Death… And Me - Chapter 1975 Beelzebub

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Chapter 1975 Beelzebub

Glirava felt like she should add. 'Ahem... most of the devils in our Light Devil Clan don't quite like it either. It's not only Elder Tapir.' Of course, she made it so that only Rean and Roan would hear it.

Suddenly, the twins saw an opening in the middle of the spatial storms before Tapir pulled everyone inside with him. Before they knew it, they were already in front of a complex of buildings that stretched for several kilometers. The closer it was to the middle, the bigger they were.

It wasn't that fact that caught the twins' attention, though. Instead, it was how bright the sky seemed to be. Light came from far above, making it hard to even look in the sky's direction. It was a complete contrast to what the Underworld was just a moment ago. It was especially surprising how much Light Element was there.

Fagund warned the twins about that. "You should shield yourselves with Dark Element, Gean, Doan. It can make normal devils feel pretty bad if they're exposed to Light Element in such quantities for too long."

The duo nodded in response and used Roan's Dark Element to create a thin barrier around them. There wasn't really a need for it, but they had to keep up their appearances. At least they knew their devil forms were pretty much flawless since even Tapir hadn't noticed it.

'Fagund, come to the meeting hall. Everyone is waiting.' Sure enough, the experts in the Light Devil Clan noticed Fagund's arrival and called him over.

"Take care of Gean and Doan for me. I'm going to talk with the Clan Master." Fagund could only do as they said and pass the ball to someone else.

Tapir looked at the twins after that. "I can tell that you two have your own Pocket Dimensional Realms. That means you aren't just any devil, just like Fagund mentioned. You can use them if you want, but just make sure you don't stay inside for too long. We should call you later."

Well, it was normal for others to be able to feel it. Even if one's natural spatial perception was a lot worse in the Underworld, Tapir was definitely close enough to feel the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm.

Tapir, of course, was part of the devils who knew about Fagund's objective, so he left with Fagund after saying that. He didn't seem to like to spend time with Rean and Roan, it seemed.

On the ground, the twins noticed that Fleus, Orklia, and Zektak also created a barrier of Dark Element. "I thought you guys were part of the Light Devil Clan. Why are you also blocking the Light Element?"

? Fleus shrugged his shoulders in response. "Not everyone in the Light Devil Clan is like Fagund, Glirava, and Lugrak. In fact, the majority are Devils who have Dark Element Affinity, just like you two. The three of us will leave sometime later and head to the area where the Light Element is at normal concentration."

"Does that mean you can use living souls, then?" Rean asked back, thinking that Fleus's group were normal devils instead.

Fleus denied that, though. "No, we can't use living souls. You could say that our bloodline is more inclined to Dark Element, but our souls didn't become complete devil souls. If we try to use living souls to cultivate, we won't gain any benefit from it. Worse than that, chances are that we'll mix our memories with the memories of living souls. There's simply no merit for us to do it at all."

"Sorry for saying this, but... doesn't that make you guys somehow worse than common devils?" Rean had reached that conclusion in the end.

"Perhaps?" Fleus didn't deny that. "But we do have our advantages. All devils know that the Light Element is extremely bad for us. Yet, devils like Orklia, Zektak, and I aren't as affected as them. In a battle where the enemy is capable of using Light Element, like an angel, we would have the advantage compared to other devils."

"That's true." Rean thought that it was still pretty bad since it was very hard for devils to find angels nowadays. It's just that he didn't say that. Well, that only meant Fleus and the others were put in the same situation as the cultivators and demon beasts. They had to cultivate with the help of Divine Energy and their Elemental Affinity only.

Glirava and Lugrak decided to enter the clan's inner areas, though. "Alright, let's not stand outside. I'll show you guys where you'll stay until Young Master Fagund talks with the elders."

Roan narrowed his eyes in response. "What if they decide that they don't need us?"

"Young Master Fagund is a good Light Devil. He might not be able to allow you two to leave soon, but he'll surely guarantee your safety," said Glirava.

The twins could tell that one special Divine Sense was locked on them from the moment they arrived, so they knew better than to try anything at the moment. Well, no one here knew about the Circuitry Teleport Formation in the Dimensional Realm, so there would be plenty of opportunities to escape if necessary.

Glirava and Lugrak then brought the twins deep into the buildings, using their own badges to gain access. Rean and Roan could see that there were still quite a few devils like Fleus, who had Dark Element as their main affinity. Light Devils didn't look very common, even in this place. Of course, they did see a few here and there.

"Here we are." Finally, they arrived at a guest's room. "The meeting with the Light Devil Clan Master should take some time, so you can just wait here. We'll be outside if you need anything." With that, the twins were left alone in the room before Fleus' group left.

The twins already knew what to do, though. Immediately, they disappeared from the room, entering the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm. Following that, they went to the area where the devil's soul was sealed with Celis, Kentucky, and Sister Orb.

The altar finally came out of the ground after decades, catching the attention of the devil's soul inside. "What? Will you let me out now?"

"Come on, Beelzebub. What are just a few decades for someone like you?" Rean asked with a smile.

"Hmph!" The devil's soul snorted in response. "I don't care about the years, but the fact that you tricked me."

Yet, only after those words did he notice. He had just answered Rean's remarks even though he had never told the twins his real name.

Rean could help but smile after that. "So you really are Beelzebub."

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