Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1130 sealed

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  Chapter 1130 Seal


  The castle of the conjurer is said to be a castle, but it is actually more like a tall tower.

  This tall tower is almost as high as the mountain it leans against.

  The bottom is naturally the core structure of the tower.

  Looking from Isaac's side, the bottom building, which occupies a huge area, looks like a gigantic demon head.

  The huge mouth of the devil opened is the gate of the castle of the conjurer.

  At this time, the gate should have been destroyed long ago, and because the Butu people had no intention of repairing it, at a glance, there was an extremely deep darkness.

  From this "devil's head" upwards, the layer after layer of structure is equally ferocious.

  Some floors were molded into the shape of a skull.

  Some floors seem to be piled up with countless corpses.

  Eerie, evil, and horror are the only themes of this tower.

When approaching this vicinity, the changes that can be clearly noticed are obviously no grass around the tower, and it is much more open than those mountains and forests. However, in this barren land, the space is obviously larger than the surrounding mountains. And the forest, is to be murky too.

Looking from Isaac's side, it can be seen that it seems to be from the doors and windows of the tower, and it seems to be from the "devil heads" and "skeleton heads", which are like dark clouds of smoke. The evil aura lingered around the entire tower, so that even in Isaac's eyes, this tower was like the castle of a demon lord in the abyss, which was directly moved to the material world .

   You know, since Enduru and his demon army were driven back to the bottomless abyss, this "Conjurer Castle" has been under the control of the Imbutu royal family.

   It has been at least five hundred and six hundred years, but the evil power of the castle does not seem to have been weakened at all!

  Such a phenomenon, even though Isaac had expected it a long time ago, he was still secretly curious.

  However, curiosity is certainly there, but this is not the direct reason for his sudden expression being touched at this moment.

   What really made him suddenly move in his heart at this moment...

   "Spell enchantment!"

  Inside the castle, there are signs that the magic enchantment has been activated.

  However, this is not surprising. There are already guards of the Imbutu Royal Mystic Master here, and it is normal for the enchantment to be opened.

  The reason why Isaac paid attention to this enchantment...

   "Looks like an army!"

   "An elite army with more than a hundred people!"

   This army should not be stationed here permanently!

The darkness and evil in the castle of the conjurer is only to the extent that Isaac can sense it now. The royal mage who has the power of magic, and the clergy who are blessed by the gods, that’s all. Ordinary people, even the elite army , but it is impossible to guard here for a long time without any influence.

  So, this army...

   "Perhaps they were dispatched temporarily!"

   "If it's really temporary... Does this mean that someone wants to attack the magician's castle?"

  Isaac's eyes flashed unconsciously.

   Not sure if this is coming for him.

   But if...

   "Is Zehir making trouble?"

   "Or, what prophecies and revelations were made by the three of the Church of the Three Gods?"

  Of course, it’s not impossible. He came here by chance and bumped into him. The preparation here is actually waiting for some other target!

   In his heart, Isaac felt that his thoughts flashed a few times.

   However, the figure, he did not stop.

   Regardless of whether the waiting and ambush here refer to him or not.

  He has come here, but it is impossible for him not to explore the reality of the "Endulu Shadow Crown".

   Moreover, with his strength, and in such an evil environment as the "Conjurer's Castle", this is what ambush the Church of the Three Gods has, but it doesn't stop him from moving forward!

  With such a flash of thought, the figure, Isaac flew into the dark field spread by the "Conjurer's Castle" without any sign.

   Almost at the same moment again.


   look, but Isaac moved again.

  As he approached this side, he had already noticed that the dark and evil aura emanating from under the "Conjurer's Castle" seemed to come directly from the abyss.

   People can't help but wonder if there is some kind of abyss portal under this underground!

   But really flying into this "dark space"...


   "This feeling..."

  A look of surprise appeared in Isaac's eyes for the first time.

When you really enter this dark field, when you come into direct contact with the darkness and evil that radiates upward from the ground, in the current form of Barlow's demon, with his deep understanding of the chaotic and evil nature of the "Bottomless Abyss", this Underground...

   "It's definitely not an abyss portal!"

   "This actually has a feeling that the bottom is a certain level of the abyss!??"

   It's just, how could a certain level of the Abyss appear under the "Conjurer's Castle"?

   Moreover, if it is really a layer of the bottomless abyss, how could it only affect this area of ​​the "Conjurer's Castle"?

   Something is wrong!

   But more also, interesting!

No wonder the founder of Imbutu, the legendary paladin of the Church of the Three Gods, after defeating Enduru and even purifying the "Original Nalfio Crown", couldn't completely solve the troubles here !

   "The main sponsor of the Nalfio Empire is the Immortal King."

   "After all, he is one of the three giants of the abyss. With the support of this man, Nalfio's magician's understanding and manipulation of the power of the abyssal demons has indeed reached a peak!"

   "Since the paladin can't solve the evil here, obviously, the main body of the arrangement made by the Nalfio people still exists!"

   "In this way..."

  Isaac's eyes flashed.

  Although the Nalfio Empire has long since perished, the achievements of Nalfio's magic binders in binding demons are up to this day, and it is difficult for any force to dare to say that they can surpass them.

  Plus, this conjurer's castle is where they summoned Altaba for the first time.

  Therefore, there is no doubt that the secret of magic hidden under the castle of the conjurer is definitely the pinnacle achievement corresponding to the civilization system of the magician of Nalfio.

  Take this secret of magic, and then take down the "Crown of Enduru Shadow"...

   "Perhaps, this is the possibility of possessing, binding, and even truly binding the abyss lord!"

   "Furthermore... the only thing left is to analyze the 'Double Burning Ceremony', and then further transform it into, what I can achieve, this is the last step!"

   A thought flashed in his mind for a moment, and the figure, Isaac, had already fallen straight to the gate of the castle.

  Of course, at this time, this gate no longer exists.

   One flew down here, and the only thing Isaac saw in his eyes was the dark and deep silent hall behind the gate, which seemed to be able to swallow everything.

  In this hall, there is no sign of the activation of the enchantment, and there are no shadows of guards and troops.

  The only thing that made Isaac raise his eyes a little was the gargoyles hanging upside down from the ceiling of the hall like sculptures.

  Gargoyle is also a kind of construct.

   Moreover, unlike ordinary golems, which use elemental spirits as the driving core, gargoyles are often driven by demon souls from the lower planes.

   This also leads to a certain extent, the controllability of the gargoyle will never be as reliable as the golem.

  However, although the degree of reliability is a bit inferior, the dexterity of the gargoyle is also better than most golems.

  Using gargoyles as guards, this is much more sensitive than ordinary constructs.

  However, no matter how sensitive the perception is, if they can break through his "Legendary Concealment" and further perceive him in the state of "Advanced Stealth"...

   Isaac would never think that there is such a possibility.

   While sweeping across these gargoyles.

  Footsteps, he has stepped into the castle hall at the same time.

  The "Legendary Concealment" effect simultaneously eliminated all his movements and the aura of his Ballow demon form.

  Above, the gargoyles continued to be on guard quietly.

  Here, Isaac walked straight into the hall.

  While walking towards the back door, he observed the layout of the hall calmly.

  The existence of the Conjurer's Castle must have been at least a thousand years old.

   Moreover, there have been quite a few wars experienced here.

   It's too far away, and Isaac doesn't know.

  However, Inbutu defeated Nduru twice, and the final decisive battles all took place here.

  However, even after two catastrophes, the main frame of the castle is still extremely stable. Not to mention the signs of collapse and collapse, even the erosion of time seems to have no effect on it at all.

  The only abnormality is around the hall, on the wall, and on the giant pillar, which should obviously be relief murals, but they are all traces of being destroyed long ago.

   "Probably all of them are related to demons, maybe even the murals related to that undead maharaja!"

  These murals and reliefs appeared in the castle of the conjurer, which couldn't be more normal.

   And it is also normal for Butu to destroy these relics after capturing here.

  With a glance, I saw nothing involving magic and divine arts that required special attention, but after only a few steps, Isaac's figure had come to the end of the hall.


   "Eltaba appears again!"

"The queen got the news that the chief necromancer in the red robe was trying to completely enslave Altaba, so she released him from the long imprisonment, but when the ceremony of Sazastan came to the final moment, It was ruined by some people."

   "Altaba's whereabouts are unknown now, and the queen suspects that he must have sent a certain devil's sac and hid temporarily to restore his strength."

"In order to prevent him from returning to the castle of the conjurer, and to prevent him from taking the crown of shadows, the queen sent us here. On the one hand, it is to assist you and stay here temporarily. On the other hand, it is also to check and further strengthen The state of the sacred seal."

  Deep in the castle of the conjurer.

  Three figures are going underground through a labyrinth-like secret passage.

   These three people.

  One is wearing the robe of a white archmage, and on the robe, there is a royal emblem. Obviously, it should be the leader of the Imbutu Royal Mystic.

One is full of pure gold battle armor, and the light of the divine spirit is spreading all the time. Even if the hidden passage is filled with extremely dark and evil forces, all the darkness and evil that the light of the divine spirit reaches will disappear in no time. Is a powerful paladin.

The last one is wearing a bishop's red robe, holding a simple stone box in both hands. Although we can't see any power blooming from the stone box for the time being, it's only obvious from the fact that the red-robed bishop specially sent it here. By the way, it can be seen that the things in the stone box are by no means ordinary things.

   It was the red-robed bishop who spoke at this time.


  The white-robed mystic frowned.

   As for his old friend, he didn't know for a while whether he should be thankful that Sazastan's conspiracy had not been completed, or whether he should hate that the red-robed chief let the hidden lord escape.

   But anyway...

   "He must be sealed and imprisoned as soon as possible!"

  Altaba is the real abyss lord. Compared with Altaba, because Butu was the biggest threat in the early days of the creation of Butu, the lord of Balor, Ndulu, can only stand in the position of deputy.

  However, Altaba just got out of trouble now, so his strength must not be restored yet!

   Moreover, it will take time to summon a real demon army!

   In terms of timing, the sooner you find him and seal him, the more beneficial it will be!


  The white-robed mystic also knows that this will not be easy!

Under the glory of the Three Saints, Yinbutu has always been the opposite of demons from beginning to end. As the leader of the royal mystics, he knows that in the entire northeastern part of the mainland, there are countless demon sacks under the ground. It is also the reason why the Inbutu Kingdom, including the Torre Kingdom, and even Leatherman, who is guarded by the earth spirit, is no exception, and why the demons can never be eradicated.

  Altaba fled into the devil's bag. If he couldn't be located with the "prophecy spell", it would be too difficult to quickly find him from the countless devil's bags.

   Instead, use "prophecy spells" to locate...

  Gaze, he looked towards the bishop's old friend.

Knowing what he meant, the red-robed bishop didn't hide anything, nodded slightly and said: "Don't worry, it won't be long, the queen is already in contact with those two parties, and in the near future, she will use the power of the sacred crown, please The three saints sent down the holy revelation!"

  Inbutu's sacred crown "Crown of Nalfio", this is a powerful holy artifact blessed by the three gods.

  Use this holy vessel, combined with the power of the Church of the Three Gods, to call on the divine power of the Three Gods, and then carry out prophecy and revelation.

   This means that Altaba is the real abyss lord, and it is difficult to escape the lock of the prophecy!

   "So good!"

  The deeply wrinkled expression of the white-robed mystic became slightly relieved.

But at this time, the voice of the golden warrior in the golden armor also sounded: "Don't relax, if it's just Altaba himself, we are fast enough, and we can solve everything smoothly, but the queen still has a lot of troubles. I noticed that the Dragon Witch Cult seems to have colluded with the demons. Although it is not yet possible to determine whether this is the collusion between Altaba and them, our enemy is by no means only Altaba .

On this trip, the queen asked me to lead the royal secret guards to come here directly through the portal. One is to assist you and strengthen the guardian force of the conjurer's castle, but it also has the same purpose. As soon as we found traces of the Dragon Witch Cult's activities, we immediately carried out a powerful eradication, first cutting off this black hand completely! "

  The Cult of the Dragon Witch colludes with demons!

  (end of this chapter)

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