Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse - Chapter 567

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The things that Lin Feng insisted on could not be changed. Although the dangers of his work have always been great, it is dangerous to prove that there is a secret here.

"Whether it’s a conspiracy, I have to look at it. I have found a way back to the original world, but I can’t use this method to return to the original world without killing the gods, so this adventure is not just for the last days. In the future, it is also for my future and your future. If it succeeds, we can return to the original world and never have to live in the end of life."

Lin Feng said that he is very firm and he is very reasonable. So far, everything they have done is not to return to the original world. Now Lin Feng has found a way to go back, and naturally it is necessary to break through all difficulties. Looking for the way home.

Lin Xiaobao’s own character is also very extroverted. When he was at the base of Tianqi, he was a famous person. He was an unscrupulous way to achieve his own goals. It is basic to live in the last days, so no one cares about what is right. As long as the goal is successful, the current situation requires some means, but the other party is no longer an ordinary human being, but is called the existence of a foreign god.

"So Lin Feng, you said what to do next, I will support you, for the future, we must do our best."

Lin Xiaobao was stimulated by Lin Feng’s words. For the future, Lin Xiaobao will try his best to do whatever it is, but whether they will have a future or not, as long as Lin Feng can’t reach the top energy owner of the time, Lin Feng, they are more dangerous.

"What we are going to is the forbidden place here, that is, the deepest part of the military court."

Lin Feng said it was very easy, but when he heard the words of the forbidden land, Dong Wu knew that Lin Feng had to do something big.

Forbidden places, places that are forbidden to get involved, there are few forbidden places in the last days, and half of the forbidden places are places where zombies appear in groups, such as the deep mountains in the north of the Tianheng Mountains. In the forbidden places such as the underground world, there are three places. Every place has different treasures, so it is called the forbidden land. The forbidden land of the martial arts has the relics of Agoura. As far as the treasure itself is concerned, Lin Feng has no interest in him, but now guess that Agulha may be One of the gods, so his relics are likely to cause the resurrection of Agula, so you must find the secrets recorded in the forbidden land before the blood pool breaks out. If you can stop the resurrection of Agula, after all, he is a former god, once When Agula is resurrected, there will be two foreign gods in the last days. It is impossible for Lin Feng to deal with them.

In fact, Lin Feng does not know that there is another foreign **** in the end of the world, which is the original Feng Yi.

Now Feng Yi is all black, except for the black skin, it is black dress, everything is dark, like Feng Yi is now the incarnation of darkness, the darkness is surrounded by Feng Yi, and Feng Yi also becomes the messenger of darkness. .

Now Feng Yixun is advancing the taste in the air, floating in the air, only the taste of the gods outside, Feng Yi has not yet said which foreign **** he is, but can be resurrected after death, this ability is absolutely terrible The other gods who are still sleeping most want to get it, but now many gods don't know where to sleep, it is difficult for Feng Yi to find them.

However, now Feng Yi has found one of them, Naia, and Aguilla, who has only the heart and blood left in the underground world. Niya is only invaded by the shape. As long as it is slowly adjusted, it will eventually recover, but Agula is different. Now, Agoura has only the heart and blood left. It is very complicated to want to resurrect Agoura. Although Feng Yi feels a weak death breath coming from the underground, the most important thing is to find Naia. Feng Yi and Naiya can join hands to resurrect Agoura at the fastest speed. At that time, there are three foreign gods in this last world. The three of them can join together to find more sleeping gods, then the rule of the future world. The person is still a **** other than a human being.

"Naya seems to have killed a lot of people. Is it tens of thousands of people who can't clean the zombie genes in his body?"

Feng Yi has seen a lot of corpses on the road. Whether it is ordinary humans or practitioners, their methods of death are the same. The blood is sucked out and the body is like a withered tree branch. I feel like hell, but as a foreign god, Feng Yi, this situation is like a human being talking about the lives and deaths of several ants. The external **** sees human beings as if human beings treat ants, life and death have nothing to do.

But if the ants work together, the human beings will be overthrown by the power of the ants, and the gods can't escape this conclusion. No matter how small the human beings are to them, as long as countless humans resist together, the gods can't stay here.

But here is the end of the world, the end of the world, and the end of life. Everyone cares only about their own lives. No one cares about how this world will become. Human beings are so weak that if the gods appear in front of human beings in their original form, isn’t humanity waiting for death to come?

In the underground world, Lin Feng’s three people said that they had done it. The three of them had already reached the front of the forbidden land. They said that it was forbidden, but they didn’t even have the guards. I thought it was the last time that there was no existence value of the forbidden place. Since Agoura’s relics were lost in the last incident, then I would not be here to be a key place to guard.

"You two must be careful. Although there are no people guarding here, there are still monsters buried in the ground. You can't touch anything when you get inside. If you release the monster below, you will have a big problem."

Lin Feng carefully explained to the two, but Dong Wu and Lin Xiaobao seem to be indifferent. The style of the forbidden place is very similar to the ancient Chinese architecture in the original world, except that the far right of the three statues inside is broken in the last incident. The other two are still well preserved. According to Fan Bin, behind these two statues is the seal of the underground monster. As long as the three gods are not destroyed at the same time, the monster will not be released. Now the two remaining statues are still intact. In the forbidden area, Lin Feng does not worry that the monster will be released.

"You look carefully, there are books about the Sea World, and if you find it, you will retreat immediately."

After Lin Feng’s release of the news, the three men immediately dispersed and began to find ways to enter the sea world in the forbidden area.



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