Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2699 Tears Of Joy

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Chapter 2699 Tears Of Joy

Davis descended from the nine heavens as he opened his eyes. Blinking, he realized that he was lying on Evelynn's big bosoms while being caressed by her hands. The soothing feeling of it calmed his shame that was silently brewing because he didn't expect to be knocked out unconscious.

However, that was how pleasurable that orgasm was for him. He didn't think edging for so long would instantly cause him to explode in her, much less grant him with inexperienced pleasure that struck his soul into near oblivion. Nonetheless, although she had also orgasmed on penetration, this was not a matter of pride for the woman but the man.

'I bet she still has a prideful smile on her face...'

Davis raised his head and gazed at her face, thinking that she would be smug, but his expression turned stunned.


He saw her face full of tears. Even her third eye was shedding tears, but she was smiling, causing him to not know what to make of this situation for a moment. But the next second, his eyes went wide in realization.


Evelynn's smile became prevalent as she bit her lips and nodded her head, causing Davis to be dumbfounded, frozen above her naked body like a statue.

One try...? How could it be one try...? It could not be one try. There was no way it could be one try.

Thoughts of 'one try' flashed past Davis's mind again and again.

No matter how he thought, it was impossible for a Divergent like him to be so successful in impregnating a woman on the first try. He wondered what the odds of it happening were, especially as Evelynn was also a fey with Earth Dragon Blood and Three-Eyed Chromatic Hex Arachnid, of which both species' odds as a female to get pregnant was skewed, not to mention that was actually an Emperor-Tier Fey!

Davis wondered if it was his luck or Evelynn's. He refused to believe that it could be their luck as this made him unbelievably happier. However, if it wasn't their fortune, then was it...

'... misfortune?'

Davis's eyes shook.

Last time, fate abruptly caused a spacequake in response to his usage of Fallen Heaven's ultimate killing ability and started the Candidacy early, at least according to his assumption.

Was this the same? Or could this be a mere aftereffect of a whimsical fate that acted in a way that was against him? Was that why he went unconscious?

Davis didn't know, but his cautious mind couldn't help but anxiously speculate. What if this child he had with Evelynn grew up to kill him or even the family itself?

'No way. It could not be that exaggerated, right?'

He inwardly shook his head and imagined that the baby could also be a possessor of Transcendent Truth Eyes like Clara, one of the heavens favored. There were so many possibilities that were popping into his mind, causing him to come out of his reverie and look at Evelynn.

"You're not kidding, right?"

Evelynn shook her head, still smiling, "Husband, I became pregnant with your child,that I can't stop myself from being overjoyed."

Her voice seethed with delight, full of emotion as she trembled ever so lightly. Like Davis, she also couldn't believe that she got pregnant in a single try, but unlike Davis, she didn't think about what he thought as she was completely in her feelings and was already developing emotions for her yet-to-be-formed child while imagining various things that were going to happen in the future.

She wondered if it was a boy or a girl, unable to satisfy her curiosity.<.com>

Looking at Evelynn appear to bask in joyous emotions, Davis dropped his doomsday thoughts and relaxed. Whatever it was, the child had just formed. Even if it was something endangering to him or his family, he inwardly swore that he would overcome it, causing him to reach out his hand and caress Evelynn's face as he wiped her tears away and held her cheek.

"Wonderful, my love. You have really proven yourself capable."

"No, you are capable!"

Evelynn threw herself at him and latched onto his lips, beginning to kiss him passionately.

What went on after that was something purely wild and carnal, their sexes lusting after each other as they made passionate love. They fucked in various positions, dancing like snakes intertwining as they shook their hips at each other, sometimes at their mouths, and occasionally even grabbing her legs from the front or grabbing her spider bones from the back and pounding her silly.

Days passed in the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, and by the ninth day, Davis successfully reached Level Seven Immortal Stage. The rest of the day was spent just living together, being fed with warmth and love as Evelynn cooked for him, and he reciprocated, cooking for her and taking care of each other like a loving husband and wife before having a wonderful night again.

Their throes of passion could be heard all around the unit as they left the door to the other rooms open, including the exit, as Evelynn wanted to give him the best time of his life for impregnating her. However, no one disturbed them.

Still, they wished that they could spend more time with each other, but with a few dangers like the Godwin Family looming and the Candidacy inbound, they knew they would have to work hard these ten years. Besides, as Evelynn knew he had to take care of her sisters, she didn't monopolize him that much and let him go in ten days which was one day outside.

It was the time she agreed upon with her sisters, knowing that they actually guarded their words spoken to each other.

However, good things came to an end, and they walked out hand-in-hand, having satisfied smiles all over their faces.

Davis couldn't help but glance at Evelynn's stomach, wondering it had grown even a tiny bit even though it was just ten days. Perhaps, he was eager or worried. After all, similar to magical beasts, a female fey's pregnancy duration was always different for each species. The both of them had no idea when she would start to give birth, much less the process involved.

Seems like they would have to contact an expert in this as he didn't want this to be a high-risk pregnancy as it was highly possible for her to fail to give birth. After all, she had two types of blood within her body, and who knew what his chaotic-tempered blood would do, causing him to remain anxious about their future.

His only assurance was life energy but would it be too strong for a baby? Since he had never used it on a baby in a womb or even a baby, he did not know what would happen, but he suddenly thought of something.

'That's right... I should contact Ellia, who should be more versed about this matter...'

Since Ellia had the memories of Divine Saintess Myria, Davis knew that she would be better than any physician or midwife he could find.

As he thought about Ellia, wanting to borrow her knowledge, he wondered where she went as he didn't see or sense her in the mansion.

Just as they made their way out, an astonished voice echoed.

"Darling, this is big news!"

Davis was stunned as he saw Shirley scream while the others also possessed smiling expressions, causing him to blink, wondering if Evelynn had leaked their delightful information to them.

"The Godwin Family has been destroyed!"

"Yes... Evelynn is- wait, what?"

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