Battle Royale of the Sinners - Chapter 556 - Epilogueception (10) (Lilith's Diary)

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Chapter 556 - Epilogueception (10) (Lilith's Diary)

Chapter 556 – Epilogueception (10) (Lilith's Diary)

= Lilith =

Life is hard. Revenge is hard. But watching my daughter getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d by that bastard is harder.

I still can't believe that Zhang Tong tricked Lilim and has reduced her to this extend. When I found out about the brainwashing effect at first, I thought of a hundred ways to kill this asshole literally.

Well, I hate my powerlessness. If I had my old strength, I would have killed him long ago. You can count yourself lucky, Tong!

I don't hate my changed daughter. She's so cute and adorable with her new personality.

I hate to admit that she has changed for the better. I don't like the fact that I have to give credits to Tong.

Just you wait, f.u.c.ker! I'll get my strength back ASAP, and I'll torture you to the point that you'll beg me to kill you!

Never mind that. I think Hua Shi has done it for me. Good job, girl!

I heard from Friday and Medusa that Hua Shi has bullied Tong a lot. That's good to hear.

I like it when Medusa complained. It's good to see how these idiots running around and gossip about their stupid husband. How does it feel when another girl constantly castrating you man, bitches!?

I take that back. Hua Shi, you fool! You haven't tortured Zhang Tong enough! How the f.u.c.k does he visit my daughter so often!? Take him away! Leave us alone!

I guess seeing him once a week for a decade dulls my frustration. I hate to admit it, but Lilim is so happy when Tong is around. Their children dance around every time that Tong shows up.

Should I really accept this? Dong Zhuo as my son-in-law?


Okay, you two. I know that seeing each other only once a week improves your desire…



One of these days, I'll create a barbed dildo and shove it in Zhang Tong's ass.

Lilim, stop doing it outside! You're setting a bad example for your children!

Welp, these creatures have done it. Sibling f.u.c.k.i.n.g. How precious.

At least, Medusa and Friday's children are in the mix. I don't want to see everyone f.u.c.k.i.n.g their relatives.

I'm wondering what kind of cripples will come out of these things. Will they evolve into dragons or will they devolve into monsters?

Wanna bet? I bet 1 day of lifespan that Hydras or Krakens will come out of those monsters' pussies. I'm sure tentacle monsters will be the mainstream in the few thousand years.

I also had a dream. I saw eggs, a lot of them. Egg creatures with a hundred tentacles. Some are big. Some are small. Some even become parasites. I don't hate symbiosis creatures, but if you have to rely on mortal hosts, you suck, my children.

At long last, I can cultivate. It took me 200 years in this stupid body! Why was it so easy in humanoid bodies but this one!?

Eh, I doubt I can make it to the next festival. I won't be strong enough to fight for a prize.




Three times is a charm. Fourth time is a d.i.c.k.

Next objective: 10 Wings!

Here I go!

Life sucks. Cultivation in this body takes so much time!

Everyone has gone to the festival. I want to go, too, but not in this condition.

I need to learn how to polymorph into a human soon.

Life sucks.

Zhang Tong is dead.

I should have been glad, but I'm sad.

The children are sad. Their children's children are sad.

F.u.c.k you, Zhang Tong! How dare you die before I kill you!?

I'm not crying. You're crying.

F.u.c.k you, Li Feihong! F.u.c.k you, Medusa!

You two should have told me that you've got his soul! I wouldn't have cried for him!

I get the whole story now. Zhang Tong did it again, it seems.

He ALLAHU-AKBARed Misha and got double-KO. Good job, my son!

They got Lucifer's soul out of that mess, too. Well, he's a pitiful lad. He deserves some love, seriously.

When and where are they going to reincarnate, I wonder?

Medusa is the new admin. Life sucks.

I think she found out about my hiding spot, but she's keeping it to herself. This wrenched bitch! I know that you're a player. Stop pretending to be a good native!

Don't you dare to treat me like a player! I'm a native, through and thorough!

Is it wrong for me for trying to kill my mother several times?

None of you can blame me, alright? She wanted to kill me first! This is my family's business!





I guess Li Feihong has gone nuts.

I understand him though. His boss becomes his son, and that stupid boss retains his memory. How the hell can he raise Zhang Tong with his memory intact? This is some mindf.u.c.kery.

If I were him, I would have dumbed Zhang Tong on the spot. Giving him to his harem is the right choice.

Poor Lu Lingqi. You should have married that pedo Tong. At least, he doesn't make anyone reincarnate as his son or daughter. Oh, wait, Cao Mengde is an exception.

I wonder if the concubines will ruin Tong's new body. It's definitely a shota x harem tag.

I guess everybody and their grandmothers can get 10 wings so easily now. How many of them are there in the world!? No wonder Zhang Tong's men migrated the f.u.c.k out of this planet. This is so disgusting!

Is our hard work so easy that a five-year-old girl can awaken 10 wings on the fly!?


Oh, I take that back. Good job, Medusa! Good girl!

I have 16 wings now!! YAYYYYY!!

Finally, another festival. It's been ages. My diary is dusty.

Li Feihong, your life sucks. How can you still continue living? If I were you, I would have committed suicide by now.

You're a badass son of a bitch, Li Feihong! I love you!!

I don't care if you're married. I love you!!

Be my concubine!! Let me have your baby!!

BTW, Adam, you suck. Once I'm done with the revenge, I'll dumb you ASAP!

Holy shit. You're crazy, Li Feihong. Two in a row?

I know that you're strong, but you're defo crazy.

I don't hate crazy badass men. My hole will be waiting for your stick!

Whoops. I'm wet. Boy, I love Li Feihong. MARRY ME ALREADY!!

Third time is a charm, but you're fighting the top dog, Li Feihong.

Thank you for the last two fights, by the way. The previous betting was 1 to 1105 against you. Of course, I bet on you.

Do you know how many lifespan years I got from that?

19 Digits!

I'm good for life, yo!

I don't care about the revenge or the festival anymore, yo!

Just kidding. Killing my mother takes priority. I'm coming for you, Misha! Where the f.u.c.k are you BTW? Why haven't you participated in this festival?

Li Feihong is the supreme god now, and Tong is Li Feihong's prodigal son. What a f.u.c.k.i.n.g plot twist.

I like them though. They're goofy.

I like their complex family. I still laugh when Li Feihong calls Tong's wives as sisters-in-law. They're supposed to be your DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW!!

But some of them are older than Li Feihong…

I need to stop trying to figure out their relationship. I have a headache.

I still love you, though. Li Feihong, marry me!

Oh, wait! If I marry Li Feihong, I'll be Tong's mother…

Ah… My head.

Li Feihong and I rigged the festival, and I got to fight Misha!


Dealing with Misha was tough. I don't know how many backup bodies she is hiding, I will destroy them all.

Mother, I hate you.

But I killed you. So, we're even.

No, we're not. I need to torture you for a billion years to make it up for the time you imprisoned me.

Li Feihong is such a dreamy man! I've dumped Adam. Please marry me!

Oh well, I've found Misha again.

I killed her too many times that I lost count. Mother, are you a c.o.c.kroach? How are you still alive after I chopped you up a thousand times?

Well, since you're in my daughter's realm, I release all her children and destroy everything you hold dear. Will you die a heartache, mother?


















Welp, this is going to be fun. For the sake of my entertaining, I'll seal all your previous life's memory. It's cheating for an NPC to have a player like your grandmother. Does she know that her backup body has a god-like soul in it? I guess not.

Let's see if I can send Misha to you.

I wonder what you two are going to do when you meet each other again.

Good luck, Uriel Mia.

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