Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1110 really * explode the stars

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  Chapter 1110 Really Exploding Stars

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   It was Felin Mokui that started brewing the legendary ceremony.

   is from outside the "Shadow Shield", in the direction of detour to the Gray Cloak Mountain.

  Suddenly, Isaac raised his hand, interrupting Lyra's introduction to Gray Mantle Mountain.

   His gaze turned to the direction of the dark mountain.


  He is not observing the situation of the mountains, but his eyes are slightly raised, and he is looking at the sky above the dark mountains!

   "What did His Majesty discover?"

  In response to his voice, the group of people immediately stopped in their tracks, and looked at him in unison.

   "Mokui is about to move."

   It is impossible for Isaac to directly observe the movements of Felin Mokui through the defensive barrier of Gray Cloak Mountain.

   But... someone might be able to!

   Moreover, she has already moved!

  The vague feeling is that above the gray cloak mountain, above the "shadow shield", there is a similarity with yesterday, that lady is performing that level 10 spell again!

   And since she has a shot...

  Obviously, this is to observe certain actions of the magic sunflowers, at least, this is to observe where the magic sunflowers are, so they have made corresponding preparations and cooperated with this side!

  With her means, Isaac doesn't think there is any enchantment that can interfere with her investigation.

  However, since the lady is unwilling to show up in public, it is impossible for Isaac to publicly mention her existence before anyone other than Leila and the others.

   "Let's take a step ahead, first control the advance of the army, and prevent the counterattack over there."

   "This first round of attack, let me do it!"

  Isaac is ready to shoot.

  Silinxi has already reached the sky above Gray Mantle Mountain, so it is naturally impossible to directly observe the "Day Counting Ceremony" he is performing here!

   And at the same time, since Si Linxi has arrived there, it also means that even if Felin Mokui has the means, he can stop his legendary spell.

   When necessary, Sirinxi can also interfere and interrupt their spellcasting!

  So, this is naturally his best time to make a move!

   The remuneration has already been obtained in advance, and Isaac has always had sufficient credibility in this regard.

   "Then thank you, Your Majesty!"

   "We are one step ahead!"

  I heard from Isaac that Felin Mokui is about to move.

  Although relevant precautions have been taken for a long time, Leila and others cannot avoid it, but there is still some solemnity in the eyes.

  In fact, they have already planned the advance of the army.

  As long as Isaac's spell bombardment on Gray Mantle Mountain is not over, the army will never wantonly approach Gray Mantle Mountain.

  But at this time, the distance is still far away, and Felin Mokui is already preparing to move...

   It can be clearly seen that the current distance is far beyond the limit of conventional spells.

   That is to say, what Felin Mokui is preparing is probably a legendary spell, and it should be a legendary spell that has been ritually cast!

   This is what must be guarded against!

  It was precisely this consideration. Although they knew that Isaac's attack was definitely preparing for a magic ceremony, Lila and the others immediately left the team and entered the "Shadow Shield".

  With Galeron in the team, the "Shadow Shield" has limited hindrances to them, but there is no need to take more risks and fly over the sky.

   And as far as they go...

   "Dossall, Du Bois, you are responsible for guarding the surroundings!"

  Isaac's thoughts of the soul are also throbbing.

  First, a message was sent to the souls of Lich Archmage and Phantom Archmage at the same time, and then...

   "Everyone, prepare for the magic circle!"

   It was another telepathic voice, which connected all the members of the mage group.

  These dragon vein warlocks immediately built a magic circle of heaven.

  A energy-storing dragon ball fluctuated life energy in his body again.

   Immediately, at the level of existence and non-existence, the "legendary hidden effect" of the "protection card" was modified into a range by itself, covering the surrounding loyal servants together.

   Immediately, the breath of life of all loyal servants disappeared at the perception level.

   It was at this time.

  Suddenly, Isaac's eyes turned to the Gray Cloak Mountain for the second time.

   Incomparably powerful magic waves!

  But... just as he predicted, such a majestic magical power could not even be converted into a powerful legendary spell, but suddenly, it made a mistake in the dark mountains.

   Naturally, and sure enough, it was that lady who made the move!

  Without hesitation, Isaac's mind wavered several times in a row.

  Responding to the order, a group of loyal servants completed the construction of the Heavenly Magic Circle in the fastest time, and started the coordinated casting of the highest-level spells.

   Indispensably, Isaac used the magic circle to trace all these spells back into the original magic energy.

  However, his movements were already fast enough, but before he could, he molded all the majestic and vast primitive magical energy into spells...

  Suddenly, above the gray cloak mountain, endless lightning beams exploded suddenly, almost submerging the entire sky in that area under it.

   Lightning energy!

   There is also... illusion!

   It was the Thunder leader who made the move!

   This is a legendary spell combined with the ability of destiny!

  As if, as the previous legendary ceremony was interrupted, the leader of the magic sunflower must have noticed the traces of the sun elf lady.

   Not sure if such a legendary spell will have any effect on the Sun Elf lady.

  However, only from the fact that Ms. Sun Elf did not perform "Legendary Dispel" or other countermeasures against this spell...

   "It should not affect her!"

   This thought flashed, but Isaac didn't slow down his movements.

   "Isaac's Earthburst!"

  Once again, there was a great sensation in the world.

  From a thousand feet in front of the magic circle, a huge "hemispherical star" floated up into the sky mightily.

  However, this Tianxing is different from yesterday's version.

   are also combined with "change seeds".

  Yesterday's "star" is to transform all living creatures into inanimate objects.

   Today's "Tianxing" has completely transformed the entire mountain of earth and stone into a rock structure.

   Immediately after.


  It is still different from yesterday.

  Yesterday, it was under the environment of the "Shadow Shield", and he could only use the "Drive Seed" to personally drive and manipulate.

   Today, he is performing ritual spellcasting outside the "Shadow Shield".

   Today's "Earth Explosive Star" is the real "Earth Explosive Star"!

  The huge stone mountain has just been transformed, and the infinite magical energy only shines for a moment.

  Suddenly, this huge mountain with a radius of a thousand feet and a height of a thousand feet disappeared directly in place.

  The next moment, the sky above the Gray Cloak Mountain.

  Boom! !

  (end of this chapter)

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