!!” —— Allen was born into Chongxing accidentally. As a rare little male Chongxing, the male and female fathers doted on the sky, and the brother who is extremely powerful to help with homework. Don’t live a life that is too moist. Alan, who had nothing to do, began to write novels on the forums, all of which are domineering males who fall in love with me. The forum is a world of single females. Allen’s novel has been bricked by countless females: [Prince Chongxing is fond of females from poor families? Isn’t he not marrying? The author is not living in a dream, right? ] [The male lord’s priceless little female? Will the males still ** the females? Didn’t they want to pass a bill recently to require all married females to hand in their wage cards? ] [Housekeeper Xiaoxiong? Oh my god! The little male who knows the most delicious dishes of Chongxing? As long as you find a male who can cook on Chongxing, my last name will be with you! ] The females in the forum scolded fiercely, but the purses were honest, and the money rewarded Alan was like snowflakes. [Although it is very illogical, but I still want such a hero! Reward 1000 coins! ] The new essay has been decided, it should be very sweet, after all, Gong is a sweet essay writer. #美攻帅受#CP Alan X Nolan, no blood relationship, no legal kinship. Content label: Strong, time and space, interstellar, sweet text Search keyword: Protagonist: Allen Supporting role: Nolan Others: - Description from MTLNovel

Abyss Demon of the WorldsChapter 1724 【Land of Opportunity】

Born in the bottomless abyss, abandoning everything in the past. In the midst of killing and destruction, ascend to the highest throne with blood and fire! I am the king of death and plague that corrupts the world, I am the demon god who burns all things to guide the end, I am the evil root of the pollution rules and degenerate all living beings, I am the devil who kills the Buddha and invades the way of heaven. It is also the opposite of all order, the lord of the bottomless abyss! ! ! - Description from MTLNovel

A Genius and a God Fell In LoveChapter 266 God's pampering

Ding! Welcome to the game of the gods~ The New Year’s bell rings, the world has changed… In a perilous, terrifying and thrilling game, you will survive if you pass through the barriers and you will die if you fail. This is a real survival game at the cost of life. … Nangongnan’s teammates all know that this young, thin and slender girl is a sick child. To survive all the way, it all depends on the kind help and luck of his teammates. Until one day, they saw the little girl holding the monster’s head with her hands and twisting it off with a “click”. Player: I don’t know why, they think this little girl is more terrifying compared to monsters… At this moment, the murderous little girl suddenly fell to the ground weak and was caught by a pair of arms in time. The little girl coughed weakly, and she pulled the sleeve of the man weakly and said: she almost died again. Fortunately, her teammate saved me. Teammate: …It turns out that this is how our title of “kindness” came from. … The players who teamed up with Nangong South felt that this little girl was a Koi carp. Obviously, three steps, one cough, five steps, and one shake, but it is always possible to turn danger into a breeze. Even the gods are full of compassion for her. How can I think that this girl is brave, deceives the sky and deceives the game, and deceives the body and mind of the gods? ! ! All players: The boss is calm, it’s immoral to eat and be irresponsible. Nangongnan: Seriously, we are playing horror games, not love games. … Nangongnan: Only I am playing games seriously. Shenming Heren: Only I am serious about falling in love. - Description from MTLNovel

After Becoming the Golden Finger of Long Aotian Male ProtagonistChapter 73 The finale triple first
DramaJoseiSlice of LifeXianxia

Jiang Yuan penetrated into a comprehension essay, and became a female demon with a strong cultivation base but a lot of evil. After a few years of trying to play the female demon, she was finally struck to death by lightning when Du Jie soared. The realm of comprehension rushes to tell each other, and all the world celebrates together. Just according to the original plot, Jiang Yuan, who was supposed to receive the box lunch, did not die, and the soul ran into a small disciple of the sect. After observing the disciple for a few days, she really couldn’t stand it anymore, and she took the initiative to guide him in his cultivation, which was out of control. It wasn’t until the other party’s luck suddenly reversed and his talent awakened that Jiang Yuan remembered: This person seems to be the original male lead Long Aotian. The male protagonist is very in line with the original configuration. He upgrades and promotes quickly, but his harem is not satisfactory. The n-room big wife and little wife in the original work blow one by one. Jiang Yuan asked the male lead: “What is the purpose of your cultivation?” (Don’t you marry Bai Fumei and reach the pinnacle of life? Why don’t you want your wives?) The male protagonist pursed his lips and replied lightly: “If you want to reshape someone’s body, you can see her with your own eyes…or hug her.” Jiang Yuan: Groove, quite, quite suddenly… One sentence introduction: Male lead, do you want your wives anymore? Purpose: grow together and make progress together Content Tag: Shuangwen Counterattack Epic Fantasy Search keywords: Protagonist: Xiao Mian, Jiang Yuan Supporting role: Others: - Description from MTLNovel

After Rebirth, I Became a Rich Man and WifeChapter 100

When Chen Xu was twelve years old, in order to cling to Si’s family, his parents gave him to Si Ye, the young owner of the family, to be his adoptive son. Being young and ignorant, he was not afraid of this man whom everyone awed. Si Ye touched his head and asked him to call him Uncle Si. He did not recognize this son, but left him behind. This touch brought trouble to Chen Xu, and Si Ye’s righteous son hated him, and even killed him many years later. Opening his eyes again, he returned to the night of his eighteenth birthday party. This time he was going to become the most favored child of the Si family and take revenge. However, he accidentally used too much force, and kissed Si Ye by drinking, “Uncle Si, give me a birthday present.” “what do you want?” “you.” Si Ye smiled and embraced him and kissed him, “greedy child.” Later, Si Ye took his hand and walked to his son. “Call Dad.” Read the guide: 1. The background is empty, same-sex marriage is possible 2. Attack and accept only each other 3. In the first year, double birth 4. Silly, white and sweet, logically dead, please click if you don’t like it. Content tag: rich family with a soft spot for rebirth sweet text Search keywords: Protagonist: 谌(chén)煦(xù), Si邺(yè) ┃ Supporting role: Si Yichen ┃ Others: Brief introduction: I will be a stepdad for the enemy - Description from MTLNovel

After the Marriage, I Hid Commander Gao Leng PrivatelyChapter 10 damn abstinence

Interstellar MarriageStrong Men and Strong WomenSu Shuang Hot BloodLin Fu's biggest regret is that she was born in a military and police family, but due to physical reasons, she can only sing and dance in the art troupe, and be a qualified vase.Accidentally traveling to the interstellar era three thousand years later, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she possessed rare S-level spiritual power, and was born to be a fleet commander.She wants to go to the military academy, enter the Marine War Academy, command the space fleet, and become a heroic female general.However, her new identity is just the daughter of a farmer in a remote galaxy. In order to realize her dream, she chose to marry the youngest space fleet commander in the empire.Your Excellency the Commander is cold and abstinent, with an intimidating aura, yet so handsome that it breaks one's heart, Lin Fu fell at first glance.I want to eat, but I want to hide it secretly.Later, people in the whole interstellar world finally knew that the trash bumpkin who had been scolded all the time was actually the commander of the Third Fleet of the Empire.She is also the most honorable and lovely Princess Freya ever in the royal family, and she is also a frightening star thief.The entire universe is boiling.Your Excellency the handsome and noble Commander is not happy: Where is the promised private possession?-Recommend my chronology: "Crossing into a Son-in-law's ex-wife" - Description from MTLNovel

All the Handsome Deep Well Ice Like Me [Western Fantasy]v2 Chapter 290 end

The second princess of the Kingdom of Saint Enluth, Gadriche, holding Otome’s script, has a dream of traveling the world. She worked tirelessly for this. Even if you have to attack the king of ghosts, priests of poisonous tongues, indifferent and upright knights, women’s gangsters and black hole fans. You must also live up to an RPG. Gadliche: There is only one kind of person in this world who likes me. That is the handsome deep well ice. Because you are Shenjingbing and handsome, I am very nervous. But you have to know that I actually just want to be your brother. ↑That’s it …… I really don’t want to change the copy! ! 【Hematemesis】 1. No gold fingers. For more than a hundred chapters, the brains hurt by various deep well ice toss, I want to see the heroine next door every second, okay. A lot of jj. 2. The author’s two-dimensional game dead house. You will feel like you are playing a Japanese game by reading my article. Accept the right turn if you can’t. 3. Million to the plot. The world view is a big thief. Three timelines. 4. The heroine is innocent and mad, she is just a sinister spit. 5. All members are not in love. Content Tag: Soul Conversion Sweet Text Western Fantasy Search keywords: Protagonist: Gadriche┃Supporting roles: Arthur Arnold Ace, etc.┃Others: RPG in Otome skin One-sentence introduction: the story of a million words to Otome Conception: a world that is gradually growing - Description from MTLNovel

Apocalypse Game~ Final testimonials and new book

The whole earth has become a game arena. If you want to survive this cruel doomsday, you can only take up the weapons in your hands, fight constantly, fight monsters and upgrades, and constantly strengthen yourself. After unremitting efforts, Tang Tian finally overthrew the 100-level final BOOS on the earth, and found that this was only the first map to get through. Watching Tang Tian climb to the top of the cruel earth arena, lead the race for supremacy and desperate race for supremacy, and finally penetrate the hell gods and demons game field… … - Description from MTLNovel

A Silently Emanating Spring LightChapter 81 81st

Someone had made use of Gu Feining, who was a nobody, to increase their popularity. The other party was a popular young actor. He was good-looking, rich, and even had a mesmerising V-line. Don’t ask Gu Feining how she knows! When the man grabbed her hand and pressed it on his well-defined abs, all she wanted to say was: It’s fine if you try to use me to increase your popularity, must you try to get close to me too? Having debuted five years ago, Shi Xi was a very well-known straight man in the entertainment circle. The fans all say that with his ability alone, he could stay single until he was ninety. However, one day, he tagged Gu Feining on Weibo, directly asking her to give him her contact number. It was like he had carved the three words ‘please date me’ on his face. The fans: “Handsome, please shut your mouth. We’ll help you chase this beautiful woman.” Gu Feining: “Hey, can you control the comments on Weibo?” Shi Xi: “Alright, when will you kiss me?” Gu Feining: …..The idol you guys thought would stay single forever with his ability is actually someone who’s great at saying mushy romantic lines when it comes to pursuing someone he likes! - Description from Novelupdates

Almighty Daughter Became The Group’s Favorite Little PetChapter 693 Fanwai 5 Prosperous Wedding 2 (End!)

[1V1, Double Clean, Vest, Group Pet, Burning Sweet Text] [Leng Mengsa boss heroine VS real poisonous tongue fake high cold hero] Pei’s adopted daughter was kicked out of the house. Everyone: What can’t you do, the first place in the fight, deserve to be kicked out! Everyone felt that the beautiful Qin Sheng had only one dead end after being driven out of Pei’s house, and they were all waiting to see her jokes enthusiastically. result…… Qin Erye of Ancheng First Family: “My dear daughter, my father can finally take you home with integrity!” Mysterious brother: “I see who will follow my sister!” The second financial upstart: “Is Shengsheng short of money? The second brother has it, it’s all yours.” The third actor: “Ah, Shengsheng, don’t you really consider coming to your brother’s new drama to appear as a little fairy daughter?” There are also bigwigs from all walks of life one after another: “Don’t move, this is the ancestor of my family!” Fu Jingheng smiled: “Your family?” He stretched out his hand and pulled the person into his arms, with a soothing voice: “Better Shengsheng, tell them who you belong to.” The little girl was soft and well-behaved: “Brother Fu’s.” The flower of Gaoling Fu Sanye fell off the altar and became a true wife-loving demon. Everyone: “!!!” - Description from MTLNovel

After Wearing the Book, I Became the Villain’s Contract BeastChapter 26 Your brain doesn't want it anymore?

【1V1 pet text】 Accidentally wears a book, even if it wears an adult, but it still wears an egg, and after hatching, it becomes a contract beast of the villain? ! ! In this regard, Tang Guo expressed extreme panic! The villain wants to eat her? I am your savior! The villain wants to give her away? I am your savior! The villain thinks she is too edible? I am your savior! Accidentally rescued by a beast and contracted, the villain Yan Jinyu expressed her satisfaction. Other people’s beasts are definitely not as cute as theirs, not as sensible as theirs, or as capable as theirs. It’s just… that he agreed to be the contract beast of his life, why did he suddenly become a slender and cute girl? - Description from MTLNovel

Advent of the ArchmageChapter 726 (END) - Ultimate True God, the Pioneer of the Era of Gods (Ending)

Link was the top Archmage in the entire server. He had just defeated the strongest boss, the Lord of The Deep, Nozama with his party. However, instead of going back to town, he was transported to a secret location with pixelated CG.It sort of felt like a vacuum, and within it came a glorious and commanding voice that calls himself the God of Light.“Link, would you be willing to be the saviour who will pull the World of Firuman out from the churning abyss?”What a huge mission! If it was in the real world, Link would have rejected it immediately. However, he was bent on being the hero in game.“Bring it on!” Link answered confidently.“Then, best of luck.”And so begin Link’s journey of magic, friendship, betrayal, love and despair in the ever changing World of Firuman.

After the Full-Level Boss is RebornChapter 194 Everlasting

As the second cannon fodder in a fairy tale, Peiyu was disappointed, used, pushed down to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, and reduced to a human being and a ghost. In the end, she finally demonized, returned from the Yellow Springs, and got revenge on all those who wronged her. After coming back to life, Peiyu just wanted to be a villain quietly, and by the way, protect her own disused master who laughed harmlessly. …Well, wait! Master, how did you become the strongest sword cultivator? Aren’t you a waste? Huaibo wore a book of fairy tales. The book is not a serious book, the male lead and the female lead are awesome, only the second female is the Virgin Mary. And she became the second female’s master, and at the beginning of the story she died with nothing left. Pointing to the fact that there are still hundreds of years from the beginning of the plot, she decided to practice hard first to become a thigh, and by the way, help the little apprentice to correct the problems of others. Hey? Why is this little apprentice different from the book? Pei·Ruthless·Yu: Master is a waste, I must protect her! Huai·First Jianxiu·Bo: The apprentice is a Virgin Mary, I must educate her well! Crowd, eating melons: Two full-level bosses team up to abuse vegetables, who can survive this? Peiyu originally thought that after a new life, the worst would be the end at the thousand demons cave. But she never thought that there would be someone who opened her hands to her after she was covered with scars after the robbery. She smiled and said, “Hey, I’ll spoil you.” - Description from Novelupdates

After Being Reborn, The Sick and Tender Lord Always Rips Off My VestChapter 218 Their every day is as beautiful and happy as today

[Sick Jiao + Gao Tian + Vest + Doting Wife] Bo Jinye, who was deceived by his good brother and Bai Yueguang in his previous life, was reborn. The first thing he did after his rebirth was to apologize to his precious wife who had been misunderstood by him for six years! “Baby, I was wrong.” But An Sheng, who loved him deeply, threw out the divorce letter, “I’m tired, let’s get a divorce.” Bo Jinye panicked, and simply pretended to be stupid and started chasing his wife! “Sheng Sheng, you’re hungry, feed me.” “Sheng Sheng, go to bed.” “Sheng Sheng, kiss me~” Bo Jinye pretended to find that her baby looked at him more and more strangely. Finally one day, the wife of a big man with a lot of vests held him down and kissed him, “Master Bo, it’s hard work to play stupid.” - Description from MTLNovel

Archean Eon ArtChapter 766_END - Success (End)

In a world dotted with World Entrances to a demon world, demons have invaded humans for centuries. Humanity has united and one of the most ancient sects in the world, the Archean Mountain Sect, has set up an entire education system in the form of Dao Academies and defenses at the World Entrances.Meng Chuan, a young genius, is an expert at the swift saber. Despite his noble heritage, he has one goal—kill all demons. Scarred by demons because of how his mother sacrificed her life for him, he strives to enter Archean Mountain Sect to get the best resources and training.Other than cultivation, his only pleasure is drawing. And as he draws, he becomes stronger… Enjoy this blood-pumping piece of art in Meng Chuan’s journey to slay demons with the help of united human comrades.

After Participating in Intern Parents Variety Show with Movie Empress MotherChapter 69 main text

An An was an abandoned baby who grew up in an orphanage. When she was four years old, she was invited to a variety show called “Intern Parents” as a guest. The live broadcast room was full of people every day. It turned out that the actress has zero life skill, had been seeing a psychiatrist, her marriage with her husband was not happy, and she was not a winner in life at all… Everyone was worried that this messy family will cause harm to the heart of the poor and young girl again. However, An An didn’t know because she was so busy. In her new home, she learned to cook with her mother, taught her father to coax her, and every day she woke up wondering which little princess dress to wear and playing with dolls or stuffed bears… She has never experienced this kind of life before and she was very happy! At the end of the 20-day recording time, An An’s eyes were red and she was reluctant to leave. Just when everyone thought that the big star’s career was over, the actress submitted the formalities to the orphanage and officially adopted the child. The little dumpling was stunned. Later, her parents learned that their biological daughter was still alive… Everything that happened back then was a deliberate conspiracy. An An, who was suddenly picked up with excitement: even more stunned. …… Losing her daughter four years ago was the biggest pain in Mo Sui’s heart. Even in her dreams, she never expected that her daughter would come back to her side. This time, no matter what, she and her husband would protect An An well. - Description from Novelupdates

Am I A God?Chapter 1125 (END) - Extra

“Let go of that kitty cat!” A shooting star whizzed across the sky, causing countless of super powers to appear on Earth. However, the main characters that awaken during this phenomenon aren’t humans, but cats… During this event, this same thought appeared in the minds of countless cats: “Am I a god?” Zhao Yao, an ordinary human, is the only person that can control these super-cats. Zhao Yao: “Am I a god?”