Celestial Immortal - Chapter 805 Wan Ling Ding Colorful Ghost Miasma

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  Chapter 805 Wan Ling Ding Colorful Ghost Miasma

   "Hehe, you are in a hurry."

  Chu Chen couldn't help sneering at Taoist Xuecan's cruel words.

  His enmity with Taoist Xuecan began when he was the governor of Yunlin County in Qingzhou, Taoist Bloodcan assassinated him.

  From the beginning to the end, he slays demons and eliminates demons, with no merit or demerit.

  No matter how recklessly Taoist Blood Silkworm retaliates, his bad karma will not be counted on him in the end, and his accumulated merits will not be deducted because of this.

  Of course, people with high moral requirements and a compassionate heart may feel guilty because of this, and even breed distracting thoughts, which turn into demonic obstacles and disturb their practice.

  The threat of Taoist Blood Silkworm has a certain effect.

   It's just that Chu Chen doesn't like this.

   "It turns out that there is really a clone. I thought you didn't have one, but now you remind me."

  The blood silkworm Taoist’s face remained ferocious, and he was not angry because he was “defrauded”. He also sneered and continued to speak harshly:

   "That's right, I have many avatars, kill me now if you have the ability, I can't touch you, but your relatives and friends, disciples and grandchildren, I will not let go of any of them, hahahaha~"

  Chu Chen hadn't spoken yet, but the little ghost floated out at some point.

  It has a writing brush in its left hand and a black book in its right hand, pointing at Taoist Bloodworm and cursing:

   "Idiot, the aura of calamity above your head has turned into a black cloud, thunder and lightning are blowing, there is no chance of transshipment, life is cut off, and you dare to be rampant!"

   Blood Silkworm Taoist Xu heard something from the words, he was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Chu Chen, then at the little ghost boy, as if he knew something, his face was full of astonishment.

  In his guess, this strong man with supernatural powers who hate curses should be a person from the left sect of witchcraft, but he never thought that he was a harmless Taoist fairy boy.

  Of course, he was even more horrified by Fairy Boy's terrifying methods:

   "You are the mysterious strong man who is good at defeating supernatural powers! How could you curse me, I didn't leave any flaws at all."

  Chu Chen and Xiao Guizai were taken aback when they heard the words, but they quickly guessed the key point.

  Day and night, the little devil, if he has nothing to do, sends disasters to the people on the black book. Anyone with a little vigilance knows that someone is plotting against him behind his back.

  Obviously, the blood silkworm Taoist regards the little ghost as a strong man who is proficient in the supernatural power of disgusting and cursing.

   Seeing the other party in astonishment, the little ghost was full of pride in his heart, and held his head high:

"This fairy boy is the ear report fairy boy of my senior brother. He is good at mediating disasters and catastrophes. He is not a magic spell that overcomes curses. This fairy boy has great magical powers. If you take a look at you, you don't need to know your name, date of birth, hair, essence, and blood. , I can lock you in the void, I have caused countless disasters for you in the past few years, do you remember, hahahaha, this time, taking advantage of the general trend of disasters, I finally wiped you out completely!"

   Taoist Blood Silkworm heard the words, he was no longer as fierce and domineering as before, and his face was full of horror.

  Since a few years ago, he has been unlucky from time to time, his luck is extremely bad, and his days are very miserable. He is very clear about the magical power of this fairy boy who mediates disasters.

   Right now, listening to Xiantong's verdict, his whole body trembled.

   As we all know, the Fairy Boy of Ear Report has always been straightforward, saying what comes to mind.

  Its casual sentence is very likely to be a secret.

  He didn't care about Chu Chen's threat, but the verdict of this inconceivably powerful and terrifying fairy boy who mediated disasters made him fear from the bottom of his heart.

  What does that mean.

   "No, you're talking nonsense, I'm not going to die, you're talking nonsense"

  The blood silkworm Taoist roared at the top of his lungs, with shock and anger on his face, and a faint feeling of something bad in his heart.

   "I have set up a restraining formation in the house, so don't try to communicate with your avatar."

  Chu Chen sneered.

  It is also a split body technique, and there are also upper and lower points.

  His method of keeping a bright mirror belongs to the superior method. The deity and the clone communicate with each other at all times without delay, and can basically use one mind for two purposes.

  The blood silkworm Taoist's avatar method is essentially a soul-splitting technique, but it can't communicate at all times without delay, and the avatars need to use secret methods to communicate.

   It is best for the major avatars to communicate several times a day, so as to ensure that the major avatars do not have two hearts.

   "Brother, quickly cast a spell to remove his clone, let him know how powerful I am."

  Little Guizai kept urging, looking forward to it.

  Chu Chen nodded slightly, pinched the sword formula, and then the Qinglong sword in the sword box behind his back flew out.

   "Qinglong Shenjian, Iori Weiyou, Qinglong Tianmu, thousands of miles away, my eyes are fleeting, slashing evil spirits, haikus take their heads, and hurry like a law."

   "Qinglong Tianmu, open!"

  With a dragon chant, the Azure Dragon True Spirit flew out of the sword box and wandered around Chu Chen's body.

   Gradually, the clouds and mist filled the air.

  The Azure Dragon True Spirit peeped at the Blood Silkworm Taoist from the clouds and mist, with dim eyes.

   Driven by Chu Chen, the Qinglong True Spirit flew towards the Blood Silkworm Taoist, wandered around him, and collected the spirit of his body.


  The Azure Dragon True Spirit was cruising around the house, roaring to the sky from time to time, sending out bursts of earth-shattering dragon chant.

  Indistinctly, there were thunderclaps in the void.

  The blood silkworm Taoist feels the peeping of the true spirit of Qinglong, and feels bad.

  Although he didn't know what supernatural power Chu Chen was using, he could guess one or two. This was probably a deduction supernatural power, using his clone to deduce other clones.

   Thinking of this, Daoist Blood Silkworm became nervous.

   About a quarter of an hour later.

  Chu Chenmeng, who was sitting cross-legged, opened his eyes at the same time as Qinglong Zhenlong.

  A multicolored glow flashed in the eyes of one person and one dragon, and after the splendor, there was a sea of ​​white clouds.

  The next moment, piercing through the sea of ​​clouds, his vision swooped down, piercing through the cover of the jungle, rocks, and formation restrictions, and a hidden cave appeared in front of his eyes.

  In the alchemy room of the Dongfu, a large tripod stands still, and the fire is raging.

  A red-robed Taoist sat cross-legged, pinching out the formula with his hands. Driven by it, a group of grotesque poisonous insects and moths rushed into the alchemy cauldron, blindly sacrificing their lives.

   It won't be long, maybe the heat is almost ready.

  The red-robed Taoist raised his hand, and a slap-sized insect egg flew out of his robe, and an insect egg billowing with black energy fell into the cauldron.

   Immediately afterwards, a terrifying hissing sound resounded through the cave.

   "Hiss hiss~ hiss hiss~"

  Under Qinglong's third eye, Chu Chen saw this scene, without hesitation, he grasped the sword formula.

   "Liujia Qinglong, everything is going well, kill!"

  The True Azure Dragon Spirit flew back to the main body of the Azure Dragon Sword in response to the sound, and with a sound from the sword, it was about to break through the sky and leave.

  Chu Chen made another trick:

  "I want to go on a journey, and the green dragon will accompany me. The eight gods will help me, and they will come in a blink of an eye. Thousands of miles, like a snap of the fingers, will stop. If you want to go, the dragon **** will not stop. Urgency is like a law."

   Immediately, his avatar [Five-Color Dream Dragon] followed the Qinglong True Spirit into the Qinglong Sword.

  【Five-Color Dream Dragon】Have mastered some supernatural powers of heavenly demons, invisible, and can easily travel with the Azure Dragon Excalibur.


  The next moment, the Azure Dragon Sword shattered into the void and disappeared.

   "No, it's impossible!!"

   Seeing this scene, Taoist Blood Silkworm Xu guessed something, and the fear in his heart couldn't stop growing, spreading, and trembling all over.

  In a cave in an old forest deep in the mountains, the sound of swords resounded through the mountains.

  In front of the furnace cauldron in the cave, the avatar of Taoist Blood Silkworm Xu sensed something, and suddenly opened his eyes with fear in his heart.

   Looking up, the sword light is vast.


  A sword pierces the heart!

   This sword is wrapped in the will of God.

  Even if it is a powerful supernatural power, if he is unprepared and receives this sword, he will be seriously injured even if he does not die.

   Blood Silkworm Daoist's avatar is only a fifth-rank late stage cultivation base, how can it withstand this sword.

   In an instant, he died suddenly on the spot.

  A burst of black mist billowed, and the red-robed Taoist transformed into a black spider demon the size of a millstone, lying horizontally in a pool of blood.


  In the Azure Dragon Sword, a brilliant glow flashed across the sky, and Chu Chen's [Five-Color Dream Dragon] avatar transformed and appeared in the alchemy room with a satisfied smile on his face.

   "It's been seven or eight years, and I finally got rid of this bug cultivator!"

  Just now, he used [Liujia Yashen Azure Dragon Sword] and repeatedly deduced it.

   Taoist Blood Silkworm said that he still has many avatars, but it is just a maze, moral kidnapping threatens him, and makes him afraid.

  In fact, Taoist Blood Silkworm only has two clones left.

   One was captured by him, and the last clone was the black spider spirit in front of him.

  In other words, Taoist Blood Silkworm is just like what the little ghost said, when disaster is imminent, he will definitely die.

  Chu Chen stretched out his hand to take a picture, and a palm-sized cloth bag flew out from under the spider body the size of a millstone and fell into his palm.

  It was the storage bag of Taoist Blood Silkworm. He died suddenly and had no chance to destroy the storage bag.

  As the last avatar, don't think about it, this storage bag has most of the blood silkworm Taoist's savings.

  However, this is not the reason why Chu Chen deliberately used the method of keeping a bright mirror to drive the clone over.

  With the spirituality of Qinglong True Spirit, it is not difficult to instruct it to confiscate the storage bag.

  Chu Chen casually hung the storage bag on his waist, his eyes fell on the medicine cauldron, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

  As an alchemist, he has sharp eyesight, hundreds of miles away, peeping with Qinglong Tianmu, he can also see some clues, this medicine cauldron is not an ordinary furnace cauldron.

   Immediately, his consciousness sank into the medicine cauldron.

  The next moment, the medicine cauldron glowed faintly, revealing the three-character inscription—Wan Ling Ding!

   "Didn't miss it, it's really a magic-level alchemy tripod. This blood silkworm Taoist can refine it into [Insect Transformation], and it really has the inheritance of a powerful supernatural power!"

  Chu Chen's face was full of joy.

  Speaking of which, right now he really lacks a pill furnace medicine cauldron.

  The [Qingsong True Alchemy Furnace] in his hand was a gift from Lord Long in order to attract and invest in him after he became a teacher of Huolong Alchemist.

  Before, he used it quite smoothly.

  It's a pity that after entering the realm of great supernatural powers, [Qingsong Zhendan Furnace] is no longer suitable for him, and he needs to replace it with a magic-level alchemy furnace, medicine cauldron and other treasures.

  However, magic-level alchemy furnaces and medicine cauldrons are extremely expensive, much more precious than ordinary magic weapons.

  If you buy it with money, you can theoretically buy it, but I am afraid that most of the working capital of the Earth Element Chamber of Commerce will be taken away.

  If he opens his mouth, Qingying must help him buy it no matter the cost.

   It's just that he can't open this mouth.

  Besides, before that, he had been focusing on cultivating supernatural powers and sacrificing magical weapons, and had no time to plan alchemy furnaces and medicine cauldrons.

   Right now, he has encountered an opportunity.

  He has heard of this [Wan Ling Ding], and it is the magic weapon of the fame of the creator of the method [Insect Transformation into Myriads] that the Taoist Blood Silkworm learned.

   According to the legend, [Wan Ling Ding] is the third-level "divine fetus" of the magic weapon, and it is a top-level magic weapon like [Swallowing Demon Gourd], which has the magic of tempering the essence of all spirits in the world.

   This [Quenching medicine and all spirits] supernatural power helps the "ancestor of all insects" to quickly form avatars and play a major role.

  Although it is a demonic poison cauldron, it is well-known in the world of alchemy.

   After all, there is no good or bad medicine cauldron, it mainly depends on the purpose of the owner.

Wan Ling Ding's magical power of [Quenching medicine and all spirits], in the hands of a demon cultivator, is a weapon that devours the spirit of life, and in the hands of an alchemist, it is the magical power of "tempering the power of spiritual materials and obtaining high-grade elixir". thing.

  With the help of this precious tripod, the quality of the baked elixir will be improved, and the probability of the finished elixir will be higher.

  Of course, this [Wan Ling Ding] was not refined by the ancestor of Wan Chong, but the [Wan Ling Ding] imitated by his disciples and grandchildren.

   "The imitation of [Wan Ling Ding] is also good. With the supernatural power of this tripod [Quenching Medicine Wan Ling], the toxic impurities in the [Shenshi Pill] I refined will be reduced, and the quality can be improved a lot."

  Chu Chen suppressed the joy in his heart, and focused on the pill in the medicine cauldron.

   This is the professional habit of an alchemist, and the first attention was shifted to the Dingzhong medicine.

  Dan Ding is filled with dark green liquid medicine, and each drop of liquid medicine contains amazing life essence.

   This is the essence medicine pool formed by the blood silkworm Taoist just now with the supernatural power of [Quenching medicine and all spirits] from countless insects.

In the dark green medicine pool, a black insect egg is suspended in the air, eagerly devouring the life essence in the cauldron. As it devours, the medicine liquid in the cauldron is diluted little by little, from dark green to turquoise. fades.

   "Blood Silkworm Taoist is planning to hatch this egg. No, there seems to be something wrong with this medicinal solution, not just for hatching."

  Chu Chen immediately took the liquid medicine from the furnace.

  He is proficient in pharmacology, although he doesn't know what the blood silkworm Taoist is refining, but after doing some research, his expression changed:

   "The medicinal liquid has the effect of destroying the soul."

   Immediately, Chu Chen finally understood the intention of the Blood Silkworm Taoist—this was to hatch this insect egg and refine a clone.

   Immortals are precious, Chu Chen took the black insect eggs out of the medicine cauldron with one hand and protected them in his palm without even thinking about it.

  Sinking into the consciousness, I suddenly saw a multicolored microworm lying quietly in the egg, which was extremely gorgeous.

   "Good guy, it turned out to be a 【Colorful Ghost Miasma】. It's a pity, the soul is scattered and the soul is weak, and it won't live long."

  Chu Chen was very surprised.

  He has heard of this kind of wild and strange insect, and it is like thunder.

  To be precise, people in the eight states in the southwest are like thunder, and they change color when they hear [colorful ghost miasma].

This insect is a wild alien species, born with the ability to swallow poisonous miasma. The poisonous miasma it spits out is colorful and extremely poisonous. Wherever it passes, not only all living beings will be turned into ghosts, but they will also be driven away by the devil insects. , became a servant of the miasma cloud, and it became stronger and stronger, so it was named [Colorful Ghost Miasma], but it is a real disaster beast, and it is unknown.

  When the wild creatures saw it, their colors changed incomparably.

  In the eight states in the southwest, [Colorful Ghost Miasma Cloud] is even more famous.

  There is no other reason. There is a [Myriad Ghosts and Insect Emperor] in the top school of the Demonic Dao [Myriad Beasts Palace], and his body is obviously a [Five-Colored Miasma].

   "How could this Blood Silkworm Daoist have 【Colorful Ghost Miasma】in his hands?"

  Chu Chen muttered to himself, very curious.

   At this time, Yuqin, hundreds of miles away, guards the main house of the mansion.

  Little Guizi looked at Chu Chen himself who was sitting cross-legged, with a look of horror on his face, and exclaimed:

   "It's over, senior brother, you are in great trouble, send your avatar back quickly!! Hurry up!"

  (end of this chapter)

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