Daily Life at Conan Undercover Distillery - Chapter 95 An unknown musician

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9:32 a.m. Tokyo time.

When Akai Hideichi hurried over, he saw Jiang Yizhi casually lowering his head, standing slantingly, playing with a piece of plasticine.

Her expression was as relaxed as she was playing at home.

Akai Shuichi: "..."

He stopped, his expression was solemn and solemn, and he habitually put one hand in his pocket. Because of lack of sleep, he rubbed his temples tiredly: "What's the situation now?"

He learned from the FBI's tip in the early hours of the morning that something big happened to the organization.

At this time, nearly six hours had passed since the explosion of the laboratory.

Obviously, the organization's tone is very tight. If it wasn't for the Grey Sheep incident, he was connecting with his boss James through an informant and temporarily overtime. Maybe the next morning, he would not know what happened last night. what.

All traces of inappropriateness will be erased by the organization.

...Intuitively, he felt that this might become an opportunity.

The identity of the "FBI Investigator" currently does not have much data, it is just a few bits and pieces of information, and "Zhu Xing Da" wants to get involved in this matter, and it is not qualified. An ordinary member of the organization, only Able to respond passively, and there is no channel to understand this matter.

What kind of opportunities can be created, Shuichi Akai has not yet figured out for the time being, but he has never been a passive waiter.

No matter what it is, at least get involved first. The plan can be done slowly, and understanding is the first step.

In the morning, he sent a work report to Gin, inadvertently mentioned where he was at this time and the ample time he had.

If the other party doesn't pick up, he is ready to touch porcelain.

For example, to rationalize a chance encounter.

Unfortunately, it didn't work, and Gin quickly replied to him.

He didn't say any extra words, and there was only one address in the reply mail column.

He didn't expect to meet Akie Ori here.

unexpected surprise.


Jiang Yizhi raised his head.

He hasn't closed his eyes for two days and two nights.

At noon the day before yesterday, he and Chi Jiangye San recognized him, and he stayed up all night to make a plan. After spending another day, he changed his identity to Robin. After he turned around and exploded, he worked as a driver for Jinjiu all night.

It's been a long time since he did this. Once he returned to the work rhythm he was familiar with in his previous life, Jiang Yizhi's spirit was not at all tired. He didn't even need to make adjustments, and his brain automatically maintained a continuous active state.

And the large blank rest time on Chijiangzhi's worksheet did not allow him to show a busy and painful expression.

"Something happened." Jiang Yizhi replied smoothly, he put the piece of plasticine into his pocket, after a while, he suddenly remembered that it was given to him by the system after all, and paused: "Is there any... Um, plastic bags?"

Akai Shuichi: "...What do you want this for? I didn't bring it."

Two people are in a high-end office building, and together they are looking for someone to borrow a plastic bag.

Jiang Yizhi explained to Akai Shuichi what happened last night in simple language.

He found that Akai Shuichi's methods of inquiring about information are becoming more and more perfunctory. It turned out that there were three or four corners in his words. He knew how to ask politely. Now he is a white wolf with empty gloves. .

He was about to engrave "I want to know something from you" on his forehead.

The laboratory exploded and the gin was injured...

Akai Shuichi was thoughtful.

He carries a large musical instrument bag on his back, has long curly hair, and is tall and thin. When he walks quietly, he gives the first impression that he is an underground musician who looks very nasty.

Zhuxingda, unknown musician AKA Rolling Circle.

He asked: "So now Gin wants me to kill Pisk?"

This is the fifth wine name he knows so far.

The 22nd floor of the entire office building has been cleared in advance. It was quiet at the moment, Jiang Yizhi stood at the elevator entrance, pressed the button, and replied, "This is the next best thing, I don't think the teacher would do it."

In the organization, it is a big thing to snipe code members for no reason.

And Pisk is a heavyweight member.

Obtaining a wine name is like obtaining a diploma from a major university. In essence, what you get is an admission ticket to the high-ranking power in the organization. people kill.

To kill Pisk, Gin needs at least a legitimate excuse.

From Gin's point of view, there is such a big mistake. The most important thing at present is not to continue to pay attention to the problems of Robin and the laboratory, but to stabilize Rum first, and then stabilize the boss.

He used Pisk before killing him. Although he cut off one of Rum's arms, he was equivalent to stepping on a tightrope.

Hide Akai turned to one side, leaned against the door, and nodded noncommittally, "I hope so too."

Chi Jiangzhi probably didn't know the specific details of what happened last night, but he just briefly described the beginning and end of the explosion, and by the way conveyed the task of Jinjiu - if Piske does not listen to the persuasion, then kill him. Bar.

Compared with ordinary tasks that require inner balance, killing a member of the organization full of evil, he is quite happy to see it.

Gin had better give him orders right away.

"Ding-", the elevator door opened.

Akai Shuichi walked in first. He looked back at the plasticine in Jiang Yizhi's hand, showing an indescribable expression.

"Where did you get this thing?" He sighed and hesitated, "Can't you just throw it away?"

Why do you have to take the elevator back and forth, and go downstairs and buy a plastic bag to wrap this thing up.

Is it gold or a meteorite in your hand?

"It was given to me by a friend." Jiang Yizhi replied smoothly. Through the glass of the sightseeing elevator, he asked coldly, "Did you come here on your own initiative today?"

A bit of surprise appeared in Akai's green eyes, and she wrote "Why do you ask that?".

Jiang Yizhi: "..."

Is your FBI training location in Hollywood?

He smiled and said, "Don't pretend, I sent you that string of addresses."

The message he returned on behalf of Gin.

Naturally, he also read Shuichi Akai's work report.

"Be careful recently." Akai Shuichi was about to speak when he heard Jiang Yizhi cut off his speech.

He quietly took the posture of listening, and heard the other party continue to say: "You should be clear about your own value. Once possible, you will be used as a bargaining chip by gin and placed in front of the high-level executives in advance. Maybe in the next period of time, It will be harder.”

"He came to you, not necessarily for Pisk, but for some people to see."

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