Celestial Immortal - Chapter 773 The rest of my life promises to cut the past, the present and the future

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  Chapter 773 Xu Dao for the rest of his life, cutting past, present and future

  The outskirts of Yuqin City, Yunzhou, Feizhou Station, and the pier on the top of the mountain.

  A middle-aged Taoist in Tsing Yi stood upright, beside him, followed by a young Taoist and a little "Taoist". The three of them looked at the sea of ​​clouds together, looking forward to it.

   "Master, when will the master and mother-in-law arrive?"

  Chu Baiqing went back and forth with his spiritual sense, trying his best to spy on something, but unfortunately, although flying boats came from a distance from time to time, they never waited for Master and his party.

   "Soon, your master said, it will arrive this morning."

  Daoist Xu Ping looked calm, and the ancient well was calm, appearing very calm, which formed a sharp contrast with the frizzy Chu Baiqing.

  However, this does not mean that Daoist Xu is not excited.

  Although more than half a year has passed, he is still excited and delighted by the happy event of the great apprentice becoming a great supernatural power.

The great apprentice has achieved great supernatural powers, which means that the Lingshan School has overcame obstacles and blazed a trail. It proves that the Lingshan School has made a major breakthrough in deduction and perfection of major exercises, and has successfully reformed and transformed. The list of sects.

  This event, to others, may mean that the apprentice came from afar and the master went to pick up the apprentice, but to Xu Ping, it was of great significance.

  To this day, the orthodox Dharma lineage of the Lingshan School is not in the master Fu Hua, nor in him, but in the great apprentice Chu Chen.

  Where the great apprentice is, there is the Lingshan Dharma vein.

  This is also the reason why he, as a master, took leave of absence from Yuqin Taoist Academy to pick up his apprentices.

  Right now, rather than picking up apprentices, it's better to say it's taking back "Lingshan Orthodoxy".

   "Master, the flying boat of the Jiuyou League, it is Master and the others who have come."

  Guang Gengsheng remained silent, but his spiritual sense kept on searching, when he saw a flying boat bearing the banner of the Nine Nether Union Chamber of Commerce approaching the peak group of the post station.

  Guang Gengsheng's temperament is very similar to Chu Chen's, he has always been calm,

  However, when he saw his master who was like a brother like a father, he didn't think too much about it, soaring through the clouds and driving the fog, he rushed towards the flying boat that was coming.

   "Brother, wait for me,"

  Chu Baiqing saw his senior brother fly away, without saying a word, the soles of his feet grew clouds and chased after him.

   "Master~Master (mother-in-law)."

  After arriving at the boundary of Yunzhou, Chu Chen, Qingying, Xiao Guizai, Hu Dali and his party came to the deck of the flying boat.

   "Rebirth, Bai Qing."

  Seeing the two boys rushing over, Chu Chen couldn't help showing a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

  Unknowingly, a year has passed, and Master Xu Ping has taught him very well.

  Chu Baiqing's Taoism practice has become more and more refined, he has enlightened the five respects and six organs Yuanjun, and has initially entered the seventh-rank late stage Taoism cultivation level, surpassing the junior brother He Tong by leaps and bounds, faintly catching up with the elder brother Zhenqing.

  Chu Chen was not surprised at all that his little apprentice Chu Baiqing was progressing quickly in his practice. With the foundation of innate gods and spirits, and without the suppression of Dao, this kid's cultivation talent is definitely the best in the world.

  The descendants of any innate gods are far inferior to him. Even if he sleeps every day, his cultivation base has steadily improved within a breath.

  In fact, to Chu Chen's surprise, the great apprentice Guang Gengsheng made a breakthrough.

  Breakthrough from the eighth-rank Taoism to the seventh-rank, and, presumably, it has been a while since the breakthrough, and also enlightened a seventh-rank and six-fu Yuanjun, whose true essence has strong mana and extremely solid cultivation.

  A good teacher should teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

  Great apprentice Guang Gengsheng has a high level of comprehension, and mana cultivation requires hard work. He is a late-blooming apprentice, and the initial stage of practice is very difficult.

  However, Guang Gengsheng's performance far exceeded Chu Chen's expectations.

  Obviously, the big apprentice was really extremely hardworking during his lifetime.

   "Rebirth, yes, the cultivation base is vigorous, neither arrogant nor impetuous, I am very pleased to be a teacher."

  Guang Gengsheng smiled reservedly: "Master and ancestors taught well."

   Chu Baiqing, who was talking to Qingying at the side, heard this, and rushed forward immediately:

   "Master, I have also made great progress."

   "Yes yes yes, master has seen it, practice hard, and try to catch up with your master Zhenqing as soon as possible."


  Chu Chen smiled, and didn't say much with the two apprentices, but looked far away, and landed on the middle-aged Taoist in Tsing Yi, who was surrounded by clouds and mist on the mountain not far away.

   Immediately, he was slightly taken aback, with a look of surprise on his face.

  Before, Master Xu Ping was thoughtful, frowning from time to time, giving people a serious and old-fashioned feeling, but now, the impression of the past has dissipated with the wind.

  Mountain mist was blowing on his face, and his clothes were fluttering. This middle-aged Taoist exuded a dusty air, and he was indescribably free and easy.

   "Disciples, you are here."

  Qingying bowed slightly: "I have met Master Xu."

  Xu Ping was surprised when he heard the words, but he quickly thought of something, and his face was full of surprise:

   "Good, good, good boy, don't be too polite, we will be a family from now on, don't be polite."

  Although Daoist Xu Ping is alone, an old bachelor, and has fallen into the prestige of the old Lingshan, but he understands.

Qingying bowed to him as the princess of the Diyuan Dragon Palace and the venerable monk with great supernatural powers, and followed her big apprentice to address him as "Master Xu", the meaning is self-evident-the relationship between the two pierced the window paper, and also It was approved by the Dragon King.

   Immediately, Daoist Xu Ping's eyes fell on the apprentice, with an appearance of "I am very optimistic about the boy as a teacher".

  Chu Chen smiled slightly, everything was kept silent, without explaining too much, but could not help but sigh:

   "Master, you have changed, you have become calm and easy."

  Daoist Xu Ping was taken aback when he heard this.

  The disciple's casual words made him have mixed feelings.

Throughout his career of seeking Taoism for dozens of years, strictly speaking, the first half of his life was not for his own practice, but for taking over the burden of Lingshan Taoism from his master, Taoist Fu Hua. It is to lead the reform and transformation of the Lingshan School, so that the incense of the Lingshan School can be passed on, and even carried forward.

  For this reason, he has been tempered and drank bitterly.

  Especially when he was unable to make a breakthrough after spending many years in the Seventh Grade of Dao Xing because of perfecting his skills, during those dark years, his inner suffering and pain were unimaginable to others.

  It seems to take that old vinegar as ink and write it in my heart, full of sadness.

  Fortunately, the dawn breaks and all hardships come. The great apprentice Chu Chen is a ray of light in the dark years, bringing him hope.

   Right now, the apprentice is shining brightly in the sky, taking over his burden in one fell swoop.

  As a master, being overtaken by his apprentice, he felt a sense of loss, but more relaxed and at ease.

  From then on, he, Xu Ping, lost all his obsessions and made a sincere promise.

  Daoist Xu Ping shook his head and smiled freely:

   "After becoming a teacher, there will be no more fetters, and the rest of my life will be promised."

  Chu Chen and Qing Ying felt Xu Ping's mood change, and when they saw this dusty and free and easy demeanor, the two were overjoyed, and they both cupped their hands:

   "Congratulations to Master (Master Xu)."

  Daoist Xu Ping nodded slightly, very satisfied, then smiled and said to Chu Chen:

   "Teacher, Xianting really transferred you to Yunzhou to serve as the deputy governor of the state."

Qingying smiled and said: "Master Xu, Erlang is not just the deputy governor of Yunzhou. You are far away in Yunzhou, so I don't think you know it. Deputy supervisory censor."

  Xu Pingdao grew up surprised.

The official report on the reorganization of the Tianchao Xianting Center has not yet been issued to Yunzhou. As the head of the Wupin County Taoist Academy, he is not included in the list of great supernatural powers, and he has no first-hand information about the Xianting Center. Added alternate elders of the Central Elders' Home and concurrently served as the left deputy supervisor of Yunzhou.

  He has been in the Immortal Court for many years, so he naturally knows that the disciple's recovery is extraordinary this time, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he has been promoted to three levels.

Especially the "Alternate Elder" of the Central Elder's House is extremely important. With this status, one's own big apprentice is the real "Immortal Court High Skill", and in the future, he will enter the Central Elder's House as a substitute, and then he will directly enter the Immortal Court Central , becoming one of the top officials in Xianting.

   This is an unprecedented major breakthrough for the Lingshan School.

  There is a fairy court with high merit as the banner, who is expected to show his face in the Taoist sects of the world and make a name for himself. This is an indispensable key step for the Lingshan sect to enter the ranks of the "big sect of immortal sects" and "Xian sect of dao sects".

   "Hahahaha~ good, God bless my Lingshan."

   Taoist Xu Ping looked up to the sky and laughed, becoming more free and easy. It is good to have a promising apprentice, and the burden on his body is lightened again.

   "Master~Master, and me, I am also promising, so look at me!"

  While everyone was talking and laughing, a certain kid standing on the deck with his hands behind his back couldn't hold his breath.

  Just now, it has never taken the initiative to greet it, just waiting for the master to look over and find that it is different.

  However, things backfired.

  From the beginning to the end, the master didn't raise his eyes to look at him, it was neatly dressed, and all the ostentation it worked so hard to put on was all in vain.

  The little ghost boy was so depressed, he had no choice but to be on the mountain, if I came to the mountain, he ran up to the master.

   "Master, look at me."

  Daoist Xu Ping actually discovered that the little ghost boy had broken through the bottleneck and condensed the fairy boy's real body.

  Ear Bao Xiantong's breakthrough is easier than that of a monk, not to mention, his big apprentice is lucky and has accumulated a lot of merit, and the little devil has followed him a lot. Breakthroughs are not uncommon in the near future.

   "My lord, I saw it, he has broken through the fourth rank, not bad."

  Although Daoist Xu Ping is a serious person, he is especially strict with the little ghost, but he is not blindly strict. If the little ghost has made good progress, he is not stingy with praise. Immediately, he smiled kindly, nodded repeatedly, and just wanted to give a good compliment.

  However, the little ghost boy was impatient at the moment, pointing to the fourth-grade high-level Taoist robe on his body, and said to Xu Pingdao:

   "Master, you didn't see it, it's not a breakthrough, look at my Taoist robe, it's a fourth-grade high-gong Taoist robe, it's not an ordinary Taoist robe!"

  The little ghost raised his chest high, like a victorious rooster, staring at all directions with endless pride:

   "Master, now I am no longer the little ghost I used to be. I am the fourth rank [Five Thunder Cave Spirit Master] granted by the Immortal Court. According to the rules, Master, you have to salute when you see me."

  Chu Chen, Qingying, Guang Gengsheng: "Σ(⊙▽⊙"a"

   Daoist Xu Ping was stunned, and swallowed the praise and encouragement in the belly draft. There was no smile on his face, and he stood there, speechless for a long time.

  There was no sound on the field, the wind was blowing and the fog was rolling, and the wind was cold.

   "Why don't you talk anymore, master, why is your face turning green and turning white?"

   At the Feizhou Inn on the outskirts of Yuqin City, Taoist Master Xu Ping didn't get angry, and he didn't even scold the little devil.

  There is no other reason, the fourth-grade high-level Taoist robe on the little ghost boy is not a decoration.

   Wearing Taoist robes, let alone Taoist Xu Ping, even Taoist Taoist Taihe, the governor of Yunzhou, can't easily point the nose at the little devil and scold him, let alone teach him a lesson.

  Even if a fourth-grade fairy boy has no official position, he is still a high-level supernatural power in the fairy court. As a fairy official in the fairy court, Daoist Xu Ping naturally cannot violate the rules in public and break the rules.

  Of course, you can't do it in public, but it's another matter in private.

  Go back to the suburb of Yuqin City, Qingchen Mountain Garden that Qingying bought.

  The "insidious and cunning" Xu Laodao returned to the mountain garden and asked the little ghost for a fourth-rank Taoist robe to observe on the spot.

  Chu Chen who was present couldn't bear it, so he reminded the little ghost through voice transmission with his spiritual consciousness.

  However, the little ghost boy who was full of showing off in his heart would not listen to his senior brother, and immediately handed in the Gaogong Taoist robe without saying a word.

  The results speak for themselves.

  The screams resounded through the mountain garden, and the shaking beasts ran and birds flew.

  After the little ghost boy broke through the realm of great supernatural powers, his serious killing methods did not improve, but he became more resistant to beating.

   After two full hours of beating, the little ghost was beaten to the point of smoking, which was a miserable experience.

  Chu Chen didn't save the little ghost boy.

  Although the master beat the little ghost violently, he did it with discretion, and during the beating, he used the "fairy boy psychic method" to further improve the little ghost's real fairy body.

  Master Xu Pingdao is the master of the little devil. This time he used the [Fairy Child Method] to completely cut off the fetters.

  It is of great benefit to the little ghost, and it will be a perfect fit with Chu Chen in the future.

  Of course, the original spellcasting method didn't need to be so rough.

  However, who let the little ghost find trouble for himself.

  After cutting off the last bond of the contract, the little ghost returned to Chu Chen's magic book to be warmed up.

   As for Chu Chen, he did not rush to Zhoucheng to take up his post.

  The journey went quite smoothly. There are still two days before he is due to take up his post, so there is no need to worry too much.

  So, Chu Chen restrained his breath, left Qingchen Mountain Garden in a low-key manner with his master Xu Ping, and rushed towards Yuqin Mountain.

   Daoist Xu Ping did not say where he went.

  However, Chu Chen was clear in his heart.

  Master is going to take him to see Master Fu Hua.

   In other words, Master Xu Ping’s trip was to tell Master that he lived up to Master’s expectations and handed in a perfect answer—Xin Lingshan Sect overcame obstacles and blazed a trail.

  He, a disciple of Yunzi of Lingshan School, a Taoist of Yunshui, lived up to the great trust of his master.

   More importantly, Master Xu Pingdao made this trip to completely untie the fig leaf of the Lingshan School and cut off the last obsession.

  On the road, Chu Chen couldn't help asking:

   "Master, you are really prepared. If the master and the elders of the old Lingshan are unwilling to step out of the land of peace, what will you do?"

  Hearing the words, Daoist Xu Ping hesitated for a moment, then his eyes were firm, and he said in a deep voice:

   "Anyone who refuses to obey will be expelled from the Lingshan Sect with their dharma name as the teacher. The past, present, and future will be completely eradicated, and your ancestor is no exception!"

  (end of this chapter)

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