Celestial Immortal - Chapter 803 Doing good deeds without asking for reward

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  Chapter 803 But do good deeds, don't ask about the future

   "I don't know the result of the top-level fight"

  Speaking of Mr. Ming Jing, Chu Chen became curious about the fighting skills at the top.

   This battle between good and evil is not only the frontier guarding army, but the border counties and counties in the southwestern eight states are fiercely fighting, and the fighting between the top levels is even more intense.

  Mr. Mingjing, Yulou Daoist, and the supernatural monsters behind the Celestial Fairy Court, who are comparable to immortals, must have confronted the Demon Court and the real demons from outside the territory.

  Did not dare to say anything else, he was sure that there was a high probability that the Celestial Dynasty would have a direct conflict with Luo Guixiang, an extraterritorial demon realm.

  After all, he reported the information about Luo Guixiang to Mr. Mingjing in great detail, and he informed Luo Guizhen in advance of the news that Luo Guizhen was about to make a move. The Celestial Dynasty would not give up this opportunity.

   At this point, Chu Chen became interested.

  Hold a mirror and abide by one law.

  Call out the avatar [Five-Color Dream Dragon], incarnate as the sky demon "Red Dragon Demon King", communicate with Luo Guixiang in the extraterritorial demon realm, and inquire about news.

   The first person to communicate was naturally [Become a Demon and Be an Ancestral Alliance].

  【Tifu Mozi: Damn it, the avatar I cultivated with great difficulty is broken. Brothers, how about you? 】

  【A fifth-rank devil: Oops, Your Highness Tifu, my incarnation has also been broken. The Dachang Heavenly Dynasty seems to be prepared, and its strength is strong. It is very unlucky to die in half an hour after my incarnation. 】

  【A certain sixth-rank devil: My side is similar, the opponent's strength is just a little bit stronger than ours, and it just beats us. 】

  【A fifth-grade demon: Your Highness Hongye is here, Your Highness, how are your results? 】

  【Red Leaf Devil: My incarnation was also killed, and even I was almost left behind by a monk with great supernatural powers, and my life was hanging by a thread. 】

  【Demons: Σ(⊙▽⊙“a】

  As Tifu Mozi and Hongye Mozi confessed that they had missed their hands, and their incarnations were ruined, [Become a Demon and Be an Ancestral Alliance] exploded all of a sudden.

  Of course, not all monsters are beaten, there are also monsters who eat meat and plunder the living resources.

  However, that is only a very small number, most of them have eaten their bones and experienced a big defeat. Some people even died in the southwestern eight states and never came back.

   Demonic people are violent and irritable.

  The crowd was so excited that cursing would be like adding fuel to the fire.

This group of extraterrestrial demons became more and more angry, jumping their feet in anger, the voice of the divine sense sound transmission in the entire [Becoming a Demonic Ancestor Alliance] scolded the Celestial Court bloodyly, belittled it to the fullest, it was disgusting, Unbearable.

  However, Chu Chen listened with great enthusiasm.

  The harder this group of extraterrestrial demons scolded, the happier he was.

   After all, the reason why this group of devils suffered heavy losses was because of his intelligence.

   After listening to it, in addition to being secretly refreshed, I also found out an important news-the space channel between [Luo Guixiang] and Dachang World is about to be closed.

   "The space channel is closed? What's going on here?"

  A look of surprise appeared on Chu Chen's face.

  A few years ago, before the Demon Court was born, the Southern Barbarian Alliance colluded with [Luo Guixiang] to prevent the Dachang Dynasty from expanding its territory, and lured wolves into the house, opening up a space channel for it.

  Consequently, it made it easier for the heavenly demon under the great supernatural power of [Luo Guixiang] to come to the southwestern eight states, causing a lot of trouble to the Celestial Court.

  In recent years, many immortal cultivators have been bewitched by the heavenly demons, and they have become obsessed, and the Celestial Court has lost a lot.

  Right now, this space channel is about to be closed.

  Chu Chen was overjoyed.

  This means that Mr. Ming Jing has achieved rich results.

  Once the space channel is closed, it will have to rely on luck if the extraterritorial celestial demons from [Luo Guixiang] want to come to this world in the future.

  For a moment, his heart was full of curiosity, and he was about to ask, but when the words came to his lips, he held back and continued diving in [Cheng Mo Do Ancestral Alliance].

  In fact, the Red Dragon Demon King has been diving for a long time.

  Originally, after Chu Chenjiu occupied the magpie's nest, he planned to show up and run [Cheng Mo Do Ancestral Alliance], and develop it into an intelligence network.

  However, Tianchi Demon King warned him to show up later to show his supernatural powers, so as not to be guessed about his identity in the inner world and cause trouble.

  Chu Chen deeply thinks that, before, the Red Dragon Mozi bragged and said that his incarnation of seizing the house was in the Celestial Court.

  In the past two years, there are only a few people who have broken through the realm of great supernatural powers in the eight states of the Southwest. They can be eliminated one by one by the method of elimination, and they will soon be ranked on him.

  To be on the safe side, it's best to show the true cultivation of the "Red Dragon Demon King" a year or two later.

  So, Chu Chen did not continue diving in [Cheng Mo Be the Master Alliance], but contacted the "Red Dragon Demon King" father Tianchi Demon King, and asked him what happened.

   Not long after, the news of Tianchi Demon King came.

[Fuqiu boy, yes, the space channel has indeed been destroyed, and it will be completely cut off in a few days. It is said that His Majesty Luo Gui was plotted by the Dachang Heavenly Dynasty and lost the battle. My father does not know the specific situation. Furious, no one dares to ask more questions, Fuqiu boy, you have a demon body in the world in the domain, and you will not be affected, so you can just stay dormant in the domain, practice hard, and don’t need to intervene in the battle at the top.]

   "Haha~ Luogui Zhenmo really suffered a defeat."

  After inquiring about the news, Chu Chen returned to the domain with all his heart, and received the [Old Monarch Sun Moon Sixiang Eight Diagrams Mirror] and clone magical powers. He was in a very high mood and his face was full of smiles.

   "Brother, what are you laughing at?"

  In the house, the little ghost boy is holding the incense burner to enjoy the spiritual incense, very curious: "If there is anything interesting, tell me too."

   "It's okay, brother, I"

  Just as he was about to say something, the [Zhou Zuo Deputy Supervision Order] on his waist suddenly emitted a faint aura.

   "It's a coincidence that Mr. Ming Jing summoned me."

  Chu Chen became interested, ignored the little ghost, closed his eyes and calmed his mind, and his consciousness sank into the [Zhou Zuo Deputy Supervision Order].

  The screen changes.

  Shanglin Garden, the imperial capital, with pavilions, terraces and pavilions, waterside pavilions and rockeries, colorful flowers, is too beautiful to behold.

  A large waterfall flies straight down from the high mountain, swimming fish leaps over the dragon gate, cranes hit the sky, and the waves steam up with light water vapor and white mist, dense like a fairyland.

  On the waterfall viewing platform, Mr. Ming Jing stood with his hands behind his back, watching the waterfall without saying a word.

   "Disciple has met Mr.!"

  Chu Chen manifested his soul and bowed to Mr. Ming Jing.


  Mr. Ming Jing pointed to his side.

  Chu Chen understood, took a step forward, came to the side of Mr. Ming Jing, and stood halfway back.

   "Ling Xiao, not bad."

  Mr. Ming Jing shifted his eyes from the various dragon fishes that were swimming up again and again, and landed on Chu Chen who was stepping forward, and said with a smile:

   "I and Fellow Daoist Yulou have great confidence in your magical powers, but unexpectedly, I still underestimated you."

  Chu Chen knew that Mr. Ming Jing appeared to say that he had killed Empress Liu Qiao, so he immediately cupped his hands and saluted:

   "Thanks to the master's cultivation, without the sun essence stone and basalt spirit stone you rewarded, how could I cultivate the supernatural powers of the whole body, so that I can fight two with one."

   "Hahaha~ This is the fortune you deserve."

  Mr. Ming Jing smiled loudly, in a great mood: "This time, your intelligence has made a contribution again."

  Chu Chen saw that Mr. Ming Jing was very happy, and he did not hide it, and he had a vague guess in his heart.

  Mr. Ming Jing, Longyan Dayue, I am afraid that it is not only because of the great victory in the Southwest, the main reason is the victory or defeat between the top floors.

   "Sir, I heard that the space passage between Luo Guixiang and our world will be closed soon?"


  Mr. Mingjing nodded slightly, and said lightly:

   "I learned that Luogui Zhenmo intends to make a move, so I ordered Yulou Daoist friends to join a group of senior experts who are good at stargazing and divination to deduce his whereabouts. After a lot of twists and turns, I finally deduced his whereabouts."

"Speaking of which, thanks to your information, the Luogui True Demon's attack this time is not to attack a certain Xuanmen master, but to take advantage of the birth of the Demon Court to permanently solidify the space channel when the fate of the kingdom is in chaos. Let [Luo Guixiang] connect our world."

  Speaking of this, Mr. Ming Jing couldn't help showing a look of joy on his face:

   "Fortunately, we discovered his unruly attempt in time, and worked together to repel him, otherwise there will be no small trouble."

   Chu Chen was shocked when he heard the words, not only was the trouble not small, but the trouble was serious.

  If Luo Guizhen's demon can do it, then this world will become [Luo Guixiang]'s back garden, or even a granary for full stomachs.

  If the immortal cultivator is a little slack and spends his life with greed and distractions, a powerful demon will probably take advantage of it.

  Cultivation is difficult, you don't need to think about it.

  After all, even the ancient sages who proved the Tao and became immortals and Buddhas in the past dynasties, greed, hatred and ignorance are indispensable on the road of practice, with a lot of distracting thoughts, and being stared at by a group of demons all the time, it is scary to think about it.

  Chu Chen was also surprised.

  In his intelligence, there is not much news about Luogui Zhenmo. After all, he is the master of the demon realm at the level of a fairy.

  The focus of the intelligence is still the deployment of the magic forces under the command of the magic court in the southwestern eight states.

  As the saying goes, the most brief information has made the greatest contribution.

   "Sir, is the space channel permanently closed?"

   "This is not certain, but in the next few years, the eight states in the southwest may be peaceful for a period of time. The demon court has just been established, and there are many internal disputes. Then the Wanfa Demon Emperor will be dominated by Anne."

   "Sir, that's not bad. Give us a few years to manage the eight states in the southwest, and our strength must be improved to a higher level, and we can gradually erode it"


  Yuqin guards the mansion, a clean room for practice.

  After seeing Mr. Ming Jing, Chu Chen's soul returned to Yuqin Mountain in Yunzhou.

  When he opened his eyes, he was startled.

  There is no other reason, and the little devil's round head moved in front of him, looking forward to:

   "Brother~ You are finally back, sister Yinger has been waiting for a long time."

  Chu Chen glanced at her head, and saw Qingying standing in front of the desk, holding a pen and swishing it, quietly and elegantly, after finishing writing, she put the pen on the pen holder, and walked over slowly:

   "Erlang, 60% of the Tiancaidibao merchants you asked me to buy are in stock, and the rest of the treasures will take a few days to get ready."

"Not urgent."

  Chu Chen smiled. It is not easy to refine the high-level elixir of strengthening the foundation and cultivating vitality. After a few days of work, he is naturally patient:

   "Ying'er, do you want [Shenshi Pill]?"

  Qingying shook her head: "Erlang, use it yourself, I don't need a panacea to improve my cultivation."

   These words are quite arrogant.

  However, the jewel in the palm of the Diyuan Dragon Palace, the only precious daughter of the Diyuan Dragon Lord, seemed so natural.

   Chu Chen thought about it, but didn't insist.

  Qingying does not lack the panacea to improve her cultivation, such as rare medicines and precious medicines. In addition to her high talent in cultivation, her cultivation improves very quickly.

  As a descendant of an innate god, her biggest obstacle is the improvement of Taoism.

  As long as the realm of Taoism is improved, the improvement of cultivation base is a matter of course, and there is no need to worry about it at all.

  Qingying thought for a while, then felt something was wrong, and said:

   "Erlang, you are using a great medicine from monsters and beasts to make alchemy. The erysipelas is too heavy, so you should not take too much. You have outstanding talent in Taoism, so there is no need to act too hastily."

  Chu Chen nodded slightly: "Well, I know it well. Originally, I also planned to give one to Master and Sister Wan'er. I will take the rest of the panacea, so I won't mess around."

【Shenshi Pill】Using great supernatural powers and monsters to collect medicine and make alchemy, no matter how good the alchemy technique is, it cannot completely strip away the evil energy in the original energy of the monster. Suitable for multiple use.

   As an alchemist, Chu Chen couldn't be more clear, and he is well-measured.

"That's good."

   Qingying took a reassurance, thought of something, and asked with great interest:

   "Erlang, you made a great contribution this time, did Mr. Ming Jing give you a big reward?"

  Qing Ying heard that Chu Chen had obtained a lot of information from the extraterrestrial demons, and reported it to Mr. Ming Jing.

  Now that the Southwest has won a great victory, Mr. Ming Jing will never forget the people who have done meritorious service.

  The little devil also became interested when he heard the words:

   "That's right, brother, what did Mr. Ming Jing reward you this time?"

  Just now, the senior brother went to the reward banquet and came back to reward him with three spiritual incense sticks.

  It remembers it very clearly, Mr. Ming Jing is very generous, and the spirit incense is sent by car by car.

  My senior brother came back from begging for a reward, wouldn’t it be sent out, wouldn’t it be able to receive the reward again?

  Chu Chen saw Qingying and Xiao Guizi looking forward to him, with embarrassment on his face:

   "Ahem, I forgot."

  Qingying: "."

  Little Guizi pursed his lips, and glanced at his senior brother with disgust:

   "Brother, you can't do it, you have to look at me for rewards, you should learn from it in the future."

  Chu Chen and Qing Ying couldn't help laughing when they heard the words, indeed, the little devil is invincible in the world.

   After all, sincerity is the greatest weapon.

   It's just that Qingying couldn't help laughing when thinking of the scene of Chu Chen imitating the little ghost begging for rewards.

   "Hahahaha goose goose~"

  Chu Chen saw that Qingying covered her mouth and smiled softly, and then looked at the little devil with a face of "hating iron but not steel", and shook his head.

  Just now, he indeed forgot to ask for a reward.

  Mr. Ming Jing didn’t mention it either, and I don’t know if he was too interested in talking and forgot.

  In fact, for Chu Chen's contribution this time, the reward is definitely not small.

  However, Chu Chen was quite calm at the moment, and did not worry about gain or loss because of this.

  What he does is not for personal gain or loss, nor is it to show loyalty to Mr. Ming Jing, but to pay attention to a clear conscience.

   No shame for him personally, no shame for this world.

   "Don't worry about him, I'm a monk, but do good deeds, don't ask about the future."

  Chu Chen's thoughts are clear and his body is relaxed.

   At this time, Qingying and Xiaoguizai showed astonishment:

   "Erlang (senior brother)!"

   Chu Chen was startled, and realized something, and turned his head abruptly.

  Behind him, a majestic **** general stands majestically, with a red-purple face, red robe, golden armor, long beard, holding a broadsword in his hand, and riding a cloud of fire on his feet, coming from the south.

   Chu Chen was surprised when he saw it:

   "Excellent and wonderful, the incarnation of Chongning Zhenjun!"

  (end of this chapter)

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