Steel Steam and FlameChapter 2324 Induction and Meeting (Part 2)

Iron and steel thorns grow on the ground, The roar of gears snapped across the sky, Thick black smoke obscures the clouds, The hot steam flows rapidly in the pipes, The super analyzer and the passcard uttered trivial whispers, The blazing light here composes the annual rings of the times, The red fluid contained the throat of fate here, The justice of bolts and rivets, the authority of caliber and range, The steel is roaring, the sword will neigh. - Description from MTL

Shuttle To Get Rich Since 1985Chapter 611 Do not talk about martial arts

He Gui can freely travel between reality and the parallel world in 1985.The disappearing Chinese rhino appeared.Spotted soft-shelled turtle and white dolphin appeared again.The extinct local pigs are on the table again.He Gui: I am as stable as an old dog in the real world, but I attack everywhere in the parallel world. PS: During the new book period, there are two updates every day, 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening. Mengxin asks for recommendation, collection, investment. - Description from MTLNovel

Shenhao: Get Rid of 101 GirlfriendChapter 391
Urban Life

Coming across, the protagonist discovered that the identity arranged by the system was a lick* before. **101 girlfriends, all of whom are themselves spare tires. Resolutely and resolutely, Zhang Fan intends to give points, lick you. Protagonist: Sorry, we are not suitable, let’s break up. Girl: Why? Protagonist: I like your mother. A glass of water spilled on Zhang Fan’s face. Ding: Congratulations to the host’s lifespan +10 and get a Rolls-Royce. Protagonist: Break up, we are not suitable. Girl: Why? Protagonist: I’m tired of playing and want to change my taste Another glass of water spilled on Zhang Fan’s face. Ding: Congratulations to the host, life span +20, and 50 million gold. - Description from MTLNovel

Space Speed Xing Hen~ end

Darkness’ devouring energy and mysterious space energy. The two different types of energy appeared in one person. A glance that can kill? That is the power of space. Men will be r*ped by beautiful women? That is the fate of the protagonist? In a world with Special powers, Vampires, Witches and Demons, where the forces of Darkness and Light collides. His women will be his guiding lights and change his fate! – from eveningBoat - Description from Novelupdates

Sword Art Online: Gray Wheel DancerChapter 1825 Christmas Eve (1018) is here! But ~ it's obviously not right!

This is a make up work of Sword Art Online, most of which are made up except for certain settings and the main line follow the original work, I hope you like it. - Description from MTL

Starting With One Million Luck Points

The world has undergone tremendous changes, human beings are in danger, and Tiandao software is born because of it! Zhou Hao got a million lucky points at the start, and the blind box opened 108 layers of Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong… And he found that as long as the lucky value is enough, the goddess of luck comes to warm the bed! And in this world where monsters and zerg races are rampant, harvesting lucky points is simply not too simple… - Description from MTLNovel

Sha Po LangChapter 1408 Artificial rainfall

In the age of the Great Liang Dynasty, the lives of the people were made convenient with steam-powered machines that run on a fuel named Violetstream Gold. Chang Geng, who lived in a small countryside village, shared a distant relationship with his mother while his stepfather was away most of the year round, and the only people he was close to were two little kids, the village teacher, and his yi fu – adoptive father. But his life was flipped upside down one day following the barbaric Man tribes’ invasion, and it turned out that his entire identity had been an illusion – not only was Chang Geng himself not the country boy he thought he was, but also his mother, his teacher, and even his beloved yi fu… - Description from Novelupdates

Strange Life of a Cat~ "Back to Cat" simplified novels published for pre-sale
AdventureComedyMysterySlice of Life

Zheng Tan somehow returns to the year 2003, turning into a black cat. Picked up from a rubbish heap by the Jiao family, he is given the name “Charcoal”, and so begins the life inside Professor Jiao’s family. Zheng Tan remembers that he was once a person, but currently his body is that of a cat. He has no way of speaking the human language, but can understand it, and even retains the thinking and IQ of a young 20 year old youth. Read along as he adapts to this new world, and somehow tumbles from a group brawl to catching a thief. - Description from Novelupdates

Slag Shou Cultivating ManualChapter 185 World Warriors 2
RomanceShounen AiYaoi

He Lang died by his own hands for the sake of his imperial younger brother’s ambition, whom he loved. He was offered to be reborn in exchange for giving up his past romantic feelings. Reborn without the burden of his romantic feelings, he brings with him a manual to new worlds. He wholeheartedly followed the instructions of the manual to complete the tasks, not knowing that the originally slag gong was blackening… He pleaded to his affectionate Emperor brother to release him, he pleaded to the paranoid prisoner next door, but until the end he remained baffled. In the end, he discovered that the full name of the manual was – “Slag Shou Cultivating Manual” Σ (っ ° ° °;) っ! - Description from Novelupdates

Seeking Good Temptationv2 Chapter 279 Continue Solitary Wolf
HaremRomanceSchool LifeShoujo

When Bai Xun was bored, she played a dating game recommended by a friend. She entered the game and must keep up the affection with seven different types of men as the only way to clear the game. Only when she gets seven hearts safely can she go home? After many deaths, Bai Xun knew it, and could only live by paying closer attention!! - Description from Novelupdates

Shelter: All-Class SurvivalChapter 364 Aberration Bee Concept

The players of the game “Doomsday Shelter” are summoned together to a strange world, which is full of dangers and opportunities. Players need to search for resources to strengthen the shelter in order to survive. Chen Chen, who traveled together, found that he had obtained the [All Profession Panel] and opened the first professional beekeeper. He relied on bees to detect danger, search for resources, and attack beasts… Continue to cultivate more and more powerful bees, from now on, bees can kill mutant beasts and brew super honey… Bees, known as super-individual creatures, became Chen Chen’s most effective assistant, and at the same time Chen Chen’s other occupations were also opened one by one… - Description from MTLNovel

Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage~ 68 | Extra Nine

Lady Mi Qing ran away from home to escape an arranged marriage. She is then confronted with the following wretched situation: Card stopped. Money stolen. All she had left was ¥308.50. In this strange city, her sole hopeful light was a small advertisement on a lamppost—— Elaborately Decorated, 100 Square Meters, 2 Room Apartment, Monthly Rent Only ¥299! If interested, quickly contact Mr. Xiao at 138XXXXXXXX! Mi Qing immediately rushed over to the address listed. Xiao Gu looked at the woman standing in front of him, brows slightly furrowed. When did he post an apartment rental advertisement? - Description from Novelupdates

Star Gatev5 Chapter 622 catastrophe

According to legend, in the depths of the ancient starry sky, stood a red door infested with blood and fire. Legends and myths, darkness and light, endless legends all flow in this ancient portal. Overlooking the star gate, the blood is shining on the world, and the darkness will eventually go away! - Description from MTLNovel

Seven Crowns~ End of this testimonial

The football championship system is possessed, and Lu Wenbin becomes a champion reaper. His goal is to win 7 championships in one season and complete the unprecedented seven crowns in world of football! - Description from Unknown

Shen Yin Wang Zuo~ postscript

While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose and protected the last territory of mankind. A young boy joins the temple as a knight to save his mother. During his journey full of miracles and tricks in the world where temples and demons are antagonistic to each other, will he be able to ascend to the strongest knight and inherit the sealed divine throne? - Description from novelupdates

Supreme MagusChapter 2358 Goodbye, Good Night (Part 2)HOT

Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus.

Save the Bachelor of HeavenChapter 2581 2583【Turning against the wind】

Rajesh Kusapari hopes to find a lifelong partner; Xie Yongqiang hopes to be with Wang Xiaomeng for a lifetime; Ji Xiaolan does not want to disappoint Du Xiaoyue's love; Yuan Hua does not want to hand over Qiuya to othersAwaken the system, travel through the world, and save the bachelors of the heavens!I am Xiang Nan, I am working hard! - Description from MTLNovel

Summary: I, the Merchant Who Draws Cards, Join the Chat GroupChapter 300

Traveling through the daily comprehensive world, watching the news about the popularity of Xia Shizi’s novels, Bai Ye thought he could live a daily love life. But after knowing that there was a bald man living next door, and having heard the news of another explosion in the academy city for a long time, and occasionally heard the urban legends about Fujiang and the dragon lady who had to be his own maid, he was silent. At this moment, he, who opened the card drawing system, was invited to the Ten Thousand Realms chat skirt. Bai Ye: Draw cards, do you guys draw cards? Ninja Dance King: I want to kill this profiteer by Suzuo, and he has drawn a hundred shots and still hasn’t reincarnated! Be my son: okay with you, I have exhausted all the money, good guys, my sons said they would send me to a nursing home. The noble son of the demon world: Ten fox maidens for you, I want to draw a card! Skirt owner Qiu Zixi: Brother, please give me a face, I’m the skirt owner anyway, can you give me a 20% discount? - Description from MTLNovel

Story of Yanxi Palace~ Fanwai her secrets【Next】

Everyone told Wei Yingluo that her sister had taken her own life. But the mark left on the corpse told a different story. To unearth the truth, she entered the Forbidden City during Emperor Qianlong’s 6th year of reign. After investigation, she found her sister’s death related to Prince Hongzhou, and became determined to avenge her. The kind Empress Fucha, worried that Yingluo would stray onto the wrong path, took her under her wing. With the help of the Empress, Wei Yingluo grew to be an honest and strong female official in the palace, letting go of her resentment and living her life seriously from then on. Yet the Empress passed away unfortunately, causing Yingluo to misunderstand Emperor Qianlong. Hostile against each other, could they understand and support each other in the end? - Description from Novelupdates

Starting From Supporting Qian Renxue To Plunder the Heavensv4 Chapter 462 Bloodbath Murloc Street!

There are such a group of people in the ancient heavens and worlds. Relying on their unparalleled luck, they are the darlings of the world. They often enter the terrifying mystery with a weak posture, and then take the most precious treasures from the red eyes of a group of villains who have been cast down. ······ “Gan, is the son of luck great?” “I grabbed the son of luck!” “As long as your luck is robbed by me, I will be the next child of luck!” The book is also known as “Starting from Douluo to gather the protagonist’s team wool” - Description from MTLNovel

Sugar Daddy, Hoodoo in My Life!v6 Chapter 21 Sand Forest
AdultJoseiRomanceSchool Life

Jian Rushi, born in a rich family, was a college girl. Due to some economic reasons, her family went broke. Her father committed suicide under great pressure, while her mother ran away with someone else, leaving her alone in this world. As she tried to find some comfort from her boyfriend, she found that her boyfriend cheated on her. Feeling devastated, Jian Rushi thought of ending her life. But she wanted to do a crazy thing before that. Suddenly she remembered she was still virgin. So she decided to sleep with a man before she died. She went to a pub one day and saw a pretty man drinking there alone. She mistook him as a money boy and took him home. After they slept, she had no money to pay him. As the compensation, Jian Rushi became the mistress of that man, who turned out to be a golden bachelor. And a series of embarrassing things happened… - Description from Novelupdates

Swallowed Star: Extreme UpgradeChapter 206 Might of the Great Axe

Swallow the world, the law is respect As a Muggle who traveled through, Wang Dong, who had no talent for cultivation, said it was all trivial. “Ding! Congratulations to the players for acquiring “Nine-Layer Thunder Knife”, current skill level: first level, physical strength level: 1.4.” “Ding! Congratulations to the player’s upgrade of the skill “Ten Stream”, the current skill level: 100 lines, the law of space has crossed the entry barrier.” … Others perceive the law and create secrets. And I, if you get the secret method, you can master the law! - Description from MTLNovel

Stir Up the Whole WorldChapter 1154 Ssangyong Club

Every single world, Lu Man is confronting the entire love hard mode— Problem students and elite professors. Poor ugly duckling and sickly president. Third-rate actress and mid-twenties rich young man Gender: Female, Attribute: slag, Lu Man [Fearless.jpg]: Do not provoke to wipe clean after eating is regarded as my loss. *wipe clean after eating – not taking responsibility - Description from Novelupdates

Sword of ComingChapter 1215 like a dragon

The boundless universe is full of many wonders. I, Chen Ping, only have one sword! I can move mountains, overturn the seas upside down, suppress demons, slap the face of gods, pluck the stars, break rivers, destroy cities, and… open the heavenly abode! *** The Midland world was full of wonders. In the center of the world, there was a scholar who had once used a sword to slash out a waterfall of the Milky Way. This was the person he was the most proud of. At the edge of East Sea’s cliffs, there was a nameless Daoist who was unwilling to ascend to the peak of a mountain. He only wished for a cool breeze to brush against his face. In the Western Pure Land, there was an old monk who liked to treat people to chicken soup and tell stories. In the southern border of the Wilderness, there was a blind painter who controlled golden-armored puppets that were as tall as mountains to move the hundred thousand mountains, creating an embroidered picture. A impoverished youth who grew up in the north. One day, he saw tens of thousands of Sword Kinesis Immortals above him, like a swarm of locusts crossing the border. He wanted to see for himself the scholar that the storyteller had mentioned, the surging tides of the East Sea, the vast swamps of sand in the west, and the majestic mountains of the Southern Wasteland. Thus, one day, the youth picked up the wooden sword and began to descend south. - Description from novelupdates

Sugar BabyChapter 260 What are you hiding from me?

Qiu Qiu was born into a scholarly family. He possessed great looks and a kind heart. His outstanding grades were just as praiseworthy as the cute dimple he exposed each time he laughed. His melodic singing moved the hearts of all, and his guitar-playing skills were down-right godly. It wasn’t long before the overbearing president, Fu Ruien, fell for him, hard. Fu Ruien: Qiuqiu, I would like to ‘support’ you. Qiu Qiu: Oh, so you’re going to support me financially?! Like a scholarship?! Yay, that’s great! And so, the two happily made arrangements, utterly oblivious to the fact that they both weren’t on the same page… …..Three months later. Fu Ruien: Are you a numbskull?! If you’re not being ‘kept’ by me, then why the hell would you call me ‘Daddy’?! Qiu Qiu: In my defense, I saw that you were a 40-year-old uncle who still hadn’t been married, so I just wanted you to actually experience the warmth of a family! Fu Ruien: …??? Qiu Qiu: But even if you don’t have a partner, at least you have this bright, talented and handsome eldest son who’s there for you. I mean, just where in the world would you be able to find such a perfect son like him! - Description from Novelupdates

Sign In From the SkyChapter 316 End Yan

On the day of pulling the coffin in Kowloon, sign on the five-color altar of Mount Tai, reward: supreme bone! Signed in at Yinghuo Guxing Da Leiyin Temple, and rewarded the supreme technique: Idols and Prisoners! Signed in in the Bronze Immortal Palace, reward: Hongmeng mother qi source root! …… Crossing the sky-covering world, stepping all over the Jedi, fighting all over the starry sky. The legend of invincibility starts from pulling the coffin in Kowloon! - Description from MTLNovel

Shipborne Special Forces~ postscript

Whenever our ship encounters a tenth-level storm, my comrades-in-arms will not have the slightest worry, because they know that I still have me on board. - Description from Uukanshu

Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect~ Postscript: Life is like a dream

The world is full of mysteries. Strange, seemingly unexplainable events occur more often than we may realize. A young boy may catch an illness no doctor can explain. An office may catch fire for no apparent reason. And perhaps, someone may die a sudden and unexpected death – their bodies blighted beyond recognition. Some might believe that these events are merely freak accidents. However, Ye Shaoyang knows otherwise. The youngest inner disciple ever in the prestigious Daoist Maoshan Sect. Talented, handsome, and a hillbilly from the mountains who still uses a brick phone in the modern age. Follow the tale of our quirky, snippy, but honorable hero, after he finally descends the mountains after fifteen years of being out of touch with normal society. Read on as he combats horrifying apparitions, charms ladies, and finds himself in all sorts of trouble along the way! A story that delves into Daoism, Chinese sorcery, and the supernatural from Asian mythology. - Description from Novelupdates

Sweet Heart in Honeyed DesireChapter 221 New battery pack

Even if he was utterly ignorant about baking, Yu Yi, as the CEO of a Restaurant Chain Corporation, had an even pickier palate than a top-class Michelin Chef. And Tang Mi, nicknamed Sweetheart, was the most delicious dessert he had ever eaten. This is a novel about the growth of the male and female lead’s warm affections, trust the author. - Description from Novelupdates

Stolen LoveChapter 6823 Battle with the Demon Supreme

She is one the most famous thieves of the twenty-first century and the legendary racing queen who is unrivalled in the underworld. She is a carefree girl who comes and goes as she pleases like the wind. He is a powerful underworld boss, known to be cruel and merciless. *** He didn’t think that someone would dare to provoke him by touching what belonged to him. Since they had shown him enmity, then he would return it in her stead. Passion. Love. Hate. Pain. It was all impossible to unravel. - Description from Novelupdates

Stealing The Heavens~ End this testimonial
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals. - Description from Novelupdates

Starting with Real MadridChapter 1275 Who is the most expensive superstar in history?

Going back to the beginning of 2006, he became the head coach of Real Madrid. All of his men are superstars with great reputation in the world, such as Ronaldo, Zidane, Raul, Beckham, Casillas, Carlos, Ramo. Si… all of them are ruthless characters who can make the world football tremble by stomping their feet. How can a humble rookie train these rebellious superstars? - Description from MTLNovel

Single Player Onlyv2 Chapter 15 (Above) I can rescue 1 time, and change a thousand words to show that I'm still alive ...

When Yue Qiang dropped all 8 free distribution stat points into his Charm stat, his entire life changed. - Description from Novelupdates

So What If You’ve Been Reborn?Chapter 202 Heavy water

The main protagonist Chen He often meets crazy people in his life, and all these people have very deep prejudices against him. They often do weird things. (1) Once, Chen He polished off a bunch of hired killers (who seemed to be after him?), and eventually found the mastermind. Chen He: You and I are complete strangers, so why are you doing this to me? Mastermind: You’re gonna kill me after ten years! Of course I’ve got to make a preemptive strike. Chen He: … (2) Chen He: Sir, we have had no bad blood between us, and I have not done anything to offend you. Why are you being so threatening? Taoist priest: Hmph! In the future, you’ll be offending me to no end. Haven’t you been looking down on me all your life? Chen He: …but I still have my entire life ahead of me! (3) Antagonist A: Chen He! Because of your master, I was rejected by XX Sect, and so I was forced to become a demonic cultivator! Chen He: Who…who are you? Antagonist B: My future lover’s meridians and good looks were ruined by you, and I’m definitely not gonna let you do it this time! Chen He could not help but think: There is definitely something wrong with my life! - Description from Novelupdates

Seal Cultivation for Self-ImprovementChapter 97 Fan Wai·Gao from the cold

Yu Qiu once thought that he could rely on his shixiong forever, but when he was captured by the Shadow Demon, he watched helplessly as his shixiong stepped into the bride room together with a woman. He knew he was one foot in the grave, powerless to reverse the situation. After reincarnating, how could he walk the path of seal cultivation again? Rebel? Vengeance? Revenge? Depend on a loyal dog who would be his shield? That was too low for him!!! He was going to: Break up that haze in front of his eyes and turn it into tall mountains. No longer depend on anyone, but rely on his own strength for everything. Make every cultivator never say the words “seal cultivation is only supplementary” ever again. Become the strongest person in the world. Show that he will become a Daozhang. - Description from Novelupdates

Son of the Olden DaysChapter 645 Art of killing

The continent has been engulfed by darkness, the days are without light . Sol leaned on an empty ruin and watched the barren landscape wither into the distance. Some say this is an age that even the gods do not involve themselves in. Others say, that in fact the gods have long since departed and abandoned the people. There’s no light, and it’s either kill or be killed. No one can really be free, we will eventually be bound by some things and then die. Well, this is actually a story of evil against the whole world. In this vast continent full of adventure, whether it’s a princess, a loli, a human woman or a dragoness, you can find everything. (When your read this book please bring your own tissues, uh, do not misunderstand, it’s to wipe tears ~) - Description from Novelupdates

Still Saving The World Today (Switching Worlds)Chapter 6856 The show begins

Ye Huai has two goals in his lifetime: to be a good doctor, and also to be a good doctor who is surrounded by handsome men. Unfortunately, after being a doctor for 10 years, he lost his job because of a very handsome man. What should he do? 520: Congratulations! You have been successfully bound to system number 520. The Save the World Task Set is coming soon…… Ye Huai: ? ? ? ! ! ! So, today Doctor Ye is busy saving the world…… 520: Lies! You are clearly trying to pick up guys! Ye Huai: No, I am very dedicated to fulfilling the great ambition of saving the world. Narcissistic and Complex Shou X King of the Silver Screen Gong, along with the newborn system number 520 whose three views are crumbling and reestablishing every day. - Description from Novelupdates

Seventy-two Changes of the Evil Spiritsv5 Chapter 3 Dragon King

There are seventy-two changes in the evil spirits, and every general change is a magical power. A magical yellow-shell book sent Li Chang’an back to the ancient world. Every time a monster was killed, he gained a magical power. Painted skin ghosts, zombie kings, spider demons…one by one the demons fell under his sword. Tongyou, swordsmanship, slashing demons… a number of magical powers are obtained from the book. When he slayed a hundred ghosts and drew his sword and looked around, he realized that all this was just a small wave before the tide. - Description from MTLNovel

Star World Legendary GuildChapter 1815 : 1 month later

“Do you want to take risks? Do you want to add excitement to your boring life…! Please go to xx to fill in the information, you are a member of our Sacred Pattern Guild.” A magician girl read the flyer. . “President! Run! That guy xxx has lost his love again. He is looking for a duel with you now.” “Damn it! If you become a Sword Saint, you will still lose your love!” “President, that guy said that you lied to him so that he couldn’t become a magician until he lost his love. In short, you should run!” “Damn, that guy even said that I harmed him even though he didn’t have the talent for magic. Forget it, I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll hide from him for a while.” The magician girl saw that the guild leader of the holy pattern was so fast that it gave a small visual illusion of displacement, and quickly passed by her side. The magical girl lightly stroked the magician’s hat, which was affected by the strong wind, and decided, “The Sacred Pattern Guild is really interesting. I decided to join this guild.” - Description from MTLNovel

Starting With A Space BattleshipChapter 320 Treasure hunter

Li Xiaonian was born again. Returning to the virtual online game “Star Wind” five years ago, this time, he found himself a little different. The skills acquired turned out to be memory instillation, and it only takes a moment to go from unfamiliar to proficient. Ding…… System: You learn basic shooting skills and gain 10 years of shooting experience. System: You learn mechanical transformation technology and gain 10 years of mechanical assembly experience. Playing virtual online games, Li Xiaonian seems to have become a super powerhouse in the real world. - Description from Unknown

Surreal Games: I’m An EngineerChapter 602 bright

This is a game beyond reality and fantasy; This is a game that involves countless monsters, ghosts, demons, and even gods. When stepping into this game, everyone has no way out. Monster Hotel, Monster Hospital, School for the Dead… In this world scene, Jiang Yang gradually grew up. Scientists discover the world, engineers change the world. And I am an engineer who changes the world! - Description from MTLNovel

Second Life RankerSide Story Chapter 62 - And... (2)
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was recorded “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….”Obelisk, the Tower of the Sun God, a world where several universes and dimensions intersect. In this world, his brother had fallen victim to betrayal while climbing up the tower. After learning the truth, Yeon-woo decided to climb the tower along with his brother’s diary.“From now on, I am Jeong-woo Cha.”

Skynet In Another Worldv2 Chapter 755 Remains of the Battle of God

Simply put, this is a story of an independent Skynet Terminator who traveled to another continent to develop mechanical technology and fight against indigenous cultivators. When the refining martial artist is facing the mechanical body; when the qi is released against the plasma energy cannon; when the guardian array is facing the strong magnetic shield…Who is strong and who is weak? mechanical! mechanical! This is a brand new mechanical era… - Description from MTLNovel

Seeking the Flying Sword Path~ Postscript, many years later

This world has Fox Fairies, River Gods, Water Monsters, Great Demons and Cultivators who seek immortality. By activating their Dharma Eyes, cultivators can see all kinds of demons and ghosts. Refining a flying sword, they can kill enemies thousands of miles away. Their all-seeing eyes and all-hearing ears allow them to observe everything around them… The second young master of the Qin family, Qin Yun was one such cultivator… - Description from Novelupdates

Super Detective in the Fictional WorldChapter 2141 - 2141 The End

Luke has transmigrated to the United States, but eventually realizes that this United States is different from the United States of his previous life. Here, the superpowers and characters from the movies in his previous life actually exist. How will Luke fare in a world where such terrifying superpowers exist?Fortunately, he has a cheat – the Super Detective System.Join Luke on his new journey toward becoming a detective.

Spirit HotelChapter 72
ComedyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural

After being unemployed for a long time, Feisha Shi finally found a new job – the front desk manager at the oldest hotel in the universe. This hotel has a fallen angel, vampire, werewolf, faerie, dwarf, titan, invisible person… just no humans. This hotel serves customers who are fallen angels, vampires, werewolves, faeries, dwarves, titans, invisible people… still no humans. This hotel’s name? Noah’s Ark. - Description from Novelupdates

Signed to Billion Martial Soul at the BeginningChapter 583 Incomprehensible mysterious power

Fang Hao traveled through the real martial arts world respected by martial arts and signed to hundreds of millions of martial arts spirits at the beginning. “Ding! Sign in hundreds of millions of times the practice speed.” “Ding! Sign in ninety-nine upgrade cards.” “Ding! Signing in hundreds of millions of repairs is worth it.” From then on, a supreme and invincible evildoer was born. - Description from Unknown

So I Am A Demon Descendent!~ End of testimonials!
Slice of LifeXuanhuan

When Li Xianyu was 20 years old, he received his father’s inheritance, an 18-year-old great-grandmother who was incredibly beautiful. Li Xianyu: “Great-Grandma, why are you so young?” Great-Grandma: “That’s because I died when I was 18 years old.” - Description from Novelupdates