Celestial Immortal - Chapter 804 The Origin of Guandi, Master Xujing

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  Chapter 804 Guandi's Origin and Flow Xujing Celestial Master

   "Erlang, you inner master"

  Qingying was very sure that Cai Erlang hadn't cast a spell just now, and this **** would come uninvited.

   What surprised her even more was that this [Marshal Guan] exuded a mysterious and majestic aura.

   "Erlang, you have an epiphany again?!"

  Qingying was so envious, she just chatted and joked casually just now, and this can also be realized, which in turn caused the gods to manifest themselves.

   "I don't know exactly what happened."

  Chu Chen himself was in a daze.

  The [Marshal Guan] in front of me is not really a supernatural general, but it is full of charm. It only takes a period of hard work and polishing to refine it into [Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman].

  A few days ago, he struggled to comprehend [Chongning Zhenjun Talisman] but could not get the hang of it.

  He had let go of his obsessions and wanted to let nature take its course. He devoted himself to studying the righteousness of the Spring and Autumn Period on weekdays, hoping to realize something in the future by chance and coincidence, break through the bottleneck in one fell swoop, and cultivate the **** general [Marshal Guan] to a superb level.

  Who would have thought that it was unintentional.

  Just once, the thought was clear, and after realizing the Taoist heart, he resonated with Guan Shengdijun's way in the dark, broke through the bottleneck silently, and realized the true meaning of [Chongning Zhenjun Talisman].

  Of course, he knew the result of the matter, but he didn't know anything about the specific reason for the breakthrough.

  With curiosity, he immediately pinched the formula and communicated with 【Marshal Guan】.

  After some communication, Chu Chen's face showed a sudden expression.

  This time, he was able to understand the thoughts, coincide with the way of Emperor Guan, and realize the true meaning of [Chongning Zhenjun Talisman]. Then he has to mention the story of Guan Erye who was defeated and died in the battle, and became a **** after his death.

  At that time, Erye Guan was defeated and fled Maicheng. After his death, he became a ghost and floated to Yuquan Mountain in Dangyang, Jingzhou.

  Because of this, Guan Erye did not go to the nether world to be reincarnated after his death, but stayed in the world, became a **** of Shinto, with a high status, enjoying the incense of all people.

   Over time, Guan Erye became the Jingzhou City God.

  Gai was admired by the emperors of all dynasties because of his unparalleled loyalty and righteousness. Then he became a **** of worship. The incense was very strong, and Guandi temples sprung up all over the place.

  However, Shinto ghosts and gods are born with limitations, the future is uncertain, and the dynasty is more orderly. Later, a word from the emperor can remove the Shinto gods from the list of worship, which leads to their bleak path and fear of falling.

  In other words, although the God of Incense is honorable and noble, he cannot be detached.

  Second Master Guan's journey should have been the same.

However, a twist of fate brought about a qualitative change in Guan Erye's life. He went from being a ghost in the world to Fengdu in the Netherworld, and then ascended to the Ministry of Thunder in the Heavenly Court. Respected by the three families, the omnipotent god!

  Shenzhou World, Northern Song Dynasty, Chongning two years.

  Xiezhou built a shrine to worship the Yellow Emperor, but the world does not know that this is the place where the Yellow Emperor killed Chiyou, and Chiyou's blood stained Jiezhou.

  It was a coincidence that Jiezhou sacrificed to the Yellow Emperor, and Chi You's remnant soul was revived. Seeing him, he became angry, and then turned into a wicked dragon, causing chaos and chaos, and finally alarmed the current emperor Song Weizong.

   Song Huizong sent people to Longhu Mountain on the right side of the river, and asked Zhang Tianshi to come out of the mountain to surrender the evil Jiao.

This Tianshi Zhang is none other than Zhang Jixian, the famous 30th generation of Tianshi Xujing, named Jiawen, Daozheng, and named Heranzi. Xu Jing Chong Hongwu Dao Zhenjun" "Xuanfeng Evolution Tianzun".

   Celestial Master Xujing has been supernatural since he was a child, and he was born with strange powers. He couldn't speak until he was five years old. Until one day, he heard the sound of a rooster crowing, suddenly laughed, and then wrote a poem:

   "The spiritual chicken has five virtues, the crown is inseparable from the body, and the five watches open their mouths to wake up the dreamer."

  The next day, five-year-old Tianshi Xujing even sat on the lotus, as if a fairy descended from the earth, showing his immortal demeanor.

  When people saw him, they were all amazed, thinking that he was endowed with extraordinary talents and had the appearance of a real fairy.

In other words, Zhang Jingduan, the twenty-ninth celestial master of the previous generation, has no heirs. According to the rules, he will inherit the position of celestial master from the younger brothers and heirs of the twenty-ninth generation celestial master. , following the general principle of "establishing an elder but not a young one, establishing a descendant but not a concubine", he was not qualified to inherit the position of celestial master.

  However, because of the extraordinary talent and appearance of Celestial Master Xu Jing, he made an exception to the principle of "choosing talents as teachers" and succeeded him as the Celestial Master.

   That year, he was only nine years old.

   When Song Huizong called him out to kill demons, he was only thirteen years old.

   Celestial Master Xujing went to Beijing to meet the Son of Heaven, Song Huizong asked him:

   "Have you seen a dragon and a tiger in Dragon and Tiger Mountain?"

   Tianshi replied: "Living in the mountains, tigers are often seen. What about dragons, today is the real dragon face."

   Song Huizong heard that Long Yan was very happy, and he felt like old friends at the first sight. After consulting for some advice, he asked Xujing Tianshi to go to Jiezhou to treat the flood in Yanchi.

  So, Xujing Tianshi was ordered to go to Jiezhou to eliminate demons.

  On the way, passing by Dongyue Temple, Master Xujing went to the temple to offer incense, and happened to see the statue of Guan Yu, so he asked the left and right disciples of Longhu Mountain.

   "What **** is this?"

  The disciple of Longhushan replied: "It is the Han general Guan Yu, the **** of loyalty and righteousness."

Celestial Master Xujing thought for a while, since there is a destiny, why not call this **** general to kill the demon, so he picked up a piece of iron slip, drew a six-armed talisman on it, filled in the name of Marshal Guan, took the slip, and A group of disciples went to Jiezhou to subdue the demons.

  When he arrived at the Yanchi in Jiezhou, Celestial Master Xu Jing threw the talisman into the salt pond.

  In an instant, storms arose, thunder and lightning struck.

  A red-purple face, red robe, golden armor, long beard, holding a big knife, came from the south on a cloud of fire, and flew into the salt pond.

  Not enough to warm the wine, Guan Erye killed the demons, calmed the floods, the wind was calm, the sky was clear and the earth was peaceful.

   Immediately afterwards, Master Xujing returned to Beijing to return to his order, and played Song Huizong.

   Song Huizong was overjoyed when he heard the good news, and asked, "Who is the God who killed the dragon?"

   Celestial Master Xu Jing answered truthfully: "Han General Guan Yu."

   Song Huizong came to be interested, so he asked him if he could invite Guan Erye out so that he could meet him.

   Celestial Master Xujing was worried about disturbing Shengjia, so he was unwilling to cast spells. However, Song Huizong repeatedly ordered that the Celestial Master had no choice but to summon Guan Erye by casting spells.

  Under the thunder and lightning, Guan Erye was present above the main hall, holding the Qinglong Yanyue Knife in one hand, and the ferocious dragon head with dried blood in the other. His pair of red phoenix eyes were slightly narrowed, and his expression was arrogant.

   Celestial Master Xu Jing explained it when he summoned Guan Erye, but only showed his face for Song Huizong to watch.

  However, Guan Erye stood in front of the hall and did not retreat for a long time.

Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty was pampered and pampered, but he had never seen a **** general holding a sword and holding the dragon's head with a murderous look. He guessed that he intended to ask for the title, so he threw a Chongning coin on the spot, and rewarded him with this coin. Chongning Zhenjun".

  Guan Erye was born as a military general and would become the God of Wealth in the future, step by step in charge of the power of the God of Wealth in the Three Realms. This time he won the Chongning money, and the chance of being named "Chongning True Monarch" has a lot to do with it.

  Of course, Guan Erye annoyed Celestial Master Xu Jing by relying on his meritorious service and his rude behavior of begging for a reward from the emperor on earth.

  Afterwards, Celestial Master Xujing scolded Erye Guan angrily, and then even played a flying chapter on the heavenly court.

  In the end, Guan Erye was sent to the Netherworld Fengdu for five hundred years.

   Meetings in the world are always so mysterious.

  Although Master Xujing angrily reprimanded Guan Yu and sent him to Fengdu for 500 years, it was still an instruction.

After Guan Erye was punished and sent to Fengdu, he had a faint realization, glimpsed the "way of loyalty", and broke through the shackles of ghosts and gods in a single leap. Emperor Fengdu valued him very much, and ordered him to be General Fengdu Langling to assist Emperor Fengdu of Beiyin in guarding the ghost city of Fengdu.

   I have to say that Guan Erye has an extraordinary opportunity.

  The one who was the Great Emperor of Fengdu of Beiyin at that time was none other than one of the Four Emperors of the Heavenly Court, Emperor Ziwei of Zhongtian Beiji.

The second master Guan got the attention and advice of the crown princes of the three realms, his Taoism reached the pinnacle, soared to the sky, and finally stripped away all the yin, his body turned into pure yang, he became a fairy and ascended to the heaven, he became the revered **** of Leibu, and the fairy road was bright from then on .

   This is the origin of Guan Erye's enlightenment.

  The secret method of [Marshal Fengdulang Lingguan] practiced by Chu Chen, the patriarch of the Dharma Lineage is surprisingly Master Xujing.

  If you want to comprehend [Chongning Zhenjun Talisman] and refine it into a superb magic, you must comprehend the "way of loyalty".

   There is nothing greater than loyalty in the world.

   Loyalty is the virtue of righteousness, and it is the virtue of integrity.

  Loyalty can be divided into big and small, and there are many kinds of small loyalty, but the real big loyalty is to be impartial and selfless to the Dao of heaven and earth, to the truth, and to be consistent. It is the righteous way of heaven and earth.

Chu Chen has made great achievements this time, and he did not ask for rewards for his merits. His thoughts are clear afterwards, but he does good deeds, don’t ask about his future, and only asks himself to be worthy of his heart. "The Way of Great Loyalty" in [Chongning Zhenjun Talisman].

   Then, the vision of [Marshal Guan] coming uninvited and appearing on the spot was born.

  Of course, this experience does not mean that Chu Chen's awareness of Taoism is higher than that of Guan Erye back then.

  Chu Chen didn't care about Mr. Ming Jing's reward, that's because he didn't become a ghost after death, he was still a cultivator, and his journey to immortality was quite bright, so he could afford it and let it go.

  Mr. Ming Jing rewards what he wants.

  Even if there is no reward, that's the same thing.

  The situation of Guan Erye at that time was different. Although he was a god, his incense and belief were only in one place, and his position as a **** was not stable.

"I see!"

  Qingying heard Chu Chen talk about the story behind the "Chongning Zhenjun Talisman", which opened her eyes and made her feel:

   "Fate Dharma Fate Dharma, the word Fate is really wonderful."

   These words, I don't know if they are lamenting Guan Erye's enlightenment deeds, but also lamenting Chu Chen's good fortune.

  After some emotion, Qingying became interested, and looked up and down the general who was holding a dragon-headed sword and narrowed his eyes:

   "Erlang, so to speak, you [Marshal Guan] will be a supernatural general in the future. Speaking of which, I only heard from my father before, and this is the first time I have seen a supernatural general."

  Chu Chen smiled, shook his head and said:

"At the moment it is not considered to be a masterpiece, but I still have to receive and mix Guandi's loyalty and righteousness, sacrifice and integrate it into the divine power of heaven and earth, and spend more than ten years of hard work to seal it into [Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman]. Even if I have a big If you do not delay your cultivation in Mengzhen Township, you will have to spend a few years of hard work before you can really master it, so there is no rush."

   "That's true."

  Qingying nodded slightly. Although she doesn't know how to practice Taoism, she is well-informed.

[Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman] is equivalent to a natal magic weapon that can grow. The stronger the deity's cultivation, the greater the power of this [Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman]. It is extremely amazing, and naturally it is not easy to achieve .

   "Erlang, once [Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman] is refined, it must be very powerful. At that time, I will witness it as soon as possible."

   "That's natural."

  Chu Chen couldn't help but look forward to it when he heard the words.

  The little ghost on the side listened to the conversation between the two, and it also yearned for it:

   "My family's Marshal Guan has become stronger, and my little devil's supernatural powers can go one step further."

  Qingying smiled when she heard the words, and asked curiously:

   "Little ghost, what does [Guan Marshal]'s transformation have to do with you? How did your supernatural powers grow again?"

   "Sister Ying'er, I respect my senior brother as the main god, and his internally refined generals are my generals, so my supernatural powers have greatly increased!"

   While speaking, the little ghost took out a golden talisman from his pocket.

   It is Chu Chen's [Guan Marshal Talisman].

  The little ghost boy has supernatural powers of omens and disasters, but he can't say that his magic powers are powerful or not, it can only be said that he doesn't have them at all.

   This【Guan Marshal Talisman】is for the little devil to defend himself.

  In case Chu Chen is not around, once it encounters danger, it can use this talisman to summon Chu Chen's internal refiner [Marshal Guan] to protect the way and body, and kill demons and demons.

  Little Guizai was very proud and said:

   "Sister Yinger, my little ghost is a disciple of the Fulu Sect of Taoism."

  Qingying was at a loss for words.

   Little Guizai's words made sense, but she couldn't find anything to refute.

  After all, the disciples of the Talisman Sect in the Immortal Cultivation World do not practice alchemy, and the rudimentary form of the Talisman technique they practice is exactly what the little ghost boy is talking about right now.

  Original flavor, the root is red.

  Qingying couldn't help laughing, and joked:

   "Then your supernatural powers will be incredible in the future, ordinary monsters with great supernatural powers are no match for you at all."

  Little Guizi was very proud: "That's not true, senior brother, don't be lazy, help me refine [Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman] quickly."

  Chu Chen couldn't laugh or cry when he heard this.

  Good guy, he has become the wage earner of the little ghost boy.

   Knowing that he became a laborer, Chu Chen was "bad", ignored the little devil's urging, and did not call for a sacrifice on the spot.

  [Chongning Zhenjun Treasure Talisman] is not an ordinary method, it needs a lot of hard work, he didn't rush it for a while.

  After all, when he meditates and practices every day, he will enter the real land of the dream, multi-tasking, thinking and collecting medicines, and there will be no delay in internal training of soldiers and horses, so there is no need to be too impatient.

   After a few days, when Qingying has collected all the supplementary materials of [Shenshi Pill], he plans to refine the panacea that strengthens the foundation, cultivates vitality, and improves cultivation.

   Before that, he planned to deal with the chores at hand.

   not long.

  Ghost general Gao Yuan led a team of yellow scarf warriors, and escorted the heavily bound Blood Silkworm Taoist to the main room.

   "Kneel down!"

  Ghost general Gao Yuan snarled, and lifted his foot on Taoist Xuecan's knee.

   Taoist Blood Silkworm's mana was blocked, how could he stand up to this, immediately knelt down and kowtowed, very embarrassed.

  After a big gift, Taoist Blood Silkworm raised his head resolutely.

  In the past few days, he also understood that the hatred between the two sides has grown, and there is no room for relief.

  Different from the humble begging for mercy a few days ago, this time, Taoist Blood Silkworm’s eyes were full of ferocity:

"Boy, don't think that being supernatural is great. I can't beat you, but I will take revenge on the weak human race. I never used to kill people indiscriminately. It's not good enough. But in the future, people who die at the hands of my clones , the bad karma is half of yours, jie jie jie~"

   Speaking of this, Taoist Xuecan laughed loudly, hissing, his eyes full of madness.

  (end of this chapter)

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