Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2698 Compassionate Union (R-18)

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Chapter 2698 Compassionate Union (R-18)

"Husband, come…"

Evelynn echoed in a sweet and seductive voice as she reached out her frail hands to him.

Davis came out of his reverie and lowered his head to look at her.

"Not yet, my sexy demoness. I have yet to explore your upper body..." His voice was sexually intense.

Evelynn blushed a bit, feeling shy and embarrassed but also incredibly turned on at the same time when she heard him say that he still had yet to explore her upper body. She knew that he was extremely eager to have sex with her, but she knew that it was important that they take their time.

She did not want to rush this moment. She wanted this to last forever, knowing that this moment was what would allow them to better spend their eternity together, whispering sweet nothingness to each other as they kissed.

If not, she knew he would be simply pounding her silly, which was also good but wouldn't have the aspect of sharing emotions as much as foreplay did.

Davis took out a vial and held it in front of Evelynn's face. It held a purple liquid which made Evelynn blink.

"That said… the stakes are high for me, so let's experience pleasure and suffer together. This would increase your sensitivity to a high level. What do you say, my love?"

Evelynn's heart skipped a beat, but now, she felt that it was fair, causing her to smile and nod her head.

Davis smirked ever so lightly. As for where he found this vial, it was obtained from Nyx Godwin's spatial ring that Ellia forcefully took from Myria's possession and gave to him, telling Myria that it would endanger her and that she should not keep it.

But he explored the contents and saw a lot of Immortal King Grade dual cultivation items that had to do with coercing and manipulating women, one of them being this item that would increase sensitivity to a high enough level that would corrupt minds.

But for Evelynn, who already loved him to the highest heavens, such a thing was a perfect fit for this situation.

He knocked open the lid with his thumb and drank the vial.


As soon as he did that, Evelynn felt his warm lips on hers before his tongue slipped inside her mouth and got rid of the vial's contents. The moment it did, she felt a chill run down her spine as she felt him slip inside her mouth while kissing her and sucking on her lips, and it felt way more pleasurable than she remembered causing her eyes to flicker.

She felt so aroused, and it felt incredibly erotic, especially as she slowly felt her body become hot and react to his touch with more sensitivity, causing her to spasm ever so lightly.

His palms grabbed her huge bosoms over her beautiful purple robe and began to caress them while his tongue licked over her lips and inside her mouth, causing her to moan loudly into him in delight. Her suppressed voice made Davis go crazy in seeking out her essence from her potty mouth that was attached to him.

She moaned into his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck as they shared and sought each other's essence, kissing him back with equal fervor while sucking on his tongue and enjoying the taste of his essence inside of her mouth.

Evelynn felt so intoxicated by the moment that she could barely move, letting out little moans of delight whenever his tongue went over her sensitive lips. She loved kissing so much and felt like she could do this for days to come, especially when they sent soul transmission to each other, whispering lovely words that filled their hearts with intense love.

But still, Davis finally let her lips go and moved to her neck, pressing his lips against Evelynn's delicate fairness and sucking on it while still fondling her huge breasts to his heart's content. His hand then suddenly reached to the hem of her robe and began to tear it apart from up to down, causing Evelynn's cleavage to be visible to him.<.com>

Instantly, he moved from her neck, licked her shoulders, and made his way to her jade-white cleavage, which he pressed his face against and licked and sucked on it with passion and craze.


Evelynn was extremely sensitive at this moment, and her lips constantly quivered no matter what kind of pleasure he bestowed on her. It felt like she was going to orgasm anytime, but each of his movements was done with the cognition to not let her climax while caressing her body, causing her to reel in sexual madness.

She felt like she could go crazy, occasionally trying to push off Davis from her and, at other times, force him on her as she pressed his head against her bosoms. Either way, he held focus and tortured her into experiencing mad pleasure but no matter what, she couldn't get enough of it, causing her lips to curl into a stupid smile.



Davis ripped apart her robe completely and threw it away before taking her big tits into his mouth at the same time as he used his two hands to roughly crush them together.

*Slurp!~* *Slurp!~* *Slurp!~*

He furiously sucked on her delicious, pink tits that were yet to produce milk, but he hoped that one day that those buds would give him lots of milk to suck on.

This sudden intense pleasure made Evelynn shudder and close her legs with full force, trying to stop herself from climaxing. The extreme sensitivity caused her to lose her mind, constantly shaking her head while forcing his face to press against her bosoms more. It was as though she was going to break, and right at this time, Davis's trembling member, which was rock and hard and dripping with yang essence on her jade-white belly, lowered itself and kissed Evelynn's lower lips.


It then pride open her entrance and spread her viscous walls as it made its way into her cave hole and kissed her womb in one fell swoop, causing her to throw her head above and shudder massively!

"I'm… coming…!"

It was not only Evelynn, but Davis also ejaculated, furiously spurting his yang essence into her womb as her viscous innards practically began to milk him as they contracted and extracted his seeds with vigor.

His eyes rolled back from all the edging he experienced, causing him to fall over his body while Evelynn's consciousness also hit rock bottom.

She felt as though she was falling into an ocean of pleasure, with waves of bliss rolling over and over again, causing her entire body to tremble uncontrollably. Their yang and yin essences clashed, mixing and painting each other's genitals before it completely overflowed and spurted out of her plugged cave hole, wetting the bed in viscous liquid all over the place where they had been connected.


But at this moment, Evelynn felt a shock that woke her out of her reverie, causing her to be full of disbelief, yet tears of joy rolled down her face without a stop as her expression turned full of longing and satisfaction.

However, she stayed silent, letting him completely pour his love into her as much as he could as she caressed his head as though she was a mother, except she had indeed become a mother at this moment, knowing that her egg had been fertilized with his seeds.

She had become pregnant with his child!

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