Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth - Chapter 1692 Guan Yu

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  Chapter 1692 Guan Yu

  1725, Guan Yu

  In the Pacific Ocean, the battle to eliminate monsters continues.

  The number of those who came from the world of fighting qi and transforming horses exceeded 300,000.

  In it, Obsessed Liu Hao saw many familiar figures, such as Xiao Xun'er, Medusa and so on.

  But he only paused slightly on these people. At most, he could see these people performing one and a half moves and give up. In fact, there was nothing to see.

  On the contrary, Xiao Huohuo, perhaps because he stepped into the heavens, recognized and took over the many methods of Taoism from the bottom of his heart, which made his current methods have changed more than those in the world of fighting spirit and transforming horses.

   But one thing still persists, and that is the 'flaming lotus' in Xiao Huohuo's hands.

   This is also a guy who insists that 'art is explosions'.

   It’s just that Xiao Huohuo’s insistence on the ‘explosion’ is more about the power of it, rather than wanting to watch the fireworks at that moment.

   What he wants is the result, which also makes Xiao Huohuo have more improvements to the 'flame lotus' he launched.

  Such as finding the right timing, such as looking for the enemy's weakness before blasting, or simply shooting the "flame lotus" launched by oneself into the enemy's body like flowing water, and then making a big wave.

  His fighting method cannot be said to be obscene, but Xiao Huohuo is more experimenting and saving his strength on the battlefield.

   Obsessed with Liu Hao, he clearly felt that Xiao Huohuo maintained his peak aura almost all the time.

This is a strategy to balance output and absorption. Those who can achieve such a level on a huge battlefield, each of them will walk from the sea of ​​corpses and blood. They are already used to being cautious in their hearts. In the most critical moment, he will never disrupt his rhythm.

  Another reason, obsessive Liu Hao can understand it after a little thought, it is still due to his duty;

  For Xiao Huohuo, how many monsters he killed today is not the goal. What he wants more is to bring the people who come with him, so that they can still be intact when he returns.

  What he wants is that when he sees one of his own people in crisis, he can calmly save them.

That's right, for Xiao Huohuo, it's not easy to improve in the short term. During this period of time, he still needs to comprehend himself more, and he doesn't need a long retreat to achieve it. It happens to be able to sit calmly.

  He also felt great pressure. In the world of fighting qi and transforming horses, he was at the top, but in the heavens, his feeling had just begun.

  Others don't understand the power of the prehistoric world, how can Xiao Huohuo not understand?

  He is more aware that there is no place where his vindictive horse world can fully integrate with the heavens, what he needs to do is to integrate into the most backbone system of the heavens.

  He has no problem at all, but what about the others?

  It is his own women Xiao Xun'er and Medusa. The process was a little bit reluctant, and they still haven't made it all the way through bumps and bumps, let alone other people.

  He knew that he couldn't push from top to bottom, but the comparison of the battle against monsters today made him see the changes.

  Those who hesitated before will surely become open-minded after today, and those who are stubborn will have a very difficult time maintaining their persistence after today.

   Standing in the position of obsessing with Liu Hao, he is happy to see such a change happen. Of course, he doesn't care whether it is good or bad.

  Actually, this is no different from a strong civilization assimilating a weak civilization.

  The foundation is the foundation, and it can’t be achieved by bragging.

   At the beginning of the recovery of spiritual energy, Liu Hao was so happy when he got the sixth form of the One Piece World Navy, but now, this set of skills has fallen crazily, and even reduced to "military boxing".

  There is only one reason for this, that is, there is a better method of physical exercise;

  It is a substitute made up of many Yanhuang civilized worlds and the efforts of countless researchers. It is not to say that it is much stronger than the Navy Six Styles, but it is more in line with the Yanhuang people themselves.

   In other words, the Sixth Form of the Navy has become more of a supporting skill, and more people just learn a few from it and use it in battle.

  It has returned to the place where it should stay.

  In the future, the alternative satin font methods summarized by researchers will only become more perfect and more effective.

  It may even become the most basic exercise method for Yanhuang humans.

   Don't think that its upper limit is very low, how is that possible?

  Notice, which incorporates the Perfect World Great Wilderness Satin Body Art, during the process, you can also use many medicinal bath modes to bless.

   And these medicinal materials, with the efforts of many members of Longguo and Yanhuang Alliance, have been widely planted. Not to mention that they can be purchased anywhere, but it is not too difficult.

  Benefiting all rivers has always been the greatest advantage of Yanhuang civilization. Isn’t the method of refining medicine and alchemy that has been integrated into the world of Zhonghai University, Dragon Kingdom, and Yanhuang Alliance from the world of fighting qi to transform horses into all the worlds of Yanhuang Alliance?

  This is also the reason why obsessed Liu Hao didn't care about whether those coming to the World of Dou Qi Huama would change his traditional practice mode in the future.

  They don't have such a vision, even Xiao Huohuo.

  Height has always been the main reason for determining a person's gaze.

  When the height you occupy is only a little bit, you will never be able to see the farther scenery.

   But again, the choice of these people cannot be said to be a loser.

  In contrast, everyone understands that no matter which path you take, the number of successful summits is still extremely rare.

  Most people just go a little further.

   How many of these people who were carried into the heavens by Xiao Huohuo really had great luck and great opportunity?

   It's no wonder that Liu Hao is not happy to stay on them even for a while because of his obsession.

  He watched Xiao Huohuo try various 'flame lotus flowers' on the enemy monsters again and again, and the colors were even more colorful and diverse, which is also a unique specialty of the fighting spirit and horse world.

  You can't say that people are just looking for trouble, and you have to distinguish every little bit of flame so carefully.

   From another perspective, why not?

  A piece of paper burns to give birth to a flame, and a drop of kerosene burns to create a flame, is it possible to be the same?

  Not only the color, but also the temperature difference is very obvious here.

  Ordinary people are still making use of the different temperatures of these flames, and Xiao Huohuo is just bringing out the greater characteristics of these flames.

   These many flames, in Xiao Huohuo's hands, are like playing cards one after another, which has been played out by him, which also shows that this guy's talent in the field of flames is absolutely superb.

   This is even more so after Xiao Huohuo proved Daluo Daoguo.

  He no longer needs to reach out to condense these flaming lotus flowers on the palm of his hand, he has completely cut off the intermediary, and perhaps it will be achieved in a single thought in a short time.

The monsters that Xiao Huohuo fought were comparable to his level of cultivation, and what he lacked was whether he could prove the Daoguo, but in Xiao Huohuo's hands, they were no different from children, as if he wanted to toss about the realm so much, You can handle it however you want.

   It's not that he lacks the means and skills to kill with one blow, but that he doesn't need it at all.

   Obsessive Liu Hao almost watched Xiao Huohuo's progress in manipulating the "Flame Lotus".

  The monster was under Xiao Huohuo's control from the beginning to the end, and was brutally played to death.

   Kill, collect in the bag, check the surrounding accounts, and wait for the next opponent to arrive.

   Throughout the process, Xiao Huohuo was very calm and calm.

  His performance like this also greatly inspired the team brought by him. Under the leadership of Xiao Xun'er, Medusa and others, they also played a small climax.

  Unfortunately, their performance is at most like this, unfamiliarity is one of them, and they lack the means to really kill monsters, rough skin and thick flesh are sometimes so difficult to deal with.

  During this period of time, there was still a steady stream of people coming to slay the monsters, and occasionally Liu Hao could take a look at them, but today he couldn't take his eyes off Xiao Huohuo.

  The one who came was someone he was very familiar with, the three brothers Liu Bei.

  He thought that after Liu Bei and Sun Quan arrived, he should have rushed to the front line of the abyss to earn merits, but the reality was that there were a lot of chores.

  Yes, they are not just a small team, but equivalent to a country's relocation, a complete shift in focus, and many things waiting for them to deal with.

  If it weren't for the fact that this place is not far from the city group base they established, it would probably be difficult to appear here.

   It can also be seen from the team they carry that they don't really intend to fight a battle, and they are only a few thousand, and they are even their own soldiers.

  He didn't see Zhao Zilong who was nagging in his heart, and he was somewhat regretful.

  But when the three Liu Bei brothers showed their weapons, the golden light in his eyes also flashed slightly.

   "Is the original weapon evolved, or reforged after stepping into the heavens?"

   Obsession Liu Hao didn't use his consciousness to check deliberately, but waited for the three of them to fight to observe.

Not long after, Zhang Fei couldn't bear it first, he yelled, and the jet-black horse under his seat galloped out with a long howl, and black lightning flashed on the eight-foot-long spear in his hand, Like a bullet, it cut down a monster in an instant.

  This guy's moves are also concise, giving people a feeling of ingenuity and frustration, but the lethality is not low at all.

  The monster with rough skin and thick flesh, under Zhang Fei's eight-foot-long spear, was like a piece of wood, allowing it to pass through even a little obstruction.

   What's more important is that on Zhang Fei's eight-foot-long spear, when the traces of black thunder pierced into the monster, they immediately went straight into the monster's body along the body of the monster, and exploded instantly.

  This method is absolutely cunning, Meng Zhang Fei has always been a scholar, if he really thinks this guy is a reckless man, he will die.

  The monster had just let out a miserable roar, only to see a flash of white light, and the miserable howling had completely disappeared.

   "The second brother came just in time, hahaha!"

   This knife can only be arrived by Guan Yu, but it is not only just right, but also a carefully calculated shot. Obviously, this is not the first time that the two have cooperated.

  Guan Yu’s praise to Zhang Fei was only a slight nod, and the two red phoenix eyes did not change a bit. It was not until Liu Xuande, who came at the end, put away the monster’s corpse, that he spoke:

   "This fellow has a thick skin!"

   "What the second brother said is true, ordinary monsters are hard to compare!"

   "Second and third brothers, be careful, we are here, more is to adapt, how much benefit is not in the plan!"

"yes, Sir!"

  The two of them were so 'honest' only in front of Liu Bei. It would be provocative for someone else to say the same thing.

  The obsession with watching from the sidelines Liu Hao could feel the 'arrogance' that couldn't be hidden in Guan Yu's body, as if it was emanating from every move.

   After observing for a long time, he had to admit that maybe this is Guan Yu's own buff.

  Even if he just responded to Liu Bei, he still didn't restrain himself.

  He seems to be the product of the combination of body, facial features, and appearance.

   Over time, perhaps Guan Yu himself got used to other people's 'gossip' and gradually mastered this temperament.

   Because of this, he became the unique Guan Yunchang.

  From the top of Guan Yu's head, Obsessed Liu Hao saw the gathering of clouds of luck, whose source is unknown, but very firm.

  Compared to Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei have nothing.

   This is definitely the biggest gain of Guan Yu's stepping into the heavens. The luck in the dark is added to him, and the product of the beliefs of many heavens.

  Liu Hao could tell that Guan Yu had already begun to suppress his own cultivation, otherwise the Guan Yu he saw today would have surpassed Zhang Fei by a lot.

   "This guy will only show a little tenderness towards Liu Bei and Zhang Fei in his heart!"

  Standing on top of the void and white clouds, a smile flashed across Liu Hao's face, and he looked up and swept across the four heavenly kings in the Heavenly Court's "Heaven and Earth Net Array".

  He knows that there is another Guan Yu in the Great Desolate Heavenly Court, but he has a lot of "friendship" with the Four Heavenly Kings.

   It's just that everyone in the 'heavy net formation' will be very busy, and more and more monsters will come, which makes them have to devote 100% of their energy.

  They also enjoyed it. Obviously, Emperor Zhenwu has already told the benefits of the monsters, and profits have always been the biggest motivation.

  Below, the three brothers Liu Bei did not choose to act separately, and the soldiers and horses they carried followed. The three formed an army formation, but its effect was not as great as compared with Gao Shun's trapped camp.

   These soldiers and horses are more of a bonus for Liu Bei, like the auxiliary fuel tanks of fighter jets, while Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are more of a wanderer in front of the team;

   During the cooperation, Zhang Fei went out as a meat shield, and Guan Yu was always able to find the opportunity to strike the last blow. He was obviously a nine-foot man, but he abruptly hit the output that only a top assassin could have.

   Zhang Fei and Guan Yu can be said to have restrained themselves, and they are still serving Liu Bei more.

  (end of this chapter)

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