Cultivation Online - Chapter 1120 Fighting For The Treasure(2)

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"Calm down, Yan'er." Tian Suyin said as she smacked her daughter's back.

"Calm down?! I have to fight Spirit Kings if I don't want to become a burden for the sect!" Tian Yanyu frowned.

"You don't have to participate if you don't want to. I won't force you to fight. It's also unreasonable to ask you to fight a Spirit King. We simply got unlucky." Yu Jian appeared and said to her, "Also, with how many powerhouses are present, I had no hopes to acquire the treasure since the beginning."

"They're right. You can simply forfeit the match." Yuan followed.

Once Tian Yanyu calmed down a little, she gritted her teeth and said, "If our opponents aren't at a level where I cannot handle, I will fight too. Although I do not qualify to participate in this event, I won't be a coward either."

Yu Jian smiled after hearing her words, "Good. Even though we have almost no chance of winning this, I still don't plan on going down without a fight. This is no longer just about the treasure. This is about keeping our sect's honor and reputation. We will fight those we can fight and back down if it's too risky."

When it was Huang Lee and the Seven Profound Swords turn for selection, the entire place became dead silent as everyone there nervously waited for the results.

A few moments later, three individuals were chosen.

"What?! All three of their fighters are Spirit Kings! They even have two peak Spirit Kings!"

"Fuck! I bet they cheated!"

"How is cheating even possible? Their talisman had been inspected by every Senior here."

Many people suspected that Huang Lee had cheated, but without any proof, nobody there dared to voice their complaints fearing retaliation.

All of the top sects and powerful families went last in the selection, and shockingly, all of them had insane luck with at least 2 Spirit Kings in their team.

It was clear to all of the small sects and families there that these powerful factions had worked together and manipulated the results somehow, giving themselves a massive advantage.

"Those shameless old bastards never intended on giving us a chance…!" Yu Jian gritted his teeth in anger after seeing the results.

"So we never stood a chance from the beginning, huh? Why am I not surprised?" Tian Yanyu sighed.

Pretty much everyone that wasn't part of the 'lucky group' silently cursed Huang Lee and the others for their shameless actions. However, there was nothing they could do about it. In the first place, they had no solid proof of foul play, and everything was circumstantial at best.

Even if they had proof that Huang Lee had cheated, who was bold enough to say it out loud? Who would dare to raise their voice against the top sects and the Seven Legacy Families? Nobody was foolish enough to throw away their life in such an unwinnable situation, so they could only suck it up and endure it for now.

"How despicable…" Tian Yanyu muttered in a mosquito-like voice.

"I can't say I'm surprised, though." Yuan was the only person there who could smile at this moment.

"I would expect this kind of tactic from other sects, but for the Seven Profound Swords and the Seven Legacy Families to do this… I'm speechless…" Tian Suyin sighed.

"They must really want the sword." Yuan continued to smile.

The selection eventually came to an end, and acting like he was innocent, Huang Lee immediately started the tournament.

"The two sects or families that will be fighting will also be randomized. The talisman will now choose two sects to fight." Huang Lee said as he poured some of his spiritual energy into the talisman, causing two beams of light to appear, picking two parities from the dozens of groups there.

"Once you step onto the stage, you can no longer forfeit, just like a real deathmatch. This is not like your usual playground. There is no room for mercy here. If you value your life, forfeit now." Huang Lee said to them.


The two parties stared at each other.

"I forfeit."

"Me too."

Both parties forfeited all three of their matches.

"What's the point of risking our lives when we don't even have a chance to acquire the treasure? Who's dumb enough to do that?"

Many people had this thought inside their mind.

Since Huang Lee and the top factions manipulated the whole thing, they no longer had any motivation to participate in the tournament for the treasure.

The next several matches also resulted in forfeits from both sides.

"How boring." Huang Lee sneered with an arrogant look on his face.

With everyone that doesn't have at least 2 Spirit Kings in their team forfeiting, the tournament progressed with barely any pauses.

Eventually, it was the Jade Sword Manor's turn to enter the stage.

"Our opponents also have two Spirit Lords and one Spirit King. Do you two want to fight despite knowing that it is a pointless fight?" Yu Jian asked Tian Yanyu and Wan Ying.

"I want to fight…" Wan Ying said with a resolute expression on her face.

"Even if you might be paired up with the Spirit King and die? Even if your efforts won't be rewarded?" Yu Jian asked.

Wan Ying nodded.

"What about you, Disciple Tian?" Yu Jian shifted his attention to her.

"It's going to be a difficult fight for you even if you aren't paired with the Spirit King. Nobody will blame you for forfeiting."

"..." Tian Yanyu remained silent.

She wanted to try out her new sword technique, but she wasn't prepared to risk her life over something like this. However, she also couldn't refuse, as she didn't want to feel like a coward.

"If you want to fight, go ahead." Yuan suddenly said to her.

"Huh?" Tian Yanyu looked at him with a puzzled face.

"Y-You! Are you telling my daughter to die?!" Tian Suyin immediately began fuming.

"Relax. As long as I am here, nobody can kill her." Yuan smiled.

He turned to look at Tian Yanyu and continued, "Don't you want to see how powerful your new technique is?"

"I do…" She nodded in a dazed manner.

"Then do it. I will protect you no matter what, I promise."

After her recent experience with Yuan, Tian Yanyu had gained blind faith in him, so she didn't even question how he was going to protect her before so many experts.

"Alright, I will fight." She said in a resolute voice the following moment.

"Are you serious?! How can you believe him so easily?!" Tian Suyin was still doubtful.

"Because he promised." Tian Yanyu responded with an innocent smile, leaving her speechless.

And before Tian Suyin could say anything else, Tian Yanyu approached the stage.

"I'm sorry…" Yu Jian said to Tian Suyin before going after Tian Yanyu.

"If my daughter dies here because of you, I swear I will kill you with my own hands…" Tian Suyin glared at Yuan.

"And I won't resist if that really happens." Yuan said with a confident expression on his face.


"Do you plan on acquiring that sword for her, Young Master?" Feng Yuxiang suddenly asked him in a curious voice.

"It would pair up nicely with her new technique, don't you think so?" Yuan chuckled.

"You're spoiling her too much… I'm a little envious." Feng Yuxiang could only shake her head inwardly.


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