Dark Savages Come To the United States - Chapter 986 1 startled Volusk

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The latest website: "Why, you also installed WiFi in the high heaven? Or installed a signal tower?"

Wonder Woman asked curiously.

It is said that the high-level heaven is a place that belongs to another latitude. It is difficult to say whether there is a signal in this place.

"That's not true, but I hope there will be more of these new things in the high heaven." Diesh didn't feel embarrassed at all.

He is a more enlightened kind of angel.

"Then you may need the help of someone who understands technology. Let's just say, I don't think the archangels can accept this kind of change."

Wonder Woman said hesitantly.

"It's alright, Amazon. The archangels are mostly happy with our choices, and the big deal is a little argument with them.

Besides, aren't Prius and Auriel already in the human world? I think they must have expressed support for my idea. "

Diesh waved his hand nonchalantly.

"As for cooperating with humans, I'll check Leoric's attitude first, although it's not necessarily something to be happy about.

But he should not rashly continue to fight with me again. The result of the last fight was not very good for both of us. "

Diesh said with a gentle smile.

"As for that guy Nick Fury, who can make a Crusader make such a judgment, I don't think I really want to deal with him.

But at least try everything, and I'll meet him when I find time, so Steve, help me get in touch with him before my visit confuses him. "

Diesh smiled, and then a warm glow began to radiate from his body.

Buster Building has experienced the erosion of a lot of demonic aura, although it will not have any effect on a slightly stronger person.

But that's not good news for those researchers, so Diesh intends to help humanity a little bit.

Unleashing kindness is a bit awkward for other angels, but Diesh doesn't care who unleashes kindness first.

"If humanity can find a solution to the corruption problem, I'll bring a nice gift to celebrate the next time I come."

Diesh's coming here was done, he tidied up his backpack a little, and then left the place.

"Are all angels like this?" Steve asked Wonder Woman.

His years as a Crusader were too short, and he didn't know much about angels.

Or because the barbarian's attitude towards angels influenced Steve, this was the first time he had seen an angel who could communicate quietly and take the lead in releasing kindness.

"How should I put it, among the angels in the high heaven, the archangel is the most difficult to deal with." Wonder Woman gave her opinion after thinking about it.

"Then angels shouldn't be a very bad existence for humans." Steve said and nodded, and he made his own judgment.

Wonder Woman didn't object to Steve's idea after hesitating.

Although angels are easier to understand than humans, their kindness cannot be completely copied into the human world.

There are differences in the existence of the two sides, but Steve is right, the angels are not such a bad existence for humans.

"If you have the opportunity, you might be able to share your views on angels with Johanna. I don't think she has taught you much."

Wonder Woman could only give such an exhortation in the end.

It is very difficult to convince others to agree with them.

And it doesn't make much sense either.

"I will, but it's not just us that have been busy recently, it's the same with Teacher Johanna."

Steve smiled.

"Damn, can you guys not completely forget my existence when you talk?" Rumlow complained with a little dissatisfaction.

Rasma on the holy mountain of Harrogath finally left here satisfied.

He learned a lot of interesting things from his brother, and he is now going to Kandulas to see.

That place, as Leoric's kingdom, was able to support Rasma to develop his own church.

Necromancers also need some Nephalem blood to grow as seeds, but the core knowledge is the understanding of life and death.

Even if it wasn't possible to create a powerful Nephalem Necromancer like Zul, it would be more than enough to give these people some fighting ability.

"The first ancestor, you can go back and sort out the power of the holy mountain."

Vorusk teased.

"I've been doing this all the time, so don't tell me anything, you kid!"

The first generation ancestor said angrily.

"Rorschach is on his way back, are you interested in meeting him?"

Burkeseau asked.

"Not very interested, a barbarian who represents justice, this name makes me feel a little stupid."

Volusk said angrily.

"It's true, but I think he's probably made up his mind."

The first-generation ancestor smiled, and then the clone he turned into with the power of the holy mountain dissipated directly.

"Burgessau, are you a little stingy?"

The voice of the first ancestor rang out.

"The reward I gave you was just to allow you to meet your brother. Rasma has already left. Keeping you around will only make me look angry."

Bourkesso explained a little, then turned and left the Elder Temple.

Now the world is getting more and more chaotic, and he has to go to a lot of things if necessary.

Like helping Death regain some of his strength, which would help with that guy in Malthael.

"If I were in your position, I would never have dealt with the problem in this way."

Volusk muttered a few words, then took out his backpack.

"I think you might need this. I had the shards of death that I didn't absorb at the time. If this thing is forged into a weapon, it should be enough for you to kill Malthael directly."

Vorusk pulled out a dusty cloud that looked like a cloud of dust.

"The method chosen by the first-generation ancestors at that time was actually quite good, independent of himself, and equipment with various powers.

It's a pity that you chose a whole-hearted path, but you're the closest thing to success. "

Vorusk expressed his sincere compliments, but what he received was a disdainful expression from Bourkesso.

"Hey, what do you mean by this expression? Compliment you a few words, and you still have this face?" Vorusk felt his fists move a little.

"You can't beat me."

Bourkesso left after saying that.

He was going to see Rorschach first, and no matter how he speculated about Rorschach's state before, it was better to meet him in person.

Righteous barbarians? Justice never puts justice on its own head.

Just like Tyrael never said he was the Archangel of Justice when introducing himself, he always just said he was the Archangel Tyrael.

This situation of claiming to be righteous is often purposeful.

"What a bastard, but only barbarians can produce such a proud bastard. Hungry."

Vorusk whispered something.

"Hailab, come in! If you have anything to say, just say it quickly."

Vorusk shouted outside the gates of the Temple of the Elders.

When Rasma left the Temple of the Elders, Hirub, who was standing guard outside the door, did not leave.

"I just want to ask, when is the time for a full-scale fight? Although I want a fierce enough battle, now it is the best chance to push the Burning Hell and the High Heavens."

Hailab shook his head and walked in while talking.

Whether he really thought so, Volusk didn't care.

Because it wasn't his turn to decide when to start fighting in full force.

"If you asked me this question while I was alive, I would be able to give you an answer.

But now you should ask what Bourkesso thinks, instead of messing with me here. "

Vorusk turned the ring on his finger.

"By the way, if you have time, go see those Spider-Man and that Butler, both of them seem to be training with Craig.

I honestly don't like seeing other Nephalems on the holy mountain at all. "

Vorusk gave Hilar a wink as he spoke.

"I'm going to drive them away and tell them it was the great Volusk who made the decision."

Hailab said with a smile.

"You know that's not what I meant!"

Volusk roared a little irritably.

"I'm just talking, great Vorusk, your great legend is far from over.

So tell me honestly, when are you going to end your career? "

Hailab said meaningfully.

After he finished speaking, he turned and left.

He's going to meet Craig and ask the two guys who studied with him if there's anything to be gained.

Then see if you can ask the Orek guy to help them open a secret realm and let them experience it.

A full-scale battle doesn't seem far away, especially now that Lilith still exists!

Vorusk watched Hilabor walk away step by step, and then spoke slowly after being silent for a long time.

"The legend belonging to the second immortal king has long since ended, but the legend belonging to the barbarian Volusk really lacks a sufficiently heroic ending."

Vorusk's voice was low.

"So you plan to challenge Lilith head-on?"

The voice of the first ancestor suddenly came out.

All of a sudden, there was nothing left of the splendid atmosphere that Vorusk had nurtured before.

Vorusk felt the taste of social death in an instant, and he stretched out his hand to cover his forehead in pain.

"The first ancestor, you should learn to shut up."

Vorusk said with pain.

"The story of the first immortal king has become legend, but the story of the original barbarian is not over."

The first ancestor imitated the tone of Volusk before.

Immediately after saying this, there was a series of loud laughter.

"That's what you said, right? You are definitely planning to laugh at me one by one.

Even if human beings die, it is just that the Sanctuary will continue to exist under a different name.

Don't think of yourself as a savior, as for sacrifice... I'm not sure. "

When the first ancestor talked about sacrifice, he calmed down a little.

Sacrifice is indeed noble, but it would be absurd to think that sacrificing oneself can bring about the desired result.

Sacrifice is just to make the future you hope come sooner, not that you will get the desired results as long as you sacrifice.

The first Nephalems have been through too much.

"I will draw a satisfactory ending to my legend. As for you, I don't think Burkesso will keep you."

Vorusk sighed.

"What does that have to do with you? Don't think too much, just enjoy the battle in the last days of your existence."

The voice of the first generation ancestor was a little softer, and at this time he seemed like a real elder.

"Also, don't wait. I don't know what Bourkesso is going to do, but he's always been an impatient."

After the first generation of ancestors finished speaking, there was an extra bottle of wine on the ground that looked a few years old.

"This is what I just discovered. That Maddock's last gift to you and his friends, this is the bottle that belongs to you."

After the first generation of ancestors finished speaking, there was no more movement.

Vorusk bent down and picked up the bottle, then wiped the dust off the bottle.

"The Best Bite When Good Comes? The name is... full of regrets," Vorusk said, reading the handwriting on the bottle.

"Then what, an angel is at the gate of the holy mountain. It's that guy Diesh. I remember you and him have a good relationship?" The voice of the first ancestor came out again.

The sudden sound made Volusk's hands tremble violently, and he was frightened.

"You either don't make a sound, or say hello before you make a sound!" Volusk roared in exasperation.

He almost dropped the wine bottle on the ground just now and shattered it!

"I just remind you that even if I don't make a sound, you will be disturbed by the three ancestors who guard the door." The first ancestor said.

"Shut up now! I don't want to hear from you for the next few days!"

The first ancestor roared.

"Ancestor Volusk, the angel named Diesh said he was visiting you by the way." Tariq walked in directly.

"Tarik, can you knock on the door before you enter? The door of the Temple of the Elders is made of stone, not a curtain made of leather!"

Vorusk said.

And Talik stepped back a few steps to the door of the Temple of the Elders that had been opened, and knocked on the stone door.

"I see, you let him come here directly." Volusk said weakly.

In this short period of time, he has been stimulated several times, but this taste is not uncomfortable at all.

Tariq nodded, then turned and left.

After the sound of his footsteps had gone away, Volusk raised his hand and pressed his forehead firmly.

He was already dead, but he felt the long-lost blood pressure rise.

"When I was the king of immortality, none of my compatriots were angry with you!"

Vorusk muttered to himself.

"I remember that the barbarians around you looked at you with admiration, and then charged behind you?"

Diesh's voice came out suddenly. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Vorusk put down the hand covering his forehead expressionlessly, and he was almost used to the sudden sound.

Or rather numb.

"Long time no see Diesh, I heard that you were killed by Leoric once before?"

Vorusk said with a smile.

"Yeah, the power of angels is difficult to grow, it's not like your Nephalem will undergo earth-shaking changes in a short period of time.

I remember when we first met, you were a skinny little kid. "

Angel Diesh talked about the past.

"But I can hit you ten at the same time now without much effort."

Vorusk smiled, a sincere smile. Angel Diesh's popularity is much better than the archangels.

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