Eight Hills in the Eastern Jin Dynasty - v4 Chapter 3213 Public power cannot be granted privately

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Wang Miaoyin said coldly: "The fate of the loser cannot be escaped, just like you have enslaved and killed those who have been defeated by you for more than a hundred years. Destroyed, then now it is our turn to be like the more than 2,000 people who were taken captive, even if we are slaves, we cannot get it. Muronglan, recognize the reality, and that is the basis of negotiation. "

Liu Yu sighed: "Miaoyin, you should know that the country I want to build is a world without death, slavery, and oppression. The use of public power is for the benefit of the people, not for harm. Murong Yan The country does these things because they advocate violence, savagery and cruelty. When they are strong, they bully others, and when they are weak they destroy others. If we are going to enslave others because we destroy our country today, is it natural to enslave others when we are weak? Unhappy with retribution? Then, where is the progress of our entire human civilization reflected?"

Wang Miaoyin gritted her teeth: "The weak eat the strong, this is the unchanging way of heaven, Liu Yu, you can't change it."

Liu Yu shook his head: "The reason why we Han people are more advanced than the barbarians in the Quartet, and they admire them, is not because our force is much stronger than theirs, but because our culture and products are far stronger than theirs, and this culture is not because We read and write because we have the concept of benevolence and righteousness. In other words, since the Zhou Dynasty, we have gradually abandoned the practice of treating human life as a beast, and can kill at will. Despised by people."

"In the Spring and Autumn Period, the master was not responsible for killing slaves, but in the Warring States Period, Qin and Han Dynasties, even if it is one's own slaves, casually killing and abusing slaves, the government has to deal with it. Of course, you can say this many times. The handling is just a formality and a pretence, but after all, this is a criminal act clearly stipulated by the national law, and it is considered a crime at the national level. Do you agree with this statement?"

Liu Muzhi said sternly: "You are right, murder is a crime, breaking the law, even if it is one's own servant, and now Dajin is like this. In general, from ancient times with written records to the present, our Central Plains China is a Become more and more benevolent and civilized, and get rid of that barbaric and cruel practice. For example, the way of execution has changed from various tortures and corporal tortures that brutalize the limbs to exile, imprisonment, and flogging, which do not hurt people's limbs. Even the death penalty of Da Pi started to be chopped and stabbed, not the horrific criminal method of slicing the car and slicing it into meat sauce as before."

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Wang Miaoyin said calmly: "However, serious crimes such as conspiracy are still severely punished. Just like Huan Xuan, even if he dies, he must hang his head in the city and hang his head on the voyage to warn the world. The chaotic ministers and thieves who have brought disaster to the world, there is no problem with heavy punishment."

Liu Yu nodded: "But in general, our world, the criminal laws of the dynasties are becoming more and more benevolent, civilized, killing no more than a point, and using violence to control violence is not a radical strategy, this is our apprenticeship this time. Since then, even with the corpses of the enemy soldiers, there will be no such practices as beijingguan, torture, and the like."

Murong Lan said coldly: "Just today, you still often do this before the Xiaoshou Army. It's not a benevolent method, right?"

Liu Yu sighed: "In the future, these practices will have to be stopped slowly. In the battle, you will be red-eyed. Sometimes you have to lure the enemy. It is also a matter of fate to do this kind of thing when you are out of control. This requires us generals, There are also courtiers who have adopted military law to control these atrocities. However, I have said so much, just to express that life is precious and dignified, and criminals, enemy soldiers, can be killed or punished, but there is no need to pass this kind of The way of torture. Since ancient times, we have become more and more benevolent and righteous, rather than more and more brutal and barbaric, so we should also change accordingly when it comes to inheritance rights, and not stick to ancient methods.”

Wang Miaoyin said solemnly: "Inheritance by blood is always a better way than seizing power by force, this is the conclusion our ancestors came to after thousands of years of disputes, and you can't come up with a better one now. Everyone is equal? ​​You also only said that this is just to be as equal as possible in terms of hope and opportunity. I want you to be as equal as a soldier now. Would you like to? Now why aren't the soldiers who are cleaning the battlefield sitting here discussing these things, while Yes, what about you?"

Liu Yu smiled slightly: "Miaoyin, have you forgotten that when you and I first met, wasn't I Liu Yu a soldier? During the battle of Junchuan and Feishui, I was a soldier, wasn't it? Do you do things to clean the battlefield after the war? In terms of reward for merit and deeds, it is Xuanshuai, Xie Yan, Liu Laozhi and the others who are sitting on the commanding platform who determine these major events after the war. It is none of my business. ,Right."

Wang Miaoyin was at a loss for words, and Liu Muzhi on the side said, "This is what you said, equal opportunities, everyone has the possibility to kill from a soldier to a commander with military merit?"

Liu Yu said sternly: "Yes, it was also when the national disaster was at the head, and the children of aristocratic families were unbearable, and they had to form an army to defend against the enemy, and then it was our turn, the old peasants of the countryside, to have a chance to stand out. You said, if it is inherited by blood, Do we still have the chance to be here today?"

Speaking of which~www.novelbuddy.com~ Liu Yu looked at Wang Miaoyin: "If it wasn't for the invasion of the former Qin Dynasty, if the Eastern Jin Dynasty could still live as before, there would be no Beifu Army, if it wasn't for the formation of an army Enemy, give us farmers a chance to make achievements, will you still have the opportunity to get to know me, the three-time leader of the martial arts, and achieve a marriage? The Jin Dynasty has traveled south for nearly a hundred years, and the real risk of the Hus going south to destroy the country is the former Qin Dynasty. At that time, if we hadn't happened to be born in this era, how would someone like me, my brothers from Beifu, have come forward?"

Wang Miaoyin sighed faintly: "There is no cold person in the top grade, and there is no high school in the low grade. This is the rule of wealth and honor for hundreds of years, but there is indeed a problem, Brother Yu, I also know that this is a problem and should be improved, so let People have the opportunity to make meritorious deeds, get rank, and possibly rise to the upper echelons. I never object to this, but you must also think about whether this step is too big, and one step to the sky is Gang Ji Wucun. My relatives and family members can’t take care of their descendants, so what’s the point of this power?”

Liu Yu laughed: "Miaoyin, come back to what we said just now, if it is family property, then you can give it to your children, grandchildren, relatives and friends, no problem, but that is public power, it is to manage, and control from hundreds of people. The power of millions of people, tens of millions of people, is the power to manage their net worth and life. These powers are handed over to their sons, grandsons, and brothers at will, even if they do not have the ability to manage, do you think so Is it all right?"

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