Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1111 continuous bombardment

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   "Found him!"

   Today is not yesterday.

  Yesterday, it was thrown directly to the ground from the ground, and was trapped in the "giant mountain". Not only was it hindered by the mountain itself, but it was also severely restricted by the "shadow shield".

   Today is different.

  Grey Cloak Mountain, this is the most important lair of the magic sunflowers.

   Here, even the "Shadow Shield" cannot prevent them from contacting the essence of magic.

   On this mountain, the magic sunflowers have laid out so many magic traps, and the same number of protective barriers are indispensable.

  In addition, today's Mokui has already been prepared...

   With the beginning of the first round of Simpson's spell ceremony, and halfway through, it was directly interrupted by the creation of the "Frenzied Magic Area".

   He has been observing all the signs around him with high vigilance. Suddenly, the thunder-shaped magic sunflower leader Griffith has infinite magic power burning and lasing out of his eyes in an instant.

  Dun, the sky is composed of countless lightning chains, and unimaginable psychic powers are also integrated into it. A huge and incomparable net almost completely covers the sky above Gray Cloak Mountain.

   And with the coverage of this lightning net.

   Almost at the same moment.

  Griffiths and Samuel's eyes lit up again.

   Found the target!

   The lightning net released by Griffith is a legendary spell created by combining the power of lightning that he is best at, and the destiny ability of the leader of the magic sunflower in the aspect of mental illusion.

   In this way, even if the target is not directly covered by the net, as long as it is not too far away, the lightning energy can be directly projected onto the target accurately through the radiation to the mind and soul.

   At this time, the release of this lightning net.

   Above the sky, it was not directly engulfed by the net. It was a higher sky, but there was an extremely strong arc of lightning, which suddenly flared up.

   There are so many of them, this is the right time to find the target!

  However, while feeling this way.

  Griffiths and Samuel's eyes lit up at first, but almost the next moment, both of them had a solemn look and a flash in their eyes.

  The power of lightning is projected away, and at the same time, the coercive effect of the mind in the net is undoubtedly also passed away.


  Indistinctly, in the high place above the sky, looming, a magic shield that is as transparent as air, only shimmering at this time, fell into their eyes.

   is this shimmer shield.

  Whether it's lightning projection or psychic compulsion, Griffith's legendary spells, researched and created with the ability of destiny as the core, are completely unable to break through.

   Even, the two of them could not directly see the exact figure of the target even if they were hidden in the shield.

   "Do it with all your strength!"

   "Quick battle!"

   "Simpson, guard against that side!"

  In an instant, three messages came out from Griffith's mind.

  The first two actions, of course, are to fight with Samuel and the other two magic sunflowers with all their strength to solve the biggest threat above the sky.

  The last one pointed to a certain direction outside the shield.

   Unimaginably powerful primitive magic energy erupted there.

  Even through the "Shadow Shield", these magic sunflowers can directly sense the powerful threat coming from there.

  This... should be the green dragon from yesterday, making a move again!

   Such a distance is already beyond the range of their "Legendary Dispel". Therefore, it is obviously impossible to disperse in advance only by themselves.

   and cannot be dispelled in advance, once the spell over there is completed...

  I'm afraid, only Simpson can block it!

  Grey Cloak Mountain is a site controlled by Simpson, and all the magic protection in it is also completely under Simpson's control.

   To block the legendary spell of the green dragon, this is probably only possible if Simpson fully activates and activates all these magic protections!


   This menace above the skies is theirs!

  As long as they deal with it, or at least contain the threat, so that it cannot continue to interfere.

   Simpson needs to catch the attack from the green dragon!

"it is good!"

   Simpson was already flying out of the "frenzied magic area" quickly, and he was able to sense the magic wave outside the barrier.

  But at this time, it is too late to re-build the magic circle and perform ultra-long-range ritual spells such as "Great Destruction" or "Legendary Projection".

in this way…

   There was a wave of thoughts in the mind, and they briefly responded to the two of Griffiths.

The lord of the gray cloak mountain, that crimson body in the shape of demon flames, followed by round after round of ripples that are not only monsters, but also contain unimaginable magic power. In an instant, they rippled past the gray Everywhere in Cloak Mountain.

  In a short time, the entire mountain range emerged from the endless and deep darkness.

  As if some giant mountain beast was waking up and struggling again, the whole ground was shaking.


   But it's not just the earth shaking here.

  At this moment, from the surging direction of the endless magical energy, there was also a strong earthquake. In the fluctuations that Felin Mokui were very familiar with, the earth was torn apart again.

  A gigantic mountain, once again rose to the sky!

   Sure enough, it was the green dragon who made the move!

  Not only Simpson, but both, Griffiths and Samuel also shrank their eyes.

  But at this time, the two leaders of Mokui didn't care about that side.

   If there is any delay, this threat above the sky, then the "interference cooling" will end, and then, it may affect Simpson's protection and blocking!

   "Legendary Dispel!"

  Samuel raised his claws first.

  Aiming at the low-light shield, a dark green light flew into the sky immediately.

   Wait for the ray to intersect the shield.

   "Composite spellcasting - proficient in super magic - instant cast - extreme effect - ice fire storm!"

  Griffith was only half an hour behind him, and a powerful supermagic spell that was prepared to be above the 11th-level spell slot instantly landed on the ground and flew into the sky.

   Almost at the same time.

  The other two magic sunflowers also threw harmful instant spells in unison, followed by a "time stop".

  However, they targeted the one above the sky and completed this wave of magic attacks...

  Suddenly, all the magic sunflowers, at this moment, shrank their eyes at the same time.

  The sky suddenly darkened.

   Above the shadow shield, a hemispherical giant mountain made entirely of rocks was teleported directly!

   A teleport arrives.


   It was like the sky was collapsing, like the ground was splitting, with incalculable power, the whole mountain was falling down suddenly.

  This scene...

  The three leaders of the magic sunflowers are all ancient magic sunflowers that existed in the era when the magic dynasty was shattered.

  The fall of this mountain just gave them a sign of doom after the floating city of the magic dynasty was destroyed by them.

  In the past, even if they fell into this area of ​​influence, if they wanted to leave, it was just a matter of teleportation.

   But at this time...

   "Instant - Luzian's frequent jump!"

  At this time, Sirinxi also fell under the suppression of the mountain.

  The "Instant Legendary Dispel" below, and the bunch of attack spells...

  The person was still within the twilight shield, but a ray of teleportation aura flashed on Sirinxi.

  The next moment, the figure, with the shimmer shield, appeared above the mountain.

  The multiple spells below are shot, not to mention breaking through the shimmer shield created by "Spell Transformation", which absolutely blocks all spells, and even her location cannot be locked.

   It's so easy, it is to use Isaac's legendary spell to completely avoid all the attacks below.


   The connection is perfect, interfering with the first time the cooldown ends.

   It was Simpson who was manipulating the various magic protections of Gray Cloak Mountain.

  A "crazy magic area" once again enveloped Simpson's body.

  The activation and activation of the magic barrier just had some signs, but it was interrupted again.

  At the same time, the speed of the huge mountain above the sky also increased sharply. The impact force, the deterrent force, had produced a terrifying momentum that would destroy the world in just a blink of an eye.

  Facing such suppression...

   "Error again!"

  All the magic sunflowers, even if they were not unprepared for this, still changed their expressions again after all.

  Yesterday, the legendary spell of the green dragon was just to drive the giant mountain to bombard, so it took a longer time to gather momentum.

  Today, this was actually "teleported" directly, directly pressing on top of their heads...

   In this way, not only the one above the sky, but also directly avoided their counterattack by using this huge mountain, and also restrained them, which in turn interfered with Simpson's actions again.

   What's more serious...they don't have enough response time!

  In this way...

"not good!"

   "Damn it!"

   There was a curse in their hearts, but these magic sunflowers did not have contingency plans for this.

   Except for Simpson, who was flying out of the "frenzied magic area" quickly, all the magic sunflowers, the spell was cast again.

   "Phantom spirit body!"

  It is also a "transformed spirit body", but it is also very different from yesterday.

  Yesterday's battlefield, they didn't know the underground environment at all, so after being trapped in the "Sky Star", they could only break out outward in the end.

   Today is different. They are all too familiar with the terrain under Gray Mantle Mountain.

   Today, the Gray Cloak Mountain was knocked down by the mountains above the sky. In the form of spirit bodies, they also have enough confidence to escape from the ground.


   "Spread out, then surround and kill!"

   There was another vibration of Mokui's telepathy.

  In response to the order, from the endless darkness of Gray Cloak Mountain, a group of beholders and the Death-Eyed Tyrant flew into the sky again

  Mountain bombardment.

   With such an impact, most of the beholders obviously couldn't stand it.

  Let them wait here to die, if not let them further restrain the one above the sky.

  But it is in response to their orders...

  Even the mountain that fell from the sky has not really crashed down to the Gray Cloak Mountain.

  The earth, at this moment, a strong shock occurred again.

  Simultaneously with this shock, it was still outside the "Shadow Shield", and once again, the infinitely vast, infinitely majestic original magical energy appeared again.

  A look of horror appeared in the eyes of all the magic sunflowers at the same moment.

  It's the green dragon!

  The spell here has not really hit the bombardment yet, but there, the second round, is the same vast spell ritual, and it started again!


  The first "Earth Explosion Star" finally completely blasted down on Gray Cloak Mountain.

   A huge collision of celestial bodies in an instant.

   It completely exceeded the limit of normal voices. All life, even the Felin Mokui itself, even these Mokui, some people quickly completed the "transformation spirit body".

  But still, under the impact of endless shocks, even Mokui, who had just completed the "spiritual body form", couldn't stabilize, and was directly shaken from an incorporeal body to a physical body.

  Under such a shock!

  Under such a shock...

  Boom, boom, boom!

  Grey Mantle Mountain is actually collapsing!

   There is also the main peak, which was crushed and crushed by this concussion, directly broke and overturned!

  The "star" is also being suppressed, and it is also falling...

  There are gravel flows everywhere, and I don’t know how many monsters lurking in it have been buried, especially the collapse of the main peak, which makes the magic sunflowers below all fly away to dodge.

   It was at this time.

   Once again, it was already dark and deep enough, but above the sky, it became dark again.

  As if, the second "Earth Explosion Star" is also "teleported" again!

   "Luzian's frequent jumps!"

  Following that, Si Linxi's figure flashed again, and appeared on this "star".

   In this way, not only avoided, but also those beholders flying around.

  More at the same time...


   It is still the "frenzied magic area", still locked on Simpson, and another round of interference is thrown in the past.

   The success of this intervention.

  The endless gravel flow, the toppled main peak, and the suppressed "star" after that, completely submerged Simpson's location.

  Even the land where Gray Cloak Mountain is located can hardly withstand such an impact, and it is sunken in a large area.

   But this is far from over.

   It was the second "Earth Explosion Star", followed by the same powerful force, which was suppressed again.

   "Earth Explosion Star!"

  Besides the "Shadow Shield", with the original magical energy that runs through reality and illusion, the third "Earth Explosion Star" is in progress again.


  It is different from the previous two rounds.

  For the third shot of "Earth Explosion Star", Isaac did not invest in the "Teleportation" effect.


  Stepping on the "Star", Isaac is still driving the giant mountain, and from the sky above the "Shadow Shield", it points directly to the Gray Cloak Mountain.

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